50 Fun Things To Do In Atlanta For Young Adults

50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Young Adults

As the sun sets on Atlanta, think about all the exciting things you can do in this lively city. If you're a young adult, you'll find plenty to keep you entertained.

From climbing up Stone Mountain for some thrills to chilling at a brewery tour, Atlanta has it all. You can dance the night away at cool music spots or soak up some culture at unique art galleries.

There's so much to explore in Atlanta's buzzing social life. So, what are you waiting for? Come and see all the awesome places that make this city a hotspot for fun and excitement.

Outdoor Activities

Get outside and discover the excitement of Atlanta's great outdoors! If you're tired of the same old routine, Atlanta offers plenty of activities for adults looking for a fun and freeing experience.

Imagine a relaxing stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where the beautiful sights and smells create a peaceful retreat from the busy city. Or ride your bike along the BeltLine, where you'll find cool art, tasty food, and lively markets that show off Atlanta's unique culture.

If you're up for more adventure, why not kayak down the Chattahoochee River? It's more than just sightseeing – it's an experience that will stick with you forever. And if you love heights, try a canopy tour to zip through the trees and feel a rush like no other.

Every moment spent in Atlanta's nature is an opportunity to enjoy life and spark your adventurous spirit. So, dive into these activities and let Atlanta's wild side excite you.

Hike Stone Mountain for breathtaking views and outdoor exercise

Put on your hiking boots and head to Stone Mountain for a fun hike.

When you reach the top, you'll see amazing views of Atlanta.

You'll feel proud and amazed by nature.

Remember your camera to take pictures of this great place.

Come see it for yourself!

Paddle down the Chattahoochee River for a refreshing water adventure

Set off on a thrilling paddle down the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. You'll love the mix of calm and excitement as you float by beautiful views. It's an awesome activity for young adults looking for fun in the city.

Here's how to make the most of your river adventure:

  1. Get a Kayak or Canoe: Rent one from a nearby shop.
  2. Protect Yourself from the Sun: Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water: Take water bottles to stay quenched.
  4. Pick the Right Path: Choose a river section that's just right for you and enjoy the natural scenery.

Come enjoy the fresh air and make unforgettable memories on the river!

Explore the Atlanta BeltLine on foot or by bike, enjoying the art installations along the way

After your river adventure, don't miss out on the Atlanta BeltLine. It's perfect for walking or biking while checking out cool art. This place wraps around the city, and it's full of awesome art and nature. You'll feel Atlanta's creative vibe with every step you take.

When night falls, the BeltLine is the place to be for fun. It's lively, with lights and laughter all around. It's the perfect spot for unforgettable nights under the stars. Come join the excitement!

Visit Piedmont Park for a picnic or to attend one of the many festivals held there

Come to Piedmont Park in the city center for a perfect day out. It's a great spot for young adults to hang out, whether you're with your significant other or friends.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Bring some tasty snacks and relax by the water.
  2. Look up events at the park for live music and festivals.
  3. Play frisbee or football to enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Take a photo with the city in the background as the sun sets.

Come make some great memories at Piedmont Park!

Play a round of golf at Bobby Jones Golf Course or Charlie Yates Golf Course

Start your Atlanta trip with a fun round of golf at Bobby Jones Golf Course or Charlie Yates Golf Course. Both have beautiful, well-kept greens that are perfect for improving your golf game right in the city. These courses are more than just places to play; they offer a chance to enjoy being outside.

Come feel the excitement as you play with friends or practice on your own. They're great for anyone looking for a good time in Atlanta, mixing relaxation with sports. No matter if you're a pro or new to golf, you'll have a great day out in the open air at these courses.

Take a stroll through Centennial Olympic Park and enjoy the iconic Fountain of Rings

Visit Centennial Olympic Park in the city center after the golf course. It's free and amazing!

The Fountain of Rings is a must-see. Here's what you can do:

  1. Explore the park and feel the city's energy.
  2. Watch the Fountain of Rings' water show with music.
  3. Take pictures with Olympic symbols and the city's skyline.
  4. Relax on the grass, have a picnic, or watch people.

Experience the park's charm and Atlanta's vibe at no cost.

Enjoy the Atlanta Botanical Garden, especially during special events like Garden Lights

Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden for an unforgettable experience. Garden Lights is a special event that turns the garden into a bright, magical place. It's one of the coolest things to do in Atlanta. Walk through glowing paths and see how lights mix with nature.

The garden is more than just pretty sights; it's a place to relax and feel close to nature. At Garden Lights, the evening sparkles, and you can take your time enjoying this shining paradise. Step out of the everyday and into a place full of excitement and beauty.

Visit the Carter Center's Gardens for a peaceful retreat in the city

Discover the Carter Center's Gardens in Atlanta, a beautiful and quiet spot that won't cost you a dime. It's perfect for young adults looking for a calm place to relax and enjoy nature.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Take a walk in the Japanese Garden for some peace.
  2. Sit by the water and write or draw what you see.
  3. Check out the many plants, like President Carter's favorite roses.
  4. Don't forget your camera for great photos.

Come and enjoy this lovely outdoor space where you can unwind for free.

Go for a walk on Path for a less crowded outdoor experience

If you loved the peaceful Carter Center Gardens, you'll enjoy an exciting walk on Atlanta's PATH trails next. These paths have fewer people and lots of beautiful sights.

Picture yourself walking among green plants with the city's buildings peeking out above. The PATH network has many trails for a quick walk or a long hike. You'll see colorful murals on the BeltLine and feel calm on the Silver Comet Trail.

These trails are great for young adults in Atlanta looking for a good time. So, put on your walking shoes and come join us on the PATH for a fantastic outdoor adventure!

Spend a day at Six Flags Over Georgia for thrilling rides and entertainment

Come to Six Flags Over Georgia for an action-packed day! Exciting roller coasters and live shows will make your visit unforgettable. Enjoy delicious snacks and the lively vibe. At night, it's the perfect spot for young adults to have fun in Atlanta.

Here's how to make the most of Six Flags Over Georgia:

  1. Ride the famous roller coasters.
  2. Watch an entertaining live show.
  3. Play fun games with your friends.
  4. Check out the different themed areas for more rides and fun.

Indoor Activities

Escape the heat and come enjoy Atlanta's cool indoor fun!

Be amazed by sea creatures at Georgia Aquarium.

Explore beautiful art at High Museum.

Laugh out loud at Village Theatre's comedy.

Soar high at iFly Atlanta.

Don't miss out on these amazing experiences!

Explore the Georgia Aquarium, the largest in the Western Hemisphere

Plunge into a world under the sea at Georgia Aquarium, the biggest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. It's an amazing indoor adventure in Atlanta, perfect for grown-ups. Walk through huge tunnels surrounded by the sea and feel like you're in another world, away from your daily routine.

Here's how to enjoy your trip:

  1. Be amazed by the dolphin show.
  2. See the huge whale sharks up close.
  3. Touch sea stars and anemones.
  4. Relax as you watch the peaceful jellyfish.

Come see the wonders of the ocean at the Georgia Aquarium!

Visit the High Museum of Art for an inspiring cultural experience

Visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for an amazing experience. It's one of the top places for adults to enjoy indoors, filled with beautiful art that will capture your attention.

Walk through bright halls, admire modern and historic art, and feel connected to every piece's unique story. Whether you're an art lover or just curious, the High Museum's variety of art will spark your imagination and give you a break from daily life.

Come see it for yourself!

Laugh out loud at an improv show at Village Theatre

Have a blast at Atlanta's Village Theatre! It's the perfect spot for a night of improv comedy fun. Great for a young adult's birthday bash or just a unique night out.

Here's what to do:

  1. Pick a Show: Look up their lineup and choose one that seems fun.
  2. Be Part of the Action: Jump in with your ideas or get on stage to join the improv.
  3. Birthday Laughs: They'll make sure the birthday person has a night to remember with hilarious improv.
  4. Hang Out After: Stay after the show to grab drinks and chat with the comedians.

Experience the Center for Puppetry Arts for unique performances and exhibits

Discover the magic at the Center for Puppetry Arts! This Atlanta hotspot is perfect for an unforgettable night out, filled with unique puppet shows and fascinating exhibits.

Watch incredible performances and see the exclusive Jim Henson creations up close. From groundbreaking shows to hands-on experiences, this place has it all.

Be amazed by the art of puppetry like never before. Don't miss out – come and be part of the wonder!

Try indoor skydiving at iFly Atlanta for an adrenaline rush

Discover the excitement of skydiving without ever leaving the ground at iFly Atlanta. You'll hover in the air inside, feeling like you're freefalling, but with total safety. It's an exhilarating, worry-free experience where you can just spread your wings and fly.

Ready to try iFly Atlanta? Here's what you should do:

  1. Book Early: Secure your spot online to make sure you get to fly.
  2. Wear the Right Gear: Choose snug sneakers and comfy clothes.
  3. Pay Attention: Listen to your instructor for the best flying experience.
  4. Have Fun: Let yourself enjoy the amazing feeling of flying.

Play interactive games at Topgolf, regardless of your golfing skills

Come to Topgolf for endless fun, no matter how good you're at golf! Imagine yourself hitting golf balls into bright targets, with your friends cheering you on in your own cool bay. It's like a super fun version of darts!

Here's what's awesome about Topgolf:

  • Private hitting bays that are comfy because they're climate-controlled.
  • Lots of different games to play, so you won't ever get bored.
  • Tasty food and drinks to keep you going.

Enjoy playing at your own speed, dancing to great music, and you might even find out you're pretty good at golf. Just swing, score, and enjoy every second!

Escape from an Escape Room with friends for a challenging adventure

After an enjoyable round at Topgolf, why not join your friends for an exciting escape room adventure in Atlanta? Work together as the main characters in a thrilling story, racing against time. Teamwork, smarts, and tactics are key to feeling the rush as you crack codes and solve puzzles to earn your escape.

Here's how to make it even better:

  1. Pick Your Story: Choose an escape room with a theme that gets everyone excited.
  2. Talk it Out: Always communicate and share clues. Teamwork is the secret to winning.
  3. Keep Cool: Stay focused and don't panic over the time.
  4. Enjoy It: The real victory is having fun with the challenge. Cherish every second!

Relax at a luxury movie theater like the ones at Phipps Plaza

Experience luxury at Phipps Plaza's movie theater.

Enjoy comfortable recliner seats, plenty of legroom, and a fancy menu.

It's not just watching a movie, it's a treat for all your senses.

Come be our special guest and make every movie a big event.

Visit the World of Coca-Cola to learn about the iconic brand and taste different sodas

Visit the World of Coca-Cola to explore the exciting history of an iconic drink. Taste over 100 sodas from all over the world. Learn about Coca-Cola's journey and why it's loved by so many.

Here's how to enjoy your visit:

  1. See the Secret Formula: Take a peek at Coca-Cola's hidden recipe.
  2. Coke and Culture: Discover Coca-Cola's impact on music, movies, and more.
  3. 4-D Theater: Watch an exciting movie about Coca-Cola's magic.
  4. Try the Tastes: Enjoy a variety of flavors from different countries.

Enjoy a performance at the historic Fox Theatre

Visit the magnificent Fox Theatre and experience a world where history and live shows come together. Relax in the comfortable red seats and be amazed by the stunning Arabian-inspired surroundings. This Atlanta treasure offers music, plays, and dance on a vibrant stage.

Here's what's in store for you:

What You'll See Details Advice
Hit Musicals Don't miss these popular shows Get tickets early
Live Music A variety of tunes for all Look out for early ticket sales
Comedy Shows Big laughs with famous comedians Come early to get great seats
Retro Films Watch classics in an old-school vibe The balcony seats offer a great view
Unique Events Experience seasonal specials Stay updated with notifications

Come to the Fox Theatre, the heart of Atlanta's culture, for an experience where creativity and expression shine bright.

Food and Drink

Come experience the amazing variety of food in Atlanta!

Try something fun at Flight Club Atlanta or enjoy delicious seafood at Octopus Kitchen.

Don't miss out on a Grant Park Walking Food Tour for a taste of local dishes.

And top off your night with a stunning view and a tasty cocktail at SkyLounge.

Atlanta's food scene has something for everyone!

Dine at fun places like Flight Club Atlanta or Octopus Kitchen for unique culinary experiences

Treat yourself to a fun dining experience at Flight Club Atlanta. Play darts, sip on creative drinks, and share tasty food with friends.

Or, enjoy Octopus Kitchen's unique under-the-sea vibe and delicious sushi. Both places offer amazing atmospheres for photos and are great for any celebration or a night out.

Come and discover something different!

Take a Grant Park Walking Food Tour to sample local cuisine

Join a Grant Park Walking Food Tour to discover Atlanta's tasty local food. Walk historic streets with a guide who loves the city's past and its meals. Try different foods at each stop, like delicious southern barbecue and creative new snacks.

It's not just eating – it's a cultural experience. Taste a perfectly seasoned taco or a famous gourmet doughnut. Get ready for a delicious adventure in Atlanta!

Sip a cocktail at SkyLounge for a great view of downtown Atlanta

Enjoy a relaxing evening with a delicious cocktail at SkyLounge and take in the stunning views of downtown Atlanta. Watch the city lights come alive as the sun sets, inviting you to discover the excitement below. Feel the gentle evening breeze as you taste our expertly crafted drinks.

Here's how to get the best out of SkyLounge:

  1. Visit us during sunset for a breathtaking scene.
  2. Try one of our unique cocktails for a flavor adventure.
  3. Capture beautiful photos of the skyline to share.
  4. Have easy-going chats with others while enjoying the city's vibe.

Visit Ponce City Market for a variety of dining options and shopping

Welcome to Ponce City Market, the heart of excitement with amazing food and great shopping.

Picture the delicious smells of top-notch food as you stroll by shops and cool boutiques. Craving some fresh pasta, spicy tacos, or maybe a sweet gelato? You'll find it all here.

Plus, grab a coffee to keep you going while you check out the latest styles from around the world.

Ponce City Market is more than just a spot for a bite or to shop—it's the perfect place to make your day special.

Explore Krog Street Market for gourmet food stalls and artisan products

Come to Krog Street Market after you've visited Ponce City Market for more delicious food and unique crafts. In the middle of Atlanta, you'll find amazing treats and handmade items.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Try exciting street food from around the world.
  2. Treat yourself to tasty local desserts that you'll want more of.
  3. Find special handmade products that show off Atlanta's creativity.
  4. Relax and enjoy the lively scene with a great coffee or a local beer.

Don't miss out! Come explore and let your curiosity lead you to new flavors and finds at Krog Street Market.

Arts and Culture

Discover Atlanta's lively art by walking through Inman Park, where beautiful murals light up the city.

Experience history at the Center for Civil and Human Rights with its engaging lunch counter display.

Plus, find special items on the Westside, the perfect spot for shopping.

Come see what makes Atlanta unique!

Snap a selfie at colorful Atlanta murals in Inman Park and other neighborhoods

Wander through Inman Park and other parts of Atlanta to see colorful murals that are perfect for selfies. These beautiful paintings tell stories and make your photos special.

  1. Walk along the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine to see many different murals.
  2. Check out the Krog Street Tunnel for cool street art.
  3. Find special artworks and messages in Little Five Points.
  4. Go to Cabbagetown and see the amazing murals near Krog Street Market.

Each piece of art adds something special to your selfie, capturing the spirit of Atlanta. Take a snapshot and treasure it as a bright keepsake!

Pull up to the lunch counter at Atlanta's Center for Civil and Human Rights for a historical perspective

Visit the Atlanta Center for Civil and Human Rights to step into a key part of history. Sit at our recreated 1960s lunch counter to feel what the brave protesters felt during their fight for equality. You'll hear the powerful chants, sense the challenge they faced, and be inspired by their bravery.

This isn't just learning about the past—it's a deep dive into the battles for freedom. Come and be moved by the story of how people stood up for the rights we value today.

Join us and experience the passion of the Civil Rights Movement.

Take a local shopping crawl on the Westside for unique finds

Discover unique finds on the Westside! Explore a variety of cool shops, from handmade jewelry to classic vintage clothes. This area is full of unique stores that are a fun change from regular malls. When you shop here, you're getting more than just stuff – you're getting to know the people who make it and feeling the energy of Atlanta's artists.

Here's an easy guide for an awesome shopping trip:

  1. Begin at Paris on Ponce for cool old items and artwork.
  2. Check out Brick + Mortar for stylish things for your home.
  3. Visit Crafted Westside for gifts and accessories made right here.
  4. Make sure to stop by The Merchant for trendy writing supplies and interesting home decorations.

Go ahead and wander – the Westside is waiting to show you something special!

Visit the Museum of Design Atlanta for exhibitions on various design disciplines

Step into the imaginative world at the Museum of Design Atlanta. Discover a place where design comes alive, from towering buildings to the latest fashion. It's more than a museum; it's where design sparks your imagination and innovation touches your heart. Get ready for an adventure that will excite your senses and stir your love for creativity.

Check out what's waiting for you at MODA:

Design Discipline Expectations
Architecture Groundbreaking designs
Fashion Trendsetting fashion
Industrial Design Clever devices & furniture
Graphic Design Eye-catching art

Prepare to be amazed by the creativity and freedom at Atlanta's home for design. It's your chance to dive in, get involved, and let your own creativity shine.

Attend a Hawks game at State Farm Arena for sports and entertainment

Get inspired at the Museum of Design Atlanta, then head over to State Farm Arena for an exciting Atlanta Hawks basketball game. Join other fans and cheer loud for the Hawks in a fun-filled environment.

Here's what to do for a great time:

  1. Wear red, black, and white to show your support.
  2. Get there early for the pre-game action.
  3. Try some local drinks and special Hawks snacks.
  4. Stick around after the game for extra fun and maybe meet the players.

Come and be part of the thrilling Atlanta sports community. Don't miss out!


As night arrives, Atlanta comes alive with exciting nightlife that will keep you up all night. Dance your heart out at lively clubs or enjoy classic blues music at Northside Tavern.

Experience something different with Fernbank After Dark's cool exhibits or enjoy a play with a refreshing drink.

Don't miss out on Atlanta's fun after dark!

Dance the night away at one of Atlanta's top nightclubs

Get ready for an unforgettable night out at Atlanta's lively nightclubs. Let the music move you as you dance till the sun comes up. Atlanta's clubs are where you can let loose and have a blast. Whether you're into high-energy dance floors or chill lounges, you'll find your perfect spot.

Here's how to have the best night:

  1. Look Sharp: Wear something stylish – Atlanta's clubs love fashion.
  2. Beat the Crowd: Get there early to avoid waiting and save on entry fees.
  3. Try New Sounds: Check out different clubs for EDM, hip-hop, or live bands.
  4. Drink Water: Keep dancing all night by staying hydrated.

Enjoy live music at blues bars like Northside Tavern or Blind Willie's

Experience the heart of Atlanta's blues scene at Northside Tavern and Blind Willie's. Enjoy a night filled with powerful live music. Feel the energy as guitars and soulful voices bring stories to life.

Northside Tavern is a legendary spot with a rich history. At Blind Willie's, get up close with local stars and sometimes famous musicians.

Have a drink, get carried away by the tunes, and dive into the vibrant energy of Atlanta's nightlife. Join us and feel the city's beat.

Experience Fernbank After Dark for adult-themed museum nights

Dive into the magical Fernbank After Dark, happening every second Friday of the month. It's an event just for adults, with special themes to enjoy.

Picture yourself with a tasty cocktail exploring the museum or laughing with friends under the observatory stars. It's a perfect mix of fun and learning.

Here's your guide to a great evening:

  1. Check the event's theme beforehand and dress up for a full experience.
  2. Come early to catch all the live music and shows.
  3. Remember, a 3D movie is part of your ticket—don't miss it!
  4. End your night with a stunning view of the Atlanta skyline from our terrace.

Visit the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse for a night of theater and drinks

After a fun time at Fernbank After Dark, continue your night at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. Here, you'll enjoy exciting live plays and tasty drinks. It's like stepping into old England with a drink and getting lost in Shakespeare's timeless stories.

The actors are full of energy, and the cozy theater makes you feel like you're part of the action. Everyone here shares the joy of the performance. Come for an unforgettable evening of culture and togetherness.

Cheers to a memorable night out!

Check out the nightlife scene at The Battery Atlanta for a variety of bars and entertainment

Discover the exciting nightlife at The Battery Atlanta! Enjoy bars and live shows for a fun night out. Experience the energy with live music, great drinks, and a lively crowd.

Here's your quick guide for a great night:

  1. Enjoy handcrafted drinks at a rooftop bar with a stunning city view.
  2. Dance all night at a club with top DJs and a great atmosphere.
  3. Have a laugh at a comedy club with famous and rising comedians.
  4. Relax at a hidden lounge with unique drinks made by expert bartenders.

Join the fun and make lasting memories at Atlanta's top spot for nightlife.

Miscellaneous Fun

Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site for an inspiring journey through history.

Experience the excitement of an Atlanta United FC soccer game.

Relax and have fun with bowling and karaoke at Punchbowl Social.

For thrill-seekers, try your hand at axe throwing at American Axes.

Or enjoy a calm bike ride in the beautiful Chastain Memorial Park.

Don't miss out on these amazing experiences!

Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site for a dose of history

Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to connect with the history of the civil rights movement. This important place will move you and give you hope for a better future.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Begin at the Visitor Center and watch a short movie about Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for equal rights.
  2. Walk through Dr. King's childhood home and learn about his early life.
  3. Take a moment to think at the Ebenezer Baptist Church where he was a preacher.
  4. Show your respect at his grave, located at the King Center.

Join us to honor the memory of a leader who wanted everyone to be treated fairly.

Attend an Atlanta United FC soccer match at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for sports action

Come and join the excitement at Mercedes-Benz Stadium by watching Atlanta United FC play! Feel the energy as you join a crowd of fans, all cheering in black, red, and gold. Be part of the action as everyone celebrates each exciting moment of the game.

Hear the supporters sing and feel the energy they bring. Whether you're a big soccer fan or new to the sport, you'll love the fun of watching a live match in Atlanta. Come and be part of the city's heartbeat!

Go bowling or try karaoke at Punchbowl Social at The Battery

Come to Punchbowl Social at The Battery for a fantastic time. Play bowling or sing karaoke with friends. It's a fun place to hang out and make memories.

Here's how to have the best time:

  1. Have a bowling game with friends.
  2. Choose a karaoke song everyone knows.
  3. Enjoy tasty food and drinks.
  4. Take photos to remember the fun.

Try axe throwing at American Axes for a unique group activity

After a fun time bowling at Punchbowl Social, bring your friends to American Axes for an exciting axe throwing adventure. You'll feel the rush as you throw axes and hit the target. Don't worry if you're not strong; it's all about skill, and our coaches will help you get it right. Everyone will be laughing and competing in no time.

Axe throwing is a fun way to relax and try something new. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have thrown axes before; American Axes is great for mixing up your usual plans. Come on, tap into your adventurous side and create some unforgettable moments with your friends!

Take a scenic bike ride through Chastain Memorial Park

Swap your axe for a bike and come see the beauty of Chastain Memorial Park. It's a great way to relax and hang out with friends. You'll feel great riding around this green spot in the city.

Here's how to make your bike ride even better:

  1. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds and enjoy the peace.
  2. Bring a picnic to eat outside – it's fun and easy.
  3. Look out for art events in the park while you're there.
  4. Stop and take pictures at the pretty places with your friends.

Seasonal and Special Events

Atlanta is full of exciting events all year!

Come see the beautiful Atlanta Dogwood Festival in spring.

Don't miss the magical Illuminights at the Zoo during the holidays.

Also, you have to see the amazing laser show at Stone Mountain Park. It's incredible!

Attend the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in the spring at Piedmont Park

Come to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park this spring! It's a great event for young adults to enjoy art, music, and the outdoors. You'll love the beautiful dogwoods and the fun vibe.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Shop for cool, handmade items at the artist market.
  2. Watch exciting live music and dance shows.
  3. Try delicious foods from around the world.
  4. Join in on fun activities like workshops or a 5K run.

Don't miss out on this fantastic spring event in the heart of Atlanta!

Experience Illuminights at the Zoo during the holiday season

Brighten up your holiday season with a visit to Illuminights at the Zoo in Atlanta! Walk through a sparkling world of lights and colors as the zoo turns into a beautiful night-time wonderland. Be amazed by the thousands of lights and animal-shaped lanterns that light your way through an unforgettable evening.

This event is perfect for a fun night out with friends or a special date. Get ready to experience the holiday spirit in a wild and magical setting.

Join us under the stars for a night you won't forget!

Catch a laser light show at Stone Mountain Park

Head out to Stone Mountain Park just a short drive from the city for an amazing laser light show on the mountain. It's more than just lights; it's an awesome night out that makes you feel free.

Here's how to have a great time:

  1. Get There Early: Grab a good spot before it fills up.
  2. Bring Food: Take your favorite snacks to eat while you watch.
  3. Wear Comfy Clothes: It can get chilly, so layer up.
  4. Hang Around Afterwards: It's nice and quiet for stargazing once the show ends.

Come for the lights, stay for the adventure!

Join a scavenger hunt in Piedmont Park for a fun group activity

Come join a fun scavenger hunt with your friends at Piedmont Park! It's a great way to have a blast while competing in a game that changes with the seasons. The park is like a big game board, filled with clues to solve, races against time, and secret spots to find.

Get excited about figuring out puzzles that take you to cool places in the park, like a historic site or a hidden note near the lake. It's not just about the game, it's about making great memories, sharing laughs, and enjoying some playtime in Atlanta's best park.

Come on and be part of the next scavenger hunt for some fun and to show off your skills!

Explore the Atlanta Monetary Museum on a rainy day for an educational experience

When it's rainy in Atlanta, consider visiting the Atlanta Monetary Museum for a fun and informative time. This place is full of cool things to see and do, all about money and banks.

You can learn a lot, stay out of the rain, and maybe even get some ideas for your own money matters.

Here's what to do for a great visit:

  1. Check out the history section to learn how people traded in the past and what currency looks like today.
  2. Watch how the Federal Reserve handles cash – it's not something you see every day.
  3. Join a tour to hear interesting facts and stories you'd probably miss on your own.
  4. Try out the hands-on exhibits to see how much you know and have fun learning more.

Get excited about money and banking – it's a chance to think about your own financial goals!

Unique Experiences

Discover Atlanta's unique art at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, showcasing bold and modern exhibits.

Relax on a peaceful wine tour in North Georgia, enjoying local flavors.

Experience stunning city views from the SkyView Ferris Wheel's VIP gondola.

Come explore these amazing experiences!

Visit the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center for cutting-edge art exhibitions

Discover the exciting world of modern art at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. This place isn't just a gallery, but a center for creativity where you can see, think about, and interact with art.

Make your visit great by:

  1. See what's new: Check out the latest and freshest art pieces.
  2. Try a workshop: Get hands-on and create something yourself.
  3. Take a tour: Learn more about the art with a guide to show you around.
  4. Enjoy the outdoor art: Relax outside with amazing sculptures.

Come and experience art in your own way, and maybe even see art from a new perspective.

Take a North Georgia wine tour to explore local vineyards and taste regional wines

Join a wine tour in North Georgia to enjoy the local vineyards' unique flavors and explore their delicious wines. As you travel through beautiful scenery, you'll feel free and relaxed, far from the busy city life. Each winery has its own special story and wine for you to try.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Frogtown Cellars has a special Viognier wine and offers wine and food together.
  • Wolf Mountain is known for its bubbly Sparkling wines and has a cozy vineyard cafe.
  • Yonah Mountain makes a lovely Chardonnay and gives tours of their wine cave.
  • Montaluce is famous for its rich Merlot and has a top-notch restaurant.

Taste wines like a velvety Merlot or a fresh Chardonnay and dive into a world of delicious flavors. Feel the joy of discovering new wines and trust your taste to lead the way.

Enjoy a VIP gondola ride on the SkyView Ferris Wheel

Enhance your visit to Atlanta with a special VIP ride on the SkyView Ferris Wheel. Get ready to see amazing city views from high above in Centennial Park. Enjoy the quiet above the busy streets in a comfortable gondola with top-notch service.

Here's how to enjoy your VIP ride:

  1. Book early to get a spot at sunset for the best sights.
  2. Enjoy a free glass of bubbly as you soar above the city.
  3. Don't forget your camera to take pictures of the beautiful city from above.
  4. Relax in the soft seats and savor the feeling of being up high.

Participate in a pottery class or other creative workshops available in the city

Discover your inner artist in Atlanta's fun pottery classes and creative workshops! Feel the excitement as you shape clay into your very own creation. It's more than making something; it's about enjoying the process of creation.

All around Atlanta, studios welcome you to a place where you can freely express yourself. Join others who love to create and share your passion for art. You can make a unique mug or paint a picture that shows off your personality.

Atlanta is full of chances to explore your creativity. Come on, give it a try and watch your artistic talents shine!

Attend a themed event or pop-up experience, which are frequently happening around Atlanta

After enjoying some creative time with clay and paint, why not dive deeper into Atlanta's lively scene? The city is bustling with special events and pop-up experiences that are more than just fun—they're a gateway to excitement and discovery.

Here's an easy guide to what's happening:

  1. Secret Speakeasy Nights – Step back in time to the 1920s with live jazz and hidden cocktails.
  2. Pop-Up Art Shows – Find and support local artists displaying their art in cool, short-term spots.
  3. Themed Food Festivals – Treat yourself to a world of flavors celebrating different cultures and foods.
  4. Interactive Theater Experiences – Join the action and be a part of the story in live, engaging plays.

Each event is your chance to mix, enjoy, and discover something new. Live it up in Atlanta and embrace the city's dynamic vibe!


End your Atlanta trip with an incredible finale! You've climbed mountains, enjoyed delicious food, experienced the arts, and partied all night.

No matter if you're looking for excitement or relaxation, Atlanta offers memorable moments for everyone. Gather your friends for an amazing time that will be remembered long after you leave.

Atlanta is more than a city – it's the ultimate place for fun!

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