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6 Abandoned Asylums In California

If you live in California or are planning to visit California and you love exploring creepy places, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you about some creepiest abandoned asylums in California.

Exploring some creepy places in different areas is a hobby of many people as they love to do something adventurous every day. But they often get disappointed because the place they go to is often not so creepy or scary.

But worry not, as I’m going to talk about some of the creepiest abandoned asylums, which are located in California, in detail. Without any delay, let’s get into the topic.

AsylumAddressGoogle Map Location
Insane Asylum In Stockton1100-1298 American St, Stockton, CA 95202, USAGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.
Nevada County HospitalOld Mining Town, Nevada City, CAGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.
L.A County Poor Farm13001 Dahlia Avenue, Downey, CAGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.
Linda Vista Community Hospital610-30 St. Louis Street, Los Angeles, CaliforniaGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.
Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk11401 Bloomfield Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650, USAGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.
Scary DairyCamarillo, California, USAGoogle Map LocationOpens in a new tab.

1. Insane Asylum In Stockton:

6 Abandoned Asylums In California | Insane Asylum In Stockton | Travelvibe

Insane asylum of California, located in Stockton, was the very first psychiatric hospital in California that opened in the year 1851. The land of this hospital was donated by Captain Charles Maria Weber. It was a land of about 100 acres. This hospital was closed in 1995.

An anecdote that happened in this place is the second superintendent of the asylum, Dr. Samuel Langdon, fought a duel with Dr. William Ryer who was his assistant physician. The duel ended with a bullet wound in Dr. Samuel’s knee and his replacement as superintendent.

A lot of famous personalities were admitted into this psychiatric hospital. One of them is the schizophrenic mistress Sarah Althea Hill. She had a history of violence and ruthless behavior, but she became famous after she sued millionaire senator William Sharon for divorce, citing adultery in the year 1853.

2. Nevada County Hospital:

This hospital was built nearly 150 years ago in 1855 and got shut down due to the spreading of horrible murder news. Visitors mentioned that there’s still dried blood in this hospital along with some haunting graffitis.

This hospital has a vicious story of its own. However, it was a pretty established hospital when it was built. The whole area of this hospital is about 34,000 square feet. The main building was 70×30 feet. It was moved roughly ¾ of a mile to the northest outskirts of town.

The hospital was abandoned in 2006 after a dangerous patient of this hospital murdered two people in 2001. People started assuming that this place was haunted from then and finally in 2006 it was closed for good.

The patient that murdered two people was suffering delusions. He killed the manager of the hospital and the receptionist also wounded the cook.

3. L.A County Poor Farm:

6 Abandoned Asylums In California | L.A poor farm | Travelvibe

People also call it by the name Rancho Los Amigos. It was an asylum for the elderly, homeless, mentally ill & disabled. It was opened in 1888. Soon after its opening, it became enormously popular among the people, and thousands of patients got admitted into this asylum.

It was renamed Rancho Los Amigos after it became a part of Downey, California. When the Spanish flu epidemic started, it was used as a recovery center for patients with Spanish flu. People who died in this asylum due to polio and Spanish flu were buried in this area.

People who entered this asylum recently stated that they heard a baby crying in the building, along with other repulsive noises. It made them fall sick and cry for no reason.

4. Linda Vista Community Hospital:

6 Abandoned Asylums In California | Linda Vista Community Hospital | Travelvibe

This hospital opened in 1905 to treat the employees of Santa Fe Railroad. This hospital had its own luxury items like Jersey Cows, Chickens, and a garden. All these things provided patients with the freshest milk, butter, eggs, and vegetables.

Linda Vista Community Hospital was designed by Charles Whittlesey. The building was made in the Moorish style. This hospital is also known as Santa Fe Coastlines Hospital.

This asylum is the most luxurious asylum among all the abandoned asylums in California. This historic asylum was featured in a renowned show called Tv’s Ghost Adventures.

Native people say that this building is haunted by patients who have gone through a painful death. This abandoned asylum became a matter of people’s interest after many Hollywood films were filmed in this location.

5. Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk:

6 Abandoned Asylums In California | Metropolitan State Hospital Norwalk 1 | Travelvibe

In 1975, a documentary by the filmmakers Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty titled “Hurry Tomorrow” alleged this hospital drugging patients with heavy doses of sedatives. Many patients died in this hospital mysteriously, and no one knows the real reason behind their death yet, which is very disturbing.

This hospital was opened in 1916 by Los Angeles county psychiatrists. The area of this hospital expanded after World War II. Many patients reportedly were in good care in this hospital.

But its reputation was ruined after the “Hurry Tomorrow” documentary, and people became more curious about all the mysterious deaths that took place in this hospital.

The biological mother of a famous Hollywood actress, Marylin Monroe, was admitted to this psychiatric hospital after she had a mental breakdown. Later she died in this asylum due to natural causes.

6. Scary Dairy:

6 Abandoned Asylums In California | California 1 | Travelvibe

Scary dairy is a farm located near the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital. It produced milk, eggs, and crops to feed the hospital community.

Patients of Camarillo Hospital used to work on this farm. It was regularly maintained by them. The staff of the hospital also worked on this farm. They worked on this farm, adding extra income to the hospital’s fund.

This building was abandoned in 1960. They left this building in a state where it was impossible to repair it. After a while, it became prey to people’s ghost stories. People started to make several haunting stories about this farm.

Some say that patients of the hospital were forced to slaughter animals on this farm. Meanwhile, other people say that vicious murders took place on this farm. Whatever happened here is unclear to us, but native people introduce this farm as one of the abandoned asylums in California.


Creepy abandoned asylums are fun but also terrifying. But it feels very dynamic exploring creepy places around you.

You can go to these mentioned abandoned asylums in California if you also want to experience something very dynamic.

Take your friends with you to these places and create a memorable but haunting experience with them.

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