Getting Around Amalfi Coast Without A Car | 15 Best No-Car Things To Do

Getting Around Amalfi Coast Without A Car | 15 Best No-Car Things to Do

Do you know? You can make your upcoming Amalfi Coast trip more cost savvy and unique by exploring the amplifying Amalfi Coast without a car

So are you up for an admirable Amalfi adventure and excited to know what to do in Amalfi with no cars? Don’t be shocked or worried because many entertaining options await you, even if your itinerary is a car-free one since the Amalfi Coast is super walkable and offers stunning activities. 

Amalfi Coast Without A Car

And to help you with that, we’ve curated our free travel guide so that you can unveil the best things to do on Amalfi Coast without a car! You can also read about the best stays on Amali Coast without a car. So relax, get your popcorn, and keep reading our article till the end to know more!

1. Make Amalfi Town Your Home Base And Ace!

Before you head off for your trip to the Amalfi Coast without a car, you should select and settle in a central location that could help you make the most of your no-car trip! 

And for that, Amalfi Town is the best option because it offers a lot of fun things to do which can be explored by short walks. Some car alternatives you’ll find here in Amalfi Coast are:-

1. Walking

2. Taxis and Shuttles (plenty of agencies offer the services)

3. SITA Bus

4. Trains

5. Scooters

6. Motorcycles

7. Ferries

8. Private Transport Services

9. Vespa

If you’re an avid biker, motorcycles are the apt option to explore Amalfi since the routes have hairpin turns! Apart from it, these bike rides can be your ultimate soul healer since you can enjoy the scenic Amalfi views while fluttering your polka-dot pink scarf on the crazy winds

Buses are the cheapest public transit, but then again, May to October are the high seasons, so be ready to see some insane crowd if you’re planning a summer trip. But buses do not run at night, so taxis (charges a bit higher) can be your saving grace. 

Ferries (though a bit time-consuming) are also convenient options to help you wander about; our top pick would be the Travelmar franchise for uninterrupted ferry services. 

Agencies like Amalfidrive4u are also handy options for private pickups, but it would be better to have an Amalfi local with you since they can guide you the best about which roads to take and which are too bumpy

Remember, you won’t get access to Uber or Lyft near Amalfi Coast, but don’t worry! You can use their local Unico Campania app to help you with public transport. 

And the best part is you can easily explore the nearby towns, like Sorrento (it allows Uber), Positano, and many more if you reside in Amalfi Town! 

Amalfi also offers a wide range of hotels suiting all budget ranges. Our pick would be Hotel Poseidon since it provides many facilities and attractions within walking distance.

2. Take A Scenic Stroll Along The Amalfi Coast

And what else can be more magical than taking a quiet, calm walk and observing nature’s beauty deeply?

Nothing can beat the swag of traveling to an amazing neighborhood like the Amalfi Coast by exploring it via walks; you’ll surely see some hidden gems like tranquil nearby villages, vineyards, Norman-Arab cathedral, some trattorias offering unique cuisines or Italian espresso, the charming narrow streets and even some lesser-known yet classy souvenir shops

You can even get to know some interesting and insider facts about the great Amalfi, so yeah, give a bye to the cars and go for a leisurely walk to make your excursion even more exciting!

3. Explore The Amalfi Cathedral

To anyone who’s up for exploring iconic placements in Amalfi Coast without a car, this is the spot you’re looking for! 

With an abundance of antique collections, ancient paintings, and relics, guarded with a glorious garden, eye-catching cloister, stunning 120 marble columns, and classic interior decor, this place stands as the most sought-after cathedral in Italy. 

And you can get there on mere walks and without any hassle since it is near Amalfi Town’s main square

Oh, how can I miss informing you about the most exciting part? So if you’re looking for free no-car activities in Amalfi Coast, just hit this historical cathedral since it requires no entrance fee!

4. Let Your Soul Soak The Beauty of Blue Grotto

Have you ever imagined how serene a cave would be with crystal-clear blue-green water reflections from the sea? This place ensures your imagination comes to life! 

Located on the northwest side of Capri (an island near Amalfi Coast, which you can easily reach by ferries), this place is commonly known as the Grotto Azzura, an illuminating 60 meters long sea cave carved with glowing white rocks, which requires you to have a rowboat (charges $14 per head) to explore the scenic underwater cavity. 

You’ll get the vibe of being in a fairy-tale-like sea cave; it is indeed a must-visit; thus, it is one of the best no-car things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

5. Shop Some Exclusive Souvenirs From Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi!

Shopping at Amalfi can’t be missed, even if you don’t have a car! 

It is one of the hyped shopping hubs in Amalfi Town, with numerous stores, where you can find some renowned brands, designer outfits, ornaments, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and Amalfi-style cappuccinos too! 

To avail the best of the best designer dress collections, head to the JP Boutique and thank me later!

6. Get Some Adrenal Rush With Sky Diving

Hey, you can’t let your no-car Amalfi Coast tour go bland like the saltless blanched broccolis; add some glitters of adventure to it by tipping a hi to this happening activity, sky diving

So yeah, with the guidance of an expert instructor, your plane will be at an altitude of 14,700 feet; as you jump out, you’ll witness a heavenly free fall while capturing the unmatched beauty of Mount Vesuvius and Amalfi Coast before reaching the ground. 

Skydive Salerno is our pick on it, and since the town of Salerno is a major public transportation hub, you’re good to go even if you show up without cars!

7. Meet And Greet The Friendly Atrani Locals

Okay, so don’t you think you should try interacting with the locals of a place to know more about its history, culture, and famous attractions

Undoubtedly, such interactions let you unleash any stiffness you’ve and help you indulge more with Amalfi Coast’s serene nature. 

And of course, meeting with the locals surely won’t cost you a penny or require you to have a car! 

While you meet the friendly Atrani locals, don’t forget to bring your camera along because Atrani has some jaw-dropping multicolored box-shaped domed buildings with balconies filled with fresh, colorful flowers and vintage churches

And mind you, this little (yet offers everything from beaches to diners) Atrani is within a 10 minutes walking distance from Amalfi Town.

8. Hike At The Adventurous Path of Gods!

Your car-free trip to Amalfi Coast would be incomplete if you didn’t visit this place! 

Located high above the supreme Praiano and Positano, this beauty is a famous 630 m above sea level and 4.3 miles one-way hike that offers magical vistas of the Amalfi Coast from the top, just the perfect one for your Instagram stories! 

With three different starting points, steep inclines, 1700 adventurous stairs, dramatic cliffs, picturesque coastline, wine-dark sea views, olive groves, and the heavenly blue sky, this medium-intensity trail will take about 3-5 hours to complete. 

While you get around the uneven terrains, don’t forget to take some cool snaps of the multicolored tiled Praiano domes

You can take a bus to Nocelle or Bomerano to reach this beauty without even worrying about not having a car! 

Remember to take a friend with you on your trail expedition to make it even more delightful, and, of course, a lightweight shoulder bag to carry water bottles, power banks, bug repellent, and a stylish sunhat! But yes, start your hiking journey at the earliest since you don’t want the scorching heat to beat your energy.

9. Relish The Ravishing Limoncello

Wait, you’re at Amalfi Coast and didn’t try their unique limoncellos! Is that even possible? Indeed not; you gotta try out this beauty to get the ultimate Amalfi vibe

Limoncello is a refreshing, chilled, after-dinner lemon liqueur made with fresh lemons (zests, actually!) grown on slopes of the Amalfi Coast and combined with sweet syrup and spirit! 

Not only that, but you can also find some unique bright yellow lemon-printed ceramics and even lemon soaps

And yes, though Sorrento offers authentic limoncellos, you can also walk to the Amalfi Town’s Antichi Sapori d’Amalfi shop to grab some good limoncello deals and to give a swaggy bye to cars

10. Take Your Kids To Parco Giochi

If you’re heading to Amalfi Coast without a car along with your family and kiddos, this place can be your spot to cherish some quality moments! 

This cute little playground at Maiori (a super walkable town on Amalfi Coast) offers Insta-Worthy benches with serene views of the majestic beach waters, slides, swings, picnic spots, and a lot more, which makes it one of the top without car activities in Amalfi Coast with families

While your kids make some creative sandcastles, remember to get some piping hot pizzas from Dedalo to make it an even more memorable experience for your family!

11. Take A Chill Pill At Otium Spa!

What else can be more relaxing than getting a comfy and soothing message, right? 

So yes, release all those stress and worries about not having a car in Amalfi Coast because you can enjoy a peaceful time at this spa even if you show up without a car! 

This beauty is at Minori, a small town on Amalfi Coast, which takes 10 minutes to reach if you’re taking a ferry ride. 

From a set of pools with various customizable temperatures to soothing massages, luxurious steam rooms, and their unique Ancient Rome bath, this place ensures you rejuvenate mentally and physically!

12. Get Fine Dine At Marina Grande

While your soul soaks in the unparalleled views of the Amalfi Coast from this restaurant’s rooftop, you can also devour some authentic Italian delicacies

It is a refined beachfront Italian restaurant in Amalfi Town with a lounge bar and some delectable pasta and seafood items. 

You can easily get to the restaurant by taking a bike ride (yes, you don’t need a car to reach the beauty!)

13. Break The Boring Locks At Music On The Rocks

And to add some tinsels to your without-car Amalfi Coast trip, this pub comes to the rescue! 

Groove with their stunning live music in Amalfi-style because this club is in a natural cave, offering marvelous DJ lineups, special event spots, and the perfect dining ambiance

Open till 4 am, this pub at Positano should be on your no-car Amalfi Coast itinerary’s bucket list since Positano is only a 20-minute ferry ride away from Amalfi Coast. 

And if you feel tired dancing in the club, you can grab some fantastic meal deals at Terrazza Cele since they make seafood with fresh catches!

14. Visit The Amalfi Museum of Paper

If you’re rooting for some historical sights, you shouldn’t dare say bye to this place! 

So this isn’t like the typical museum filled with antiques; it still preserves the 14th-century tradition of making paper intact! 

Oh, and the best part is, you can also get some handcrafted paper goodies since there’s a gift shop called the Cartiera Amatuda

This cave-like rugged museum will give you the pure essence of medieval history because you can see all the ancient proceedings of the historical paper mill that has been operating till now! 

It is only a 10-15-minute walk from Amalfi Town’s main square. (But watch out, the museum doesn’t facilitate wheelchairs)


15. Hit The Spiaggia Del Cauco Beach

Okay, so a trip to Amalfi Coast without giving a go to a blissful beach, is that even imaginable? Even if your itinerary is a no-car one, does that mean you’ll miss out on the stunning Amalfi Coast beaches?

Surely not! It is the beach in Erchie (35 minutes bus ride away from Amalfi), where you can even spend your entire day (yes, only if you get some extra food supremacies along!) because it provides mesmerizing sunset views and this indeed doesn’t require you to get a car

So yeah, lay at the Italian lettos (sunbeds) underneath an umbrella, get a delicious meal from the nearby funky shops, let your body take in those vitamin D-filled sun rays, or relax and witness the glamorous Picasso art like sunrise or sunset, trust me, every moment of it will be worth of your time! 

Our pro tip would be to hit the place as early as possible because the beach gets filled with tourists in no time, so you might not even get sun loungers if you’re heading there during the high seasons!


Voila! Now you’ve successfully completed your dose of knowledge on the Amalfi Coast without a car, and we hope for your next itinerary, you’ll take a look at our article since we’ve curated the most unique and top car-free Amalfi Coast activities for you! 

Apart from the ones that we mentioned, other famous attractions are the Path of Lemons, Amalfi Coast beaches like the most Instagrammable one, Fiordo di Furore beach, the rose-packed Villa Cimbrone Garden, zip line sky tours, snorkeling, a day trip to Pompeii, and many more! 

All in all, Amalfi Coast reaches its zenith even if you come to the excursion without a car since it offers countless best things to do within walking distance or just by catching public transport

But yes, we recommend you plan your trip during off-seasons; as the summer crowd is way too insane; also, remember to check out the hidden charges beforehand when heading to the beach because sometimes even the sun loungers might cost you $100+!

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