Boat Rental In Barcelona: Barcelona Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat Rental in Barcelona: Barcelona Boat Itinerary Ideas

Discover our itinerary ideas, prices, and the best time for your boat rental in Barcelona.

Known and renowned for its cosmopolitanism, captivating blend of ancient and modern history, exemplary architecture, and thrilling nightlife, Barcelona is one of Europe’s top destinations.

In addition to culture-savvy travelers and night owls, the city attracts lovers of sailing and seaside holidays. So, for your next vacation, why not discover “Gaudí’s Ciudad” from the sea?

So choose a boat rental in Barcelona and find out more about our best itineraries to undertake, so you can make an original discovery offshore.

Boat Rental in Barcelona: Barcelona Boat Itinerary Ideas

Itinerary 1: The Barcelona coast (1 day)

A Mediterranean jewel, the bay of Barcelona holds an extraordinary place in the hearts of boaters. If you have little time, you can de facto consider renting a boat in Barcelona for a day.

You will discover:

Playa Castelldefels: three hours away, this beautiful quiet beach is ideal for relaxing away from the tourist hustle and bustle. The water is as calm as it is blue, crowned by pretty green hills.

Playa Morisca: sail another thirty minutes. The fabulous cove of Morisca remains a secret. Don’t let its beauty fool you… Wedged between the cliffs of the Garraf Park, its wild character will surely charm you.

And finally Playa Ocata: this beautiful beach, which is located an hour north of Barcelona, is nevertheless little frequented by tourists. 

The small restaurants and cocktail bars in Spain’s historic quarter will welcome you to a spectacular end to the day, once the extension of the Italian anchor is removed.

Itinerary 2: The Costa Brava, from Barcelona to Cadaqués (6 days)

Renting a boat in Barcelona and exploring the Costa Brava is one of the best options possible.

Here is the program:

Day 1: direction Lloret del Mar. This seaside resort is rich in sandy beaches and effervescent nightlife.

Day 2: drop anchor towards L’Estartit. The steep coastline and the translucent seabed accompany you. Wet around the Medes Islands.

Day 3: all sails outside to Cadaqués. This natural port is one of the most pleasant on the Costa Brava. Take the time to stroll for a few hours in the small fishing town of Cap Creus.

Day 4: start your return by stopping in Llafranc. A quiet and picturesque stopover.

Day 5: anchorage in Sant Feliu, a charming town with quasi-Polynesian lagoons.

Day 6: your itinerary aboard your boat rental in Barcelona ends, back to the Catalan capital.

Itinerary 3: from Spain to Greece, via Italy (8 days one way)

Want to rent a boat in Barcelona for a long stay at sea? This diagonal itinerary on the Mediterranean is carried out in two weeks in its round trip version.

1st day: all sails outside to Menorca, a place still preserved from hordes of tourists. A mix of green and arid landscapes, stung by megalithic sites, it is a destination full of attractions.

2nd day: disembark in Cagliari, gateway to Sardinia. Its long history is reflected in its port to its coasts, which have preserved all their beauties.

3rd day: Enter the mythical waters of Sicily. Direction Palermo: the Sicilian capital. Full of history, baroque wonders, faded facades full of charms, and lively markets, this jewel has a unique character.

4th day: stay in Sicily, drop anchor in Taormina. On the horizon, Etna is emerging. Its slopes roll in a beautiful setting and soak almost at your feet. This famous seaside resort will also delight lovers of old stones and antiquity.

5th day: Your journey in the Mediterranean finally takes you to Greece. Rest in the village of Katakolon, in the heart of the Peloponnese. A mythical site, at the birth of the Olympic Games.

6th day: Your journey takes you to Itéa. Nestled in central Greece, on the edge of the famous Gulf of Corinth, it is a magnificent gateway to the sites of Delphi, the endemic landscapes, and the foothills of Mount Parnasse.

7th day: Fabulous nautical experience with the passage of the Corinth Canal. This artificial waterway marked a turning point in the history of sea routes. We recommend this delicate passage only to experienced sailors and skippers.

8th day: the sailing route ends in Athens, whose attractions are no longer on the list, as they are numerous and widely recognized around the world. 

Tips for sailing in Barcelona

For a boat rental in Barcelona in peace, do not hesitate to use the services of a skipper. This seasoned sailor will accompany you and guarantee your safety throughout your journey. Also, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment on board.

Finally, be aware that a boat license is mandatory for any boat with a power greater than 15 horsepower and a length of more than 4 meters. 

If you opt for a sailboat or catamaran rental in Barcelona, the license is mandatory for any boat over 5 meters.

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Barcelona?

One of the many attractions of Barcelona is, of course, its weather. Its climate, mild and warm most of the year, offers ideal conditions for water sports. 

Nevertheless, boaters feast more in June and September, on the edge of the tourist season and perfect temperatures.

In any case, stay flexible and always informed about weather conditions.

How much does a boat rental in Barcelona cost?

Renting a boat in Barcelona costs between 300€ and 500€ per day depending on the model. Regarding the rental of motorboats, it takes between 50 € and 1 000 € per day. A yacht quickly costs around €3,000 a day.

In the absence of a permit or proven experience, add the services of a skipper to your budget: about 150 € per day.

How to rent your boat in Barcelona?

For your boat rental in Barcelona, know that renting between individuals is commonplace. 

On specialized platforms such as Samboat, you will easily find your happiness: catamarans, sailboats, semi-rigid, motor, the choice is wide!

You can even refine your searches according to your criteria: with or without a skipper, fishing or diving equipment included, etc.

Otherwise, there is still the easy and classic, but more expensive, option of renting through a professional agency based on site.

Which boat to rent in Barcelona?

Boat rental in Barcelona offers a wide choice. Here is the list, along with their characteristics:

Semi-rigid and motorized boats: combined with a short stay at sea, sometimes accessible to novices, these boats also offer exhilarating sensations.

Catamarans: nothing like sailing the waters, in the company of family or a few friends, on these stable and friendly boats.

Sailboats: symbols of marine adventures, habitable sailboats promise unique sensations.

Yachts: these luxurious boats are the delight of large groups and provide optimal comfort.

Now you know everything you need to know before renting a boat in Barcelona. Happy vacation!

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