The 9 Most Beautiful Villages In The Vosges

The 9 Most Beautiful Villages in the Vosges

Are you planning a stay in the Grand Est? Then, take a tour of the most beautiful villages of the Vosges!

The Vosges area is full of unknown and unique sites. When we think of the Vosges, we think of Gérardmer and its lake, La Bresse and its ski slopes, or Épinal and its museum of the image.

Yet, there are so many other appointments to honor. So take advantage of this trip to the East of France to explore its breathtaking landscapes.

You can enjoy hiking and cycling, sports, and cultural activities along your itinerary. And during your detours, go through the small villages of the Vosges. They are just waiting to pique your curiosity!

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The 9 Most Beautiful Villages in the Vosges

1. Neufchâteau

Most Beautiful Villages in the Vosges

Let’s start our journey through the Vosges villages with one of France’s most beautiful detours. Neufchâteau is a remarkable heritage site in the Vosges or labeled City and Crafts.

The city is nicknamed “the capital of style furniture and woodworking.” It is, thus, a whole program that is announced even before your arrival.

Stroll through the heart of Neufchâteau to admire its history. Many buildings date back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Examples include the Hôtel de Houdreville, the Hôtel de Ville and the beautiful Saint-Christophe church.

2. Senones

One of the most beautiful villages in the Vosges, Senones, hides in the Rabodeau valley. Its particularity? It was the capital of the Principality of Salm-SalmOpens in a new tab.! You will still be able to see the two castles of the prince, classified as Historical Monuments. But, they are not accessible to the public.

Another primary site is its Benedictine abbey. Founded in the seventh century, it was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. Gardens, cloisters, and libraries are masterpieces in themselves.

Attend the guided tours that will give you all the site’s secrets. The route of the 3 abbeys will also take you to the abbeys of Étival and Moyenmoutier.

3. Mirecourt

Between Épinal and Neufchâteau, Mirecourt, deserves a little of your attention. The small town seems delicately placed on the banks of the Madon. Rendez-vous thus rue du Général Leclerc, the main avenue of Mirecourt.

The Church of Our Lady of the Nativity is surprisingly embedded between two houses. You will spot it by its bell tower and its imposing porch.

In the extension of this street, continue rue Chanzy. You will come across the beautiful halls of the seventeenth century and the Museum of Mechanical Music.

One of the beautiful villages of the Vosges also reveals its museum of French Lutherie and Archery.

4. Remiremont

Your journey through the villages of the Vosges will then take you to Remiremont. Pass under the beautiful arcades of the rue Charles de Gaull and let yourself be tempted by the circuit of the fountains. The city still has nineteen of the original thirty-one.

Besides, you can plan stops at the abbey church of Saint-Pierre, the Charles de Bruyères museum, and the Charles Friry museum. The latter exhibits the famous Vielleur by Georges de La Tour.

If you want to learn more about Remiremont, you can book guided tours with the Tourist Office.

5. Châtillon-Sur-Saône

On the way, mark a stop in Châtillon-Sur-Saône, one of the beautiful villages of the Vosges. The walk will take you back in time, so go to the Renaissance! Indeed, Châtillon still has fortifications and a stunning range of buildings dating from the sixteenth century.

You will come across the old hospital, the butcher’s house with his sign, the governor’s house, and the church. Then enter the places of the shepherd and the shoemaker to glimpse the life of the time.

You may have the opportunity to attend some historical festivals when you come.

6. Vittel

Your next stop in the beautiful villages of the Vosges responds to the sweet name of Vittel. Have you ever heard of its water? It is particularly renowned for its digestive virtues. Enjoy its benefits in the thermal baths of the resort.

If you prefer a walk in the city, we advise you to pass in front of the old thermal gallery. In the heart of the Parc de Vittel, it was erected by Charles Garnier in 1884, the architect of the Palais Garnier in Paris. The old casino of Vittel and some villas are also worth a look.

Let’s not forget a visit to the thermal park, classified as a Historic Monument. Its 650 hectares bring together sports fields and exotic spaces like the Jardin de la Terre.

7. Xaronval

A stone’s throw from Mirecourt and meurthe-et-Moselle lies in one of the most beautiful villages in the Vosges. The small quiet town has a hundred inhabitants but attracts a crowd of visitors in the summer.

Discover Xaronval from July to September to take part in the festivities around Village 1900. The association Les amis de Valamont invites you to a temporal escape. Volunteers wear period clothes. And for complete immersion, the buildings and shops resume their appearance of the early twentieth century.

Thus, you will be able to see a garage, a bakery, and other shops of yesteryear. Every Sunday, the village comes back to life. Thanks to scenes and thematic events: weddings, passages of certificate of studies.

8. Fontenoy

Our last of the beautiful villages of the Vosges is called Plombières-Les-Bains (But not the least). Very close to the Ballons des Vosges, it benefits from the pure air surrounding nature. Marked paths allow you to walk around the surroundings and enjoy plunging views of the city.

But what makes its reputation are these warm waters. Did you know that the first baths of Plombières dated from Roman times? For 2,000 years, residents and travelers have been relieving their digestive ailments and rheumatism.

Under the Second Empire, the fashion is for seaside and spa resorts. Emperor Napoleon III built the thermal baths… Napoleon!

Also, to its spa establishments, Plombières-Les-Bains is undeniably worth an excursion. This Beautiful Detour of France, and the Small City of Character, are endowed with a magnificent center.

The majority of private mansions have a wrought-iron balcony. For this reason, the village is nicknamed “the city of 1,000 balconies”.

You will also be able to contemplate a multitude of showcases of artisans and antique dealers. After your stroll, how about tasting the local specialty, Plombières ice cream? With its candied fruits in Kirsch, it should melt more than one.

We hope our article on “Most Beautiful Villages in the Vosges” was helpful to you.

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