The 12 Famous And Best Animal Parks In France To Visit

The 12 Famous and Best Animal Parks In France To Visit

Would you like to know about the best animal parks in France? Then this article is for you!

Visiting an animal park is one of the favorite activities of the French. And it’s not for nothing! Because they want to please our dear children.

And what a joy to see their eyes be amazed at wild animals! But, this hobby also delights older people.

Combining culture and entertainment, isn’t this an excellent way to spend a pleasant day? 

Not to mention the significant role these parks play in protecting and preserving certain animal species. Here is a list of the best animal parks in France. (there are many of them!)

The 12 Famous and Best Animal Parks In France To Visit

1.Zoo de la Flèche

The Zoo de la Flèche is an emblematic animal park. It even has his TV show! The institute was founded in 1946 by the naturalist Jacques Bouillault and is located in the Sarthe. 

On an area of about 18 hectares, it hosts 1,600 animals of more than 160 different species. Animals at this zoo are also protected, and conservation and rehabilitation programs are provided in their natural surroundings.

Since 2013, it has been possible to sleep in stunning lodges fully furnished. The Zoo de la Flèche is one of the best animal parks in France.

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2. Sainte-Croix Animal Park

Located in Rhodès, Lorraine, the Sainte-Croix animal park specializes in European wildlife. 

This is one of France’s most significant vision parks, meaning a place where native wild animals are presented and raised by re-creating as much as possible their natural environment.

His two sons now run the Parc de Sainte-Croix in 1980 by Gérard Singer and. The park is about 120 hectares in size and has more than 1,500 animals of 130 different species. 

There is also a hotel in the park that offers unusual accommodation.

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3. Haute-Touche Reserve

The Haute-Touche zoological reserve is located in the Centre-Val de Loire in the Indre. It is part of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle. 

Of the 500 hectares of this park, 100 hectares are open to preserving the species and their natural habitat. Nevertheless, it remains one of the largest animal parks in France.

The Réserve de la Haute-Touche offers the public the opportunity to admire species in their natural environment and is a source of scientific research.

The laboratory specializes in reproductive biotechnologies, which contribute to the preservation and development of animal species.

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4. Safari de Peaugres

During your trip through the Ardèche, you will have the opportunity to go on a safari! Don’t believe me? Near Annonay, the Peaugres safari offers an authentic safari experience on as much as 80 hectares of land. 

There are more than 1,000 animals from 127 different species to view in this zoo.

This park is one of the best animal parks in France and is a member of WAZA: World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. You can also know more about the best aquariums in France that will simply blow your mind.

It is divided into several spaces:

  • The walking park, which measures about half of the park.
  • The South American space and its giant giraffes, tapirs, and anteaters.
  • The underground of the manor that houses species such as bats or rats.
  • The aquatic area and its penguins or turtles.
  • The space for the monkeys.
  • The greenhouse with a thousand hiding places and its vivarium.
  • The claws and fangs area which shelters among other lions and tigers and the car park. 

The park presents more than 140 animals in their natural environment.

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5. Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is a unique concept for animal parks in France. The park in Alsace is home to more than 240 magots or Barbary macaques observed in complete freedom. 

You will be able to walk with the monkeys and feed them popcorn that will be provided to you at the park entrance—a fascinating way to study them closely.

The park also has a center for studying magots who have the mission of conservation of the species and their reintroduction into the wild.

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6. Safari Thoiry Zoo

Located in the Yvelines, the safari zoo of Thoiry is a huge zoological park of 380 hectares, of which 150 are open to the public. 

The Safari Thoiry Zoo is a member of EAZA and WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, one of France’s most important animal parks.

Without a doubt, the educational and pedagogical aspects of this animal park are something to be admired. The guided and commented tours are complete. 

Both for the park and the castle. Real meetings take place with the caretakers during the feeding of the animals.

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7. Alligator Bay

Alligparks has introduced Alligator, a park entirely dedicated to alligators, on the way to Mont Saint Michel to diversify the world of zoological parks.

It consists of a dragon labyrinth where you can see snakes and lizards, a turtle farm with land and water turtles, and an alligator greenhouse with the largest collection of alligators in Europe! 

This park is one of the fascinating animal parks in France!

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8. Sigean African Reserve

Located between Narbonne and Perpignan, this animal reserve is in the southwest. This park is considered one of the largest animal parks in France! 

Its area of more than 300 hectares is home to about 3,800 animals. Between birds, mammals, or reptiles, at least 160 species are present in this park. 

Semi-freedom enables the animals to live in much larger spaces and a more friendly manner. During your visit, you will also be able to cross ponds, pine forests and walk through hills.

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9. Planète Sauvage animal park

The Planète Sauvage animal park in Port Saint Père, Loire-Atlantique, a few kilometers south of Nantes. There are many animal species at this park, as well as a lot of fun activities! 

The marine city features dolphins, the safari area has giraffes, and the temple of the Incas has many monkey species.

The park also offers a caretaker package. Take a day in the shoes of a caretaker and take care of some animals with your child! 

Additionally, the park offers bivouacs on-site, as well as lodges, like in Africa. Change of scenery guaranteed! This park fully deserves its place in the best animal parks in France.

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10. Doué-la-Fontaine Biopark

This animal park is located in the Pays de la Loire, not too far from Saumur. It occupies an old shell stone quarry. The environment gives it a unique character.

On its 15 hectares, it presents about 1,200 animals of 130 species and is one of the few French zoos to host black rhinos and okapis. 

The Bioparc of Doué-la-Fontaine is the first private zoo in France and a member of the European and world associations of zoos and aquariums.

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11. The Beauval Zoopark

Head to the Loir-et-Cher for one of France’s most famous (if not the most famous) zoological parks. The Beauval Zoopark covers 35 hectares. The park features about 3,000 mammals and birds and 7,000 insects, fish, and reptiles. 

Animals can flourish in large spaces there, something that is well-established. Moreover, the management of Beauval Zoo has been offering 364 rooms since 2008. 

The Beauval Zoo is also famous for hosting giant pandas that are rented out to China. There were two baby pandas born there in 2017 via artificial insemination. Only one of the two survived.

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12. The Zoological Park of Vincennes

Let’s close this top with the Zoological Park of Vincennes. As one of the most appreciated zoological parks in France, Paris is today regarded as an emblem. 

Its ecosystems allow you to travel while protecting animals at the same time. The specialties? Known as biozones, these famous enclosures are as close as possible to their natural environments of origin. 

A concern for the species’ well-being can be found mainly in the choice of animals hosted by the park. 

Vincennes Zoo makes it a point of honor to integrate national conservation and breeding programs for giraffes, wolves, Humboldt penguins, and white rhinos.

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