The Best Free Cordoba Tours You Should Take

The Best Free Cordoba Tours You Should Take

Cordoba’s best free tours are among the most popular excursions and tours in many cities worldwide. Their unique feature is that they don’t have a fixed price. 

The traveler determines how much he will pay the guide at the end of the tour, depending on his overall assessment of it.

Furthermore, these free tours in Cordoba are conducted with a Spanish-speaking guide, which makes it the perfect way to explore this magnificent city.

After writing about the unique places to visit in Cordoba, we leave you with a list of what we believe to be the best free tours in Cordoba.

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The Best Free Cordoba Tours You Should Take

This free tour in Cordoba will show you some of the city’s main attractions from the hands of a guide in Spanish.

At Calle Angel de Saavedra, 5, you’ll meet your Spanish-speaking guide and hear about the history and anecdotes of the city.

Walking through its central areas and its most emblematic streets, you can see the typical houses with balconies and flower-filled courtyards.

Then pass by some of the main tourist attractions such as the Roman Bridge, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Puerta de la Luna, the Synagogue, the Souk, the Old Hospital de Agudos, or the Mosque-Cathedral. 

Free night tour of Cordoba

This free tour of Cordoba will show you some of the city’s main tourist attractions after sunset with a guide in Spanish.

The meeting4:30 pm point will be the historic Puerta del Puente at sunset, from where the guide will accompany you on a walk through the streets of the city while telling you stories and anecdotes about the city.

Following the Guadalquivir River, the walk takes you to the Alcázar Viejo, also called the Barrio de San Basilio. Here you will find the famous patios of Cordoba, one of the city’s most important symbols.

After this, you will walk along the ancient walls of Cordoba, past the Fernandine churches, the Minaret of San Juan, and the Plaza de las Tendillas, where the tour reaches an end.

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Free tour of Medina Azahara

This free tour in Cordoba will take you to Medina Azahara, a palatine city 8 kilometers from Cordoba built by Abderraman III, the first caliph of Cordoba.

The tour will start at 10:40 am. When you arrive at the Visitor’s Center, you will meet the guide in Spanish and then learn about the site’s history4:30 pm before entering the most emblematic and well-known place in the city.

Medina Azahara, considered one of the best free tours in Cordoba, will end at 12:30 pm.

Axerquía neighborhood tour

You can also find free tours in Cordoba that will take you to the Axerquia neighborhood, one of the most unknown cities despite being in the old town.

The activity will begin at 4:30 pm at Angel de Saavedra street, from where you will approach Puerta del Puente accompanied by the unknown guide in Spanish. In the meantime, he talks about the neighborhood’s history and anecdotes.

The tour will continue by walking to Axerquia, where you will see the Cristo de los Faroles, the Plaza de los Capuchinos, and even a Roman temple. You will learn all the details from the guide.

This free tour of Cordoba will end at the Plaza de las Tendillas, where you can continue your visit to the city.

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Free subway tour of Cordoba

You will learn some interesting anecdotes about life in Cordoba during the Roman Empire during this free tour.

The activity will start at the main gate of the Victoria market. There, the guide will lead you on a walk that includes Roman baths, some funerary monuments, and many more places that require a guide to get to know. This is because the naked eye cannot see them.

While on the trip, you’ll also learn about their rich history and see the remains of the Roman Forum in the basement of the Archaeological Museum beneath the Roman Theatre’s Bar Association.

Theatrical free tour

This free tour in Cordoba is different from the other activities we have discussed in this post. While you walk through the old part of the city, you will be guided by costumed characters through the city’s history.

The starting point will be the Plaza de las Tendillas. From there, you will go to the ruins of the Roman Temple, where you will learn how an archaeologist discovered this place.

The activity continues at the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, where the vizier of Abderraman III will explain the story of his time.

The tour will end in the area of the Triumphal Arch after a Roman citizen explains a bit more about the city and after two hours of activity.

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Free tour mysteries and legends of Cordoba

The free tour in Cordoba will start at nightfall when you meet with the group and the guide near the Town Hall area; then, you will go on a walking tour that will teach you some of the city’s most obscure legends and mysteries.

Some of the stops you will make on this tour will be the church of San Pablo, the Orive palace, the area of Santiago, known as the neighborhood of witches, the Corredera square, the Posada del Potro, and the exterior of the Mosque of Cordoba, all of the places where a dark past left them marked forever.

The route will end outside the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

Free tour of the courtyards of Cordoba

This tour will start at the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos entrance. As soon as you have met the guide and the rest of the group, you will begin walking through some of the most famous courtyards of the city. 

At the same time, you learn about their history, why they were declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and have the opportunity to talk to some of the owners, who will tell you stories that we are sure, will remain forever in your memory.

The tour will end at the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

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How much tip should I leave on the free tours?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, this type of activity has the characteristic of not having a fixed price beforehand. 

Even though it says “free,” it is vital to note that the guide always expects to be paid a tip from the traveler. 

We always recommend leaving 10 euros per person, as long as you liked the tour and the overall rating is positive. If you do it with children, they do not usually pay, although it never hurts to round up the tip a bit and leave an extra for the guide.

In light of all of the above, we believe that even if the tour includes “free,” this should not prompt you to abuse the situation. If we all do not work together to keep free tours in Cordoba, they will end up disappearing.

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