The Best Free Tours In Bilbao You Shouldn't Miss

The Best Free Tours In Bilbao You Shouldn’t Miss

Free walking tours in Bilbao are some of the most popular and demanded tours among tourists who wish to get a comprehensive view of Bilbao through the eyes of a local guide.

Travelers can choose to tip the guide depending on how much they feel the tour was worth at the end of the free tour in Bilbao. Each activity is offered in Spanish and does not have a set starting price.

Based on our visit to the city, we wrote the post 10 unusual places to visit in Bilbao. We leave you what we consider to be the best free tours in Bilbao.

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Free tour of Bilbao in Spanish

During this free tour in Bilbao, you’ll learn about the city’s historic center and many other important places that you shouldn’t miss.

The tour will start in front of the central Arriaga Theater. Once you meet the guide in Spanish, you will begin the route approaching the church of San Nicolas and the Plaza Nueva, where you will start learning about the history and anecdotes of the city.

The next stop will be the stairs of Begoña, where you will learn about its history without going up to them, and then you will approach the Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno, one of the most famous squares in the city.

The excursion, considered one of the best free tours in Bilbao, will continue through the area of the seven streets. Here you will continue to learn about the city’s history and the historic center while walking through its most emblematic streets until you reach the Nervión estuary. 

Here you will visit the Ribera Market and then the Concordia Station, where the free tour in Bilbao will end.

Essential free tour of Bilbao

This tour, considered another of Bilbao’s best free tours, will start at the Arriaga Theater. After meeting the Spanish guide, you will start the walk along Bailen street towards the Abando Indalecio Prieto Station. Here, you can see its magnificent stained glass windows.

After this stop, the free tour of Bilbao will continue with stops at the Plaza Circular, the Palacio de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, the Teatro Campos Elíseos Antzokia and the Plaza Moyúa, where you can enjoy the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

The route will continue along Elcano Street, with stops at the church of San José, Plaza Euskadi, and the Iberdrola Tower before arriving at the Guggenheim Museum, where the free tour of Bilbao will end.

Free Bilbao tour of mysteries and legends

Bilbao’s free tour will begin at the Arriaga Theater, where the guide will greet you in Spanish, and from there, you will begin this route that will take you to know many of the mysteries and stories of the city.

The first stop will be at the Cathedral of Santiago, where you will have your first lesson on mythology, and then you will arrive at the

Portal de Zamudio and then to the Parish of Santos Juanes, one of the most famous places in the city.

From here, you will continue the free tour in Bilbao approaching the church of San Antón and the Mercado de la Ribera, where you will continue to know many of the mysteries and legends of the city and then go to the Plaza de la Encarnación, where you will probably know the most shocking story of the night.

The free tour in Bilbao will end at the Puente de la Merced, whose sculptures are synonymous with good luck.

Alternative tour

On this free tour in Bilbao, you will get to know the neighborhood of San Francisco, known for its urban art and nightlife, with a guide in Spanish.

From Plaza Arriaga, the guide will lead you on the route. You will visit Bilborock as you begin to learn about the city’s history and anecdotes. 

The church is now a concert hall, the Muelle de Marzana, one of the city’s liveliest districts, and the Casa Cuna de Urazurrutia, a modernist nursery.

In addition to all these places, during the tour, you will see some of the most exciting graffiti in the city and discover the best-known locals in this neighborhood of Bilbao.

How much should you tip on the free tours?

As we said at the beginning of the post, the free tours in Bilbao have the characteristic of not having a fixed price. Travelers should decide what amount to give the guide as a tip after performing an activity, depending on their assessment.

Although this amount is very subjective and of course personal, according to our experience, if you liked the tour, we believe that 10 euros are a fair amount to leave to the guide, considering that children do not pay.

As stated above, we believe that even if the tour includes the word free, you should not use it as an excuse to abuse the situation. If we all do not work together to keep the free tours in Bilbao, they will end up disappearing.

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