The 14 Best Outdoor Activities In Aussois

The 14 Best Outdoor Activities in Aussois

Looking for an unforgettable adventure in the French Alps? Look no further than Aussois, where a plethora of exciting outdoor activities await. From skiing and snowboarding to hiking, mountain biking, and more, our guide has everything you need to plan your perfect outdoor adventure. Start planning your trip today and discover the best outdoor activities in Aussois offers!

Go to the foot of the Vanoise Park, in Savoie. From your pied-à-terre, a slew of leisure activities are accessible to as many people as possible to delight adults and children. Your station is also approved “Family Plus”. This label guarantees attractive rates according to age and activities suitable for both adults and children. The best for a weekend or a 100% fun holiday!

Pack your bags and head to Savoy to reconnect with nature. Because, it is in a sumptuous environment that Aussois welcomes you. The traditional village has nestled in the heart of rejuvenating and inspiring landscapes.


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Ready to follow us in the outdoor activities to do in Aussois?

Best Outdoor Activities in Aussois in Winter

Whether you are planning a ski holiday or just a break in the mountains, you will be conquered by the profusion of outdoor activities to do in Aussois. Read our selection for a winter stopover at the top!

1. Skiing and snowboarding

On the first step of the podium, we find skiing and snowboarding. These flagship sports still seduce as much! And for good reason, they combine relaxation and grandiose panoramas. So why do without it?

Climb the chairlifts or ski lifts and reach the twenty-one slopes of Aussois. A snowpark and a slalom stadium allow you to practice freely. The most adventurous will set out to conquer the three black slopes!

2. Snowshoeing

To see the country, there is nothing like a hike. This practice is one of the most popular outdoor activities to do in Aussois. In complete autonomy or supervised, walking is within the reach of beginners.

To stay in the winter theme, prefer a snowshoe or ski ride. Thus, you will vary the pleasures. Note that many outings are organized in the resort, including at night to observe the stars.

3. The telemark

One of the outdoor activities to do in Aussois comes from Norway: the telemark. This derivative of alpine skiing will find its followers among lovers of skiing and hiking. The heel is not fixed on the skis, which allows a better control of the gestures. In this discipline, it is therefore not the speed that takes precedence, but rather the movements. A new approach to descent is presented to you!

4. Ice climbing

Let’s continue our list with practices that are still little known. You know climbing, but do you see what ice climbing is? This type of climbing is only possible in winter since it is practiced on frozen streams. Plant ice axes and crampons in the icy walls of waterfalls to reach the top. This seasonal sport is both a unique and refreshing experience.

5. Sled dogs

Do you dream of sliding on the snow and seeing the mountain panoramas? Undeniably, a dog sled ride will be part of the outdoor activities to do in Aussois. Sit in a sled and let yourself be pulled by a dozen dogs.

A musher, a qualified pilot, drives the team for a successful outing in the open air. In order to prolong the pleasure, initiations to driving can complete this baptism.

6. The yooner and the snowscoot

The king of skiing will be you with these two outdoor activities to do in Aussois! Will you have a preference for yooner or snowscoot? The yooner is a seat fixed on a ski that is practiced therefore sitting. While the snowscoot, more sporty, is a combo between snowboarding and BMX. This equipment is used standing to chain descents and acrobatics with skill.

7. The Snake Gliss

No need to know how to ski for this new fun hobby. The Snake Gliss is like a little sledge train guided by the person in the lead. It is possible to add sledges simply by nesting them. Let’s go for a farandole on the powder!

With friends or family, the Snake Gliss allows you to share an entertaining moment together.

Best Outdoor Activities in Aussois in Summer

Fancy a trip to the mountains in summer? Discover the outdoor activities to do in Aussois during the sunny days. They invite you to explore another facet of the resort. Mountain biking, paragliding, canyoning and many other leisure activities transport you away from your daily life. Clear your mind in this mesmerizing setting!

8. Hiking

If there is one practice that is accessible in both summer and winter, it is walking. You cross totally different landscapes depending on the season. In summer, you come across meadows, lakes and rivers. Observe the animals in silence and spot the endemic plants.

For more dynamism, opt for Nordic walking that will make you cavalier with a good step. Finally, the mountaineering race is reserved for hiking regulars. A good physical condition is required in order to climb to the peaks of the peaks and access the glaciers.

9. The via ferrata

Some outdoor activities to do in Aussois will arouse the curiosity of adventurers, including the via ferrata du Diable. The thrills will not be long in coming. All along the way, obstacles follow one another. So, keep your cool to cross them one by one. Secured with a helmet, harness and carabiners, you will evolve at your own pace.

The Devil’s course extends over nearly 4 km. Allow six to eight hours to follow it in full, but it is possible to take only certain sections depending on your level and time.

10. Paragliding

Imitate the birds as you fly over Aussois. As pleasant in summer as in winter, paragliding allows you to contemplate an unobstructed view of the resort from the sky. And you won’t have to worry about anything! The piloting of the paraglider is in the hands of the instructor placed behind you. You just have to admire the nature all around you and feel the fresh air on your face.

11. The dog kart

One of our favorite outdoor activities to do in Aussois? The dog kart! This surprising parenthesis proposes to board a kart pulled by a troop of eight to ten dogs. This summer version of dog sledding will delight both children and adults.

The musher positioned standing, at the rear of the vehicle, gives the rhythm to the race. You can even attend the preparation of the hitch before departure.

12. Canyoning

Among the outdoor activities to do in Aussois, canyoning combines the pleasure of the water and sports challenges. Head to the Savoyard canyons for a stirring rendezvous with nature! Jump, slide and swim in a setting shaped over millennia.

Guests can book half a day or a full day of canyoning. Be aware that sites change depending on time slots. If the session delighted you, do not hesitate to come back another day to test a new place.

13. Climbing

Hold on tightly to the wall and hoist carefully. Climbing is another way of understanding the region. After reaching the top of the cliff, striking panoramas are revealed. In Aussois, various climbing routes with free access make it possible to practice this sport. You will find for example the Way of Croë and the Way of the Gorges of the Arc.

If you are new to climbing, take part in classes given in the resort. You will learn the basic and safety gestures. Before embarking on the ascent of a wall, equip yourself well to fully enjoy this moment.

14. Mountain biking

Like ski slopes, mountain bike trails have their colors. Beginners will preferably follow the green and blue trails and leave the red and black to the more seasoned. Select the roads adapted to your endurance, you will necessarily find the one that suits you. Then crisscross the surroundings of the resort on your mount!

This healthy and ecological trip offers a great breath of fresh air with beautiful mountains as a backdrop. And you can vary the difficulties each day of your getaway in Savoie. Mountain biking is therefore part of the outdoor activities to do in Aussois without moderation!


Aussois is a haven for adventure seekers, offering a wide range of outdoor activities in both summer and winter. From skiing and snowboarding during the winter months to hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing during the summer, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to choose from. I hope you find the article “Best Outdoor Activities in Aussois” helpful.

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