The 15 Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Chalmazel

Want to discover the best outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel? Here they are, selected for you by Travelvibe.

In the Loire, at more than 1,600 meters above sea level, we find the resort of Chalmazel. The town sits on the territory of Chalmazel-Jeansagnière, which is known for its castle of the thirteenth century and its sweetness.

The resort was developed during the 1960s and had 12 kilometers of alpine ski slopes. It is family-friendly and charming, and it also offers summer activities just an hour from Saint-Étienne or Roanne.

Whether you come for skiing, the succulent emblematic dishes of the region, spend a weekend with your loved ones, or your other half, the estate will welcome you as it should.

We have also tried to present the best outdoor activities in Chalmazel, whether in summer or winter.

In either case, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure! The only difficulty… it knows where to start. Top start!

The 15 Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Chalmazel

The Best Things To Do In Chalmazel In Summer

1. Trail

Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Chalmazel

Located in a splendid environment, it is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel: moreover, as soon as you arrive, you will quickly understand why.

The trail consists of performing a running course in the mountains while contemplating grandiose landscapes. Chalmazel offers five routes from 3 to 39 km from the resort.

For the most motivated, a vertical semi-kilometer course (positive altitude difference of 500 meters) connects the bottom of the resort and Pierre sur Haute. Average slope? Between 30 and 35%… Suffice to say that the thighs will burn well.

2. ULM

ULM? Ultra-light motorized. This is the perfect activity for treating yourself to a unique experience and is our top pick of outdoor activities in Chalmazel.

An experienced pilot will drive your aircraft. The one who will be your guarantor of safety and make sure you have a memorable experience. You will fly over the city of Ambert (yes, like the fourme of the same name) and its medieval center with the typical shape of a snail.

The whole plain of the Dore and its bluish ponds stretch out in front of you! Then you will see the Hautes Chaumes, the rock of the Volpie, and the pass of the cross of Fossat with its two glacial valleys. Sensations are guaranteed!

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3. Descent in kart

OK, it is not the only one on the market in this tourist resort. But if it is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel.

Deval’kart is a very hectic sport. Going down the Campanules track in a go-kart is to go through an ultra-fun 500-meter slalom-type circuit. You have to get through the doors as quickly as possible.

The ascent? You ride a ski lift to the top of the track while comfortably seated in your kart. If you come with family or friends, you have no excuse not to experience it!

4. Off-road scooter

Book your stay on-site quickly: one of the best outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel awaits you, and many people set their sights on it.

It must be said that the resort lends itself willingly, in summer, to activities highlighting the green slopes. The off-road scooter descent is a must in this case! Like the deval’kart, the lifts are operated by ski lifts.

There is something for every taste, age, and physical level. There are two green slopes, one blue in the forest, one red and one black, which welcome more or fewer thrill-seeking enthusiasts. Do you dare to rub it?

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5. Via Ferrata

Do you want to visit the place without enjoying one of the exciting things in Chalmazel? That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? The via Ferrata is an institution in the resort, and with its prime spot, the rock of Olme, we better understand why.

As an easy course with a length of 120 meters, it will prove ideal for families and groups of friends interested in learning aerial sports.

It offers spectacular vistas and opportunities to rest or eat a bite at a picnic table. The necessary equipment is available for rent in the center of Chalmazel.

6. Escalation

Same spot, same grandiose setting, same fun, but a little different from the via Ferrata: we offer you this most unusual outdoor activity to do in Chalmazel.

At Olmeis, you can climb between 25 and 50 lanes, from 3a to 6c. With a maximum height of forty meters, you will have plenty of time to try the different tracks that allow you to learn about vertical progression.

Upon reaching the top, you will be able to abseil like an experienced climber! The location is well-positioned for an unforgettable rock climbing workshop at the end of the morning.

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If you dream of thrills, we have thought of you. The Holy Grail is among the most fun activities to do in Chalmazel: mountain biking, Pardi! Chalmazel is one of the few decent sites in the area.

You will enjoy the presence of the Jasseries chairlift that leads to the Granges track. About 2,500m long for 360m of elevation gain, the latter offers winding sections in the undergrowth and more technical portions.

If you want to opt for a smooth outing, know that five marked mountain bike trails are located at the start of the resort.

8. Archery

In the mile! If you choose to explore all that Chalmazel offers, you will indeed be smitten by this exciting activity just as much as we are.

5, 10, 15, or 20 meters? Whatever you choose, introductory archery sessions are offered in Chalmazel. This activity combines relaxation, precision, concentration, and patience.

Intended for both young and old, it is carried out under the guidance of an experienced instructor. It will allow you to progress while ensuring that no one acts as a target…

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Best Things To Do In Chalmaze In Winter

9. Snowscoot

Travelvibe has been conquered by this unique sport that stands out among all the others. We’ve included it in our list of the most fun outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel.

Inspired by BMX, the snowscoot consists of a frame, a handlebar, and two boards. The goal? Going down the snowy slopes as if you were on a scooter. You can switch it up a bit from the classic ski snowboard with the snow scoot.

There are rental agencies in the resort center that offer them from December to March!

10. Winter snowshoe hike

This great outdoor activity in Chalmazel offers many incredible benefits to anyone who considers themselves active.

It must be said that with three snowshoe circuits of nearly three kilometers in the spruces, the winter hike is an institution on site. As a rule, it will take you between one and three hours to walk the tracks.

The latter form a loop whose start and finish are around the JASSERIES chairlift. However, find out about the weather to avoid unpleasant surprises…

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11. Snowkite

We could have presented you with classic leisure activities, but we decided to share our favorites.

This is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to do in Chalmazel, without a doubt: snowkiting consists of being towed by a sail of 2 to 6 meters.

Given its specificities, the resort of Chalmazel offers ideal conditions for the practice of this activity. There is a large space without elevation where you can try snowkiting without risk.

12. Biathlon

That’s for sure: this is one of the most incredible things to do in Chalmazel, and you will quickly understand why by trying. Combining Nordic skiing and rifle shooting, biathlon seems reserved for high-level athletes.

The resort, however, offers initiations. Participants are equipped with a laser rifle that allows them to practice safely.

Ideal for teenagers, this activity can be done in winter or summer in the resort. What are you waiting for to test?

13. Mountaineering

It is possible to practice mountaineering in Chalmazel despite its lack of vertiginous peaks and mythical north faces.

Indeed, it can be interesting to train on-site in the handling of ice axes, progression on crampons, and rope evolution … before, why not go to do a “4,000” in the Alps?

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14. Fatbike on snow

As far as we are concerned, this outdoor activity near Chalmazel is one of the most interesting. Besides, we are not the only ones to think so!

Take advantage of one of the resort’s rental agencies to get these awesome bikes with excessive tires. With enlarged wheels, you won’t sink into the snow and can enjoy a pleasant ride through the pristine trails.

The only imperative? Know how to ride a bike. You don’t even need to be in optimal physical condition: they are electrically assisted…

15. Sled dogs

Whether you decide to visit the region or confine yourself to the resort, here is one of our favorites on-site. This outdoor activity is one of the best to do in Chalmazel!

Sleigh rides towed by Nordic dogs are regularly organized in the ski area. Most of the time, you will take the marked paths that your musher (the pilot) knows like the back of his hand.

It will allow you to contemplate fantastic landscapes worthy of the Far North!


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