The 15 Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Megeve

The 15 Best Outdoor Activities to do in Megeve

What to do during your next stay in the mountains? Travelvibe presents the best outdoor activities to do in Megeve.

Megève is located very close to Mont Blanc in the fantastic department of Haute-Savoie. Renowned for its upscale chalets and demanding clientele, the resort also knows how to be simple and welcoming!

We like to taste succulent local specialties: cheese lovers, you are here at home. Its charming historic center is dotted with picturesque medieval alleys.

The gigantic ski area leads to Mount Joly at more than 2,500 meters in winter. And in summer, it’s up to hikers, paragliders, or cyclists to enjoy the gondolas. The view is unique on the incredible Mont Blanc massif culminating at 4,800 meters.


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He is indeed the king of the region. We wanted to present the best outdoor activities to do in Megeve alone, with family or friends. All you have to do is go there!

Best things to do in Megeve in Megeve in Summer and Winter

Best things to do in Megeve in Summer


Best things to do in Megeve in Summer

Ah, Megève… leaning against The Mont d’Arbois, Megève offers countless marked hiking trails. This outdoor activity to do in Megève is, of course, one of the most pleasant given the beauty of the place.

Mont d’Arbois serves as a natural viewpoint in front of the sumptuous Mont Blanc. You will be able to meet, during your journey, placid cows, funny marmots, and even see the golden eagles. The latter are the undisputed masters of the air!


Best things to do in Megeve in Megeve in Summer and Winter

Undisputed masters of the air, eagles… Yes, there is no doubt about that. But they will gladly share the airspace with another type of bird: the paraglider, of course!

Opt for a two-seater flight or an introduction to flying during your stay. Megève and its valley are great playgrounds for this outdoor activity.

Make an appointment in the resort center with the instructors who will be happy to make you taste the joy of a free flight. Paragliding is one of the best things to do in Megeve in summer.


The Arve is a river that flows below the city of Megève. One of its sections allows the practice of kayaking and rafting.

Rafting? It is an inflatable boat designed to accommodate up to ten people. Helmeted and equipped with paddles, they will have to go down the more or less turbulent river under the supervision of a guide!

Refreshing at will, this outdoor activity to do in Megève will delight young and old during the summer season. Thrills and splashes are guaranteed!


Megève is located very close to the Mont Blanc massif, the rocks of Fiz and Aravis. Suffice to say that rock climbers will be delighted to go there!

Mountaineering is a practice of mixing climbing and hiking. It is possible to choose the desired difficulty level: your mountain guide is essential.

This altitude professional, experienced in all-mountain progression techniques, will be the guarantor of your safety. And your pleasure in the peaks!

Via Ferrata

More technically accessible than climbing and less engaged than mountaineering, Ferrata is an excellent way to tame the void.

You are lucky because this outdoor activity to do in Megève can be tried throughout the summer season! Choose between the via Ferrata of the Fayet thermal park or that of the Curalla, in Passy.

They have very aerial sectors and impressive obstacles, but loopholes will allow you to avoid them if necessary. We recommend, during your stay, this leisure is both sporty and fun.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding on the hiking trails is super enjoyable. Firstly because the landscapes crossed are sumptuous and the fresh air of the altitude is invigorating at will.

Then, because the horses adapt the rhythm to your convenience and are accustomed to the human presence, they let themselves be caressed with great pleasure!

In our opinion, Mount Joly lends itself quite well to this equestrian getaway. The marked paths are numerous, and you will benefit from relative tranquility since they are, even in summer, quite uncrowded.


Mountain biking? But it’s obvious when you go to the mountains! And especially the DH. The DH? This comes from the English DownHill, which refers to the downhill bike.

The goal? Use the ski lifts to access the summit quickly, descend at full speed on the rocky slopes and… recommence.

The Mont d’Arbois gondola is ideal for this: the spot is one of the best in Haute-Savoie! You can also enjoy hiking in Haute-Savoie.

Bungee jumping

Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains is located on the other side of Mont d’Arbois, which it shares with Megève. The highest municipality in Europe (the summit of Mont Blanc depends on it) offers a vertiginous experience.

You will start from the viaduct of the city for a flight of a few seconds in the void … attached to a solid elastic, of course, which will prevent you from crashing into the Bon Nant, the local river.

Fun and unique in the region, this outdoor activity to do in Megève is a must. Do you dare to rub it?

Best things to do in Megeve in Winter

Sliding sports

Best things to do in Megeve in Winter

Megève has a beautiful ski area at Mont Joly, at more than 2,500 meters above sea level. 450 kilometers of track, a snowpark, high-performance ski lifts…

Sliding sports is an outdoor activity to do in Megève that is worthwhile, especially since the resort offers one of the most beautiful views of the Mont Blanc massif in all of the Alps.

Located just opposite, the Alpine giant dominates the surroundings, culminating at 4,807 meters. What majesty!


Here is an outdoor activity to do in Megève that guarantees beautiful sensations. It’s about hurtling down the snowy slopes, skis on your feet, and paragliding sail on your back!

Speed-riding is a relatively simple activity to master as long as you have the correct level of skiing.

Opt for one or two courses all the same: the team of instructors will prevent you, thus, from ending up in larch or hitting a gondola …


Of course, it’s worth discovering the area on snowshoes! These ingenious devices distribute your weight over a larger snow surface.

Thus, you do not sink into the pristine layer after massive snowfall. The idea, of course, is to progress smoothly and enjoy a beautiful ride. You will cross in total silence the woods and pastures of the heights of this beautiful city.

Have fun recognizing the animals according to their footprints: this game will delight the little ones, who are naturally curious! Snowshoeing is one of the best things to do in Megeve in winter.

Ice waterfall

Waterfall climbing in Megève is almost an institution. What’s funny is that this unusual outdoor activity can be done right in the center of the city!

The guides set up artificial ice waterfalls. Accessible to the little ones from ten years old, it is surely the most intense outdoor activity to do in Megève.

Of course, all equipment can be rented or provided to you. Without crampons or ice axes, the exercise becomes complicated…

Construction of an igloo

They are everywhere, the guides of Megève. It is to them that we owe, for example, some animations proposed in the village throughout the year.

They aim to raise people’s awareness of the fragility of the mountain ecosystem or offer them activities. You can appreciate the workshop for building ice shelters: igloos, as at the North Pole!

Building an igloo requires some knowledge of nivology and “architectural” skills. Lasting half a day, young and old will appreciate it.


Snowmobiling is a tourist must-do in a ski resort. This outdoor activity to do in Megève allows you to get off the beaten track!

The resort stands out by offering, on the golf course of Mont d’Arbois, the piloting of a 100% electric snowmobile. On nearly three hectares of pristine land, you can safely think of yourself as an explorer of the Far North.

Better: as long as the circuit is closed, the license is not essential, and the children themselves can drive.

Sled dogs

Sled dogs do not melt snow. But you, you will not escape it! These canine teams spinning at all speeds make dreams young and old who cross them in Megève. Of course, if we talk to you about it, it will allow you to try this atypical hobby.

This outdoor activity to do in Megève will delight lovers of the great outdoors during the summer season. A musher (sled driver) will steer the four-legged engines while you enjoy the scenery.

Two spots are available in the vicinity, the Mont d’Arbois or Praz-sur-Arly. In both cases, you will be seduced by the beauty of beautiful and immaculate nature.

So, which do you think is the best outdoor activity in Megeve?

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