The 15 Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Morzine [Things To Do]

The 15 Best Outdoor Activities to do in Morzine [Things To Do]

Discover the best outdoor activities to do in Morzine, France, whether you’re visiting in winter or summer. From skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking and hiking, our guide has everything you need to plan your perfect adventure. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful regions of the French Alps. So why wait, let’s do all the best things to do in Morzine.

Climb the Alps and reach peaks with outdoor activities to do in Morzine!

In Morzine, wooden chalets and high mountains make up a painting with irresistible charm. The alpine resort is located in the middle of the Portes du Soleil, a vast ski area. Therefore, an abundance of leisure is offered: hiking, paragliding, mountain biking … You can have fun all year round solo, as a couple, with friends or family!

In this mosaic of landscapes, try your hand at new disciplines. Or, on the contrary, perfect yourself with the help of professionals and certified equipment. Children and adults, neophytes and experienced, in short, everyone will be able to change their minds.


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Disconnect for a stay with the outdoor activities to do in Morzine!

Best Outdoor Activities to do in Morzine in Winter

A friendly break awaits you in the resort in winter. Between a game in front of a good fire and a generous fondue, face the cold. You can then discover outdoor activities to do in Morzine that will make your holiday spectacular.

1. Skiing, snowboarding and sledding

Morzine is the ideal starting point for skiing. Indeed, its location in the heart of the Portes du Soleil gives you access to 600 km of slopes! Live your most beautiful descents in this dream space. On skis or snowboards, you can vary the pleasures each day of your stay in Morzine.

Want to have fun more simply? After a day of sports, swap your equipment for a sledge and fall back into childhood. This night session is a real delight. You will glide between the trees and notice the illuminated station below. Rest assured, a headlamp is provided to better understand the track.

2. Hiking

This activity is presented for the winter season, although it is practiced perfectly throughout the year. An excellent way to explore an area, hiking is also within the reach of all walkers. You will not encounter any impassable obstacles in the vicinity of the resort.

Indeed, the easy trails allow you to walk with your head in the air. Or almost! At the bend of the bends, superb views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva emerge. Another variation of the hike: the snowshoe excursion. Take the same paths with snowshoes. The best time? The night for a torchlight outing under the stars.

3. Snowmobiling

With the help of our selection of the best outdoor activities to do in Morzine, dare to take action! This other night trip will delight you for sure.

Fly your snowmobile or enjoy as a passenger. In a group, you will walk on trails crisscrossing the forest. Sturdy fir trees and snowy alleys accompany you throughout your getaway in the great outdoors. You will feel like in a frosted bubble!

4. The carriage ride

Imitate the most beautiful scenes of cinema with this carriage ride. Comfortably installed, you will go around the resort in the company of your coachman and his horse. Take full mirettes! The landscapes pass before your eyes at a gentle pace and the fresh air caresses your face. In these moments, we tell ourselves that happiness is not far away.

5. Skiing and pony joëring

Horse enthusiasts will definitely find their account among the outdoor activities to do in Morzine and Avoriaz. Balancing on your skis, let yourself be pulled by your assigned horse. He will make you make a beautiful excursion in the domain of the Portes du Soleil. In no time, you will learn how to keep your balance. Children will also be able to indulge in this hobby, led by a pony.

6. Paragliding

Take the height with the outdoor activities to do in Morzine! Paragliding transports you above the resort for an unforgettable journey. The Alps greet you with their frosted ridges and forests covering the slopes. You will certainly see skiers slaloming on the slopes. A nice moment in perspective.

7. The yooner

Let’s conclude this overview of winter recreation with the yooner. Sit on the seat above the ski for breathtaking slides! You will have an appointment at the closure of the ski slopes to avoid any risk of accidents with skiers. This unobstructed environment guarantees maximum pleasure. You probably won’t resist the urge to run a run with your classmates. On your marks, ready, go!

Best Outdoor Activities to do in Morzine in Summer

Summer is here with its pleasant sun, its exuberant nature and its lot of outdoor activities to do in Morzine. Will you be tempted by an invigorating walk or a daring expedition? Inhale breaths of fresh air and sniff out joyfully in this natural setting.

8. Climbing

Hop, we climb to climb the cliff in front of us! Climbing is one of the outdoor activities to do in Morzine for climbing enthusiasts. Are you a beginner or trained? Everyone is welcome. A little hesitation is felt at the foot of the wall? Your supervisor will reassure you and give you the best advice.

9. Whitewater sports

Are you tempted to swim in the alpine rivers? Rafting, canyoning and hydrospeed introduce you to the mastery of rapids and various obstacles. Share an energetic moment along the water! Energetic because these outdoor activities to do in Morzine are not easy. Safety, technique but also fun are the key words.

10. Adventure and tree climbing courses

To each his own adventure or tree climbing course! Swing between trees, cross suspension bridges, cling to zip lines… Morzine-Avoriaz has not finished entertaining you with its more or less extreme circuits. Even the little ones have their courses. You will have the opportunity to have fun together!

11. Summer tobogganing

The outdoor activities to do in Morzine have not yet convinced you? Wait until you know the next one. Tobogganing is no longer reserved for snowy slopes. It is also practiced in the summer on furrows traced on the grassy slopes. Choose your track, slightly inclined or steep, then hang on for a crazy descent!

12. Horse riding

An equestrian hike is the promise of a beautiful encounter with the horse and the Savoyard nature. Opt for an initiatory trip or several days. During this walk, you will walk the alpine landscapes, between valleys and rivers. This experience invites an absolute disconnection. Make the most of this group adventure!

13. Mountain biking

In addition to the previous outdoor activities to do in Morzine, mountain biking still appeals to holidaymakers. Get on your bike and get some fresh air in the Portes du Soleil, near Avoriaz. The green, blue, red and black slopes open up many horizons! Dozens of different routes are drawn in the resort to please as many of you as possible.

14. La TTT

The TTT, or 3T, is a good alternative to mountain biking for those who would not be very connected bike. One would almost guess your questioning look. Let’s clear the mystery, the TTT is the All-Terrain Scooter. Here is a new experience not to be missed. Perched on the platform, you will descend the indicated paths at full speed. Note, however, that the activity is accessible only from fourteen years old.

15. The via ferrata

Would you like a little adrenaline? Some outdoor activities to do in Morzine have many surprises in store. Direction the via ferrata! Climb the cliffs and cross passages to make you dizzy. It is better to be used to undertaking this type of course before you start. Follow your guide to get your fill of thrills!


It is a beautiful town in the French Alps with many exciting and best things to do in Morzine in winter and summer. Our guide has provided a comprehensive list of the best things to do, whether you’re a snow sports enthusiast or prefer hiking or mountain biking. Plan your unforgettable adventure and explore the breathtaking landscapes of Morzine. I hope you find the article “The 15 Best Outdoor Activities to do in Morzine” helpful.

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