10 Best Places For Hiking In Bangladesh

10 Best Places for Hiking in Bangladesh

Are you a travel enthusiast but tired of the same old places? Are you interested in adding some adventures to your life? Then keep reading because, in this post, you will learn about the 10 best places for hiking in Bangladesh.

There are 10 best places for hiking in Bangladesh from many places that look fantastic in photos but are even better once you are actually there. And so, the highlighted 10 best hikes in Bangladesh that have you saying ‘’Wow!’’ over and over again are described below. Of them, some are less time-consuming, some are more, but all are amazing and just take a single or couple of days of your time. 


  • Location: Narikel Jinjira(local name), Coxbazar, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
  • Distance: 11.86 miles| Maximum elevation: 57 ft| Minimum elevation: -14ft| Technical difficulty: Easy| Time: 8hours 44minutes

Saint Martin’s Island is one the most charming and pleasant places. It secured the number 1 position in the 10 best places for hiking in Bangladesh. The only way for tourists to reach St. Martin’s Island is by water transportation like boats and big or small-sized ships. The actual route is Cox’s Bazar to teknaf to the final destination is Saint Martin’s Island.

It is possible to cover walking around the island for a whole day because the area is only 3 sq. miles. The area becomes less than about 2 sq. miles during high tide. If you have any interest in visiting islands and love hiking, this should be no. 1 on your bucket list.

N.B: There is also an important message for all tourists that the best weather is usually between November and February because during the rainy season, between March and July, cyclones can strike. Thus March to July is off-season for tourists. 


  • Location: Near Lainkalangara,  Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Distance:20.08 miles

It’s a nice, very interesting, and scenic trail in Bangladesh. And officially, it is the highest height in Bangladesh. So obviously, it is also one of the most attractive hike of the 10 best places for hiking in Bangladesh. You there are many people who want to climb a long peak, then it is the best option for you.

I also want to share some information that the maximum elevation is 2639 ft, the technical difficulty is moderate, and the trail type is one-way.


  • Location: Thuiaungpara, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Distance: 16.94 miles| Maximum elevation: 1285 ft| Minimum elevation: 131 ft| Technical difficulty:  Moderate.

Trail Log: Alikadam – 15km – Pobla para – Lama khal – Tanga vo – Sansung para – Bang jhiri – Koering para – Dam tua falls – Kakhoi para – Namshak para – Adu para – 17km – Alikadam.

The Alikadam is one of our favorite spots in Bangladesh to go hiking. Surely your mind will be refreshed as soon as you come here.  

I also want to mention one important point here which is during the heavy rainfall in this region caused extreme flash floods in the river system increasing the possibility of any kind of danger.


  • Location: Tajpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Distance: 11.07 miles| Maximum elevation: 54 ft| Minimum elevation: -28ft| Technical difficulty: Easy| Time: 4hours 55minutes 

Many of you like historical places more than any other. Then Sonargaon must be a suitable place for you. The other benefit of this place is the geographical location very close to the capital city called Dhaka. Sonargaon is one of the old capitals of the historic region of Bengal. It was also an administrative center of eastern Bengal. 

Basically, the historical value of this region is more. It was mainly ruled by Isa khan and his son Musa Khan, and Mughal expansion occurred.

Sonargaon hosts the Bangladesh Folk Arts and Crafts Foundation as well as different archaeological sites, Sufi shines, an old river port, Temples, historic mosques, and toms.

Panam city is a must, and the interesting hike goes right by the entrance. You also can see the 1519 mosque at the northwest part end of the hike.

There are also vehicles and driver services also if you want. A total of around 5 hours will be required to visit all areas.


  • Location: Thuiaungpara, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
  • Distance: 43.61 miles

The place is situated in Thanchi, Bandarban exactly between Modok Bazar and Likri. The two phases of Andharmanik are the Sangu phase and Narissha Jhiri.

There is a suitable route for you like-

Alikadam – Dochori Bazar – Thong Pong para – Dolong – Andharmanik para – Mentang para – Non Kha peak – Singrao para – Kurukpata Bazar – Alikadam.

You can see an amazing mountain after reaching there. The lifestyle of Murongs, especially their food, and hospitality, is eye-catching. Various animal tracks are also present there, and so signs of bear, deer foot, and wildcats are also there. Still, Mro peoples do hunting for their food.

You should remember one thing that in traveling time do not drop plastic.


  • Location: Maunglapara, Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Distance: 4.84 miles

Merai Thong is a peak of the Northern Mirinja range located at Alikadam upazila of Bandarban hill district. Many tourist lovers come here and camp here at night.

It is now one of the renowned tourist spots of Alikadam. There is also a Murong village just 700 feet below this peak. The top point is 1666 ft and it is the topmost elevation.

So within 2 days, you can visit it easily.


  • Location: Chhota Harina Bazar, Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Distance: 4.53 miles

Approx 3 hours will be required to visit all the parts of the upland swamp forest. The upland swamp forest contains two high elevations named Bhushon chora and choto harina in the deepest part of Ramgamati.


  • Location: Laui, Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Distance: 27.67 miles

The technical difficulty of this hike is moderate. The maximum elevation is 1401 ft, and the minimum elevation is 72 ft. 

How to be there: Thanchi to Remakri:

If I were to name 10 best hiking places, this one must have to be named. Tourists need to hire an engine boat to reach remake from thanchi. The up-Down boat fare fee is around 4000-4500 taka. The journey will take 4 hours to travel. You can easily travel to Bandarban city from Dhaka by bus and then from Bandarban to thanchi. 

The Remakri canal is filled with small rocks, and during the rainy season, after rain, the canal is filled with transparent water. That’s why the canal fascinates tourists at every moment.


  • Location: Sreemangal, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  • Distance: 42.3 miles

Srimangal is a place of tea gardens, hills, and forest areas on the hills. It is called ‘’the land of two leaves and a bud’’. So Srimangal is also the best hike in Bangladesh, and you can easily include it in the 10 best hikes in Bangladesh. The terraced tea garden and pineapple, rubber, and lemon plantations form a beautiful landscape. 

The way to go to Srimangal I mean the transport system is excellent and so you can easily go there from Dhaka by bus. 


  • Location: Pechardwip, Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Distance: 3.94 miles| Time required: 2.5 hours

Himchari has a waterfall which is the main tourist attraction here. On one side of Himchari is a wide beach, and on the other side, there is a range of green. It is also a very popular hike in Bangladesh and secured a great position in the 10 best hikes in Bangladesh. The hike takes you to the highest peaks in the area that’s why you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of this area.

During the rainy season, streams are on the way, and so you can pass through wooden logs, and improvised footbridges, and sometimes you dip your feet into the water.


Hiking can be a great way to entertain you and take the boredom out of your life. It can keep your mind happy and fresh. 

So, we informed you about our top choices of the 10 best places for hiking in Bangladesh. But the list doesn’t end here. Bangladesh is a land of versatile form mountain of the north to the hill tracks of the south. There is much more to discover when you are thinking about trekking. However, the places we chose to resent are the most popular visited areas. Hopefully, you will find your perfect destination from here. Let’s know your favorite hiking place. 

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