15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places]

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places]

Discover the top tourist places in Narayanganj with our comprehensive guide, including the Narayanganj park list. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the park, there are lots of parks in Narayanganj that you can enjoy with your family. Plan your perfect day in this beautiful area near Dhaka filled with cultural landmarks, stunning scenery, and exciting activities.

Narayanganj Tourist Place: Narayanganj district is the smallest district in Bangladesh under the Dhaka division with ancient history. Situated on the Shitalakshya river banks with the right name of Bangladesh’s tradition, This Narayanganj district is also famous for its golden fiber jute.

Narayanganj has the most spectacular and historical places in the Dhaka Division. The best places In Narayanganj are Sonargaon, Folk and Crafts, Jadughar, Panam Nagar, Zinda Park, Murapara Zamindar Ghar, Balliapara Zamindar House, Goaldi Masjid, etc. are a well-known sight to visit in Narayanganj, Dhaka.

15 Best Places In Narayanganj You Must Visit, Dhaka

Narayanganj is famous for its jute industry. Narayanganj was titled “Praccer Dandi” for a huge amount of Golden Fiber or Jute production. Besides Narayanganj has many historical tourist spots and picnic spots.

List of Picnic Spots in Narayanganj

Chaya Nir Picnic SpotMeena Bazar LakeZinda Park
Urban ParkJannatbagh Picnic SpotNOM Park
Nayan Picnic SpotSheikh Rasel City ParkKhairul Garden
Marine ParkBIWTA Fantasy ParMurapara Jamidar Bari
FUN LAND PARKRupashi Bangla Picnic Spot and RestaurantSharighat
Murapara Rasel ParkQuddus Park, Pond GardenProdhan Bari Picnic Spot
DC THEMEPARKApon Bhubon Picnic and Shooting SpotSonakanda ECO Park
Merry Anderson ParkAnondo PolliAladin’s Picnic Spot and Amusement Theme Park
Green-Valley Park and Picnic SpotSuborno Gram ParkBOF Picnic Spot
Chourongi Fantasy ParkSea Shell Amusement Park and Picnic SpotPakhir Sargo Picnic Spot
Shapla BilR.K. ResortMethonir Picnic Spot

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1. Narayanganj Tourist Spot: Panam Nagar/পানাম নগর

Ruined houses in historic city Panam (Panam Nagor), Bangladesh

Panam City is well known to Bangladeshis as a “lost city.” It is one of the top tourist attractions in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

The historic Panam Nagar is located at Sonargaon police station in Narayanganj district near Dhaka. In the 15th century, Isha Khan established the first capital of Bengal in Sonargaon. Panam Nagar is a historical place to visit in Narayanganj.

The city was built over an area of about 20 square kilometers in Sonargaon. Panam Nagar featured nearly 100 historic structures in the world created by the World Monument Fund in 2006.

The Pankhiraj canal surrounds Panam city from all sides. The Pankhiraj canal merges into the Meghna river called the Menikhali River.

On the east side of Panam city is the Meghna river and on the west side is the Shitalakshya. It was through this river that muslin was exported.

At the entrance of Panam city has a massive gate that closed as soon as the sunset. Even today, no visitor can stay in Panam city after dusk.

The construction style of various structures in Panam city has an impression of difference. Every town of the then wealthy class has lovely work and a touch of nobility.

There are about 52 buildings on both sides of the road that runs through the city’s chest.

There are 31 buildings on the north side of the main road and 21 buildings on the south side. These buildings are on one floor, which is two or three stories.

In addition to residential buildings within the city, there are mosques, churches, temples, monasteries, dance halls, chitrasalas, pathshala, khajanchikhanas, darbar rooms, old museums, bathrooms, and secret roads.

Beside A 400-year-old mint house and a Neelkuthi built by the East India Company can be seen here.

Folk and Crafts Museum: The Folk and Crafts Museum is just a kilometer from Panam City. At the entrance of the Folk and Crafts Museum is a sculpture of the art Zainul Abedin.

A total of 11 museums in the museum have rare heritage artifacts preserved. The galleries have found suppurated wood carvings, masks, boat models, folk instruments and burnt clay artifacts, jamdani and nakshikantha, etc.

You can travel from Goaldi Masjid on a rickshaw fare of only Tk. 15 to 20 (0.24$) from the Folk and Crafts Museum. The Golden Mosque built by Mullah Hizabar Akbar Khan during Sultan Alauddin Hossain Shahin 1519 is an attractive place for tourists.

From Gulistan in Dhaka, you have to take an AC bus from Doyle, Swadesh, or Borak to The Mograpara intersection. The fares for the above buses from Gulistan are Rs 45, 40, and Rs 50 (0.59$).

You can go to Panam city on a fare of Tk. 20 to 40 (0.47$) in a battery-operated auto or rickshaw from the Mogpara intersection.

A ticket of Rs 15 (0.18$) has to be cut to enter Panam City. Tickets have to be booked at Rs 30 per person to enter the museum.

The museum is closed every Wednesday and Thursday.

Buildings that are many years old are now quite risky, so do not climb on top of any building that violates instructions.

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2. Zinda Park/জিন্দা পার্ক

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Zinda Park Narayanganj | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Proloy Khan

Zinda Park is one of the famous tourist spots in Narayanganj, Dhaka. Zinda Park is located in the Dawoodpur union of Narayanganj district with an area of about 150 areas.

Zinda Park has more than 10,000 trees, 5 reservoirs, and numerous birds of 250 species.

Green cover around. The green plants have various flowers and fruits, and there are trees and ponds, a mud house, a market, a library, a canteen, and a mini-zoo. There is a lake with boats for Nauvihar.

The construction style of various installations in Zinda Park will impress you. The specialty of this park is that it is built with the spontaneous participation of the residents.

Zinda Park is the result of 35 years of hard work from the Forward Rural Association, which had 5,000 members in 1980. Zinda village is called a model village for the concentration and work of the Forward Rural Association.

The distance between Dhaka and Zinda Park is 37 km. You can have a picnic or a day out at Zinda Park safely. On the one hand, the green park will soothe your mind.

On the other hand, the park is entirely safe from any unnecessary trouble. But if you want to have a picnic here, it is better to inform the authorities two or three days in time.

You will love such a green-shelled rural aesthetic environment to travel from Dhaka day by day. It is also a perfect picnic spot in Narayanganj.

The easiest and most beautiful way to go to Zinda Park is to go to Zinda Park on the Purbachal Highway on Kuril Vishwaroad, 300 feet.

From Dhaka city bypass, take the Kuril Vishwaroad train line and buy a ticket from the BRTC counter to the Kuril Railway Bridge for Rs 25 (0.29$).

Zinda Park is on the left side just before the Kuril Railway Bridge. The Zindapark autorickshaw fare is 30 (0.35$) taka per day from the bypass junction before Kanchan Bridge.

And if you take a reserve, you will get Rs. 100/120 (1.41$).

On the 300 feet road, you can go to Kanchan Bridge with local CNG or local private car or leguna, and the fare is Rs 40-50 (0.59$) per person.

A fare of Rs 25-30 (0.35$) per person will be required to go to Zinda Park in a local auto at the bypass junction before Kanchan Bridge.

You can also rent reserve CNG or autorickshaws from Kuril 300 feet road and go directly to Zinda Park.

Usually, the CNG reserve fare is Tk. 300-350 (4.12$), and if you go through autorickshaws, you can go to see the beautiful scenery around you comfortably, you will be able to rent Tk. 200-250 (2.95$).

But you have to bargain. Come from Zinda Park to Kanchan Bridge in a local car if you don’t get a car on your way back. From there you will get many types of cars coming to Kuril.

Or, if you want, cross the Kanchpur Bridge by bus from Dhaka to Bhulta. From Bhulta, one can go to Zinda Park through Mahanagar bypass. The distance from Bhulta is 12 km.

You can reserve CNG/Auto if you want. Or Kanchan bridge by local CNG/car/auto from there to Zinda Park with reserve/local auto.

You can go to Zinda Park on the bypass road from Dhaka through Tongi Mirror Bazar. The distance from Tongi to Zinda Park on this route is only 28 km.

You can also visit Zinda Park on some of the mentioned routes in your car. Zinda Park is open seven days a week.

  • Opening time: 9 am.
  • Entry Price: The entry ticket price at Zinda Park is Tk. 100 (1.18$), the entry price for children is Tk. 50 (0.59$).
  • Library Fee: Tk. 10 (0.12$)
  • Parking fare: Tk. 50-100 (1.18$).
  • Park Closure Day: Zinda Park is open to visitors seven days a week. If the park is closed for any particular reason, a notice is issued on the official website.
  • Where to stay: There is no accommodation in Zinda Park.

There are restaurants inside Zinda Park. The cost of eating various items of desi food like chicken/cow/goat meat, vegetables, pulses, and rice will be between Rs 200-280 (3.30$).

You can get food from outside if you want. But in that case, a fee of Rs. 25 (0.29$) has to be paid.

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3.Taj Mahal in Bengal/বাংলার তাজমহল

Known as Taj Mahal of Bengal in Narayanganj. Very beautiful the structure is quite the same as the Taj Mahal of India.
Photo Credit – Anamul Haque Rasel

One of the oldest seven wonders of the world, the Second Taj Mahal of Bengal, has been built in Perab village of Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj district Bangladesh, like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Narayanganj industrialist filmmaker Ahsan Ullah Mani built the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal construction officially started in 2003 and was opened to the public in December 2008. The Taj Mahal construction in Bengal tries to match the original Taj Mahal to the highest standard.

The main building is made of expensive transparent stones.

Inside the Taj Mahal are Ahsan Ullah Mani and his wife’s tombs. And, like the Taj Mahal in Agra, there are four minarets on each corner of the main building and water fountains and flower gardens in front.

The Taj Mahal in Bengal has Rajmani Film City Studio and Rajmani Film City Restaurant, where visitors can take pictures.

A statue of the Pyramids of Egypt, a memorial sculpture of the Liberation War, a memorial sculpture of Indira Gandhi and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a 250-sit cinema hall seminar room near the Taj Mahal in Bengal.

Apart from this, shops of various handicrafts, jamdani sarees, clay gold, and other items have been set up around the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal in Bengal is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. The entry price of the Taj Mahal and the pyramid has to be paid together.

Only the Taj Mahal or pyramid is not a chance to visit. The per-person entry fee is Rs 150 (1.77$).

The distance from Dhaka to the Taj Mahal in Bengal is only 30 km. On a bus to Comilla, Daudkandi, or Sonargaon on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, you can come to the Madanpur bus stand and visit the Taj Mahal fare Rs. 25 (0.29$) to Rs. 30 (0.35$) per person in CNG or autorickshaw.

The 300 feet road can be forgotten, and from there, you can take the Autorickshaw Reserve to the Taj Mahal at a fare of Rs. 80 (0.94$) to Rs. 100 (1.18$).

Besides, you can go to the Taj Mahal in Bengal by going to Bhairab, Narsingdi, or Kishoreganj by bus from the Dhaka-Sylhet highway by name at Barpa bus stand.

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4. Saira Garden Resort/সায়রা গার্ডেন রিসোর্ট

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Saira Garden Resort Narayanganj | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Ashraf Himel

Saira Garden Resort has been developed in a quiet natural environment in Hedayat Para village of Madanpur Union in Narayanganj district. It is one of the best resorts in Narayanganj.

The distance from Dhaka to Saira Garden Resort on the opposite side of Nazim Uddin Bhuia College is only 22 km. The Saira Garden Resort is built on just 30 bighas of land, but its size gradually increases.

The luxury Saira Garden resort, which operates under tight security, has all modern amenities including restaurants, minibar, free WiFi, gymnasium, swimming pool, bar-B-Q arrangements, fishing arrangements, laundry services, and electricity, car parking.

There is also a conference hall with a capacity of about 250 guests.

To stay in any of the 7-category rooms at Saira Garden Resort, you need to spend Tk. 4,500 (53.03$) to Tk. 11,000 (129.63$) per night.

Each room has air conditioning, TVs, cold and hot water. There are various packages, including morning, afternoon, and dinner.

The Saira Garden Resort has a day-long package of the day. The day-long package costs Rs 850 (10.02$) to Rs 1200 (14.15$) per various conditions, facilities, and service standards.

Saira Resort often has various packages, and fares, and different package rates change from time to time. So talk to the resort booking manager before booking the best and learn about the current package.

Room CategoryCost (Taka)Cost (USD)
Super Delux6250/-++(73.65$)
Standard Connecting8500/-++(100.17$)
Delux Premium10,000/-++(117.84$)
Premium Twin11,000/-++(129.63$)
Room Category Costs Per Night in Saira Garden Resort, Narayanganj

Saira Resort has restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bengali, Thai, and Chinese food can be found in the restaurant. Restaurants, mini juicers, barbecues are available.

You can come to the Madanpur bus stand from Dhaka and hire rickshaws or autos from there and come to Saira Garden Resort opposite Nazim Uddin Bhuia College in Madanpur Hedayatpara village.

  • Booking: 01746-080856, 01908-809889, 01908-809890, 01908-809891
  • Website: shairagardenresorts.com
  • Facebook: fb.com/ShairaGardenResorts

5. Gwaldi Mosque/গোয়ালদি মসজিদ

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Gwaldi Mosque Narayanganj | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Subrata Das

Gwaldi Mosque is a historic sultanate built-in Sonargaon Upazila of the Narayanganj district. The Gwaldi Mosque built during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Hossain Shah in Gwaldi village of Sonargaon municipality is an attractive place for tourists.

During Alauddin Hossain Shah’s time, much of this Bengal excellence was underway in art, education, and literature. According to history, mullah Hizabar Akbar Khan built the traditional Gwaldi Mosque in 1519.

Like other ancient Indian edifices, Pandua, Gaur, and other historical ones in Bangladesh, the Gwaldi Mosque has a dome on the roof and several towers built in sultanate style in each corner.

The area of the Gwaldi Mosque is 7.92 meters, and the walls around are 1.61 meters thick.

There are 5 arched paths to enter the mosque. And the main entrance is situated in the central mihrab made of straight black stone. The remaining 2 of the 3 mihrabs are made of mehrab brick.

The terracotta design of the Gwaldi Mosque is very similar to that of Sultan Gias Uddin Shah of Sonargaon. The mosque’s thick brick surface is engraved with various designs in the full terracotta ornamentation rituals, which have given special uniqueness to this Gwaldi mosque.

Since 1975, the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology has been overgoing historic mosques’ maintenance and overall affairs.

It would be wise to visit these 3 places together on a trip to Sonargaon as the historic Panam Nagar, Folk and Crafts Museum, and Gwaldi Masjid is at a close distance.

Tickets have to be booked at Rs 20 (0.24$) per person to enter Panam Nagar and Rs 30 (0.35$) per person to enter the museum. The museum is closed every Wednesday and Thursday.

From Gulistan in Dhaka, you can take an AC bus Doel, Swadesh, or Borak to Mograpara intersection and go to Panam city on a battery-operated auto or rickshaw fare Tk. 10 to 30 (0.35$).

The bus fare will be Rs 40 (0.47$) to Rs 60 (0.71$) per person to go from Gulistan to Mogpara intersection.

The distance from Panam city to the Folk and Crafts Museum is only 1 km, quickly reached on foot. And you can go to Gwaldi Masjid on a rickshaw fare of only Tk. 15 to 20 (0.24$) from the Folk and Crafts Museum.

Since the capital is close to Dhaka city, you can travel to Sonargaon in a day and return to Dhaka, so there is no need to spend the night at Sonargaon.

Yet, there is a Zilla Parishad dak bungalow in the Sonargaon Upazila Parishad complex where you can contact and stay at night for special needs.

You will also find several residential hotels and restaurants adjacent to Mograpara crossroads and Museum No. 1 gate in Sonargaon for night stay and meals.

6.Murapara Zamindar House/মুড়াপাড়া জমিদার বাড়ি

Murapura Zamindar House, Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Photo Credit – Sayed Abdi Niloy

Murapara Zamindar Bari is one of the popular tourists place to see in Narayanganj, Dhaka. The houses of the once dispute zamindars are found to be archaeological artifacts of Bangladesh.

A centenary zamindar house in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj is the Murapara Zamindar bari or Matherghat Zamindar house.

Which is quite impressive among the zamindar houses that are currently in survival. Murapara may be the ideal election to return day by day outing or day out.

Established by Babu Ramratan Banerjee on about 62 bighas of land in 1889, this zamindar house was renovated several times.

At different times, Babu Ramratan Banerjee’s descendants have done work on the main building’s front and back, digging ponds and building high-rises.

The Murapara zamindar house has 95 rooms, temples, treasures, kasari houses, guesthouses, and meeting rooms. The huge gate that marks the entrance gives a glimpse of what this place is all about.

And the top of the temple is 30 feet high.

The zamindar family left the house after the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. In 1948, the Government of Pakistan started an adolescent correctional center and hospital here.

Later in 1966, the building was used to manage school and college work.

In 1986, the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology listed the Murapara Zamindar House as an archaeological site. At present, a college has been established at Murapara Zamindar House, known as Government Murapara College.

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You have to travel by bus (Meghla, ASIAN, or glory) from Saidabad, Gulistan, or Jatrabari bus terminal in Dhaka to the Bhulta or Rupsi bus stand.

Come to Bhulta by bus to Narsingdi and Bhairava and go directly to Murapara Zamindar house by rickshaw or CNG rent of Rs 20 (0.24$) per person.

On the other hand, Kuril came from the flyover’s underside to Kanchan Bridge at a rent of Rs 60 (0.71$) per person. At a fare of Rs 40 (0.47$) per person near Kanchan Bridge, you can reach Rupganj Shitalakshya Ferryghat and cross the ferry and take a rickshaw or auto to the zamindar’s house.

Sonargaon near Murapara Zamindar House has a folk art museum, Panam City, Taj Mahal, and Mayadeep in Bengal. You can visit these places on a trip in a day.

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7.Hajiganj Fort/হাজীগঞ্জ দুর্গ

Hajiganj Fort situated on the Shitalakshya river banks at Hajiganj in Narayanganj district is a historic water defense system built during the Mughal period.

At that time, Hajiganj was known as Khijirpur, so many have called it Khijirpur Fort. Hajiganj Fort is a great tourist place in Narayanganj to go and explore ancient times.

Hajiganj is one of the three water forts or Treanjal of water forts built in the 17th century to counter the Magand Portuguese pirates’ attack after the Mughal capital was established in Dhaka by Islam Khan of Mughal Subadar.

And the other two forts are Called Sonakanda Fort and Idrakpur Fort. The distance from Dhaka to Hajiganj Fort by road is about 15 km.

There are differences over the construction period of Hajiganj fort. According to some, the fort was built in 1610 AD. Others think it was built between 1650 and 1660.

Hajiganj fort is quadrilateral and measures 250 meters long and 200 meters wide.

The five-house boundary wall has bullet holes, and there are four burujs at each corner. There are also stairs to climb the wall and a cannon-placed cane in an observation tower in one corner.

In 1950, this Hajiganj fort was listed by the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology and renovated in various stages, and given its present form. Hajiganj Fort is one of the must-visit places to go to in Narayanganj, Dhaka.

There are various AC/non-AC bus services from Gulistan to Narayanganj in Dhaka. There are also Bondhu, Ananda, and Utshob bus counters near the Hanif flyover adjacent to Baitul Mokarram Mosque’s south gate.

On one of these buses, anyone can come to Narayanganj, Cashara, and visit Hajiganj Fort on rickshaws or an easy bike.

Dhaka, Munshiganj, Narsingdi, and neighboring districts can be returned day by day, so you don’t have to think about nighttime at all.

However, you can spend the night in various quality residential hotels at Narayanganj Sadar if necessary.

Among the unique dishes in Narayanganj, you can eat the puta sweets of Kaikartek Haat.

8.Satgram Zamindar Bari/সাতগ্রাম জমিদার বাড়ি

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Satgram Zamindar Bari | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Sheikh Sajib

There are many visiting places in Narayanganj. Satgram Zamindar Bari is one of them. The historic Satgram Zamindar Bari is located in Satgram, 2500 Upazilas of Narayanganj district. From this zamindar’s house, the zamindars used to run the rule of the area. The zamindars of Satgram were very oppressive.

They used to torture people if they were not able to repay the debt they have taken from the zamindars. And there are lots of stories of the tyranny zamindar are involved in every structure of the Satgram zamindar house.

Surrounded by numerous green trees, the spectacular zamindar’s house has a pond and aesthetic flower garden with ghats inside it. Surrounded by pleasant surroundings, this zamindar house stands as a witness to time.

Near Dhaka-Sylhet highway, the purinda bus stand can be reached by rickshaw or on foot to Satgram zamindar house.

It is possible to return by evening after seeing the sightseeing in the Narayanganj district from Dhaka.

And in case of a night stay, you can contact Hotel Mehran, Hotel Sonali, Hotel Narayanganj, Hotel Sugandha, Hotel Surma, Saira Garden Resort, and Hotel Rupanin Narayanganj city.

There are several food hotels near Purinda Road. Narayanganj city has restaurants of various quality including Monir restaurant, Niribili restaurant, Shahi restaurant, new home, and food room.

Other places to visit in the Narayanganj district are Panam Nagar, Folk and Crafts Museum, Zinda Park, Murapara Zamindar Ghar, Mayadeep, Mary Anderson, Sonakanda Fort, Taj Mahal, and Goaldi Mosque in Bengal.

9.Barudi Loknath Ashram/বারুদী লোকনাথ আশ্রম

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Barudi Loknath Ashram | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – JS Shuvo

Sri Loknath Brahmachari Ashram or Bardi Loknath Ashram is located in the western-north corner of Bardi Bazar in Sonargaon Upazila, 34 km from Narayanganj district.

Loknath Brahmachari was born on August 31, 1730, in Kachua village under Barasat police station in 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. He left the book and took the sannyasa brot, and performed strict yoga in the Himalayas.

Later, he came out to the locality to spread knowledge among the people. After visiting various countries, Loknath Brahmachari reached Sonargaon in 1863 and established this ashram in the village of Bardi in the close life of nature.

On June 1, 1890, after nearly 22 years of adoration, the great man Loknath Brahmachari breathed his last breath. The Bardi Loknath Ashram is known as a union fair for all people irrespective of caste and religion.

To the south of the Bardi, Loknath Ashram has the Mohapurush Loknath Brahmachari Samadhi, a large century-old tree and two ponds, Kamna Sagar and “Jius.”

Inside the ashram, there is a huge oil painting of Loknath Brahmachari. There are 3 passenger residences to facilitate visitors to stay overnight.

Nineteen Jaistha Tirohdhan festivals, religious ceremonies, and week-long fairs are organized every year to commemorate the great man Loknath Brahmachari’s death anniversary.

There is a kind of ‘Hari Lute’ program throughout the day, including Gita lessons, childhood, Loknath’s biography lessons, rajbhog, prasad distribution, aarti, and kirtan.

Also, the hundreds of years of this ashram’s traditional festivals are called “Rakh’s Fast.” The fasting (Broto) ceremony is held every Saturday and Tuesday from Kartik’s 15th to 30th every year.

At that time, numerous devotees and visitors from all over the country and abroad came to the Bardi Loknath Ashram. Going to Ashram is one of the best things to do in Narayanganj.

From Dhaka, Gulistan, you can get down from Doel, Swadesh, Or Borak Bus To Mograpara In Narayanganj and reach Bardi Loknath Ashram By renting CNG Or auto-rickshaw from Mograpara Crossroads.

Narayanganj city has several residential hotels like Hotel Mehran, Hotel Sonali, Hotel Narayanganj, Hotel Meena Residential, and Hotel Majibar. You can also stay in the circuit house and Zilla Parishad postal bungalow with permission.

Sonargaon Road, etc., has many food restaurants like Abu Bakr, Surindra, Khaja, Kashful, and New Star.

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10.Mary Anderson/ম্যারি এন্ডারসন

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Mary Anderson Floating Restaurant | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Mynul Hasan

Mary Anderson Floating Restaurant and Bar is a floating restaurant and bar run by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation on the Buriganga river under Narayanganj Sadar.

Initially, the floating restaurant was called State Yat Mary Anderson. It is one of the best things to see in Narayanganj.

In 1933, a 150-foot-long steam engine-powered ship was built at a shipyard in Kolkata to use British governors posted in Bengal.

The ship is believed to have been named after Mary Anderson, the daughter of then Bengal Governor Sir John Anderson.

According to tourism corporation sources, in 1918, Queen Elizabeth of England visited Bangladesh and donated the ship to the government in Queen Mary’s name.

Since then, the governors of East Bengal have used Mary Anderson.

After 1971, Mary Anderson was reserved for the use of Bangladesh heads of state. On September 24, 1978, the ship started its journey as a floating restaurant under Bangladesh Tourism Corporation’s guidance.

The old British Pramod currently has an air-conditioned room for a night stay at just Rs 3000 (35.35$). And if you want to take an hourly room, you will need a fare of Rs. 800 (9.43$).

In the middle of the river, Mary Anderson’s restaurant meal sits the middle of the river, introducing it to visitors.

The Mary Anderson floating restaurant, just 20 km from Dhaka, has already become an attractive tourist destination.

Take a ricksha or autorickshaw from the Pagla bus stand on Dhaka-Narayanganj Road and go directly to Anderson Floating Restaurant.

Mobile: 01998-843288, 01998-843289

11. Fuler Bagan Sabdi (Flower Garden Sabdi)/ফুলের বাগান সাবদি

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Fuler Bagan Sabdi Flower Garden Sabdi | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Mohammad Ruman

Sabdi in Narayanganj district is one of the most attractive places to visit by day from Dhaka. In winter, the crops of Sabdi village are filled with yellow mustard flowers.

In February, various flowers like roses, marigolds, gladiolas, rajnigandha, zarbera, Cosmas, daisi jipsi, Dalia, Chandra Mallika, etc., are cultivated here. The entire village is painted in the colors of colorful flowers.

The engagement of the farmers of the village surrounds the cultivation of flowers. Then the footstep of nature-loving visitors increased in Sabdi village. Among Narayanganj’s beautiful places, Sabdi village is a popular one.

The magnificent beauty of the sunset scene from the state of the horizon pair of flowers impresses travelers.

There are also Premtala, Kadam Rasul Dargah, Siraj Shah’s Shrine Complex, Sonakanda Fort, a small park, and lakshman bande river bank to spend time at Sabdi village.

If you want, you can get down into the river and take a ride around in a boat.

Try to stay in Narayanganj by 10 am. Cross the river and visit all the places you visit in Sabdi village one by one. Then come to the river bank between 2 pm and 3 pm from your latest location.

Eat lunch with beef, chicken roast and kachu vegetables at the famous Maora Hotel. You can spend the afternoon eating and drinking to see the landscape on the river bank.

The regional food bouya (a type of rice) of Narayanganj is available every Friday morning in Sabdi village, which is very delicious to eat with various bharta.

You can eat rice with beef, roast, and kachu vegetables at the famous Maora Hotel in the afternoon.

Apart from this, the Surovi hotel in Sabdi Bazar is also available to be stocked with various bharta item. And of course, don’t forget to eat Bose Cabin’s Cutlets.

  • While enjoying the beauty, make sure that flower farmers do not suffer.
  • Do not damage the environment by dumping the waste you use everywhere.
  • Be polite to the locals.

12.Sonakanda Fort/সোনাকান্দা দুর্গ

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Sonakanda Fort Narayanganj | Travelvibe
Photo Credit – Adnan Aunkan

Sonakanda Fort is an ancient water fort located east of the Shitalakshya river in Bandar Upazila of Narayanganj district.

It is believed that Sonakanda Fort was one of the three water forts built near Dhaka in 1960 to protect the then Bengal Subedar Mir Joomla from pirate attacks in important cities of Bengal.

Isha Khan, one of the heroes of Baro Bhuia in Bengal, used this fort at that time.

Various myths are surrounding this fort built during the Mughal period. It is said that Isha Khan wanted to rescue king Kedar Roy and send her back to Kedar Roy when a group of robbers kidnapped her while taking a holy bath at Swarnamayi Langalbande.

But Swarnamayi was no longer taken back, allegedly because she had lost her caste because of her night in the Muslim’s taboo.

Since then, the golden-loving Isha has been in khan’s tabu. It is believed that the fort has been named after him as Sonar Kanda or Sonakanda Fort.

The interior and outer parts of the quadrilateral-shaped fort, spread over a space of about 2 km, are 15.70 meters and 19.35 meters in diameter, surrounded by high-security walls with a length of 6.09 meters.

The fort has a huge cannon platform and a northbound entry arcade.

The huge self-protection wall and the elevated platform that protects against the water’s attack on the west side are two notable parts of the fort.

The fort has numerous fire holes and has altars in the middle of the wall. It is currently protected by the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology and Museums.

One can go to Narayanganj by bus from Gulistan in Dhaka. You can get down from launch ghat 2 in Narayanganj city by boat to the Ghats of Bandar Upazila and go to Sonakanda Fort in a rickshaw.

It is possible to return to Dhaka by evening after seeing the sightseeing in the Narayanganj district from Dhaka. However, you can choose Hotel Mehran, Hotel Sonali, Hotel Narayanganj, Hotel Sugandha, Hotel Surma, Hotel Rupayan, etc., in Narayanganj city at nighttime.

There are several food hotels in the rail gate area of Narayanganj city. Narayanganj city has locally popular restaurants like Monir Restaurant, Niribili Restaurant, Shahi Restaurant, New Home, Food House, and various biryani houses.

13. Sonargaon Museum/সোনারগাঁও জাদুঘর

Sonargaon Museum aka Sonargaon Folk Art & Craft Museum, Sonargaon Road, Sonargaon

On March 12, 1975, the artist Zainul Abadin established the Bangladesh Folk Art and Craft Foundation at an old house in Panam city of Sonargaon.

The People and Crafts Foundation extends over a space of about 16 hectares, with Thakurbari Bhawan and Isha Khan Toron’s two structures in Panam city.

The foundation has Gopinath Saha sardar’s house, Zainul Abedin’s historical struggle sculpture, Bangabandhu’s historical speech bust, Zainul Abedin’s sculpture, Zainul Abedin Memorial Museum, lokaj manch, seminar room, craft village, and huge green garden.

More than 4500 ancient exhibits have been found at the Zainul Abedin Memorial Museum. There are various artistic and daily items made by the ancient artists of Bengal, the village of Bangladesh.

Skilled artists have depicted the rural heritage of ancient Bengal in every creation.

Besides, various wooden crafts, paintings, masks, primitive life-based artifacts, folk instruments, terracotta symbols, iron-taama-Kasa-brass oil sheets, folk ornaments, and many ancient artifacts can be seen in the museum’s various galleries.

Every year in winter, there is a month-long folk art fair. Besides, sometimes such folk art fairs are organized even before The First Boishakh.

In addition to jamdani haat, traditional clothes of Bangladesh, various rural disciplines like goja, muri murki, etc., are available at the full fare in the rural environment.

The Bangladesh People and Crafts Foundation remains closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays (Thursday is closed full day, and half a day is supposed to be open on Wednesday, but authorities often close the museum on Wednesday).

The museum is also open from 9 am to 5 pm for the remaining 5 days of the week. The entry fee of Sonargaon Museum is Tk. 50 (0.59$) per person. But students can enter at Rs 30 (0.35$) per person.

You can go directly to Sonargaon in Narayanganj district with your transport like a private car or microbus from Dhaka.

If you want to go in local vehicles, you will get various counter service buses from Gulistan to the Mogpara intersection.

In this case, you can choose Swadesh or Doel. You can also board a bus of your choice and go to the People and Crafts Foundation at A rickshaw or CNG fare of Tk. 30 to 40 (0.45$) at the Mogpara intersection.

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14.Kaikertek Haat/কাইকারটেক হাট

15 Best Places In Narayanganj [Park List & Historical Places] | Kaikertek Haat Narayanganj | Travelvibe

Kaikertek Haat has been held every Sunday of the week for centuries in the Kaikartek Area of Mograpara Union of Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj district.

The haat is also known as Robibarer Haat to local people. The Brahmaputra river flows past Kaikartek Haat.

The centuries-old extract and the natural environment along the river banks attract travelers alike and the buyer vendors who come to the haat in Kaikartek.

People from Narsingdi, Munshiganj, and Comilla thronged this Kaikartek Haat.

The history of the traditional Kaikartek Haat boat buying-selling is about 250 years old. Even though the haat sit throughout the year, only Ashad, Shravan, Bhadra, Ashwin are the four months of boating here.

Then hundreds of buyers from the surrounding districts came to buy good quality boats.

At present, like all other haats, almost all the essential items are available here. You can spend a Sunday enjoying the busyness of rivers, nature and yummy sweets from this traditional haat near Dhaka.

Take a bus from Gulistan, Dhaka. Borak AC bus and Doyel or Shodesh Non-ac bus will drop you at Mograpara chowrasta, Sonargaon. From there take cng to Kaikartek haat.

Or you can rent trawlers or boats on the route from Munshiganj and reach this traditional haat directly.

Dhaka, Munshiganj, Narsingdi, and neighboring districts can be returned day by day, so you don’t have to think about nighttime at all.

However, you can spend the night in various quality residential hotels at Narayanganj Sadar if necessary.

15. Maya Dwip/মায়াদ্বীপ

Best places in Narayanganj to visit.
Photo Credit – Mohammad Moshiur Rahman

Maya Dwip is one of the most beautiful places in Narayanganj that you can visit with your friend and family. Maya Dwip is the name of the triangle-shaped char that wakes up on the Meghna River banks located in the Bardi Union of Sonargaon Upazila in the Narayanganj district.

Surrounded by greenery, Mayadeep will fill your mind with an earthly calm.

Open wilderness, the wind blowing parallel to the river’s waves, and a drunken afternoon all together, this char is a magic house surrounded by delusion.

Maya Dwip is another name for nature-loving visitors to spend an afternoon with loved ones near Dhaka. But don’t stay there after dusk when you come to Maya Dwip Char.

You must visit char and return to Boidder market before the evening.

From Dhaka, Gulistan takes an AC, non-AC bus Doel, Swadesh, or Borak to the Mograpara intersection in Sonargaon.

You have to come to Boidder market boat ghat by a battery-operated auto-rickshaw or CNG from the Mogpara intersection. It will cost Rs 1000 (11.79$) to Rs 1500 (17.68$) to hire boats for the day from Boidder Bazar Ghat.

Boidder has a simple quality hotel in the market to eat food. And if you want, you can buy the food and water you need from Boidder market to eat in Maya Dwip.

It is better for some to group together on a trip to Maya Dwip and returns before evening thinking about safety.

Wrapping Up: Narayanganj Tourist Spots

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a unique cultural experience, these above-mentioned places offer a glimpse into the rich heritage, culture and traditions of Narayanganj. From the peaceful and serene Narayanganj Osmani Park to the Fantasy Kingdom, there is something for everyone in Narayanganj. It is a city that offers a variety of amazing parks and tourist attractions for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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