5 Best Places To Eat In Vitoria: Recommended Restaurants

5 Best Places To Eat in Vitoria: Recommended Restaurants

There are many restaurants where you can eat in Vitoria, so you are sure to find one that suits your tastes and allows you to experience Basque gastronomy, one of the best in the world. While at the same time knowing it as the capital of the Basque Country, it is also known as the Green Capital of Europe.

Pintxos: Small portions of food served with a piece of bread and served with beverages such as wine, txakoli, or txikitos or beer are among the highlights of the gastronomy in this area of Spain, another reason to visit. 

Other typical dishes are the revuelto de perretxikos, which is cooked with perretxiko mushrooms and eggs; the cocido vitoriano, which is a spoon dish; habitas a la vitoriana, which are made with habitas, chopped Iberian ham, chorizo, onion, garlic, and oil or stuffed chard stalks, which are chard stuffed with ham and cheese that is then battered and fried. Basque gastronomy, as you can see, is another must-try in this city.

The best-known restaurants in Vitoria are usually crowded, so it is highly recommended to book in advance if you do not want to run out of tables when visiting this city. 

After visiting Vitoria and writing an essential guide to the city and this guide to the Basque Country, we present you with this selection of what we believe are the top 5 restaurants in Vitoria with unbeatable quality/price ratios. Let’s dive in!

5 Best Places To Eat in Vitoria: Recommended Restaurants

1. La Bodeguilla Lanciego

Known for being one of the most recommended restaurants in Vitoria by travelers and locals, La Bodeguilla Lanciego is undoubtedly a success, whether you choose it for lunch or dinner.

There is a menu that focuses on quality products, well-cooked and respecting tradition, including meats, snails, and any of the fish they serve.

The price of the starters is between 7 and 12 euros, highlighting the endives with blue cheese; fish between 20 and 25 euros and meat about 20 euros.

Address: Calle Olaguibel 60

Opening hours: Every day from 12h to 15:30h and from 19:30h to 22h.

2. PerretxiCo

Located in Vitoria’s downtown area, PerretxiCo is one of the best places to eat in the city if you’re looking for a special lunch or dinner. The restaurant focuses on quality products, taste, innovative cuisine, and exceptional service.

Among all the dishes on the menu, we would highlight the pintxo of foie nougat for 3.95 euros, steak tartar for 13.50 euros, croquettes for 10.95 euros, and artichokes with Idiázabal cheese for 11.95 euros.

Address: 3 San Antonio street, first floor

Opening hours: Every day from 08h to 00h

3. Taberna Tximiso

Also located in the center of the city, Taberna Tximiso is another restaurant in Vitoria that will be a good choice for lunch or dinner while visiting the city.

Besides the pintxos bar, which is excellent, they have a complete menu, including traditional options and a menu of the day, which is 8 Euros for a dish and drink.

Address: Calle Manuel Iradier 8

Opening hours: Every day from 17:30h to 17h.

4. Sagartoki

Located in the heart of the city center, we find Sagartoki, another of the best-known restaurants in Vitoria and one of the most special if you want to enjoy Basque cuisine, with a touch of avant-garde, which makes it a unique experience for lunch or dinner.

With a fairly extensive menu, we recommend you to let yourself be advised by the staff, without forgetting to try the baby omelet champion of Spain for 6 euros, the chistorra with potato slice for 8.50 euros, the Gildas for 2.50 euros, the cod and partisan croquettes for 2.50 euros and the potato and chistorra pintxo for 2.50 euros.

Address: C/ Prado, 18

Opening hours: Every day from 10 am to 01 am

5. The Bost

We cannot finish this list of the most recommended restaurants in Vitoria without mentioning The Bost, which is another of the best-known restaurants in the city.

On top of the excellent menu, we would like to mention the foie for 16 euros and the txangurro for 19 euros and any of the meats, which are on average 15 euros.

Also, they have a wide selection of snack dishes on the menu, for about 11 euros, which can be an excellent option for sharing.

Address: Calle Florida 5

Opening hours: Every day from 13:15h to 15:30h and from 20:30h to 23h / Monday 13:15h to 15:30h

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