18 Best Places To See In East Aceh And Surrounding

18 Best Places To See In East Aceh and Surrounding

East Aceh is a district with Idi Rayeuk and has the second largest population in the Aceh region.

The people who inhabit East Aceh are the majority of Acehnese, Tamiang, and Gayo tribes. To get to East Aceh, it takes about 7 hours or 366 kilometers from Banda Aceh.

There is an exotic beauty in East Aceh due to the combination of local wisdom and natural beauty.

It is no wonder East Aceh has some excellent tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss. The beauty of the tourist attractions in East Aceh is unique, and you won’t find it in other parts of the world.

East Aceh is an area in the coastal region with the most significant total cultural assets compared to the other places in Aceh.

One of the influences on this is the tribes that inhabit this region. Nevertheless, the various tribes live harmoniously together, forming a harmonious community.

18 Best Places To See In East Aceh and Surrounding

To get a closer look at the life of the people in East Aceh while traveling, here are some tourist attractions in East Aceh that you need to know:

1.Weh Hilang Waterfall/Air Terjun Weh Hilang

The first tourist spot in East Aceh is Weh Hilang Waterfall. This place looks pretty worthwhile to visit since it is one of East Aceh’s most beautiful paradises.

Besides being known as Weh Hilang Waterfall, this waterfall is also known as Terujak waterfall because of its location in the Gampong Terujak area, Kec Serbajadi.

It is not easy to get to this waterfall, as you have to cross a narrow, perforated road.

It will take about 3 hours to make the trip, so you should be patient. However, when you arrive at this waterfall area, you can see the river with clear water surrounded by dense green trees.

Next, you’ll see the waterfall Weh Hilang, which seems to remove the tiredness of the journey.

With a height of 15 meters, this waterfall offers a stunning panorama that is surrounded by greenery.

The sight of the waterfall certainly makes you want to dive into the natural pool beneath the waterfall sooner or later. This waterfall will enhance the realistic experience with its fresh air and calm environment.

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2.Kuala Beukah Beach/Pantai Kuala Beukah

East Aceh is located along the coast and has stunning beaches, including Kuala Beukah Beach.

This beach offers beautiful natural scenery because peohonan fir trees surround it. 

This beach has brownish-colored sand combined with waves that ripple to the shore.

Moreover, the condition of this beach is still natural and well maintained. That’s why this beach is always packed with tourists.

For those who want to visit Kuala Beukah Beach, come to Paya Lipah Village, Peularak, East Aceh.

If you depart from Idi Rayeuk, you have to travel a distance of 40 kilometers, about a 1-hour drive to this beach.

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3.Kuala Parek Beach/Pantai Kuala Parek

The next beach you must visit in East Aceh is Kuala Parek Beach. This beach offers a stunning panorama.

While on this beach, you can see a stunning panorama of the blue sea with sloping beach sand. If you want to visit this beach, then this will give you a sense of exoticism.

Kuala Parek is also a beach that has consistently maintained its natural beauty. If you want to take a vacation to Kuala Parek Beach, come to Gampong Kuala Parek, Sungai Raya District.

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4.Idi Cut Beach/Pantai Idi Cut

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach not far from the capital of East Aceh Regency, you can come to Idi Cut Beach.

The view of this beach is even more magnificent since it has rocky white sand. Besides, fir trees are surrounding the beach area.

The beauty of marine tourism can be displayed through this blend of nature. Although the location is not far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere in this beach area. This is suitable to unwind.

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5.Ketapang Mameh Beach/Pantai Ketapang Mameh

Due to its location along the coast, Aceh is blessed with a diverse maritime natural charm.

For that reason, there are still more beaches that can be visited, namely Ketapang Mameh beach. This beach is a favorite tourist destination for the East Aceh people.

Ketapang Mameh beach has a beautiful charm that seems perfectly suitable for the presence of resting huts.

Its location not far from the city center makes this beach easy to reach. While the beach is located in the city, its natural beauty cannot be denied. 

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6.Peureulak Kingdom Site/Situs Kerajaan Peureulak

In addition to nature tourism and beach tourism, East Aceh also has a historical tour that is no less fascinating to visit.

This beach tourism is still related to the history of the relics of the Islamic Kingdom of Peureulak, namely the Site of the Kingdom of Peureulak. The site is the tomb of a king and a mosque.

On this site, there is the tomb of Sultan Sayed Maulana Abdul Aziz Syah and Hismasuri. There is also the tomb of Sayed Makhdum Laidin Malek Abdullah.

The location of the Peureulak kingdom site is in Gampong Tualang Peureulak Subdistrict. Peureulak Islamic Work is the second Islamic kingdom after the Pasai Islamic Kingdom located in Lhokseumawe.

You can explore this site to learn more about the history of Islam in the East Aceh region in the past.

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7.Pusong Kuala Idi Beach/Pantai Pusong Kuala Idi

The beach in the Idi Rayeuk sub-district can be one of the options when traveling to East Aceh. After being devastated by a tsunami in 2004, this beach’s beauty did not simply fade.

Many tourists come to this beach for a vacation and to unwind. During the weekends, Pusong Kuala Idi beach becomes more crowded.

8.Paya Bili Waterfall/Air Terjun Paya Bili

Paya Bili Waterfall is a waterfall located in the Birem Bayeun Subdistrict or about 12 kilometers from the district’s capital.

This waterfall has a height of about 15 kilometers, and there is a natural reservoir that covers an area of 20 x 50 meters.

You still have to fight to reach the waterfall since the vehicle cannot get to the waterfall. 

That’s why you have to walk for 3 kilometers to get to the location of the waterfall. Natural conditions still prevail in this waterfall, creating a relaxing and natural atmosphere.

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9.Kuala Peudawa Tourist Beach/Pantai Wisata Kuala Peudawa

The next beach tour is Kuala Peudawa Tourism Beach, located in Peudawa District or about 58 kilometers from Langsa Capital.

If you depart from Idi Rayeuk, then the distance is about 1.5 kilometers to this beach. When visiting this beach, you can see the beach overgrown with coconut trees along the coast.

The coconut trees appear soaring to add to the beauty and charm of this beach. Those who wish to visit this beach need not worry since it can easily reach even on four wheels.

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10.Kuala Simpang Ulim Beach/Pantai Kuala Simpang Ulim

Another beach that is no less interesting to visit is Kuala Simpang Ulim beach, where this beach is located in Simpang Ulim District or about 1.00 kilometers from Langsa City.

This beach offers stunning natural scenery and a natural impression. Moreover, its location in Kuala is a small island that makes this beach even more charming.

11.Kuala Geulumpang Beach/Pantai Kuala Geulumpang

This beach is a marine tourism object that presents a panorama of a stunning and charming beach.

The beach also has clean white sand that adds to the beauty of this beach. In addition, the beach has clean white sand that stretches for miles along the beach.

There are also trees and hills around the beach that add to the exotic impression of this beach. 

Those of you who are curious about the beauty of this beach should visit Julok Subdistrict, which is about 5 kilometers from the district’s capital.

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12.Two-Face Groove Beach/Pantai Alur Dua Muka

East Aceh’s next major tourist attraction is another beach, namely Alur Dua Muka beach, approximately 65 kilometers from Langsa City.

Alur Dua Muka Beach is no less charming than other beaches in East Aceh. This is because this beach offers a magnificent natural panorama and has a wild atmosphere that is still very natural.

If you want to get to this tourist spot, you can easily use a private vehicle.

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13.Sharp Bamboo Garden/Taman Bambu Runcing

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The next tourist spot is Taman Bambu Runcing. Located in Langsa, this park is more appropriately called a monument.

A monument in this park serves as a reminder of the next generation and the heroes who sacrificed their lives to expel the invaders.

Due to a lack of advanced weapons, the heroes suffered a logistical defeat at that time. The fighters were finally able to defeat the invaders with simple weapons made from bamboo.

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14.Mangrove Forest/Hutan Mangrove

The mangrove forest is still a popular destination for nature tourism as it is a beautiful, new, and Instagram-able spot.

Its location in the Langsa area makes this forest always crowded with tourists. Mangrove plants that thrive and are green make the eyes feel refreshed.

Moreover, the presence of wooden bridges around mangrove forests will undoubtedly add a more exotic impression. 

There is an affordable ticket price of Rp 10,000 per person to enter this forest area.

Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the beautiful moment on vacation in this mangrove forest.

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15.Mutiara Waterpark/Mutiara Waterpark

Mutiara Waterpark offers an exciting and fun water playground located in the Langsa area. It is a prime tourist attraction in the Langsa area.

Private parties manage waterparks, so you need to buy an entrance ticket of Rp 20,000 per person to enter.

There are many rides at this waterpark, including clean swimming pools and water slides.

There is also a separate gazebo where visitors can relax. The Mutiara Waterpark is ideal for weekends away with the family.

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16.Protected Forest/Hutan Lindung

You can explore a million beauty spots in East Aceh, including Protected Forest tourism.

The forest’s location is in the village of Paya Bujok Seulemak. This protected forest offers natural green scenery and is coupled with a calm stream.

To enter this protected forest, tourists must pay an entrance ticket of Rp 5,000 per person. Besides enjoying the beauty of natural scenery, tourists can take a boat to sail down the river.

The boat can be rented for a rental fee of Rp 10,000 per person. The fun and natural impression will undoubtedly make you more pampered and closer to nature when circling the river.

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17.Balee Juang Building/Gedung Balee Juang

Along with natural attractions, East Aceh also has historical buildings that you should visit when visiting East Aceh, such as the Balee Juang Building.

This building is a historic building with typical European architecture. This building is also a silent witness to the struggle of the heroes of Aceh, who gathered from various corners to fight the invaders.

The heroes declared to oppose the invaders until the point of exhaustion, which is why this building is named Balee Juang.

The Balee Juang Building is located in Kampung Jawa, a predominantly Javanese or immigrant area of Jakarta.

Although it was reconstructed due to the tsunami, this building is still well maintained now.

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18.Tirta Virta Raya Swimming Pool/Kolam Renang Tirta Virta Raya

Tirta Virta Raya swimming pool in Gampong Paya Bujuk Teungoh, Langsa is an international standard swimming pool that provides many facilities.

This tourist spot is always crowded with tourists because of the complete water game facilities available. To enter this swimming pool, tourists must pay a fee of Rp 20,000 per person for the entrance ticket.

As part of the ticket price, you’ll be able to experience a variety of water rides, including water parks, water slides, and swimming pools for adults and children.

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These are some of the charms of tourist attractions in East Aceh that can be the inspiration for your holiday trip. If you want a vacation to Aceh, then do not miss stopping by East Aceh.

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