5 Best Places To Visit In Getaria

5 Best Places To Visit In Getaria

This guide to the best places to see in Getaria will help you not miss anything interesting during your visit to one of the most beautiful coastal towns of the Basque Country, optimizing your time to the maximum.

Located in the cold waters of the Bay of Biscay and surrounded by hills full of vineyards, this fishing village is a great place to explore. Its famous sailors include Juan Sebastian Elcano, the first man to sail around the world.

Fall in love with its beaches, charming old town, harbor, and gastronomy, highlighting grilled fresh-from-the-sea fish and the white wine known as chacoli de Guetaria.

The morning is an excellent time to visit all the attractions, but if you have time, we recommend strolling along the beach to Zarautz and spending more time on the beaches.

5 Best Places To Visit In Getaria

1. Drive from Zarautz to Getaria

You can get to Getaria by walking the 4.5 kilometers of the pedestrian promenade that separates it from Zarautz and runs along the coast of Gipuzkoa. 

During this pleasant and easy walk of just over an hour, you will enjoy stunning views of the imposing eroded cliffs of the Basque coast, where you can observe the geological phenomenon called flysch, which has made it another of the best things to do in Getaria. You can walk back the same way or take a bus.

Asking yourself what to do in Zarautz?

2. Malkorbe Beach – One of the places to see in Getaria

If you do not come walking from Zarautz, you can leave the car or bus on Portu Street, located in front of Malkorbe Beach, one of the best beaches in the Basque Country and one of the most beautiful places to see in Getaria.

You can enjoy the best views of the town from this street, which has a beach in the foreground, the port in the background, and the mountain of San Anton, known in the area as Getaria’s mouse because of its shape.

You can take a swim in the calm waters of this beach, which is one of two sandy beaches in Getaria along with Gaztetape Beach.

3. The Port

Getaria (Guetaria in Spanish) had one of the largest fishing ports in the north, which gave wealth to the population largely through whaling.

Although to a lesser extent, fishing is still a significant part of this town’s economy. This is due to its modern facilities, canning industry, and restaurants that serve fresh fish on the grill. Txakoli is a delicious accompaniment.

After taking some pictures of its charming port, which stands out for its many colorful boats and lively daily activity, you can go to the restaurant Asador Astillero to try a delicious grilled turbot and baked txangurro.

Other recommended places to eat good fish and seafood are the Politena, the Iribar, the Asador Mayflower, or Elkano, which got a Michelin star for the quality of its grilled fish.

This port is not only one of the most important places to visit in Getaria, but it is also the starting point of an excursion to the Flysch of Zumaia Banoat, considered one of the most beautiful on the Basque Coast.

4. Old Town

After lunch, you can start a route through Old Town, another of the most beautiful places to see in Getaria. Start at Elkano Square, which houses a statue of Juan Sebastian Elcano.

From this square, you can walk to the Church of San Salvador, built in the fourteenth century in Gothic style and declared a National Monument. Also, don’t miss the Katrapona passageway, a street under the church that connects the old town with the fishing port, reminding the town’s defensive system.

After strolling along Aldamar street, full of terraces overlooking the sea, you can walk along the parallel and sloping streets of San Roke, Elkano, and Kale Nagusia. These streets concentrate a large part of the attraction and commercial activity of the town.

To finish the route, you can approach the Gothic tower of Aldamar and the great Monument to Juan Sebastian Elcano, which rises on an old bastion of the wall of Getaria.

5. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

Another essential thing to do in Getaria is to visit the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, one of the most influential fashion designers in history.

Having been born into a humble family in Getaria in 1895, Balenciaga established himself as one of the outstanding haute couture references, designing revolutionary designs and dressing the biggest celebrities of the time.

In the museum, located in the Aldemar Palace, where Balenciaga spent part of his childhood, you can learn about the history of the designer and see some of his most famous creations.

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm from March to October, the rest of the months from 10 am to 3 pm.

Where to stay in Getaria

Our recommended accommodation in Getaria is the Saiaz Getaria Hotela, located in a historic tower overlooking the sea in the old town. Another reasonable option with an excellent quality/price ratio is the Katrapona, situated on the beachfront.

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