The 21 Best Places To Visit In Pidie, Aceh

The 21 Best Places To Visit In Pidie, Aceh

The name of Pidie Regency does seem familiar to the people of Aceh and outside Aceh. Pidie is a district with the second largest population in Aceh Province.

Pidie’s capital, Sigli, is nothing but an area with a rapidly growing and sizable economy. Behind its potential, Pidie also offers many of the best tourist attractions you can visit while on vacation in Pidie. 

Tourist destinations in Pidie are guaranteed to be no less beautiful than other tourist places in the Aceh region.

From nature tourism, cultural tourism to religious tourism is available in Pidie, and you can easily visit. 

These tourist attractions have uniqueness and certainly provide facilities that make you feel at home and comfortable.

The 21 Best Places To Visit In Pidie, Aceh

If you want to take a vacation to Pidie but do not know which tourist attractions to visit, the following list will be a great guide.

1.Beungga Hot Spring/Air Panas Beungga

Location: Blang Ubue Village, Beungga Settlement, Tangse, Pidie

Pidie’s first tourist spot is the Beungga hot spring tour. You can enjoy a fun outing and refresh your body by visiting this tourist spot.

As the name implies, this tourist attraction offers a tour of the natural hot spring pool. Beungga Hot Spring is located at the foot of Bukit Barisan mountain, so it provides calm and beautiful air.

When you visit this tourist spot, you can enjoy the sensation of soaking in hot water that refreshes your body.

While bathing in hot water, you will enjoy the scenery around the hot spring pool surrounded by greenery. It looks green and soothes the eyes.

If you like to take pictures, then do not miss the beautiful moments in Beungga Hot Spring by capturing them in photos.

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2.Sigli City Tsunami Monument/Monumen Tsunami Kota Sigli

Location: Kuala Pidie Village, Sigli City District, Pidie District

The tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004 seemed to leave deep memories and sorrows behind. The devastating tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives is now enshrined and remembered as a monument to the Sigli Tsunami.

As you enter the museum, you can reflect on the dark history of the events several years ago.

If you want to visit the tsunami monument, come to Pelang Beach or precisely located south of Sigli square.

A tourist spot like this one is not just a place to travel but also information about the tsunami. It also has two floors and displays a variety of collections in memory of the tsunami. 

This monument building has Arabic pillars that enhance its beauty.

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3.Tangse Waterfall/Air Terjun Tangse

Location: Beureuneun-Geumpang Street, Tangse District, Pidie Regency

Next, there is Tangse Waterfall, which presents a stunning natural landscape. The location of this waterfall is in the forest and mountainous areas to make the scenery around the waterfall feel more beautiful.

Tangse waterfall spot is very popular with tourists. It is ideal for visiting for a relaxing experience. Due to its calm and superb atmosphere, having this waterfall by your side can make you feel abroad.

You will have a more exciting time touring Tangse Waterfall if you take the closest people or your family with you.

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4.The Charm of Kule Peak/Pesona Puncak Kule

Location: BateeCataman, Pidie

You can see a wide expanse of natural scenery at Pesona Puncak Kule, a tourist attraction that offers a breathtaking view and pampering eyes.

If you are curious about the Charm of Kule Peak, then come to Batee Subdistrict, which is not so far from Sigli City. From above, the blue seawater blends seamlessly with the natural scenery of the surroundings, creating an awe-inspiring sight. 

On a clear day, you can see the blue sky decorated with white clouds.

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5.Mantak Tari Beach/ Pantai Mantak Tari

Location: Mantak Raya, Simpang Tiga District, Pidie

When tourism is discussed in Aceh, one of the components is marine tourism. Mantak Tari Beach is one of the top attractions within the fantastic area of Aceh.

The name of this beach is unique and suitable as a tourist destination. When you arrive at Mantak Tari Beach, you can see a stunning natural panorama and blend with the grayish sand of the beach.

The rolling waves on the beach that roll in the calm, blue sea water add to the beauty of the beach. 

The atmosphere in Mantak Tari Beach does feel more beautiful with green trees surrounding the beach area.

A breeze makes the relaxing atmosphere even more comfortable and relaxing. Sunsets are more beautiful in the afternoon when they give the sky a reddish tinge.

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6.Ujong Pi

Location: Muara Tiga District, Pidie

The next tourist spot in Pidie is Ujong Pi. Ujong Pi tourist attractions offer tourist charm in the form of a stunning pier and a mouthwatering dish of cob fish noodles.

If you want to travel to Ujong Pi from Sigli, then you can travel for 40 minutes. Ujong Pi Pier looks so long that it makes it easier for tourists to enjoy the sea view more closely and not only from the shore.

Around the pier, some rocks can be used as swimming spots. The function of this pier is as a place for fishers to be tied, but because it is located on the shallow seafront, it has not functioned but has become a promising tourism potential.

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7.Dutch Water Tower in Workshop Block/Menara Air Belanda di Blok Bengkel

Location: Gampong Blok Bengkel, Sigli City District, Pidie

Next, in the Workshop Block, you will find the Dutch Water Tower, another unique tourist attraction in Pidie. 

The location of this water tower is in the shopping center area Pidie self-service, Sigli.

This Dutch water tower is a building with a height of about 20 meters. It is said that the construction of this water tower was done during the occupation of the Dutch East Indies Government.

Also on the front wall of the tower building is an inscription stating that it was built on 26-8-1945. 

It cannot be enshrined into the street’s name, namely Jalan Menara Air; this tower is also a unique historical tourist destination in the Pidie area, although it is not known more clearly the tower’s history.

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8.Tomb of Tengku Abdullah Di Tiro/Makam Tengku Abdullah Di Tiro

Location: Pante Garot Village, Indra Jaya District, Pidie

You can visit Pidie not only for its natural attractions but also for its religious tours. One of them is the tomb of Tengku Abdullah Di Tiro who is none other than the father of Tengku Tjhik Di Tiro.

While touring the tomb, you can listen to the story of Tengku Abdullah Di Tiro’s struggle for the people of Aceh.

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9.Lingkok Kuwieng

Location: Hagu Forest, Padang Tiji District, Pidie

It is undoubtedly true that this tourist spot offers a breathtaking natural panorama. Lingkok Kuwieng is a canyon with clear green water flow, and there are rock cliffs.

This combination is what can create a very striking natural scenery. To get to Lingkok Kuwieng, it takes a brutal struggle to pass through forests and dirt roads.

But the challenging journey seems to pay off when you witness the beauty of Lingkok Kuwieng, which is very charming.

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10.Po Teumeureuhom Mosque (Western Pearl)/Masjid Po Teumeureuhom (Mutiara Barat)

Location: Sigli City, Pidie Regency

Po Teumeureuhom Mosque is one of the old mosques in the Pidie area. The location of this mosque is not so far from Sigli City.

Besides being an old mosque, this mosque also has a beautiful architectural design. Usually, visitors who come to this mosque aim to worship or take religious tours.

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11.Guha Tujuh (Laweung)

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Location: Jalan Banda Aceh KM 100, Laweung, Muara Tiga, Pidie

Visitors who enjoy the beauty of nature should not miss visiting Guha Tujuh or Laweung. This cave is located at Jalan Banda Aceh KM 100, Laweung, Muara Tiga, Pidie.

This cave indeed has an enchanting charm that should be explored. Because it turns out that this cave is very long and has stalactites and stalactites are very beautiful.

Though it has been known to exist for a long time, no one knows the extent of this cave. Getting to Guha Tujuh is a challenging journey due to the road conditions, which are still hollow.

For those of you who love natural scenery, this cave can be the right choice to travel and explore the beauty of nature.

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12.Tangse Rafting/ Arung Jeram Tangse

Location: Tangse, Pidie

If you are visiting Pidie, do not miss seeing and trying Tangse Rafting because rafting offers a sensation that spurs adrenaline and is suitable for unwinding.

Rafting done on the Geumpang River will feel more challenging with large rocks and a hefty river flow.

Combined with the natural beauty around the river and the very organized currents, it is sure to send your adrenaline rushing. You should hire a professional guide if you want to enjoy rafting.

Since this river’s current is quite dangerous, you need a guide to keep you safe and comfortable.

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13.Krueng Geunie

Location: Gampong Lhok Keutapang, Tangse District, Pidie

While you are in Pidie, you can visit the Krueng Geunie to complete your holiday. Krueng Geuni offers natural baths in Tangse.

This area does have a clear river flow with rocks that are pretty large and beautiful. No wonder Krueng has a reputation for being one of the best places for natural bathing.

When the water flow is clear and clean, you can feel the sensation of bathing in clear freshwater. Lingering in Krueng water when you are in a green and dense forest area will undoubtedly make you feel heavenly.

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14.Rajui Padang Tiji Reservoir/Waduk Rajui Padang Tiji

Location: foot of Sulawah valley, Padang Tiji, Pidie

You should not miss visiting Rajui Padang Tiji reservoir when you are on holiday in Pidie. This water dam is often used as a destination for tourists.

The location of Rajui Padang Tiji Reservoir is at the foot of Sulawah valley, Padang Tiji. Usually, this reservoir irrigates rice fields owned by the community in several sub-districts, namely Padang Tiji, Laweung, Grong-Grong, Bate, and Delima.

The reservoir, built in 2013, is often visited by the community, especially in the afternoon. Usually, visitors to this reservoir want to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. 

Rajui Padang Tiji Reservoir is free to enter, so you will not be charged an entrance fee.

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15.Pelangi Beach/Pantai Pelangi

Location: Tanjong Harapan Village, Sigli City District, Pidie

Pidie has some beautiful beaches, including Pelangi Beach, located on the edge of Sigli City or right in front of the Pidie Regent Pendopo.

Its location is close to Pendopo, which makes the local people often refer to Pendopo beach. Pelangi Beach has a stunning beauty with blue sea water, rolling waves, and clear skies.

While on this beach, you can enjoy a gentle breeze that will make your mind feel relaxed. 

Pelangi Beach is perfect for relaxing because there are benches around the beach that visitors can use while enjoying a meal.

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16.Abu Beureueh Mosque/Masjid Abu Beureueh

Location: Beuruenuen, Mutiara District, Pidie

This mosque is known as Baitul A’la Lil Mujahidin Mosque, located in Beureunuen, Mutiara, Pidie. This mosque was built on the initiative of Tgk. Muhammad Daud Beureueh was built in 1950.

During the construction process of this mosque, several tensions did arise from the foundation. The party claims that the management of the mosque is carried out entirely by the foundation.

But with several meetings, the tension finally began to subside. Abu Beureueh Mosque was constructed in 1980 and contains the tomb of Tengku Muhammad Daud Beureuh.

The tomb is a simple fence at the back of the mosque.

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17.Sassy Salt/Lancang Garam

Location: Cebrek Village, Simpang Tiga District, Pidie

You can visit salt production houses at Pidie and see beautiful tourist attractions. Lancang Garam is located in Cebrek Village, Simpang Tiga District, or about 10 kilometers from Sigli.

Lancang Garam is a salt farmer village in the PA fantastic indie area. It is no wonder that there are many fish ponds, empty spaces, and houses called sassily in Lancang Garam.

But that’s where the villagers of Cebrek process salt. The house where salt production in this area is Segaja made the same to become a uniqueness. While traveling, you can learn to process salt that you may not know.

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18.Pinto Sa Dam/Bendungan Pinto Sa

Location: Tiro/Treuseb Subdistrict, Pidie Regency

Another tourist spot in Pidie that you can visit during your holiday is Pinto Sa Dam. This dam is a source of irrigation water for the Tiro community and its surroundings.

Usually, when the weekend or holidays arrive, the dam is crowded with tourists. No wonder this dam is one of the main tourist destinations in the Pidie area.

Hulu River, which is located on the hillside of Gampong Blang Rukui, has magnificent natural scenery. Kerikir rocks are lying on the river’s lip and flanked by green trees.

The air is cool and fresh to make you feel more at home, enjoying this dam’s natural panoramabuilt-in. No need to worry because this river tends to have ramps and is filled with mountain rocks in the river’s body.

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19.Peut Sagoe Mountain/Gunung Peut Sagoe

Location: Meureudu area, Pidie Regency

If you have a hobby of climbing, it doesn’t hurt to conquer Mount Puet Sague. This volcano stands firmly with four peaks that reach a height of 2801 m.

20.Mount Taleuk/Gunung Taleuk

Location: Forest, Tiro/Truseb, Pidie Regency

As well as Peut Sagoe mountain, you can attempt to conquer Taleuk mountain. You won’t get bored lingering on this mountain because of its beautiful savanna.

21.Teuraceu Angên Beungga/Teuraceu Angên Beungga

Location: Krueng Seukeuk, Tangse, Pidie Regency

Pidie’s last tourist attraction on the list is Angên (Wind) Waterfall (Teuraceu). In Indonesian, this waterfall means wind waterfall. Due to the high water level and the strong winds generated by the air pressure, the waterfall is named after it.

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Here is a list of the tourist attractions in Pidie that can be an option while vacationing in Pidie. 

There are so many wonderful and exciting things to do in Pidie that you would have a memorable holiday.

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