16 Best Places To Visit In Tangerang, Indonesia

Brendeng Bridge (Jembatan Brendeng) across Cisadane River in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia; at sunset.

Tangerang is one of the most populous cities in Indonesia. It is located within the province of Banten. The city lies in the northwest part of Java.

As the capital of the Tangerang regency, it has become a bustling center for trade and industry. The city is now home to several large industrial areas; Tanah Abang, Pluit, and Lippo Cikarang among them.

Due to the rapid development of the Tangerang area, this condition is directly proportionate.

However, the density of the population is not the only thing distinguishing this region. To attract tourists, Tangerang has also developed its tourism industry. 

Tangerang now has many tourist attractions that attract attention and should be visited. These are 15 of them:

16 Best Places To Visit In Tangerang, Indonesia

1.Fort Heritage Museum/Museum Benteng Heritage

Do not forget to visit The Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang for those of you who like historical attractions. 

It is housed in a 17th-century building with traditional Chinese elements – the museum is located on Jl. Cilame No. 20, Pasar Lama. The building is among the oldest in Tangerang City.

This tourist spot in Tangerang has many interesting things to offer, especially the history of ethnic Chinese. One of them is the history of the landing of Cheng Ho’s fleet in Indonesia. 

In addition, there is a gallery that stores various models of old-fashioned cameras for those who love photography. There are also several song player tools available to assist in learning about the history of music.

There will be many events held within the museum area at certain times. This kind of plan is also one of the visitor attractions. 

Despite its old buildings, the museum still creates a warm impression. No wonder this tourist spot is still quite crowded now.

2.Scientia Square Park

Located on Jl. Scientia Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Scientia Square Park tourist destination is within easy reach. With the concept of an open garden, this tourist spot in Tangerang offers many interesting spots and activities. 

Some of them are koi fish feeding, jogging, wall climbing, yoga, inline skating, and various other outdoor activities.

In addition, you can also invite your little ones to interact directly with the colorful butterflies found in The Metamorphosis of Butterfly area. 

While accompanying your children to play and explore the surroundings, you can relax for a while in the Universe Amphitheater. There are artistic wooden floors and large green cushions.

This tourist spot in Tangerang is perfect if you plan to invite family members to picnic in the open field while enjoying togetherness. 

Scientia Square Park is open to the public, from 06.00 AM to 09.00 PM daily.

3.Froggy Edutography Floating Castle

Those of you who want your child to play and enjoy the beauty of a castle with unique architecture are more than welcome to bring them to the Floating Castle of Froggy Edutography. 

Located in BSD Grand Boulevard, South Tangerang, this tourist place is very easy to reach.

This magnificent building consists of 66 pieces of glass with a height of 10.8 meters, a width of 1.9 meters, and 19 millimeters. 

These sheets of glass are in no way spliced, hung, or using suspended techniques. Well, it’s this model that’s causing the hovering effect.

This 10-story building offers a variety of interesting things, especially for children. For example, a floor specifically contains indicators of a child’s intelligence based on their characteristics. 

On the other floor, there are areas and facilities that children can use to play roles.

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4.Ocean Park Water Adventure

Another must-see in Tangerang is Ocean Park Water Adventure. Located on Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, CBD Area, South Tangerang, this tourist attraction can be reached easily by using public transportation.

Several rides you should try while playing at Ocean Park Water Adventure, such as Adrenaline Rush, The Ocean, A Paradise for Kiddo, etc. 

There are also various supporting facilities, such as lockers, toilets, showers, WiFi, food courts, and nursing rooms.

Well, to enjoy the fun of playing water in this waterpark, visit between 11.00 AM – 07.00 PM (Monday – Friday) or 08.00 AM – 07.00 PM (weekend). For admission, you must pay Rp 75,000 per person.

However, if you want to save on your holiday budget, you can take advantage of the various promos available.

5.BSD Xtreme Park

If you want to go to BSD and love it, you must face adrenaline-pumping challenges here. But, of course, I’m talking about BSD Xtreme Park.

Both children and adults will enjoy this tourist spot. However, a lighter game is better for children than for adults, as you can see in the picture.

The prices offered to vary depending on what you want to play. Like rock and rope, you will be charged 45,000 rupiahs on weekdays and 65,000 rupiahs on weekends, while for paintball with 30 bullets, you will be charged 70,000 rupiahs on weekdays and weekends.

6.Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park/Taman Buaya Tanjung Pasir

Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park offers a unique view and makes the adrenaline flow. 

This place is a fairly large crocodile breeding area. You can see directly hundreds of crocodiles of various sizes collected in this tourist spot in Tangerang.

However, there is no need to worry about safety factors because the breeding area is relatively safe. 

In addition, this location is also equipped with trees so that the atmosphere feels shady and cool. There are no attractions on offer, but you can see when the crocodiles are fed.

You can visit here from 08.00 WIB – 18.00 WIB every day. The entrance ticket costs Rp 8,000 for adults and Rp 4,000 for children.

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7.The Breeze

Want to hang out in the mall while chatting with family? This can be one of the interesting activities in between daily activities. 

Well, if you are a Tangerang resident or happen to be visiting Tangerang, do not miss the opportunity to visit this mall.

The Breeze is no ordinary mall. Instead, this mall is a lifestyle center with the concept of an open-air lifestyle. Located in BSD Green Office Park, The Breeze has an area of about 13.5 hectares. 

In this tourist spot in Tangerang, many tenants offer various needs of visitors, such as various tenants of food, electronics, cosmetics, etc. 

Visiting The Breeze, you will be pampered with a unique and very green architectural scenery.

Well, while enjoying the natural atmosphere, you can shop or go on a culinary tour with your family. Just by visiting one location, you can get a variety of comforts. Interesting, isn’t it?

8.Situ Bulakan

Situ Bulakan is located in Periuk Village, Periuk District, Tangerang City. It has an area of 300,000 square meters. 

Both residents inside and outside the city come to Situ Bulakan to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Situ Bulakan is usually crowded on weekends, especially by families and couples. So the activity that can be done is playing paddle boats in the lake area. 

By paying Rp 15,000 only, you can enjoy this facility for 30 minutes. In addition, the variety of culinary available around this tourist area is also interesting to try, such as delicious and cheap roasted corn.

9.Kronjo Cup Island/Pulau Cangkir Kronjo

The north coast of Tangerang Regency has its charm. In this area, there is an area shaped like a cup with an area of 4.5 hectares. 

The tiny island is connected to the mainland by a bridge that can be reached on foot for several minutes.

Although small, the island holds its uniqueness. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding beaches, but visitors can also make a pilgrimage to the tomb of one of the great scholars in Banten, namely Sheikh Waliyuddin. 

The bonus is, you can also enjoy a green and refreshing panorama of mangroves.

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10.Tingal Land/Tanah Tingal

If you are looking for the most suitable location for a vacation with children in Tangerang, Tanah Tingal is the right choice. 

This tourist spot in Tangerang is a hangout arena and an outbound location that offers interesting views and panoramas.

With the concept of the urban forest, Tanah TingalOpens in a new tab. managed to become one of the favorite visitors when they want to escape for a moment from the density of daily routines. 

It is located at Jl. Merpati Raya No. 32, Sawah Baru Village, Ciputat District, South Tangerang City. From Sudimara Station, it is only about 1 km away.

Many activities can be done at this tourist spot in Tangerang. Some of them are kayaking in the lake, swimming, outbound, bird watching, viewing various photo collections, wall climbing, and so on. 

Additionally, the facilities in the area are very conducive to tourist events, such as lodging huts, stilt houses, camping areas, water games areas, etc.

11.Cisoka Blue Lake/Telega Biru Cisoka

Many people know Cisoka Blue Lake by the name Cigaru Blue Lake. This tourist spot is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tangerang. 

This lake is indeed beautiful blue, especially if combined with the scenery of the surrounding rocky hills. In the past, this place was a sandpit, but now it is no longer operational.

After a while, the sandpit was filled with rainwater. Over time, the water is accommodated more and more so that it forms a lake. 

You can visit this lake by coming directly to Cigaru Village, Cisoka Village, Cisoka District, Tangerang Regency.

Two lakes can be visited in this tourist destination. The first lake is to the right of the entrance. The water of this lake is deep blue. 

To the left of the entrance is a second lake with green water. Also, the size is larger. The acidity of this lake affects its color.

12.Situ Cihuni

Situ Cihuni, located in Cihuni Village, Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency, offers a refreshing natural beauty. 

No wonder many people visit this “situ” or lake. In this area, green grass and shady trees become natural scenery that is seen everywhere.

For those who like to ride a bike, Situ Cihuni is one of the challenging routes. This popular route for cyclists is included in the Dragon Trail. 

Not only that, but this tourist attraction in Tangerang also has an agrotourism area of 32 hectares. There are many activities to do here, including harvesting vegetables and fruit.

Another interesting facility available in Situ Cihui is a dining place in the form of a bamboo saung. 

The unique location complemented by delicious traditional cuisine makes this place worth visiting for tourists.

For those of you who like lake tourism, Indonesia has many beautiful lakes to offer you!

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13.Marcopolo Waterpark Serpong

Marcopolo Waterpark Serpong is one of the very best tourist attractions in Tangerang that should not be missed, especially if you like water tourism recreation—located on Jl. Kampung No. 58, North Panunggangan, Pinang, Tangerang City. 

This amazing attraction offers several water rides, such as a current pool and a big slider. In addition, there is also a swimming pool for children equipped with a fountain.

Interestingly, Marcopolo Waterpark Serpong is located on the 5th floor of the Great Western Building. This allows visitors to see the view of Tangerang City from a height while playing water. 

The facility offers several supporting facilities, including locker rooms, bathrooms, and lockers.

14.City Park 2 BSD/Taman Kota 2 BSD

For those of you who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of traffic density, Taman Kota 2 BSD is located on Jl. Tekno Widya, Setu District, South Tangerang, can be an option. 

This park has 7.2 hectares and contains shady trees so that the atmosphere around it feels very cool.

Tangerang’s tourist attractions don’t only offer a place to hang out or relax but are also equipped with jogging tracks for those who want to exercise. 

There are also several gazebos, benches, and treehouses that can be used as a place to relax. In addition, there is an artificial lake covering 2 hectares and a mini water flow as high as 1 meter.

One area for taking pictures in Taman Kota 2 BSD is a red bridge just above the Cisadane River. This river does flow through the parking area. 

So, you can imagine how fresh and exotic the atmosphere around this tourist spot is. This red bridge is a favorite place for visitors and is also known as The Red Bridge of Love.

15.Little Jungle Playground

Little Jungle is one of the great tourist attractions in Tangerang that is interesting enough to invite children. There are many games, such as flying fox, treehouse, rollerblade, trampoline bungee, and super slide. 

By paying 30,000 Rp on weekdays and 50,000 Rp on weekends, you can let your kids play in this area as much as you want.

Well, when visiting this tourist spot in Tangerang, you can also bring your child’s favorite food or snacks so that the holiday event while playing becomes more fun. 

Another suggestion is that you also need to prepare socks as a mandatory requirement to play in the Little Jungle area. 

If you don’t have socks, you can buy them directly at the counter for Rp 15,000 per pair.

Besides having fun, playing in a place like this will help train your child’s motor movement. Children can jump, climb, and also play Lego in the space provided. 

You have to customize the selected game to the child’s age and interests. 

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16.Situ Gintung Island Tourism Park/Taman Wisata Pulau Situ Gintung

After completing various saturated activities, there is nothing more fun than enjoying the beauty of nature with your family on weekends. 

One of the interesting options you can try is to visit Situ Gintung Island, Tourism Park. 

This tourist attraction in Tangerang is located on Jl. Kertamukti Pisangan Raya No. 121, Cirendeu, Ciputat, South Tangerang.

In addition to presenting natural scenery and fresh air, this tourist attraction is also a center of educational activities equipped with various facilities. 

Camping, outbound travel, or even family reunions and gatherings are just a few of the things that can be done. Additionally, this facility also offers paintball games and ceramic-making training.

To enter the Situ Gintung tourist area, you only need to pay a ticket for Rp 10,000. However, for the night, the cost rises to Rp 20,000.


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