The 25 Best Recreational Places In Central Aceh You Should Visit

The 25 Best Recreational Places in Central Aceh You Should Visit

Central Aceh is a district located about 314.3 kilometers from the capital of Aceh Province, Banda Aceh, about 6-7 hours by road.

Central Aceh regency has a district capital named Takengon. But the Takengon people often call Central Aceh Gayo because people in the region generally use the Gayo language.

You need to know that Central Aceh or Takengon offers various beauty charms found in its tourist attractions. You can undoubtedly visit tourist sites in Central Aceh when the holiday season arrives or on weekends.

Tourist spots in Central Aceh are very diverse, ranging from nature tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism to culinary tourism. Indeed the various choices of tourist destinations should not be missed when you visit Central Aceh.

With the beauty of these tourist spots, it is no wonder that now Central Aceh is increasingly visited by tourists from Central Aceh and various regions in Indonesia and foreign countries.

The 25 Best Recreational Places in Central Aceh You Should Visit

If you are interested in visiting the tourist attractions of Central Aceh, here are some recommendations for you.

1.Fresh Sea Lake/Danau Laut Tawar

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The first tourist spot in Central Aceh is a lake located in the Gayo Plateau, Central Aceh. This Fresh Sea Lake area is about 5,472 hectares with 17 kilometers and a width of 3,219 kilometers.

This lake is vast, so that it can provide many benefits for the Gayo Tribe for daily water needs. This lake employs residents, and it serves as a tourist attraction.

When visiting this Fresh Sea Lake, you can enjoy a beautiful natural panorama. Moreover, the location of this lake is flanked by 2 hills so that it will give an even more charming impression.

The lake is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, and one of them is the depik fish, which is only found in the lake.

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2.Red Datu Pan Cave/Goa Loyang Datu Merah

This tourist spot is so attractive in Central Aceh because tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and learn the legend stored in this cave.

The legend of this cave is prevalent and has been passed down through generations. It is no wonder that cave tourism is becoming increasingly popular among tourists who want to see the cave’s beauty and hear the legends of its formation.

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3.Pan Koro Cave/Goa Loyang Koro

Loyang Koro Cave tour is on the shores of the Fresh Sea lake that you can travel as far as 5 kilometers from Takengon Regency.

In addition, the location of this cave is at the foot of Birahpanyang mountain with a depth of 110 meters. To get to the place of this cave, you can walk through the path.

In general, a cave tour aims to showcase natural beauty. However, you can also learn about history in this cave, where the historical story is also a silent witness to life’s journey in the past.

Even declining growing trust, this cave is a translucent path to Isak. Through this cave, the buffalo herders bring their livestock.

In addition, another story emerged that this cave was once the hiding place of the Sultan of Aceh from the pursuit of Portuguese and Dutch soldiers.

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4.Mangaya Waterfall/Air Terjun Mangaya

The following tourist destination in Central Aceh is still related to nature tourism, namely Mangaya waterfall. The location of this waterfall is still hidden, so it is not surprising if it is still lovely and maintained naturalness.

Mangaya waterfall’s beauty has managed to hypnotize many tourists, so it is no wonder the number of visitors keeps increasing over time.

To get to Mangaya Waterfall, you have to go through a path planted with coffee. This will add to the beauty of the scenery along the way.

You can explore not only coffee plantations but also the vast Fresh Sea Lake. Waterfalls are clear and natural, blending the beauty of nature with a lot of pampering.

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5.Takengon City/Kota Takengon

The next tourist attraction in Central Aceh is Takengon City. Takengon city is where everything turns. To get to Takengon City, you have to pass various bends during the trip.

Before arriving in Takengon City, you must pass through climbs, mountain slopes, and hills. For those who like adventure, the road to Takengon City is perfect for adrenaline pumping, but make sure you stay careful.

You will also be spoiled by stunning natural scenery during the trip, so you are guaranteed not to get bored quickly.

Takengon city is known as a city above the clouds with an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level so that you can see the scenery in the stunning highlands.

In addition, you can enjoy various types of exciting attractions, natural panoramas, culinary tours, cycling, and refreshing.

No wonder that Takengon City is usually always crowded with tourists, especially when the holidays arrive.

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6.Menye Beach/Pantai Menye

Menye Beach is a marine tourism object. The name of this beach is unique, which is the word Menye, which means to be pampered.

The nearby community refers to this beach as a bathing beach. This beach gives you the feeling of being on a natural beach.

A wave is washing your feet, there’s a cool breeze, wide coastal arches, and paintings with circular peaks decorate the area’s natural beauty.

At first glance, many don’t realize they’re in the lake or the sea. You need to know that Actually, Menye Beach is a traditional horse racing location.

Usually, the horses here will be driven by jockeys who pass fast on the water’s edge, which looks like a wave on the beach.

Visitors to The Beach Of Menye should make their way to Takengon precisely on the lake’s eastern shore if they want to visit it.

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7.Eggplant Pantan/Pantan Terong

Pantan Terong is a tourist spot that many local and foreign tourists have visited. For those of you who like the beauty of nature, then Pantan Eggplant is the right choice.

Because this tourist spot has a very stunning natural panorama, for those of you who are curious about Pantan Terong, come to Bebesan Subdistrict, Central Aceh, about 7.5 kilometers from Takengon.

The location of Pantan Eggplant is at an altitude of 1,803 meters above sea level, so it is no wonder that the air here is very calm and fresh. Maybe some of you are still curious about Eggplant Beach.

This tourist spot is a hill that presents a beautiful view of the Fresh Sea Lake. Tourists can also take part in paragliding sports with the help of instructors at this tourist attraction.

With paragliding, you can experience the sensation of natural beauty that leaves you speechless.

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8.Bur Telege/Bur Telege

Bur Telege is a tourist place in Kampung Bale, Takengon, Central Aceh. Bur Telege is still included in the new tourist spots in Central Aceh.

Before it became a tourist area, Bur Telege was an expanse of shrubland located within a pine forest.

Seeing the potential that can be developed from the expanse of scrub, the surrounding community is trying to build and improve the area.

For these efforts now, the expanse of scrub becomes a clean and beautiful location. Bur Telege has gorgeous spots, so it is a suitable tourist destination.

Usually, local artists often hold art performances in this kawsaan while entertaining visitors. One of the most famous spots in Bur Telege is the flying tapestry spot.

From the flying tapestry spot, you can see a stunning and stunning panorama of nature.

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9.Ruhama Takengon Mosque/Masjid Ruhama Takengon

It is no wonder that there are many mosques in the Aceh area, especially in Central Aceh since it is called Serambi Mecca.

Of the many mosques in the Takengon area, the Ruhama Takengon mosque is one of the prides of the Takengon community.

Majid Ruhama can accommodate about 2000 worshippers. In the dome, there are ornaments typical of Gayo paintings, and the dome is golden.

Moreover, this mosque is always kept clean and beautiful so that tourists and worshippers can feel comfortable and relaxed.

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10.Krueng Peusangan/Krueng Peusangan

If you like adrenaline-pumping challenges, then you must come to Rafting in Krueng Peusangan. Kureng Peusangan River has a source of water that comes from the Fresh Sea Lake.

Furthermore, the scenery in this river is also charming and makes visitors feel at home. While on the Krueng Peusangan River, you can try rafting because of the very heavy river current conditions.

During the rafting, you will also be able to see green trees lined up neatly along the right side of the river to give the feeling of blending with nature.

You can try this challenging rafting sensation at Krueng (river) Peusangan, Lukup Badak, Pegasing District, Central Aceh Regency.

Rafting can be used as a reference holiday with family, and you can try the current challenge from easy to difficult, even very extreme.

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11.Gayo Waterpark

If you want to play water with your family and kids, Gayo Waterpark is a perfect choice. The Gayo Waterpark in Takengon has a variety of exciting water rides.

An area of about 1.5 hectares makes this area large enough to enjoy water rides. Besides playing water, visitors can relax while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama around the waterpark.

Of course, the combination of rides and scenery will be a memorable tourist experience in Central Aceh.

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12.Star Village/Desa Bintang

The next tourist spot is Bintang Village which is on the east side of The Fresh Sea Lake. While in Bintang Village, you can watch the Gayo Horse Race and boat race.

A Gayo horse race usually attracts many spectators but fewer participants. Each racetrack can even host 300 participants.

The location of Bintang Village close to the Lake makes this area very beautiful. There are also lakeside dining spots that you can visit while enjoying the panoramic view of the lake.

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13.Buntul Rintis

The following tourist destination in the Central Aceh area is Buntul Rintis. This tourist attraction offers breathtaking natural scenery, so it is suitable for photography spots.

For those who want to visit Buntul Rintis, come to Kampung Tansaren, Bebesan, Central Aceh.

While in Buntul Rintis, you can pose in a giant bird’s nest, miniature Dutch house, Doraemon-style door, and so on.

To enter Buntul Rintis, tourists also have to pay for admission tickets that are still relatively cheap. Even so, the beauty of Buntul Rintis is guaranteed to amaze you.

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14.Lancuk Leweng

This tourist spot was made by creative young people in Kampung Asir-Asir, Lut Tawar Subdistrict, Central Aceh. Lancuk Leweng tourist attractions are relatively new in Takengon but have begun to be visited by many tourists.

Normally, tourists who visit this tourist attraction want to see the beauty of sunrise and sunset, which is very exotic.

It is possible to enjoy a cup of coffee with cool air while watching a natural phenomenon.

The blue expanse of the lake and the rows of buildings in Takengon City will give you an incredible feeling when you visit Bur Lancuk Leweng.

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15.Goa Putri Pukes

Central Aceh is endlessly presenting fascinating natural places, including The Cave of Princess Pukes.

This cave has a legend where there used to be a Princess King named Princess Pukes. The princess married a young man from across the country.

One day, the princess’s parents said she should not look back when the princess left the kingdom.

But when the princess was about to leave the kingdom, she felt sad about leaving her father and mother, so the princess looked back.

When lightning struck with rain and wind, the princess and her bodyguard sought refuge in a cave, but the princess’s body hardened and caused her to cry harder.

Based on the information conveyed by the cave keeper, it is known that around 1990, the statue of Princess Pukes in the cave is still clearly visible like a person prostrating.

But because the stalagmites of the cave fell, the statue became less clear. Even though the legend still raises questions, Goa Putri Pukes is a place you cannot miss when visiting Central Aceh.

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16.Atu Tingkok

This tourist spot is still in the vicinity of The Fresh Sea Lake. However, Atu Tingkok offers a strategic place to witness the beauty of the Fresh Sea Lake from a height.

Even from Atu Tingkok, you can see the beauty of Takengon City compared to Pantan Eggplant. No need to worry about heading to Atu Tingkok because it only takes 2 kilometers from the center of Takengon City.

Arriving at Atu Tingkok is like being on a stage that presents a beautiful expanse of natural scenery.

The sound of leaves blown by the wind and cool air will undoubtedly make you feel at home lingering in this tourist spot.

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17.Lukup Panalan Pier/Dermaga Lukup Panalan

Next, you can also visit the Panalan Lukup Pier, which becomes a tourist attraction and exercise. You can enjoy the beautiful nature while exercising at Lukup Panalan Pier.

The location of this attraction is in the city of Gayo, Central Aceh. Here is a long jogging track that is a pity if missed for a small sport with family.

It is a stormy view here, and you will be able to see the hills and lake. Making a vacation with the family is very enjoyable.

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18.Coffee Gallery/Galeri Kopi

Try the coffee directly from the source at Takengon Central Aceh, the place where you will find the authentic taste.

In Takengon, you can see a vast expanse of coffee plantations because coffee here is exported to various regions in Indonesia.

Who doesn’t know about Gayo coffee? Indonesia has almost all coffee shops serving Gayo coffee.

Well, if you go to Takengon, you can enjoy coffee in the coffee garden area directly. You can enjoy sightseeing while enjoying coffee at Galeri Kopi, located in the Pegasing area, Central Aceh Regency.

Travelers will feel right at home at the Coffee Shop Galeri Kopi because we can enjoy coffee with the smell of the fire and the chirping of birds that are always heard when we are in the coffee garden.

Gayo coffee can be enjoyed with espresso, cappuccino, mochacino, and latte in a natural environment that is so calm and serene.

Along with providing a variety of coffee, there are also stomach cramps. There are many decamps.s snacks you can make to alleviate hunger. 

There are wooden huts or stilt houses 2 meters high, in the middle of a stretch of arabica coffee trees. While sipping espresso, enjoy the music.

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19.Mooring Boat, Kampung Lot Kala/Tambatan Perahu, Kampung Lot Kala

Next, you can also visit Tambatan Perahu in the Kampung Lot Kala area. Before entering this Takengon tour, you will be greeted by extensive writing. 

You and your family can take pictures with the large inscription ‘Mooring Boat Lot Kala’ background. It’s just like in Hollywood there.

The view of Kece lake surrounded by numerous small boats makes this holiday so exciting.

Don’t forget to take pictures on the beautiful pier decorated with wooden ornaments and birdcage-like containers at every corner of the lamp.

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20.Mengaya Waterfall/Air Terjun Mengaya

The next natural tourist spot in Central Aceh is Mengaya waterfall, located in Mengaya Village, Bintan District, Central Aceh.

It is challenging to reach Mengaya waterfall because it is hidden, as with other waterfalls.

But the struggle to reach this waterfall will pay off when you go and witness how beautiful this small waterfall is.

Do not forget to bring a change of clothes if you visit this waterfall, as you will not be able to resist the temptation to bathe and soak here.

Prepare equipment if you want to come here, wear comfortable shoes and make sure you bring a waterproof camera. So you can take pictures freely while you’re soaking.

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21.Pan Koro Cave/Goa Loyang Koro

For those who love shrinking Goa, there is a Koro baking cave waiting to be explored. It is known as Kok in Takengon, famous for its mystical power.

Therefore, those less mentally strong should avoid coming here because it requires a solid mentality to walk through a cave with two statues with mystical nuances.

The location of Loyang Koro cave is located in Toweren village, Kec. Laut Tawar Takengon Aceh Tengah.

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22.Mendale Pan/Loyang Mendale

Loyang Mendele or Goa Mendele will soon be a popular tourist destination in Central Aceh. Goa which holds historical value has ancient human fossils that are about 7400 years old.

Wallahu’s Nature’s name is also an expert prediction, can be right, can be wrong. This Mendele pan is more like a niche than a cave. Located on the shores of The Fresh Sea Lake.

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23.Bur Gayo Highland

Next, you can visit Bur Gayo Highland, similar to the Hollywood writing spot in America there. This spot is the highest in Takengon.

Visiting Gayo Highland will make you feel like visiting the land above the clouds. There is something almost faithful about a hill that is always shrouded in fog. It adds to the exotic feel, of course.

From the top of this hill, you can see the fantastic view of the lake and the mountain range. Accompanied by cool air. Your days are going to be great here.

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24.Eye Stop mountain/Gunung Singgah Mata

It is a mountain located between two districts, namely Nagan Raya and Central Aceh.

25.Bur Bulet Waterfall/Air Terjun Bur Bulet

Location in Bur Bulet Waterfall, Wih, Wih Ilang, Pegasing, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh.

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Those are some recommendations of the best places in Central that you can visit.

Try some of the tourist attractions described above while on vacation in Central Aceh.

There is no doubt that these tourist sites provide a memorable tourist experience and make your holiday trip more enjoyable.

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