The 11 Best Restaurants In Tours, France

The 11 Best Restaurants In Tours, France

Looking for the best restaurants in Tours, France that can make your day with a delicious meal? Well, then you just got to the right place! 

Eating out in the best restaurants is the supreme way to experience cultural joy, all-embracing more than anywhere else. Here, in the restaurants, you are going to be offered the excellent essence of French or international cuisine.

These restaurants are not only high in cuisine but also in great service. So, naturally, in these places, there are always storms of people to have great delight. Now, you must wonder about such spectacular culinary stopovers. To think about it, we have decorated this article for you. 

Here we are going to explore the best restaurants in Tours, France which is the prize of excellence. Read on!

Best Restaurants In Tours, France [At A Glance]

Best Restaurants In Tours, France
Restaurant NameService OptionsAddress
Les BartavellesDine-in-No takeaway-No delivery33 Rue Colbert, 37000 Tours, France
La Roche Le RoyDine-in-Kerbside pickup-No-contact delivery55 Rte de Saint-Avertin, 37200 Tours, France
L’Atelier GourmandDine-in-No takeaway-No delivery37 Rue Etienne Marcel, 37000 Tours, France
BibovinoDine-in-Takeaway-Delivery84 Rue du Commerce, 37000 Tours, France
L accalmieDine-in-Takeaway-No delivery10 Rue de la Grosse Tour, 37000 Tours, France 

Italian Restaurants In Tours, France
Le Piccata Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery6 Rue Rouget de l’Isle, 37000 Tours, France
GUSTODine-in-Takeaway-Delivery10 Rue de la Rôtisserie, 37000 Tours, France
Léonard de VinciDine-in-Takeaway19 Rue de la Monnaie, 37000 Tours, France
Michelin Star Restaurants In Tours, France
Charles Barrier Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery101 Av. de la Tranchée, 37100 Tours, France
O&ADine-in-No takeaway-No delivery29 Pl. Gaston Paillhou, 37000 Tours, France
Casse-Cailloux Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery26 Rue Jehan Fouquet, 37000 Tours, France
La Rissole Dine-in-No delivery51 Pl. du Grand Marché, 37000 Tours, France
Nobuki Table JaponaiseDine-in-Takeaway-No delivery3 Rue Buffon, 37000 Tours, France

Best Restaurants in Tours, France

Want the elite experience of delectable dishes from the best restaurants in Tours, France? Just look below! 

Here, we listed all those good restaurants in Tours, France with which you will fall in love with their mouth-watering eateries.

Les Bartavelles

  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address: 33 Rue-Colbert, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

Tense about where to eat in Tours, France, Les Bartavelles can be the best option. These Tours France restaurants Michelin is worth enough to be there whenever you’re in Tours. 

Being one of the best restaurants in Loire valley, here, you will be amazed at extraordinarily delicious food, and terrific wine pairings at good prices. Les Bartavelles is actually a tribute to Marcel Pagnol. Each Bartavelle brings its twig to the teeming nest of ideas in beautiful plates with just flavors. 

In Les Bartavelles, foods are amazing, each bite leaves a new sensation, simply enough to brighten our nostalgia. The taste & fragrances here leaves a heart note rounded by the love of the product & a base note that is none other than sincerity.

La Roche Le Roy

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  • Address : 55 Rte-de-Saint-Avertin, 37200 Tours, France  
  • Service Options: Dine-in-Kerbside pickup-No-contact delivery

If you are in search of the classics of France on the modern take, then La Roche Le Roy will be the perfect choice of yours.

La Roche Le Roy is an unmissable gourmet restaurant in the heart of Loire castles of Tours. It offers classics of French cuisine with a great wine list in its majestic manor house dating from the 18th century. There is also a beautiful terrace hidden behind the manor to enjoy warm summer days.  

La Roche Le Roy restaurant approaches its high with excellent food every time. Here, you’ll find every bite packed with flavor. Using reliable techniques, you can sublimate the region’s flavors in a classy way. What more will you ask for?

L’Atelier Gourmand

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  • Address : 37 Rue-Etienne Marcel, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

Among the restaurants Tours Centre Ville in France, L’Atelier Gourmand is an outstanding culinary stopover for food lovers. This historic center serves traditional dishes influenced by the cuisine of the South. In the L’Atelier Gourmand, the foods are top-notch & the service is just amazing. 

Accompanying the tasty food, this one of the best restaurants in Tours, France is more hectic in its location. Having a wonderful setting by the river, L’Atelier Gourmand provides indoor and outdoor dining with a beautiful terrace for anyone to enjoy. 

In an enchanting location, munching the delicious food of the hospitable & attentive L’Atelier Gourmand is an absolute delight!


  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address : 84 Rue-du-Commerce, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-Takeaway-Delivery

Bibovino is an exclusive restaurant to have a lovely dinner with amazing wine! Here one will be impressed with very tasteful food & a great choice of wines. 

The place is like a little gem offering outstanding Bag in Box wine flights- three generous selections of wine for a great price to try. The taste of the wines is a really good experience! In Bibovino, the homemade dishes are colorful & fresh, alternately sweet & savory.  

With its excellent ambiance, delicious food, and kind & helpful staff, Bibovino is highly recommended for a casual dining experience.

L accalmie

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  • Address : 10 Rue-de-la-Grosse Tour, 37000 Tours, France 
  • Service Options: Dine-in-Takeaway-No delivery

Want to discover or rediscover gourmet cuisine through great menus? L accalmie welcomes you to be transported into the culinary universe!

L accalmie is next to the Les Halles & Vieux, best restaurants in Old Town Tours, France. 

The restaurant is excellent in every respect. Their entire menu is made from fresh, seasonal produce. Here the experienced chef traveled to meet great establishments who will share the passion. 

L accalmie works to sublimate its flavors through gourmet & seasonal cuisine. To end on a pleasant note in L’accalmie, one will be tempted by handmade ice-creams!

Italian Restaurants in Tours, France

If you want to accompany an Italian meal with Italian wine or beer, treat yourself to the Italian restaurants in Tours, France listed here.

Le Piccata 

  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address : 6 Rue Rouget de-l’Isle, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

Le Piccata is a wonderful place, a great time to spend from start to finish! This pizza restaurant is in the lovely traditional building in High St.

Le Piccata offers appreciable balanced pizzas with thin crust and well garnished at a very reasonable price given the quality. In a lovely ambiance, the restaurant is super pretty which creates a very old atmosphere with the stones and the storefront. 

Here in this attentive and super accommodating place, you will be hosted by very friendly and welcoming staff. 

So, to have delicious cuisine in a sober, calm, and soothing setting, pay a visit at least once to Le Piccata so as not to miss a time of enjoyment.


  • Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab.
  • Address : 10 Rue de la-Rôtisserie, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-Takeaway-Delivery

If you appear to be near Place Plumereau, you will go to GUSTO, a genuine Italian restaurant offering its guest degust Italian cuisine. It’s by far the best Italian restaurant in Tours, France

In GUSTO, you will be mesmerized by their extensive and mouth-watering dishes menu, even with the selection of drinks and cocktails. 

The food is fabulous and worth the price. The place also offers delicious coffee among its drinks. Yeah, don’t forget to book before you visit. 

GUSTO is at its high to impress its customers with excellent, fast & smiling service. Even the chef here goes into dining to see if all is well. 

The welcome and the attention with which the customer is treated are wholly perfect, leaving nothing behind to ask for more!

Léonard de Vinci

  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address : 19 Rue de la-Monnaie, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-Takeaway

Léonard de Vinci is certainly one of the great spots in the Place Plumerau region. The restaurant caught the customers’ attention with the inventive Italian & Touraine specialties in a wood-beamed dining room in a 15th-century house. Added to that, the ambiance is just how you love it to be! 

Here, the Italian restaurant represents a real guarantee of quality with professionals practicing home cooking based on raw products and fresh. 

The food is nicely prepared and tasteful, relying on proven combinations of Italian cuisine with a fresh-style 3-course menu. Besides, the wine list here has interesting options. 

Overall, the Léonard de Vinci is worth highly recommending a restaurant to all lovers of Italian cuisine. Just a total surprise!

Michelin Star Restaurants in Tours, France

Judged to be a particularly high standard, there are quite some Michelin-star restaurants in Tours, France that we are going to highlight here. 

To meet up with their standard, you should come & see yourself. 

Charles Barrier 

  • Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab.
  • Address : 101 Av. de la-Tranchée, 37100 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

When you walk in & see the décor of Charles Barrier, you might think of God’s faded glory. The restaurant is probably one of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in Tours, France.

Charles Barrier is the best restaurant Loire valley, with a refurbished dining room, and natural wood decoration. Here you must be influenced by a delicious meal with impeccable service. 

The restaurant is elegant & has a three-course dinner, refined cuisine, prepared with exceptional products. They also offer a very good selection of local wines that are worth trying. 

For the most part, the restaurant is of such a high standard that you will leave utterly astounded as to how the restaurant can meet the Michelin standard. 


  • Address: 29 Pl. Gaston Paillhou- 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

O&A is a very cool and pleasant little bistro with a friendly atmosphere. This restaurant is a Michelin selection & has been rewarded with 1 black knife-and-fork symbol.

Here, one will discover lovely bistronomique dishes, courtesy of a menu that changes with the season.

In this awesome O&A, you will be served the recipes and ingredients of French cuisine, quality products are on the menu. Besides, delicious wine among the tastiest drinks to degust is a plus bonus. 

O&A offers exquisite service, the staff is friendly and quick as well. Numerous guests come here to enjoy the homey décor.


  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address : 26 Rue Jehan Fouquet- 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No takeaway-No delivery

Casse-Cailloux is a gourmet bistro, a popular restaurant near the Jardin des Prébendes garden, flanked by a summer patio. The restaurant is so popular that often it becomes hard for bookings. 

The Casse-Cailloux restaurant offers sincere and gourmet seasonal cuisine on the slate. There you will also find a good wine list. 

Here you can enjoy a lovely meal at a very reasonable price. The delightful staff provides great service & impressive warm hosting. To have a good Michelin experience, pay a visit here whenever you are in Tours, France.

La Rissole 

  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address: 51 Pl. du-Grand Marché, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service Options: Dine-in-No delivery

La Rissole is a small restaurant known for its absolute fanatics. The restaurant is owned by a couple and no other employees are on site. 

Here the food is simple but tasty. You will find all the dishes exploding with flavors. Their menu highlights regional produce and the changing seasons. This excellent restaurant changes its menu every week with seasonal dishes. The restaurant offers 3 or 4 options in appetizers, main courses & desserts. 

If you come to tours in France, you must try a visit here to enjoy the tray of the day, hearty & tasty.

Nobuki Table Japonaise

  • Website: visit-website Opens in a new tab.
  • Address : 3 Rue-Buffon, 37000 Tours, France
  • Service options: Dine-in-Takeaway-No delivery

Nobuki is a great place to enjoy very good Japanese cuisine full of flavors and impeccable service. 

Nobuki is a highly rated Michelin selection located in a convenient location that makes anyone easy to reach. The restaurant’s Japanese cuisine is seasonal, traditional, and creative. Nobuki meets all the requirements in the choice of products. Its fabulous tastes can be discovered on the site or taken away.

The place provides you with a combination of tasty meals in a nice atmosphere. Plus, the staff are well trained. To taste great Japanese cuisine, the Nobuki is far more than worthy enough to be at this culinary stopover.


Which region of France has the best food?

In France, there are some regions famous for the best food including Paris, Normandy, Provence, Burgundy & Languedoc.

What city has the most Michelin-star restaurants in France?

The most Michelin-star restaurant in Paris, France. Like Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse’s Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, or the Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen.

What is the best city in France for food?

Lyon is the best city in France for food. As the true capital of French cuisine, Lyon is often touted by critics. Most probably, it’s the best foodie city in the whole of France.

To Wrap Up!

The best restaurants in Tours, France rely on the combinations of rich, natural flavors that create an unforgettable taste, and easily enlighten nostalgia. These charming moments here will prove to be the height of your day at these great culinary stopovers.  

So, get ready & treat yourself to the essence of French cuisine in the best restaurants in Tours, France, and leave a heart note rounded by love & warm-hosting.

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