12 Best Romantic Things To Do In Columbus For Couples

12 Best Romantic Things To Do in Columbus For Couples

Are you a Columbus local and worried about getting failed to impress your loved one because you don’t know the best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples? Or are you planning a Columbus trip and looking for a romantic gateway, but you need help as you aren’t getting ideas on spending your most awaited itinerary?

Hey! We don’t want your loved one to throw invisible flying slippers on you or ditch you for your confusing or absurd Columbus itinerary ideas and taste!

But yay! Here we’ve come up with all the no-fail solutions, activities, tips, and tricks so that you can plan your romantic itinerary in the best possible way without worrying about having a terrible impression in front of your favorite person! So, chill, sit back, and keep reading our free travel guide to know more!

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Best Romantic Things To Do in Columbus For Couples

1. Impress Your Lovie With A Stroll At The Park of Roses 

Are you looking for a place to spend quality time, but you’ve gone low on the budget? Relax because this place is the one you’re looking for! 

With a whopping 13-acre garden and a collection of over 12,000 serene, vibrant roses, this park requires no admission fee and is the perfect one to make your day. June is the peak season for the roses, but don’t worry, as the place continues to enchant till autumn. 

So put one earbud of the headphone on your ear and the other on your partner’s ear, play the song playlist that you both enjoy and take a stroll arm-in-arm amidst the roses while you explore the heavenly park view and the magical wind

And this makes it one of the best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples. It also offers fishing options, scenic fountains, colorful gardens, mini picnic spots, bird-watching sights, and everything you wish to impress your senorita! 

Do enjoy some killer basketball and tennis to make your private memories even more memorable (we’re sure you’ll thank us for this later)! Oh! Clicking cute snaps over there is a must, so make sure you get some postcards-like selfies

There’s also a black gazebo tower; remember to climb there to witness breathtaking views of Columbus. But watch out for the crowd, as this place gets hyped during the summers!

2. Get A Brim At Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Ugh! Don’t make your romantic gateway dull or lifeless with the ordinary plans; instead, add some colors to your trip by visiting this ice cream bar to indulge yourselves in the mini slice of heaven on earth

So this isn’t like the usual ice cream parlors; it will undoubtedly hit your partner differently for its unmatched collection of ice cream flavors! 

From whiskey, pecan, and goat cheese to frozen rose flavor, your ice cream treat at this place will surely impress your better half! 

If your Lovie is more on the health-conscious side, you can also opt for the dairy-free flavors, as they provide this option too! They have multiple branches in Columbus, so you won’t be in any hassle to find one!

3. Go For A Floating Air Date 

Okay, let’s settle this battle here right away! Is romanticism only limited to nibba nibbi kinda cute, adventure-less, and fragile activities like gifting a box of chocolates or bouquets? 

Eww! No (though there’s no harm)! Experimenting with local eateries and some chit-chat is romanticism; spending quality time with adventure is romanticism; it knows no bounds, right? And that’s when this place hits where you can discover a new definition of romance. 

So if you’re heading with your lovie-dovie to get a spike on your adrenaline, there can’t be any better option than a date high up in the skies with hot air balloon rides! Fly over and bless your eyes with the heavenly beauty of Columbus from the top. 

Our pro tip to you would be to book the ride during sunsets or sunrises so you don’t miss the opportunity to watch the unparalleled view of the color shades of the sky. Remember to capture the magical moment with a few Insta-perfect snaps with your loved one while you’re on your air date

As for your guided romantic tour of the hot air balloon ride, you can go for the Columbus Aeronauts. Be sure to make a pre-reservation to confirm your ride, and you can also select flying spots as per your choice. 

But the rides are pretty pricy; typical charges for regular flights start from $725 (for private ones, it is $900).

4. Opt For The Ohio Theatre

Wait, a Columbus journey that too with your loved one, and you want to take the risk to leave Columbus without visiting this place? 

No way, since it is one of the most enthusiastic and best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples. Visiting concerts with your Lovie can never go wrong because enjoying performances together with the splendid view of the theater will surely melt your loved one’s heart. 

A classy performance by the favorites Broadway Across America or Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the 21-foot chandelier, the gorgeous decors of each level, with gold-colored metal leaf, your champagne glasses, and bottoms up, isn’t that enough for your dreamy date? 

To ramp up your romantic experience, head to the de Novo Bistro, as they offer tables specially designed for love birds! Ticket prices at the theater range from $37 – $1500.

5. Indulge In Making Candles At Candle Lab

Okay, you can’t let your romantic itinerary go bland like digestive crackers; you have to make some adventurous efforts to make it a hella memorable experience, nah? 

How about making hand-crafted scented candles, moisturizers, or room sprays with your partner? Yes, that’s what the place is all about! I mean, why go for ordinary candlelight dinners when you can make your time more memorable with your self-made perfumed candle

While you imagine your romantic candle-making date, let me give you this stunning information; you’ll get $1 off on your souvenirs if you recycle their old purchased jars. 

And the best part is you can choose your desired candle fragrance from a vast collection of over 120 scents

6. Head Off To The German Village

Say Hi to life again with this place, which offers some stunning amenities. And when you’re in Columbus for a romantic trip, it’s impossible for you to leave without giving a go to this gem! Okay, so firstly, the Book Loft of German Village is your stop if you and your better half are bookworms

Not a bookworm? No worries, this isn’t the ordinary bookstore, the interior of the loft itself is so classy that it’s just enough for you two to wander around and spend some quality time. 

With a unique design of rows upon rows of books spread over 32 rooms, it hosts interactive events like Meet The Authors, so you might even get to meet your favorite author. 

This area also facilitates coffees that brim with love, German pubs, shops, picturesque restaurants, and many more, making it one of the best romantic yet fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio, for adults.

Wait! That’s not the end! To finish off your dreamy romantic date, take a leisure walk at the Insta-Worthy cobbled streets of this 233-acre area, admire the rustic brick buildings, and give a dessert treat to your love from the Pistacia Vera.

7. Catch A Date At The BoatHouse

Oops! Did your loved one get mad at you during your Columbus trip, and you aren’t getting ideas for calming her down? 

Now only this place can fix your partner, bro, because, as we know, food is a powerful soul healer, and that’s what this incredible restaurant offers! 

The natural backdrop of the scintillating lights of Columbus’s downtown night view and the amorous sound of the nearby river waters with reasonable prices on the menu complement the tempting delicacies of the restaurant and is the perfect one for couples residing in Columbus

As for the food, you get various options, from cedar-planked salmon, Chicken with parmesan crust, and seafood to the fine, hand-crafted fresh cocktail

With the picture-perfect floor-to-ceiling windows of the patio, the florals around, the color plays of light, the scenic view of the Scioto River, or simply sitting hand-in-hand and watching the majestic water reflection of the artistic sunset, this place won’t fall short on ramping up your romantic trip.

8. Relax And Heal Your Stresses At A Spa 

A couple-massage date has an aura on its own, right? 

You get to discard all those sorrows, worries, or worldly tensions from your body for a while and indulge your soul in ultimate relaxation with luxury, and that’s the reason this place took its shining spot on our list of the best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples! 

You can find a lot of spas around Columbus that offers couple massage; our pick on it would be the Therapeutic Massage Center. 

Located at 4662 Larwell Dr, Columbus, OH 43220, this spa offers top-notch services from body exfoliations to soothing facial massages. Remember to cherish your spa date with fresh cocktails or even supreme hot chocolate

The charges at the place typically range from $65 to $211.

9. Le Méridian: Your Spot To Make Your Date Hype

Are you looking for some luxe yet romantic places to stay in Columbus, Ohio? Then it is your stop, and why it shouldn’t be? After all, almost every couple is fond of luxurious stays to spend their precious private moment. 

This boutique hotel has a ravishing interior and offers some stunning views of Columbus and comfy luxury suites and amenities, which are sure to escalate the happiness meter of your romantic gateway!

It also facilitates art galleries in the nearby areas, so you can end your romantic lodging with an artistic note as well. 

10. Groove At Goodale Park Music Series

If you’re on your first date and looking for charming yet cheap date ideas in Columbus, Ohio, this is your place! This gazebo offers unparalleled lush greeneries with live free musicals that are sure to entice your Lovie! 

They hold six performances annually, so remember to catch one of them and be a part of the humming as the music tugs your heartstrings while you lay on the lush grasses. 

Oh! Don’t worry about the food on your outdoor romantic date, buddy! 

Since you’ll find plenty of lip-smacking food trucks there where the foods scream d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s in every bite, that too within an affordable cost! 

You’re also allowed to get foldable chairs, bed sheets, pillows, and blankets with you if you wish to stay there for longer to witness a fresh breath of air while unwinding the greeneries.

11. Take Your Partner To Pick Freshies From Lynd Fruit Farm 

And yes, again! Food can indeed act as a healer; perhaps, in your case, this could work as a medium to strengthen your bond with your loved one! 

What else can be more positive yet romantic than picking fresh fruits with mesmerizing views? Nothing beats the feeling of picking freshies with your hands. 

And if your favorite person accompanies that, it would be the icing on your cake! This enchanting place also holds U-pick tournaments throughout the year, so you’re good to go on an exciting fruit-picking date on any day and any season of the year! 

Oops! I forgot to mention the best part! Here it is! So while you pick some cute pumpkins, apples, strawberries, or fresh seasonal veggies or fruits, be ready to get a big smile on your face because the farm costs zero visiting charges!

12. Get Chills At The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Is your soulmate too picky about date locations and hates ordinary date ideas? Is your chic fond of surprises and thrillers? 

Then this place can’t go wrong, as it will give you one of the best and most unique date nights in Columbus, Ohio

While you love birds, enjoy some tempting dinner; be ready to get thrilled with this incredible murder, mystery, comedy, and detective show (yes, all in one in a package)! 

Team up with your soulmate to unveil the mystery of The Dinner Detective show, and you know what the surreal part is? 

The actors hide within random tables for real, so you never know! 

They might be hiding at your table as well. You’ll be amazed at how the mystery unfolds since you won’t get any clues about whether the happenings are part of the show or something real!

Final Words!

And yay! Your dose of knowledge on the best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples has come to an end, and now we believe that you can confidently impress your soulmate with our guide’s romantic yet unique Columbus itinerary ideas without any fear of getting failed!

Ohio’s Columbus is not limited to the romantic activities we hand-picked in this guide; it has way more gems than this! 

From the elegant walkways of the Scioto River and gorgeous trails to the living arts at the Topiary Park, Columbus can never fail to amaze couples on their romantic trip with its backdrop-like nature vistas! 
But make sure you know about the charges of the places you visit, the off seasons of the attractions, and certain times of the season to avoid crowds so that you get an uninterrupted and soothing private trip!

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