The 27 Best Things To Do In Bireuen Aceh

The 27 Best Things To Do In Bireuen Aceh

Bireuen is a district located in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Bireuen also has the capital of the same name as its Regency. Bireuen is located about 223 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh.

Although the name Bireuen is still not as famous as other districts in Aceh, it turns out that this district offers stunning natural beauty. 

Besides having natural beauty, Bireuen also offers cultural charm, culinary variety to the friendliness of the people who will surely make your holiday trip in Bireuen more exciting and enjoyable. Bireuen is a must-see destination for anyone who loves to travel. 

Bireuen offers a paradise of natural beauty spread from waterfall tours, beach tours to river tours. In addition to some of these tourist attractions, there is still much beauty that you can find in Bireuen. 

During your vacation in Aceh, check out the attractions in Bireuen that are sure to excite you.

The 27 Best Things To Do In Bireuen Aceh

You must be looking forward to exploring Bireuen soon, aren’t you? Let’s do it. Here’s a list of Bireuen attractions that we recommend you to visit:

1.Enjoy the naturalness of Ceuraceu Waterfall/Menikmati Kealamian Air Terjun Ceuraceu

Location: Samagadeng Village, Pandrah, Bireuen

The first tourist spot in Bireuen is Ceuraceu waterfall located in Samagadeng Village, Pandrah, Bireuen. The location of this waterfall is about 8 kilometers from the center of Bireuen City. 

As with waterfalls in general, this tourist attraction is filled with natural beauty and extraordinary beauty. The sound of the waterfall splashing on the cliff can be enjoyed if you visit this waterfall. 

You can play water under the waterfall or in the pool that will surely give a fresh and cool sensation.

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2.Peuneulet Baroh Beach/Pantai Peuneulet Baroh

Location: Peuneulet Baroh Village, Simpang Mamplam District, Bireuen

The next tourist spot is Peuneulet beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bireuen area because this beach presents a stunning natural panorama. No wonder this beach is one of the main tourist destinations in Bireuen.

Clear blue sea water and white sand on the stunning beach will undoubtedly spoil the eyes. The waves here are relatively large, so this beach is often used for surfing.

If you are curious to see firsthand the beauty of Peuneulet Baroh Beach, then come to Peuneulet Baroh Village, Simpang Mamplam District. This site is about 38 kilometers from the center of Bireuen City. 

The beauty of this beach is certainly not to be missed when coming to Bireuen.

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3.Kuala Raja Beach/Pantai Kuala Raja

Location: Kuala Raja Village, Kuala District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh

The next topic concerns beach tourism, specifically Kuala Raja beach in Bireuen. There is so much beauty at this beach, where nature spreads out in front of you.

The charm of Kuala Raja beach is even more impressive, with small islands located in the river estuary. Those who like to travel nautically will enjoy Kuala Raja beach’s upscale amenities.

The distance from Bireuen City to this beach is only about 5 kilometers. You can also reach the location by public transportation, as it is close by.

Besides seeing a stunning natural panorama, you can also see some turtles laying eggs at night on this beach. This uniqueness makes Kuala Raja beach more crowded with tourists from time to time.

To be able to enjoy various rides on this beach, tourists only pay RP. 5000 entrance tickets. Oh yes, there are also children’s playground facilities. So holidays with children are even more exciting.

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4.Krueng Juli and Ujong Blang Beach/Pantai Krueng Juli dan Ujong Blang

Location: Ujong Blang and Krueng Juli Village, Kuala, Bireuen

If you visit Bireuen, then you will be spoiled by the beauty of its beaches, including those at Krueng Juli and Ujong Blang Beaches.

Beaches in Ujong Blang and Krueng Juli Villages, Kuala, Bireuen, are named after the villages where they are located. If you visit this beach, you can see how long and wide the coastline is. Sounding the waves alternately will enhance the beauty. 

There are also facilities on this beach that make tourists feel comfortable so that a trip to this beach is bound to be more memorable.

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5.Batee Iliek Baths/Pemandian Batee Iliek

Location: Samalanga subdistrict

Bireuen offers bathing tours that are no less interesting to visit. One of them is the Batee Iliek bath which offers natural freshness and a fantastic atmosphere. 

It is no wonder this bath is one of the most popular among tourists.

A bath decorated with rocks of different sizes can be seen in this bath. As you bathe, you can also see greenery and have a unique experience.

You need to know that Batee Iliek baths are not far from Samalanga waterfall because of their location in the Samalanga sub-district.

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6.Long Term Beach/Pantai Jangka

Location: Jangka Masjid Village, Jangka District, Bireuen Regency

This beach is very crowded with tourists, especially when the holidays arrive. If you want to visit Jangka beach then come to Jangka Mesjid village, Jangka, Bireuen. Beautiful views of the sea and pine trees along the coast add to the fantastic impression of this beach.

The sloping beach sand and blowing wind make the atmosphere even more inviting on Jangka Beach. 

Near the beach in Jangka, Daang, vendors usually sell fresh coconut water, rujak Aceh, and other snacks. The Jangka Beach area is undoubtedly a pleasant spot to hang out. 

The price of admission to Jangka Beach is quite affordable, which is Rp5,000 per person. The long-term beach can give you a calm atmosphere, so it is perfect for unwinding.

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7.Samalanga Waterfall/Air Terjun Samalanga

Location: Alue Village, Samalanga District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh

Samalanga Waterfall can be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere. The location of this waterfall is indeed hidden and offers a unique charm.

If you are interested in visiting this waterfall, then come to Alue Village, Samalanga District. But to get to this waterfall, you have to do the struggle of trekking through the hilly forest. It takes at least 1.5 hours to get to the waterfall.

Besides finding waterfalls, you can see unique rocks in this area, and even some are shaped like pyramids. 

Although you have to go through a long journey, the struggle pays off when you see the beauty of the Samalanga waterfall.

Besides enjoying the view, you can swim in the bathing pool under the waterfall. The shape of this sloping waterfall turns out to be a beauty for tourists who come to Samalanga Waterfall.

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8.Krueng Simpo/Krueng Simpo

Location: Bireuen-Takengon State Road or 18 km from the south of Bireuen City

Krueng Simp or Simpo River is one of the choices of tourist destinations that you can visit in Bireuen. Usually, this river is often used as a place to relax on weekends or holidays.

Besides, you can bathe or swim in this river since it is also a bathing location. It has a river and a view of the surrounding nature that is green and cool.

This river is also rocky, so it is ideal for those of you who want to relax. The facilities around the river are also complete ranging from toilets, bathrooms, food and beverage vendors.

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9.Calok Samalanga and Mamplam Beaches/Pantai Calok Samalanga dan Mamplam

Location: Calok Village, Pandarah Subdistrict, Bireuen

This beach is located in the area of the AURI Radar Unit, so it is close enough to reach. 

Even so, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and diving are all enjoyable activities while traveling on this beach.

Upon arrival at Calok Samalanga and Mamplam Beaches, you will be spoiled by the beautiful natural scenery and the fresh surrounding air. 

The stretch of beach that stretches wide combined with rocks and hills will undoubtedly connect stunning tourist attractions.

You can rent a fishing boat on the beachside if you want to explore this beach. When you are in the middle of the sea, you will see the beauty of the coral reefs at the bottom of the sea. 

The coral reefs are also a habitat for small fish, so it looks even more impressive.

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10.Ulee Kareung/Ulee Kareung

Location: Ulee Kareung Village, Simpang MamplamDistrict, Bireuen

The next tourist attraction in Bireuen is Ulee Kareng. Ulee Kareung is a village located on the seafront. Kiendahan’s stunning sea view, as if still hidden, makes tourists more curious to visit it.

Ulee Kareung has a natural beach and a wide hampar decorated by rolling waves. Usually, the fishermen are seen downstream homecoming sea on this beach. Tourists who come to this beach can relax or play water.

When the afternoon comes, the atmosphere in Ulee Kareung is more exotic with the sunset view. 

Don’t forget to try the coffee available in the many coffee shops along Ulee Kareung beach.

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11.Rumoh Teungku Chik in Awe Geutah/Rumoh Teungku Chik di Awe Geutah

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Location: Gampong Awe Geutah Peusangan Siblah Krueng District, Bireuen

If you are visiting Bireuen, you should not miss seeing the Rumoh Tengku, a historical site in Awe Geutah. This tourist spot is a legacy of Tengku Chik Abdurrahim, a very famous cleric in the Bireuen area.

This house is estimated to be 500 years old and holds historical value from the 13th century. 

Rumoh Tengku in Awe Geutah offers a unique carving, and there are also unique and antique items.

You can feel a different atmosphere in Rumoh Tengku, and it seems to take you back hundreds of years. 

Due to the abundance of antiques found here, this tourist attraction is also becoming increasingly popular.

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12.Le Rhop Waterfall/Air Terjun Le Rhop

Location: Gampong Ie Rhop Simpang Mamplam District, Bireuen Regency

The next tourist spot that you can visit while in Bireuen is Le Rhop Waterfall. This waterfall is often known as a cascading waterfall that offers a calm Susana, and the natural panorama is no less attractive.

The location of this waterfall is in Le Rhop Village, Samalanga District. Bireuen. To get to this waterfall, you have to trek for about 2 hours on foot. 

But the trip will pay off when you see the beauty of a very clear cascading waterfall.

You can be sure that the sound of the waterfall and the beauty of the surrounding areas will calm your mind for a moment. This will enable you to forget about the disturbing things in your life.

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13.Pyramid Waterfall/Air Terjun Piramida

Location: Gampong Alue Barat, Samalanga subdistrict, Bireuen

If you visit Bireuen, especially in Samalanga sub-district, don’t miss seeing the Piramida waterfall. 

Because this waterfall has a unique shape resembling a pyramid, it is no wonder that it is often referred to as a pyramid waterfall.

When combined with the majestic beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding lush greenery, this waterfall creates a calming atmosphere that makes you want to stay for a while.

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14.Cot Commander/Cot Panglima

Location: Suka Tani Village, Juli District, Bireuen

Cot Panglima or Puncak Pangliam is a tourist attraction located in Juli Sub-district or located at kilometer 29 of Bireuen – Takengon road. In most cases, Commander’s Peak is used to rest by using routes.

When you are at the top of this, you can see a stunning panorama of nature, and the air is very cool. 

But it is pretty unfortunate because the area has undergone little change due to the widening of roads by the government.

The Dutch KNIL army destroyed this hill during an expedition to Tanoh Gayo.

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15.Laot Lapang Beach/Pantai Laot Lapang

Location: Lingka Village, Gandapura, Bireuen

The beauty of marine attractions in Bireuen seems endless, and Laot Lapang Beach is one such attraction. This beach is located in Lingka Village, Gandapura, Bireuen.

This beach is one of the main attractions in Bireuen that you must visit, especially when the weekend or holidays arrive. But if you want a quieter atmosphere, then come on weekdays.

Access to Laot Lapang Beach is relatively easy, so you don’t have to worry. On this beach, you can see waves that stretch wide in the sea and trees that give a relaxed feeling.

There are also rocks near the beach, which enhance the wonders of the beach.

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16.Reuleng Manyang Beach/Pantai Reuleng Manyang

Location: Pandrah Subdistrict, Bireuen

If you visit Bireuen, do not miss a nautical tour of Reuleng Manyang Beach. The beach in the Pandrah sub-district is stunning and no less attractive than other beaches in Bireuen. Many cliffs and rocks add exoticism to this coastal area. 

The greenish seawater decorated with waves that break the cliffs by the beach makes your holiday trip on this beach feel even more enjoyable.

You can use a private vehicle for those who want to visit Reuleng Manyang Beach because the road access is relatively easy.

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Best Places To Eat In Bireuen

We know that you are tired after you toured all the tourist attractions in Bireun above. So, to satiate your twitching stomach, we suggest the following culinary attractions in Bireun:

17. Typical Cooked Satay/Sate Matang yang Khas

Location: Matang Geuleumpang Dua City, Bireuen Regency

This cooked satay is no less delicious than Padang satay. Bireuen’s cooked satay has a distinctive taste. 

Satay has a unique peanut sauce complete with a portion of gule-like gravy that is very savory and ready to make you want to return. 

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18.Bireuen Check Dumpling Noodles/Mie Pangsit Cek Bireuen

Dumpling noodles must also be tried along with satay. The noodles are processed with a typical seasoning comprising chicken topping, sliced leeks, mustard, and bean toppings before they are cooked. 

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