The 13 Best Things To Do In Contamines-Montjoie, France

The 13 Best Things to do in Contamines-Montjoie, France

Nestled in the heart of Savoie, the resort of Contamines-Montjoie can be discovered both in summer and winter. Come and discover the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie!

An authentic natural setting, the village of Les Contamines-Montjoie (1164 meters above sea level) enjoys a preserved nature and culture. Located in an exceptional setting classified as a Nature Reserve, the resort of Contamines-Montjoie consists of multiple and scattered small hamlets scattered in a beautiful mountain landscape.

The village brings together what you need for your holidays in summer and winter! Between preserved nature, mountain heritage, and sports activities, you will be spoilt for the choice to recharge your batteries! Travelvibe has found you the 13 best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie, France, to guide you in your vacation.

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The 13 Best Things to Do in Contamines-Montjoie

Best Things to Do in Contamines-Montjoie in Winter

The plains are white, the peaks snow-capped, the forests covered with a thick white mantle, the cold is fiery… winter is here! During the winter, it is possible to discover many outdoor activities in Contamines-Montjoie that will appeal to both young and old! You will be spoilt for choice on snow, ice, or in the air!

1. Biathlon

Biathlon is one of the Best Things to do in Contamines-Montjoie, France

And if this year, you swap your traditional skis for an extraordinary experience: a biathlon! Whether amateurs or professionals, you will love this fun activity combining cross-country skiing and precision rifle shooting. For a moment, like Martin FourcadeOpens in a new tab., win all the medals by aiming at the center of the target.

Several initiations are proposed to you:

  • 1 person (1h) : 60€
  • 2 people (1h) : 75€
  • 3 people (1h) : 92€
  • Up to 6 people (2h) : 200€

2. Sled dog and horse sledding

This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie! Indeed, the sled dog combines the pleasure of skiing and the “Far North” atmosphere. To immerse yourself in the world of polar dogs, several formulas are available to you. You can choose between:

  • The day walk: after discovering the world of polar dogs, you go on an adventure on a natural and traditional sled!
  • The night trip: discovering the pleasure of skiing in the evening is simply extraordinary! By the light of the stars, you can admire wild nature on this excursion. As a bonus, you can enjoy a trapper meal in a heated tent.

3. Fat bike

Looking for an original outdoor activity to do in Contamines-Montjoie? Think of the fat bike! It is a mountain bike equipped with large tires designed for practice on snow. Get in your car and hit the slopes in search of thrills!

In Contamines-Montjoie, several options are available to you:

  • The day walks: for one or two hours, following marked trails and accompanied by an instructor, and you discover the snowy landscapes of the Mont Blanc region.
  • The night trip: adventurers, this outing is for you! In the darkness, you cross deserted landscapes where silence reigns supreme. The activity becomes almost magical. A break and a meal in an altitude restaurant are included in the price to recharge your batteries.

4. Enjoy Sled and snake slides

No matter the age, these outdoor activities in Contamines-Montjoie promise you thrills! With family or friends, hit the slopes on your toboggan!

And if you want to be all on the same machine, opt for the snake-gliding! This is a train of articulated sleds that promises you unforgettable memories!

5. Snowshoes

Are you looking for the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie? What if you tested the rackets? Hike on the mountain slopes to gain height and fully enjoy the Mont Blanc Country. Whether a beginner or experienced, you will find happiness in all the snowshoe outings (independently or accompanied by a guide).

6. Roughing and climbing ice waterfalls

If you are not cold in the eyes, these outdoor activities to do in Contamines-Montjoie are for you!

  • Runoff: You go up frozen streams equipped with crampons and ice axes! However, this adventure requires good physical condition!
  • Icefall climbing: original and fun, this activity will surprise many! In an almost magical setting, you will climb to the top of the majestic site of Notre Dame de la Gorge.

So, what’s your favorite activity between runoff and ice climbing?

7. Do skiing and snowboarding

What is your favorite sliding sport among the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie? Whether you are a beginner who prefers the calm of the green and blue slopes or an extreme enthusiast favoring the black slopes, you will find what you are looking for in Contamines-Montjoie!

Skiing and snowboarding are undoubtedly the outdoor activities in Contamines-Montjoie in winter! However, if you want to try more original activities, try telemark or ski joering! Travelvibe tells you everything:

  • The telemark: it is the ancestor of skiing! Instead of having the heels glued to the ski, they are detached as for cross-country skiing. This practice guarantees you a good dose of adrenaline!
  • Ski joering: towed by a horse, you will slide quietly on the slopes provided for this purpose! Sensations are guaranteed!

So, you are more skiing and snowboarding or telemark and ski joering? Will you prefer basic or slightly more original activities?

8. Enjoy Paragliding and speed riding

Thrill seekers and adrenaline lovers, paragliding and speed riding are THE fun things to do in Contamines-Montjoie! Imagine yourself dominating Mont Blanc, transported with the wind to discover wonderful places. During a flight, admire the exceptional alpine landscapes!

Note: for speed riding (an activity combining skiing and mini-sailing), the FFVL license is mandatory.

Best Things to do in Contamines-Montjoie in Summer

What if this summer you went to the mountains? There is no shortage of adventurous things to do in Contamines-Montjoie at this time! You will inevitably find your happiness on land, on the water, or in the air in Contamines-Montjoie!

9. Go Hiking

The ski area turns into a beautiful green and shimmering resort in summer. The hikes are, therefore, very numerous! With its 120 km of marked trails, you are not likely to get bored! Indeed, the many trails between flowery meadows and fir forests offer diversified walks.

What if you combi-hiking king and dog walking? The cani-rando offers you this possibility! Pulled by his dog on foot, while guiding him with your voice, you will live a unique adventure in the heart of nature.

10. Paraglider

In summer, Contamines-Montjoie turns into a green and shimmering resort. Take the height to admire the immensity and splendor of the majestic Mont Blanc in an atypical way. Opt for one of the most sensational things to do in Contamines-Montjoie: paragliding!

This sport, derived from parasailing, transports you to the wind to discover wonderful places. The time of a breathtaking baptism of the air, admire the exceptional landscapes of the mountain pastures of Montjoie!

11. Ride a Mountain bike or scooter

Among the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie, cycling and scootering remain safe bets that appeal to the most significant number. In addition, Contamines-Montjoie is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful playgrounds for lovers of two-wheeled machines and thrills!

Whether alone, with family or friends, mountain biking, cycling (electric), or scooter (off-road) allows you to have fun while discovering the region sporty. So what are you waiting for to go down the mountain pastures of Montjoie?

12. Go Mountaineering and climbing

Are you a climbing and mountaineering enthusiast? The Mont Blanc massif is the cradle of these extreme sports.

Whether you are looking for difficulty or simple pleasure, whether you are looking for wild spots or lively sites, whether you are climbing alone, with family or friends, you will easily find the spot that suits you in Contamines-Montjoie. Thrills and extraordinary landscapes are guaranteed!

13. Visit Pontet Leisure Park

The Parc de Loisirs du Pontet is the largest playground in the Pays du Mont-Blanc. Spread over thirty hectares in an exceptional setting, the place offers more than twenty activities that will delight both children and adults.

To discover with family or friends, there is something for everyone: relaxation, adrenaline, sport, and fun.

You can try your hand at the trampoline or try golf in this space. If you are an animal lover, the equestrian walk is for you. You can also go pedal boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding in the nautical base.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, quad biking and tree climbing will certainly seduce you! What is your favorite activity among the best things to do in Contamines-Montjoie?

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