The 14 Best Things To Do In Les Arcs In Summer And Winter

The 14 Best Things to do in Les Arcs in Summer and Winter

What to do during your next stay in the mountains? Travelvibe presents the best things to do in Les Arcs in summer and winter.

Les Arcs is a gigantic winter sports resort located in the Tarentaise in Savoie. It is shared by the communes of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Landry, Peisey-Nancroix and Villaroger. Consisting of three successive village resorts (Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 2000), Les Arcs forms the ski area of Grande Plagne that of Paradiski.

More than 400 kilometers of slopes make it one of the largest in Europe or even globally! There is so much to do in Les Arcs… For example, you could come in winter and have fun skiing, snowshoeing, speed-riding, or trying ice climbing.

In summer, the grass of the slopes, once devoured by the cows, will gladly welcome bikers, hikers, paragliders, or horse riding enthusiasts.

Want more? Travelvibe invites you to discover the best things to do in Les Arcs. We are waiting for you, hurry up!

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The 14 Best Things to do in Les Arcs in Summer and Winter

Best Things to do in Les Arcs in Summer

Do Ramble in Les Arcs in Summer

If you are looking for an outdoor activity in Les Arcs that is peaceful and refreshing, opt for a walk! In the Les Arcs summer area, hiking is more than 200 km of marked trails and 6,700 m of cumulative elevation gain.

The advantage of the practice? Little material, total freedom, and the chance to be close to nature. The fauna and flora are discovered step by step in the grandiose setting of the Tarentaise. There is nothing like a nice walk in the middle of the mountain pastures to contemplate Savoy.

Enjoy Orienteering in Les Arcs in Summer

Orienteering consists of moving in the middle of nature by following a timed route. You will need to retrieve information on beacons in a specific order throughout the course. This is an outdoor activity in Les Arcs with your family, preferably! You will stroll through the village and the surrounding area to collect clues.

Fun and sporty, we recommend the best things to do in Les Arcs on a beautiful sunny day.

Enjoy the Paragliding in Les Arcs

Paragliding is an outdoor activity to do in Les Arcs, summer, and winter. The resort offers solo flights supervised by an instructor who remains on the ground. If you are a novice, the ideal is to opt for a two-seater baptism firmly harnessed to the pilot.

Paragliding allows you to admire the resort-like a golden eagle. The snow-capped peaks are offered to you on a plateau: the chain of the Alps is revealed. Mont Blanc pierces the majestic sky, and, on some days, we even see the characteristic shape of the Matterhorn…

Experience Mountaineering in Les Arcs

Mountaineering is one of the best things to do in Les Arcs. In addition to Mont Pourri and its 3,779 meters, many more or less engaged races can be attempted in Vanoise.

Mountaineering in summer is a refreshing and rather pleasant activity: it is cooler than in the valley! Of course, this cannot be improvised. The company of the guides of Les Arcs is there to supervise you during your ascent.

Our advice? Opt for this activity in September. It is often the sunniest in the Northern Alps, and attendance is much lower than in July-August. Come on to your ice axes!

Make yourself comfortable in Escalation

Wall climbing is possible when you are looking for the best outdoor activities to do in Les Arcs. An artificial block is permanently set up in the resort to train safely. You can, by the way, choose from twenty different paths!

The rock climb can also be done in a natural environment to take full mirettes … and full of arms. For this, the cliff of Rochefleur and the cliff of Séloge offer varied lines and are adapted to each level. Pleasant, enriching, and aerial climbing will seduce young and old.

Do Cani-rando in Les Arcs

You can share a moment of collaboration with a sled dog for half a day. Yes, yes, including summer! The cani-rando consists of making a hike harnessed to a Nordic dog.

Husky or malamute, your four-legged partner, will accompany you on the marked trails of Arc 1800. The harness allows you to feel less fatigue, and the arduous climbs seem flattered. Walking shoes, a backpack and bottle of water, and a jacket in case of bad weather are to be expected. And a lot of caresses, too…

Enjoy Horseback riding and enjoy the surrounding

Supervised walks, horse riding lessons, horse-drawn carriage or even ski joëring… Les Arcs bet on the horse to the delight of visitors. The interest is to be able to discover the resort differently.

The Col de la Chal, the Aiguille Rouge or the Hauts de Villaroger reserve are fabulous walking routes. Imagine the quality of your ride if you are on horseback!

Equestrian hiking will seduce young and old and is one of the best things to do in Les Arcs in summer. Animals are benevolent and accustomed to human presence: do not be afraid!

Go and do Road cycling

Known for its beauty, the Haute Tarentaise includes paved routes through sumptuous landscapes. Road cycling is a mythical outdoor activity to do in Les Arcs. The area is not only dedicated to mountain biking: it also hosts a greenway, bike paths, and legendary passes.

If you do not have a bike, opt for a rental in the center of the resort. The models are varied, and you can try the electric bike, which is becoming highly democratized. It allows you to assist yourself and limits the energy spent during climbs. Then, to you, the Col de l’Iseran or Roselend, which we recommend.

Best Things to do in Les Arcs in Winter

Sliding sports

Among the best things to do in Les Arcs, Sledding is a notable one to do. Sledding, snowboarding, snowscoot, skiing, air boarding… Les Arcs allows you to learn all these exhilarating activities. The ski area is one of the largest in Europe, with 425 kilometers of the slope.

It rises to more than 3,200 meters above sea level! With various slopes, a snowpark, and boardercross tracks, the resort makes you enjoy almost endless sliding possibilities.

These outdoor activities in Les Arcs take place from December to April as a rule. The Northern Alps benefit from significant snow cover. Try to enjoy it during your next stay on-site!

Enjoy Snowshoeing in Les Arcs in Winter

It’s nice, snowshoes, to walk the marked paths covered with fresh snow. Fun and relaxing, this outdoor activity to do in Les Arcs have the advantage of costing little or nothing and taking place in a privileged natural setting. Travelvibe particularly recommends the lakes trail or the one leading to the Notre Dame des Vernettes chapel.

In both cases, you will have the opportunity to contemplate authentic immaculate landscapes worthy of a postcard. The Tour du Mont-Blanc, a famous trail bordering the massif of the same name, also passes through Les Arcs.

In short, you are spoilt for choice as long as you like beautiful walks … It’s one of the Best Things to do in Les Arcs in Winter.

Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing is great! And this is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Les Arcs in winter. More technical than winter hiking (the movement requires a little training), it guarantees pleasant sensations. It’s the perfect compromise between sport, contemplation, and fun… all in the middle of nature.

The ski area offers no less than 45 kilometers of the cross-country ski trail. Head to the Peisy-Vallandry sector, a spot known throughout Europe. Just like alpine skiing, the routes are classified by physical difficulty: if you choose a challenging track, expect to sweat with effort, even in winter!

Winter mountaineering

Winter mountaineering encompasses the techniques used to progress in altitude in polar conditions. In winter, it is cold, and the snow is much thicker… but what happiness!

Imagine the snow-capped peaks, your rope slowly progressing in the middle of a white desert, your guide leading all these beautiful people to the intended destination. Yes, because the guide is essential: many accidents could be avoided if all visitors decided to use it.

The company of guides is present in the center of the resort. Their members will be happy to help you make this outdoor activity to do in Les Arcs a reality.

Don’t miss the Snowmobile activity in Les Arcs

Snowmobiling is a tourist must in a ski resort. This outdoor activity in Les Arcs takes place from December to April at the end of the day, at nightfall. You will ride a powerful machine designed specifically to split snow.

The goal? Walk the slopes of the Paradiski ski area to the heights of the latter. And from up there, what an incredible view! The Arcs seem to shine with a thousand lights, sublimating the surrounding mountains with enchanting glows.

This snowmobile ride is done in a ski suit: the helmet is provided. Suitable for a trip with friends, this motorsport is one of our favorites. Find out why!

Sled dogs

Pretty nice, those hairballs! But they are far from being cuddly toys. For example, in the Far North, they are used to protect trappers and allow them to travel long distances. How? The whole turns into a commercial vehicle by harnessing several dogs to a specially designed sled.

Of course, in Les Arcs, the system has been slightly adapted to adapt to tourist demand. A musher (a sleigh pilot) will drive the latter while you, sitting comfortably on it, enjoy the ride. These best things to do in Les Arcs will delight young and old.

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