The 15 Best Things To Do In Les Sybelles In Summer And Winter

The 15 Best Things to do in Les Sybelles in Summer and Winter

So, are you looking for the best things to do in Les Sybelles? Here they are, carefully chosen by Travelvibe.

Les Sybelles is a French ski area in the south of Savoie. The latter is almost brand new: designed in the early 1990s only, the project will be completed in 2003. The Sybelles take their name from a… Puns. In fact, “six belles” is simply the association of six winter sports resorts in Maurienne.

This grandiose natural area is now the fourth ski area in France. Les Sybelles includes splendid villages and historic resorts such as Les Bottières, Le Corbier or La Toussuire.

Dominated by the Aiguilles d’Arves, the Sybelles attract thousands of visitors each year. The best things to do in Les Sybelles are offered to them in winter and summer! Some are unique in Europe, and we invite you to discover them. Choose the period of your stay and come and discover the Sybelles: you will not regret it.

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The 15 Best Things to Do in Les Sybelles in Summer and Winter

Best Things to Do in Les Sybelles in Summer


Best Things to do in Les Sybelles in Summer and Winter

The Sybelles gladly lend themselves to bucolic escapades on the trails at altitude. You could explore the green area. Travelvibe particularly recommends the loop of Plan Chaud, the Adret, or Champ Pérouse. These routes, physically accessible, will immerse you in a fantastic alpine setting.

The Aiguilles d’Arves dominate the area majestically, sometimes overflown by golden eagles. Marmots sometimes stumble as they watch you pass, intrigued. A good pair of shoes, suitable clothes (provide a jacket), and sunglasses will suffice to meet them. In July-August, also think about sunscreen, it can sometimes be very useful…


Go to the tourist office in the heart of the resort to pick up your essential game kit. The goal? Perform an orienteering race with the false air of police investigation on the domain. Playful, (a little) sporty, this outdoor activity to do at les Sybelles is for everyone but especially for families with children.

The idea is to have a good time with your loved ones and change from the summer’s classic leisure activities. Three courses are available to choose from, from the simplest to the most arduous!


Best Things to do in Les Sybelles in Summer

There are not only eagles, falcons, and other jackdaws in the sky. In Les Sybelles, paragliders share the airspace of these graceful birds. Would you like to be part of it, too? No problem: go to one of the take-off areas for a two-seater paragliding baptism.

In La Toussuire, Le Corbier, Saint Jean d’Arves, or Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire estate in winter and summer. This is one of the outdoor activities to do in Les Sybelles that guarantees you the most sensations, without a doubt.

Stand-up paddle

Welcome to the Lac Bleu leisure center! The Maurienne massif dominates this landscaped lake located in the heart of the resort. Here, swimming is supervised from mid-June to the end of August, which is the delight of the whole family.

Do you want to change a little from the eternal swims by opting for a lake crossing in a stand-up paddle? Half-surfing, half-canoe, and paddleboarding are outdoor activities in Les Sybelles, refreshing and fun at will. What’s more, it is aimed at a vast audience. The only imperative? Sunscreen and well spread: the sun hits hard in this part of the Alps!


In the company of a guide, discover the glaciers and peaks that dominate the Arves valley in Maurienne. You can learn to ski touring, glacier progression, or climb safely.

Connected to your guide by a rope -your lifeline-you will discover the thrill of the ascent. The techniques are ancestral; the equipment, much less: ice axes, crampons, and harnesses, will ensure your salvation at altitude. For an unforgettable stay, opt for mountaineering!


Wall climbing is a modern variant of the mountaineering of yesteryear. More than a hobby, this sport requires technicality, mastery of vertigo, and good physical abilities. The spots available at Sybelles can be chosen according to your level.

An initiation in the presence of a monitor is essential to evolve safely while defying the void. Since you can come and try this outdoor activity in Les Sybelles, why not live this unique experience?


Canyoning consists of descending the stream’s bed by chaining jumps, rappels, slides, and swimming. Imagine that it is possible to practice this outdoor activity in Les Sybelles. There is the splendid canyon of the Vallon stream.

If you want to go there, head to the hamlet of Entraigues. After a nice approach walk, it’s off to descent of about three hours. Slides, natural basins, splashes, and bursts of laughter are on the program! Supervised by an instructor, you will enjoy the welcome freshness of the place during the summer season.

Donkey rides

Here is an outdoor activity in Les Sybelles that will delight young and old lovers of beautiful walks at altitudes. Donkey trekking consists of hiking in the company of a donkey specially trained for the occasion. You will leave with family or friends on selected and marked routes.

The donkey farm is located in the hamlet of Mollard, in the town of Saint Jean d’Arves. In addition to purchasing juicy donkey milk products, you will have the opportunity to rent a donkey to walk the trails through the mountain pastures. The latter, rest assured, is less stubborn than he seems and always very kind.

Best Things to do in Les Sybelles in Winter

Snake Gliss

Best Things to do in Les Sybelles in Winter

Change a little from skiing or snowboarding. Reveal your originality after the slopes close, opt for the Snake Gliss! This sled snake is composed of ten sleds clinging to each other. As you can imagine, the goal is to go down the slopes by adapting to sometimes unpredictable changes in trajectories.

Safety is ensured by the absence of skiers (the slopes are closed), and a helmet is mandatory in case of a fall. Moreover, they are numerous: enough to guarantee laughter!


This outdoor activity to do in Les Sybelles is particularly magical. It must be said that with its 18 routes specially designed for snowshoes, the resort has thought big! This area offers different levels of difficulty as well as a majestic setting.

Wherever you look, the panorama takes your breath away… probably more than the difference in altitude. For a safe approach, why not choose the presence of a mountain guide? These instructors are not mountain guides but know the fauna and flora at their fingertips. They will allow you to enjoy this unique activity fully!

Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing is an institution in Les Sybelles! And this is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Les Sybelles. The alpine ski area coexists with an exceptional Nordic region. 23 kilometers of cross-country ski trails divided between The Toussuire and the Corbier, for all levels, are groomed and marked.

Nordic skiing allows you to cross sumptuous landscapes while improving your physical condition. More than a mode of travel, it is a real mountain sport combining technique, speed, and endurance. Too physical? That Nenni: we sweat much less in winter, then we can take advantage of the few descending portions to rest …

Ski mountaineering

This outdoor activity to do in Les Sybelles is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding. As its name suggests, Ski mountaineering is a mix of these two complementary sports.

The equipment adds to the mountaineering instruments (ice axes, crampons) and the touring skis. The Sybelles take advantage of the presence of the Belledonne massif.

Moreover, events dedicated to amateur athletes are organized there every year. Two courses with positive elevation differences of 2,500 (!!!) or 1,000 meters are offered. The highlight of the competition is the Col de Montfossé: once at the top, what a view of the glacial locks and snow-capped valleys!

Electric fatbike on snow

The fatbike is an ATV equipped with enlarged tires. They are essential to ensure a proper grip on the snowpack.

It’s very fun, and we recommend a try: go to the heart of the resort to test this outdoor activity to do in Les Sybelles. Boosted by an electric motor, you don’t feel the steep climbs or even the heaviness of the snowy terrain.


Snowmobiling is a tourist must-do in a ski resort. This outdoor activity to do at Les Sybelles seduces many people! Snowmobile rides take place in La Toussuire or Le Corbier. Also, enjoy amazing outdoor activities in La Toussuire. Under the supervision of a guide, you will discover the fantastic Domaine des Sybelles.

Only imperative: is to hold the license to drive a car. A passenger is accepted from the age of eight to accompany you. Your child or your other half, for example?

Sled dogs

Go to the resorts of Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, La Toussuire, and Saint-Jean-d’Arves and enjoy the sled dogs to live an incredible experience.

Huskys, Samoyeds, or malamutes are the stars of this outdoor activity to do in Les Sybelles. Whether you let the musher drive or take the controls yourself, you will enjoy this moment of gliding in the middle of the larch trees.

If you have children, they will be thrilled. If you do not have one, our advice is to opt for a two-seater sled driven by a musher and provide a small aperitif (if so, it is possible, and it is ultra-romantic)!

From now on, you are ready to enjoy the best things to do in Les Sybelles.

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