The 20 Best Things To Do In Lozere, France

The 20 Best Things To Do in Lozere, France

Fancy a relaxing holiday in breathtaking landscapes? You will be firmly turned towards nature during your stay in Lozère.

Home to several tourist sites, visiting Lozère, the least populated department in France, promises an escape in a preserved environment. Divided into 4 geographical areas, lozère presents an essential variety of landscapes.

Deep forests, high plateaus, mountains are crossed by hiking trails that lead you off the beaten track. Between caves, waterfalls, and zoological parks, discover the best things to do in Lozère!

The 20 Best Things To Do in Lozere, France

1. Mende


Visitors to Lozère are encouraged to stop by the prefecture of the department. Walk through its historic center with narrow streets and charming squares.

At its heart stands the imposing Gothic cathedral, a symbol of the power of the bishops who ruled the city and province of Gévaudan.

Also, Mende is crisscrossed by multiple trails forming the “Mende Heritage Circuit.” You can discover the city’s flagship monuments for yourself.

Do not miss the pharmacy of the old hospital, the Notre-Dame bridge, and the Town Hall. Then take a little height by climbing to the top of the Causse de Mende, which offers a breathtaking view.

2. Langogne


Langogne’s city center gives you a sense of its fortified past. The remains of the ramparts that surrounded the church and monastery of the Benedictines are still present.

The towers became dwellings. The city is built on Lake Naussac, a real inland sea of 1,050 hectares. Stretch out your towel on the beach or indulge in water activities such as windsurfing or kite-surfing.

And to visit the Lozère on the traditions side, head to the living museum of the Filature des Calquières, the oldest in France. The animators explain the transformation of sheep’s wool into a skein ready to knit.

3. Aven Armand

Aven Armand

The Aven Armand is a huge cavity dug in the limestone of the Causse Méjean. This is one of the must-sees in Lozère. You will take a funicular that will take you 50 meters underground.

The aven is set up with a sound and light show that guides you through your exploration.

During your visit, you will discover some 400 stalagmites and a room so large that it could house Notre-Dame de Paris. You will marvel at one of the largest stalagmites in Europe, more than 30 meters high.

4. Runes Waterfall

Runes Waterfall

This waterfall is divided into two jumps and is almost 60 meters high in its entirety. You will need to park your car in the car park towards the Monvert bridge from the village.

Continue on foot on the path that leads you to the top of the waterfall and then down.

It takes 40 minutes to walk back and forth on a steep path. It is possible to swim even if the water remains cool all year round.

At the start of the trail, you will observe a stone drawing a dragon biting its tail. Legend has it that Vikings wandering on Mount Lozère would have engraved it.

5. Dargilan Cave

Dargilan Cave

Do not miss the largest cave of the Causses and the Cévennes if you visit the Lozère! It is located in Meyrueis and impresses with its size and the stunning beauty of its concrete.

It is thus nicknamed the pink cave, the dominant color that can be observed in its various rooms. You will discover the bell tower, the elephant ear, or the petrified waterfall, unique in the world for its dimensions and colors.

6. European Bison Nature Reserve

European Bison Nature Reserve

Meet the largest land mammal in Europe by visiting the Lozère! Bison occur in the wild in the north of the continent but have been reintroduced in Margeride.

Stroll among these behemoths who live in semi-freedom in a park of 80 hectares. You will visit part of the park on foot, the other by horse-drawn carriage or sleigh in the winter.

Additionally, a museum space tells the story of bison around the world.

7. Parc des loups du Gévaudan

Parc des loups du Gévaudan

In the heart of Gévaudan, this park hosts more than a hundred wolves of 5 different subspecies. The owners’ purpose is to change the negative image of the animal.

Your visit begins in a museum space. It deals with the place of the wolf in advertisements and tales. Documents on the beast of Gévaudan are also on display.

You then enter the animal park, where the canids are divided into 5 groups according to their origin. You will observe wolves from Europe, Canada, Siberia, Mongolia, and the Arctic wolves.

8. Medieval city of Sainte-Énimie

Medieval city of Sainte-Énimie

The medieval city of Sainte-Énimie is often considered one of the prettiest French villages, and we quickly understand why.

On the banks of the Tarn, narrow streets paved with pebbles lead you from the square to the Romanesque church.

You will visit the village with a tour guide or by yourself through an app or map. Then take the path of the hermitage to reach the cave in which Princess Enimia would have retired.

Not far away, a promontory offers you a beautiful view of the city.

Sainte-Énimie is also the ideal starting point for canoe trips on the river or hiking. A must if you come to visit the Lozère!

9. The Guerin Guard

The Guerin Guard

La Garde-Guérin is located in the commune of Prévenchères. Nearby, a road linking the Mediterranean and Auvergne threatened “truckers,” looters gathered in a gang.

The Parier Knights established themselves as an economic and military community to ensure the defense of the section. Today, we still visit the tower, the church, the castle, the bread oven …

10. Boat ride in the Gorges du Tarn

Boat ride in the Gorges du Tarn

From La Malène, embark with professional boatmen to discover the most beautiful part of the Gorges du Tarn. You will slide along the water between the cliffs, in the steepest part of the canyon.

A boatman becomes a guide, telling you the history of the place and describing the fauna and flora.

The 8-kilometer walk lasts about an hour, ideal if you are looking for a short activity to do in Lozère.

11. Hiking the Way to Stevenson

Hiking the Way to Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island, wrote a book in 1879 entitled Voyage with an Agnes in the Cevennes.

Stevenson’s path resumes its journey through the Lozère, from Puy-en-Velay to Alès. Embark on this adventure and explore the landscapes of Gévaudan and Mont Lozère.

There is no need to walk for weeks; choose a section that interests you, and let’s go! You will pass through several places of interest and have the opportunity to see the Lozère en route.

12. Lake Saint-Andéol

Lake Saint-Andéol

Lake Saint-Andéol is a glacial lake that served as a pagan place of worship 2,000 years ago. It is said that ceremonies were held there, during which people threw offerings into the lake.

Amateur and professional archaeologists have probed the lake for fortune.

Today, the site is classified for its fauna and flora peculiar to peatlands. The ruins of a chapel built by Saint-Andéol to stop pagan ceremonies are located north of the lake.

13. The Cham des Bondons

The Cham des Bondons

The Cham des Bondons is a limestone plateau near Florac and Mont Lozère. It has the second-largest concentration of menhirs in France, after Carnac in Brittany. 

These menhirs were erected around 3000 BC, and there are now 154 of them.

It is possible to discover them during pleasant walks along signposted trails categorized by group. About thirty burial mounds are also on the site.

14. The ascent of Mont Lozère

The ascent of Mont Lozère

This hike is one of the best to do in Lozère. It will take you to the highest point of the department, at 1,699 meters above sea level. From here, you will have an unobstructed view of the Alps.

The level of difficulty requires you to be a confirmed walker. The start is from Bleymard, on a vertical drop of 650 meters. It should take about 6h30 to complete the journey, so you should be prepared at a minimum.

15. The Vallon du Villaret Park

The Vallon du Villaret Park

This leisure park combines nature, play, and art to the delight of children and adults. For fun family moments in Lozère, this is one of the most fun things to do!

The tour lasts from 3 to 5 hours, depending on your degree of curiosity. More than 100 surprises await you through fun experiences and games for all ages. We do not tell you more so that your adventure goes as smoothly as possible…

16. The Corniche des Cévennes by car

The Corniche des Cévennes by car

From Florac to Saint-Jean-du-Gard, the road follows a route on the ridges that separate Gard and Lozère. The old royal road allowed troops to move quickly while having an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Today, it has become a tourist route that offers beautiful panoramas of the French and Borgne valleys.

At the wheel of your car, make stops to observe the landscapes that are available to you. Visiting the Lozère also means taking your time…

17. The House of the Vultures

The House of the Vultures

Located in the heart of the Jonte gorges, the House of the Vultures is much more than a belvedere. It tells the story that links these raptors to the Cévennes and their reintroduction in 1981.

Your tour begins on the panoramic terrace, from where you will observe the colony perched on the cliffs thanks to the long views.

Accompanied by a specialized guide, you will then reach the projection room. Three cameras installed in a nest, on a perch, and near a feeding area broadcast their images live.

You will discover incredible scenes of life and the best images filmed in recent years—one of the best ideas for activities to do in Lozère with children.

18. Mount Aigoual

Mount Aigoual

On the border between Gard and Lozère, Mont Aigoual rises to 1,567 meters above sea level.

Its geographical location offers a view of 13 departments, up to the Alps and Pyrenees. 

You will reach the summit by the famous climb of the 4,000 steps and its 1,200 meters of altitude difference from Valleraugue.

Do not panic; a road also allows you to access it by car! You will discover a castle-like building, which houses France’s last inhabited mountain weather station.

Exhibitions help you understand technicians’ work and the phenomena that make rain and shine. The Mont Aigoual massif has 28 hiking trails to explore and a ski resort.

19. Archaeological Museum of Javols

Archaeological Museum of Javols

The village of Javols is built on the ancient Gallo-Roman capital of the Gabales: Anderitum.

The Museum of Javols presents the archaeological discoveries made on the site. An outdoor tour takes you through the ancient city in about an hour.

Explanatory panels tell the story of the excavations and the main points of interest of Anderitum. An application connected to virtual reality headsets also allows you to discover the ancient city as it was at the time. A fun experience not to be missed!

20. Gastronomy


Visiting the Lozère also means offering yourself gustatory pleasures. Local products are honored in farmers’ markets and restaurants. Four cheeses benefit from an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée:

  • The Laguiole,
  • The Bleu d’Auvergne,
  • The Bleu des Causses,
  • And Pelardon.

Charcuterie is not to be outdone by cured meats. Taste the fricandeau, a specialty made from pork stuffing cooked in a strainer.

With the Auvergne, the department is known for its cheese and potato comfort food, aligot, and truffade.

Also, try the Manouls, sheep tripe cooked with white wine. Or Pouteille, a mixture of pork feet and beef simmered in a wine sauce.

Fancy a traditional dessert? Try the Coupétade, a cake made from prunes and grapes.

How to go to Lozère?

All aboard

The car remains the main way to go to Lozère and get around. The A75 motorway between Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier crosses the department.

From Lyon, you will follow the Nationale 88, which serves Langogne and Mende.

By train

The population density does not allow a very developed railway network in Lozère. The Cevennes train connects Clermont-Ferrant to Nîmes by taking one of the most beautiful French railway tracks.

It serves the east of the department, including Langogne. Mende is connected to Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier by TER lines.

By bus

The bus network allows you to travel within the Lozère and neighboring departments. The lines connect Saint-Chély-d’Apcher to Mende and Millau, Mende to Clermont-Ferrand and Marvejols to Puy-en-Velay.

By plane

Unfortunately, there is no airport in Lozère. We will have to land in one of the neighboring departments and finish the trip differently. Check Skyscanner for the best flights to Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand or Rodez.

Where to stay in Lozère?

La Lozère is full of guest houses, Airbnb, and charming cottages that welcome holidaymakers in the middle of nature.

You can change accommodation depending on the places you want to visit in Lozère. Mende remains the simplest city in terms of offer and mobility. But staying in a beautiful village like Sainte-Enimie is also a great idea.

To find the room that suits you, enter your criteria in a hotel comparator. You will be sure to find the best prices.

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