The 25 Best Things To Do In Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The 25 Best Things To Do In Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Mamanuca Islands are beautiful white-sand islands dotted with tropical forests and surrounded by coral reefs. If you dream about traveling there, then you’re onto a good thing! 

While some islands are home to luxury resorts, the Mamanuca Islands have plenty of budget and mid-range resorts packed with free activities! 

You can swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel with tropical fish, paddleboard, or relax by the pool while staying or visiting the Mamanuca Islands for free or very cheap.

The Mamanuca Islands offer an array of white-sand beaches amidst tropical forests, complemented by surrounding coral reefs. These islands are not just a destination for luxury travelers, as they also cater to those on a budget with accommodations that provide a variety of complimentary activities.

Visitors can engage in swimming in the clear waters, snorkeling alongside tropical fish, and paddleboarding. There are also opportunities to unwind by the pool. These experiences are accessible either free of charge or at a minimal cost while staying on the Mamanuca Islands.

The 25 Best Things To Do In Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

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1. Sit Down to a Private Waterfront Dinner

In the Mamanuca Islands, you can book a special dinner that feels like a dream. They serve you a fancy three-course meal with bubbly wine and you even get your own butler to take care of everything.

I remember having dinner right in my room at the Tokoriki Island Resort, it was so cozy and private.

Another time, I had this unforgettable meal by the water at Likuliku Lagoon Resort. It was amazing, just the stars, the sound of the waves, and some seriously delicious food.

2. Aquatic Adventures

Kids can take part in an unforgettable mini snorkel adventure as well as a variety of other aquatic activities, such as surfing trips, jet ski adventures, and diving opportunities. 

Children will enjoy collecting shells on the beach and sliding around in designated children’s pools. Kayaking is also a popular family activity in the Mamanuca Islands. 

You can snorkel year-round and discover different marine life in our Mamanuca Islands. You do not need to be a grownup to dive or kayak in our Mamanuca Islands.

3.Visit Malamala Beach ClubOpens in a new tab.

I visited this amazing little island beach club just a short 25-minute trip from Port Denarau. It’s the perfect spot for a day getaway. The beach club has it all – a stunning pool, great music, cozy private cabanas, and even a butler service.

The real highlights for me were the breathtaking views and the delicious food. It’s the kind of place you’d want to hang out at all day, just soaking in the sun and the vibe.

Malamala’s a la carte menu features delicious light bites and shareable platters infused with Pacific and Asian flavors. Paired with a delightful curated cocktail, it’s one of the most relaxing ways to unwind.  

After a day of pampering, you can explore the warm shallows around the island with a complimentary kit of snorkels, kayaks, and paddleboards. If you return within seven days, you’ll get a discount on the trip.

4. This Must be Underwater Love.

Visitors can see our coral reef system oh so clearly thanks to its excellent visibility. Tropical fish and vibrant sea life can be easily viewed while snorkeling right off dreamy beaches! 

All accommodation offerings on the islands invite couples to try various water activities, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and Hobie cat sailing. 

Adventure-seeking couples may enjoy scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and outer reef surfing.  

You can choose to do as much or as little as you choose, but you’ll be left with little choice but to dive straight in and explore our majestic coral reefs and the abundance of tropical fish and sea creatures therein. 

Discover a sea of romance by paddle boarding, kayaking, or taking a fishing trip together without a single stranger’s insight.

5. Massage Bliss with a Coconut Kiss.

While visiting the Mamanuca Islands, don’t miss a traditional Fijian massage. It will calm your mind, body, and soul while providing you with spectacular ocean views. 

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating spa ritual with your significant other. Discover your couple’s bliss with the scents of coconut, pineapple, starfruit, and frangipani.

6. A Luxury Vacation.

It is the ultimate luxury to escape the routine of daily life. The Mamanuca Islands provide you with a wide range of choices. 

No matter if you want to lounge poolside, escape to your very own private island, enjoy the many water activities, or relax in your luxury bure. 

Pamper yourself in our stunning tropical island surrounds, and do not forget to smile and take photos too. 

7. Marine Conservation Education.

Many Mamanuca Island resorts offer educational talks and environmental programs to educate our children about conservation and protecting our environment. 

You can help release baby turtles from turtle rehabilitation centers by visiting them with your family.

8. Get Competitive with Beach Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, and More

There are sports equipment and courts available at all resorts in the Mamanucas, so you can get competitive when you’ve got some spare time. 

For example, Castaway Island and Mana Island have tennis courts, Sheraton Resort offers beach volleyball, and Six Senses Fiji offers cycling trips. Vomo Island is home to a 9-hole golf course.

9.Relax with Fijian Entertainment

When you visit the Mamanuca Islands, the nights there are just amazing. You get to see some really cool local stuff for free.

They have these traditional kava ceremonies; it’s a drink that’s a big part of Fijian culture. And there’s also this thing called ‘make’ dance, which is pretty awesome to watch.

It’s like getting a little slice of Fiji’s heritage while you’re just chilling in the evening. I’ve been there and done it all, it’s super authentic and gives you a real feel of the place.

10. High-Speed Island Hopping.

You can experience a high-speed adventure with a jet ski safari sprint through the Mamanuca Islands. Many tour options are departing from Denarau Island, but the ride to Monuriki Island is extraordinary. 

After your relaxing time on the beach, you’ll explore the caves and snorkel, even the colorful coral garden, before returning home.

11. Chill Out on Cloud 9

Overlooking the RoRo reef near Malolo island, Cloud 9’s two-tier bar floats over the reef, creating the perfect backdrop for a lazy afternoon.  

You can sunbathe on one of their loungers or do somersaults off the top deck in just under 15 minutes from Port Denarau. 

Wood-fired pizzas, excellent cocktails, and chill-out tunes all day long make it the perfect mid-ocean party or chill-out spot. Book some snorkeling to explore the nearby coral reef or pre-arrange other water activities.

12.Picnic in Paradise

The Mamanuca Islands are the perfect place to spend a romantic getaway. We recommend you have an exotic picnic in the tropics at least once during your stay. Sip champagne, eat delicious food and listen to the calming ocean waves.

13.An Adults-Only Escape.

You might be interested in spending your holiday at the Mamanuca Islands, a secluded adults-only paradise. 

Great, because our welcoming archipelago provides the perfect backdrop for those many memorable moments you and your beloved are sure to share. 

Some resorts pamper guests while staying exclusively for adults.

Escape into a private sanctuary of luxury and relaxation, where busy means lazing around on secluded beaches where your every wish is catered for in this idyllic oasis.

14.Indulgent Escapes.

If you would like to add more luxury experiences to your Mamanuca holiday, why not fly in a seaplane or take a private yacht tour? 

On the Mamanuca Islands, you can enjoy top-notch treatments with premium products too!

15.Luxury Resort Suites.

You’ll find luxurious overwater bungalows, rustic bars, and luxe villas in the Mamanuca Islands. The perfect blend of five-star luxury and Fiji’s unique tropical atmosphere. 

World-class facilities and services combined with luxury accommodations pamper you to the fullest.

16.Local Village Excursions.

A family trip to a nearby village is a great way for your family to learn about the friendliest people on earth. 

Visit a Fijian village on Mamanuca Island and have your children see a school, browse craft markets, and get to know local kids. 

 Here you will discover the essence of our people and find out how you can give back to your host community.

Tip: Give back to the community by buying a treasured keepsake like a shell necklace or an artistic wood carving. 

17.Finding Nemo.

You can snorkel right off the beach in certain parts of the Mamanuca Islands. How fun is that? You can watch your children enjoy a fun-filled snorkel adventure as you sit on the beach. 

Children can experience tons of tropical sea life and colorful coral nearby, including Nemo and Shelley, as well as coconut hat weaving and turtle tagging and release programs.

18.Grand Fun at the Kids Club.

The Mamanucas offer a great variety of kid’s clubs with a host of interactive activities for the little ones.

Parents are encouraged to relax while their children are cared for by the ‘world’s top carers’ at the Kids Clubs. Fijians adore children, and staff at the Kids Clubs will go above and beyond to ensure your child has loads of fun. 

Guest activities often include guided beach walks, arts and crafts, cultural presentations, dance performances, etc. Note: guests can easily arrange a personal babysitter for their babies and youngest ones.

19.Do a Sunset Cruise Around the Islands

If you want a romantic experience or want to spoil yourself with a group of friends, consider taking a cruise around the Mamanuca Islands as the sun sets behind the Pacific Ocean. 

In resorts like Six Senses Fiji and Likuliku Lagoon, sunset cruises featuring refreshments and sparkling wine are offered while guests sit back and enjoy the view of the islands.

20.Indulge in One of the Mamanucas’ Island Spas

It’s true, and everyone deserves some R&R time in Fiji. The resort’s spa is one of the best places to unwind. 

Get some spa inspiration by visiting the Tadrai Island Resort, where you can choose the setting you want for your spa treatment on a 60-acre island. 

Maybe a couples massage with natural Fijian spa products would be right up your alley at Tropica Island Resort? 

21.Explore the Islands by Kayak

If you are a guest or even a day visitor at a resort in the Mamanucas, you usually have access to the resort’s “non-motorized” watersports equipment. 

Watersports on the menu always include kayak rentals. Take to the sea to explore the coral reefs, the coast, or watch the fish through the crystal-clear waters.

22.Scuba Dive Among Stunning Coral Reefs

If you are familiar with Fiji, then this first thing to do in the Mamanucas won’t surprise you. The Mamanucas offer more than 30 dive sites of coral reefs to explore. 

Beginning divers have the chance to explore the vibrant coral reefs of the Mamanuca Islands, while advanced divers can dive at ocean-front reefs that share the water with manta rays, dolphins, and large pelagic fish! 

There are multiple resorts in the Mamanuca Islands associated with PADI, so diving in the safe hands of experts is no problem.

23.Divine Dining.

Stunning ocean views and starry nights define divine dining. What more could you ask for than a personalized menu and calm island sounds of your serenaders?

24.Get Adventurous on a Private Fishing Charter

An exciting day out on the water awaits on a private fishing charter in the Mamanuca Islands. 

Several fish species such as giant trevally, mahimahi, Pacific sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and much more are likely to be caught by experienced anglers.

25. Honeymoon at Six Senses Fiji Wedding Venue

At Six Senses Fiji, you may find a luxurious wedding venue in the Mamanucas. 

With Six Senses, you can make your special day your own when choosing a nook of the gardens, the beachfront, or within one of the Residences for a small gathering of family and friends. It is one of the best places to do a honeymoon on Mamanuca island.

What are the best wedding venues in Mamanuca Island, Fiji?

On the islands of the Mamanucas, Fiji is the perfect location for spectacular weddings. 

Located offshore of the mainland are the Mamanuca Islands, a group of twenty-some islands in the brilliant Pacific Ocean. 

There are many wedding resorts in the Mamanuca Islands to help make your dream wedding a reality. Below is a list of wedding venues in the Mamanuca Islands to get you started.

  • Likuliku Lagoon Resort
  • Tokoriki Island Resort
  • Lomani Island Resort
  • Castaway Island Resort
  • Funky Fish Resort
  • Malolo Island Resort
  • Mana Island Resort
  • Treasure Island Resort
  • Six Senses Fiji
  • Sheraton Resort & Spa Tokoriki Island

What are the best adult-only activities to do in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji?

The Mamanuca Islands are known for being a bit family-friendly, which isn’t ideal when you’re seeking rest and rejuvenation. 

Despite this, a few outstanding adult-only retreats have opened in the last few years, providing adults with an escape from splashing kids in the pool.

Even if you are staying at a family resort, you can take advantage of the adult-only activities available in the Mamanuca Islands, as well as some adult-only getaways.

  • Workout at the gym or fitness center
  • Explore the island or go on a Dolphin Safari
  • Enjoy Adult-Only Golf Courses at Your Adult-Only Resort.
  • Hire a fishing charter to catch the monsters of the deep
  • Hit Epic Waves like “Cloudbreak” on a Surf Excursion
  •  Treat That Special Someone to a Private Beach Picnic
  • Hike to the Mountain Tops of Your Resort’s Island
  • Scuba Dive in One of the Mamanucas’ 30 Dive Sites
  • Cruise Out to Local Sandbars for Sensational Snorkelling
  • Take a spa break at one of Mamanuca’s adult-only resorts

What are the best things to do in Mamanuca Islands for Foodies, Fiji?

There’s no doubt that food has a lot to do with culture. That’s why the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji offer some fabulous food experiences and food-oriented activities for visitors to learn more about the Fijian way of life. 

Have lunch in a Fijian village, attend a Fijian cooking class, join a kava ceremony, and see how much you can learn through the sights, smells, and tastes of a foodie activity Mamanucas. 

Furthermore, a “things to do in Mamanuca Islands” list should always include a private picnic or a teppanyaki feast!

  • Get Your Health Fix at the Tovolea Restaurant
  • Dine Under the Stars in a Private Dining Experience
  • Enjoy a Teppanyaki Dining Experience
  • Try Fijian Cuisine at the Flame Tree or Black Coral Restaurant
  • Take a Boat Trip to the Cloud 9 Floating Bar
  • Indulge in a Private Picnic Lunch on the Beach
  • Try “Kava” in a Kava Ceremony
  • Visit a Fijian Village and Eat With the Locals
  • Learn How to Cook Fijian Cuisine in a Cooking Class
  • Mix Your Tropical Drinks in a Cocktail Mixing Class

What best things to do in Mamanuca Islands with Family and Kids, Fiji?

You may not believe that the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji are the best place for a family holiday, but take a look at this list of activities in the Mamanuca Islands with kids to find out!

The Mamanuca Islands, just off the west coast of Fiji’s mainland, consists of around 30 islands. Many of them boast fun and fabulous family resorts where the balance of family time and separate holiday time is spot on. 

You can find a wide variety of family-friendly activities at the resorts – more than any family could ever do in one holiday. Take a look at this list and start planning your dream holiday to the Mamanuca Islands.

  • Bond Over a Fishing Trip
  • Cruise Around the Islands
  • Treat Yourself (and Even the Little Ones) to a Spa and Wellness Day
  • Get Competitive on Land
  • Let the Teens Hang Out at the Teens’ Club
  • Treat the Kids (and Yourself) to a Day at the Kids’ Club
  • Immerse in the Fijian Culture
  • Capture Amazing Views on an Island Walk
  • Get on the Water
  • Learn to Scuba Dive

What are the best romantic things to do in Mamanuca Island, Fiji?

Mamanuca Island, in the South Pacific, is always a romantic hot spot! Glistening azure waters, sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees create the perfect setting for romance. 

The adult-only resorts in the Mamanuca Islands boast romantic getaways as well. With that, each has its share of romantic activities to offer couples, so check out the list below for romantic activities.

  • Getting married on an island will be the best experience of your life.
  • Enjoy a romantic time at a resort for adults only
  • Navigate the Waters in a Double Kayak
  • Visit an Island Hiking Trail Together
  • Write in the sand or write a paper message in a bottle
  • Learn How to Scuba Dive Together
  • Do a Sunset Cruise Around the Islands
  • Sit Down to a Private Waterfront Dinner
  • Enjoy a Romantic Couples’ Massage
  • Visit a Private Island or Beach for a Picnic

What free and cheap things to do in Mamanuca Island, Fiji?

Check out our list of free and cheap things to do in the Mamanuca Islands to see what else you could be getting up to on these paradise islands!

  • Talk to the Resort Staff
  • Try local cuisine or relax by the pool while sipping cocktails
  • Get Some Braids
  • Treat Yourself to a Spa Treatment
  • Explore the Islands on Foot
  • Resort Evening Entertainment
  • Play Volleyball
  • Get Out on the Water on a Stand-Up Paddle Board
  • Explore the Islands by Kayak
  • Swim at the Beach
  • Swim in the Resort Pools
  • Snorkel at Coral Reefs

What are the best islands in Mamanuca Island, Fiji?

It isn’t easy to select just one of the 333 islands in Fiji to spend your vacation in paradise. At least you have narrowed it down to the Mamanuca Islands. 

Still, there are over 20 islands to explore in the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together this list of the ten best islands in the Mamanuca Islands!

While you are unlikely to be disappointed by any of the islands you arrive on in the Mamanuca Islands, you’ll still want to spend time in a place that feels special to you. 

In the Mamanuca Islands, we have selected all the standout islands, with contrasting experiences, resorts, and villages available, so everyone’s taste and mood are met!

  • Matamanoa Island
  • Beachcomber Island
  • Tokoriki Island
  • Vomo Island
  • Malolo Lailai
  • Monuriki Island
  • Tavarua Island
  • Mana Island
  • Namotu Island
  • Malolo Island

Best Things To Do In Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
1.Sit Down to a Private Waterfront Dinner
2. Aquatic Adventures
3. Visit Malamala Beach Club
4. This Must be Underwater Love.
5. Massage Bliss with a Coconut Kiss.
6. A Luxury Vacation.
7. Marine Conservation Education.
8. Get Competitive with Beach Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, and More
9. Relax with Fijian Entertainment 10.High-Speed Island Hopping.
11. Chill Out on Cloud 9
12. Picnic in Paradise.
13. An Adults-Only Escape.
14. Indulgent Escapes.
15. Luxury Resort Suites.
16. Local Village Excursions.
17. Finding Nemo.
18. Grand Fun at the Kids Club.
19. Do a Sunset Cruise Around the Islands
20. Indulge in One of the Mamanucas’ Island Spas
21. Explore the Islands by Kayak
22. Scuba Dive Among Stunning Coral Reefs
23. Divine Dining.
24. Get Adventurous on a Private Fishing Charter 25.Honeymoon at Six Senses Fiji Wedding Venue

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