12 Best Things To Do In Mont Blanc (Adventures)

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures)

Visiting Mont Blanc means treating yourself to a nice dose of clean air in the heart of the Alps. Follow the guide for the best things to do in Mont Blanc and an unforgettable stay!

Visiting the Mont Blanc massif is a must. Indeed, this block is made of colossal granite and is part of the chain of the Alps shared by France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is home to Mont Blanc, the true king of the mountain range that rises to 4,809 meters.

In addition to this majestic mountain, other mythical places participate in the massif, such as the Bossons glacier, the Mer de Glace, or the famous needles of Chamonix. Mont Maudit, Tré la Tête and the sublime Aiguille de Bionnassay also make up exceptional panoramas.

Mont Blanc is an emblematic destination for mountaineering and mountain sports. Skiing, sledding, paragliding, cycling, rock climbing… Finally, the hard part will be to choose between all these activities when you come to visit Mont Blanc.

To help you select them, here is a complete guide prepared for you by Travelvibe. Pack your things, pack your suitcase and let’s go!

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Mont Blanc, in a few words

Visit Mont Blanc: 12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc

To visit Mont Blanc is to go to a territory of 400 km² shared between three countries. The massif can be explored in Haute-Savoie and Savoie (France), in the Aosta Valley (Italy), and in the canton of Valais (Switzerland).

Compared to other Alpine massifs, that of Mont Blanc is almost uninhabited. The altitude and the presence of glaciers explain the low human occupation: Mont Blanc, we pass there, but we do not stay there.

This is undoubtedly what makes the beauty of the place and adds to the secret charm typical of the massif. High mountain atmosphere guaranteed!

In addition to the cable cars, including the emblematic Aiguille du Midi cable car, sportsmen from all over Europe can explore this sublime rocky promontory in many ways. From hiking trails to prestigious climbing routes through take-off areas dedicated to paragliding or mountain bike trails…

Whether you decide to visit the site in summer, winter, or mid-season, you have many ways to see Mont Blanc. To help you decide, here are some selected by Travelvibe.

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures)

1. Go Hiking at Mont Blanc

Go Hiking at Mont Blanc

Hiking? This is obvious for those who wish, one day, to come and visit Mont Blanc in a relaxed way. What is certain is that you will have no difficulty finding your happiness: prestigious hiking trails await you in the massif.

On the Chamonix side, the various access routes to the summit of Mont Blanc require an approach walk: hikers can therefore get closer to the summit with ease.

On the Saint-Gervais side, you can try the ascent of prarion, which separates the village from Mont-Blanc, followed by the loop of Bionnassay. The most motivated will be able to arrive at the famous Eagle’s Nest, the terminus of the Mont-Blanc Tramway!

Practical information:

  • Terms: Signs indicating hiking trails are scattered throughout the towns and hamlets adjacent to the massif;
  • At what price: Access to the trails is entirely free. The only imperative: have a sturdy backpack and good walking shoes.

2. Ski at Mont Blanc

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures) | Skitouring with amazing view | Travelvibe

Wow… The Vallée Blanche, in winter, becomes a paradise for ski mountaineers and hikers on sealskins. This glacial valley is located in the heart of the massif.

The Vallé Blanche offers two extraordinary high mountain routes, Dominated by the astonishing Aiguille du Midi. To survey them, altitude progression techniques are essential… just like the presence of a mountain guide, for that matter.

Our advice? Start from the Aiguille du Midi for a ski descent to Montenvers or even Chamonix. I-nou-bli-able!

Practical information:

  • Terms: Head to the guides’ office in Chamonix or Saint-Gervais. They will tell you the right slot according to your availability… and theirs. Sometimes it takes a long time in advance to hope to be able to participate in the session;
  • At what price: The presence of a guide is charged 200 € on average for a day as part of a ski-mountaineering outing. The equipment can be rented in a station for tens of euros per day.

3. Do Paragliding in Mont Blanc

Do Paragliding in Mont Blanc

Wow! What sensations, the free flight in paragliding: the wind that stings your face, the adrenaline that takes you at every turn, the sumptuous panoramas …

Visiting Mont Blanc by flying is one of the best ways to do it. Don’t you think? To prove yourself wrong, treat yourself to a tandem paragliding baptism.

From your harness, you will have the opportunity to admire the Alps. If your monitor allows it, you can even take control and control yourself.

Practical information:

  • Terms: Book your flight with companies offering paragliding flights. In Chamonix and Saint-Gervais alone, a dozen companies offer this service;
  • At what price: Count on average from 60 € to 150 € per person depending on the desired flight time.

4. Horse Riding at Mont Blanc

Horse Riding at Mont Blanc

The horse is excellent: and in Mont Blanc, it’s insane! In the massif, the hiking trails are countless. Hikers, cyclists, and… horse riding enthusiasts have understood this well.

A horse ride seduces young and old. Animals are accustomed to human presence and offer the opportunity not to get (too) tired.

To enjoy it, book a supervised getaway well before going there: many visitors want to try it. And not all of them will have the opportunity given the offer…

Practical information:

  • Terms: Stud farms (which offer ski joëring in winter) provide you with horses to visit Mont Blanc. Located on both sides of the massif, they will allow a smooth discovery of this activity;
  • At what price: Fifty euros will be enough per person for half a day of initiation.

5. Sled Dogs

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures) | Sled dogs | Travelvibe

What is bigger, softer, and more endearing than a husky? A sleigh husky, Pardi! Trained and gathered in hierarchical packs, these emblematic dogs of the Far North can tow a sled for miles.

Visiting Mont Blanc in winter without visiting them would be sacrilege, especially if there is snow. The courses usually dedicated to snowshoeing and Nordic skiing enthusiasts are transformed into a circuit for these hairballs.

Opt for initiation in the Chamonix valley when she puts on her beautiful white coat!

Practical information:

  • Terms: After a brief initiation, a sled of four dogs will be entrusted to you. Under the aegis of an experienced instructor, you will let yourself slip into the middle of the forest;
  • At what price: Count about sixty euros per person for an hour.

6. ATV

do mountain biking

Pure sensations, the mountain bike. Mountain biking is quite advisable to visiting Mont Blanc: you can go everywhere! Les Houches, for example.

This pretty town located on the foothills of the Giant of the Alps is home to ski lifts that can accommodate mountain bikers. Another advantage is that you can test the electric mountain bike.

The latter includes a battery and a motor. Even no need to pedal to go up and admire unique panoramas of Mont Blanc: not bad, right?

Practical information:

  • Terms: If you rent, you will be asked for a deposit in addition to your payment;
  • At what price: The rental amounts to 50 € per day depending on the model chosen.

7. Mountaineering

do mountaineering in mont blanc

Yes! The first companies of mountain guides were created right here in 1821 in Chamonix. The mountaineering practice is for some outright born in the Mont Blanc massif.

His rise is the first to be rigorously documented in the modern era. Nearly 250 years later, the routes are countless and allow many climbers to visit Mont Blanc.

Of course, the high mountains cannot be improvised: the presence of an experienced guide is essential. Over two days, you can try to climb the Normal Way or the Three Mountains route and tread the roof of Europe. Beware of altitude sickness!

Practical information:

  • Terms: Go to the company of guides from Chamonix or Saint-Gervais. They will inform you about the organization of this unforgettable air trip;
  • At what price: A two-day race costs €400. In addition, if you do not have it, count the additional rental of the essential equipment.

8. Cable car

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures) | Cable car | Travelvibe

The cable car is essential in the mountains to connect its highest points with the valley below. Take the Aiguille du Midi, for example.

From the top of its 3,842 meters of altitude, it is the highest of the needles of Cham’ (Chamonix). The cable car avoids a physical difference in altitude of nearly 3,000 meters! Once at the top, what a view of the Mer de Glace, the Vallée Blanche, and the surrounding mountains…

Visiting Mont Blanc by cable car is the assurance of enjoying sublime panoramas in complete safety. You will have understood it: an experience not to be missed.

Practical information:

  • Terms: Book on the official website of the municipality of Chamonix your round trip. And don’t forget to bring Category IV glasses (for the ice cream parlor) and warm clothes;
  • At what price: 65 € are expected to make the round trip between Chamonix and the Aiguille du Midi. For children under fourteen and seniors, count about ten euros less.

9. ULM


The ULM is to the plane what the vehicle without a license is to the car. A useful compromise to enjoy the pleasures of driving without wasting years passing your diplomas!

The ULM is a hang glider equipped with a motor to split the clouds at full speed. To visit Mont Blanc in a microlight combines the useful with the pleasant by contemplating stupid landscapes while enjoying an unforgettable moment of weightlessness.

Aerodromes are located on both sides of the massif. Treat yourself (or treat yourself…) to a tandem flight in the company of an experienced pilot to admire it… like a golden eagle!
Practical information:

  • Terms: It is necessary to book your two-seater flight in advance: we recommend the Sallanches aerodrome, with a competent team;
  • At what price: Count 135 € for a flight of 45 minutes.

10. Helicopter

12 Best Things To Do in Mont Blanc (Adventures) | Helicopter | Travelvibe

The helicopter was invented, in principle, by Leonardo da Vinci himself. It didn’t work until a few centuries later, but who cares?

Certainly not you: you will fly over the Mont Blanc massif in a state-of-the-art helicopter. If it is not necessary to specify that you will not drive it yourself, know that you will enjoy a comfortable ride.

This AS350 helicopter takes you from the Altiport of Megeve for a thirty-minute getaway. The Megève valley, the Bionnassay glacier, the Aiguille du Goûter, and the Mont-Blanc massif reveal themselves as you progress in the air: majestic, isn’t it?

Practical information:

  • Terms: See you at the altiport of Megève… or directly on their website to book your flight;
  • At what price: Allow 200€ per person and half an hour of flight.

11. Hot air balloon

Ride on a hot air balloon in Mont blanc

Praz-sur-Arly is a cute town. Typically Haute-Savoyard, this town on the edge of Megève is known for the beauty of its surrounding landscapes.

You also have the opportunity to take the height and introduce yourself to a spectacular experience: the hot air balloon!

On the Route des Belles, outside the village, the airline Alpes Montgolfière offers flights during the year’s four seasons. A 360-degree panorama of the Mont Blanc region awaits you at nearly 2,500 meters.

Practical information:

  • Terms: Go to Praz-sur-Arly to learn all about this exceptional activity;
  • At what price: Fares are €260 per passenger or €1,440 per privatized hot air balloon for six people.

12. Glider

Gliding in mont blanc

Aesthetics in its purest form. The glider makes it possible to take for a bird the time of an introductory flight in the company of a professional pilot.

The interest? The absence of an engine and, therefore, noise. The sublime panoramas and the impression of being one with the sky. And the sensations of extraordinary intensity. Test without further delay!

Practical information:

  • Terms: Most of the time, the airfields are around Lake Geneva. But the performances make it possible to reach without problem the most beautiful massif in Europe;
  • At what price: Rates vary depending on the season; a few hundred euros will allow you to spend several hours in the air.

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