21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands

Located less than an hour away from Fiji’s capital Suva, Pacific Harbour is a hub for adventure above and below water, with activities ranging from surfing, river tubing, and white water rafting to jet boating and 4WD tours.

Fiji’s Pacific Harbour is home to some of the country’s most adventurous activities, from world-famous surf breaks on the outer reef to lush inland river valleys that can be explored by 4WD buggies, rubber rafts, or high-speed jet boats.

Among the lush mountainous terrain surrounding this lovely destination, you can discover a range of adventure activities, from hiking rainforest trails to rafting river rapids.

The 21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands, Fiji

1. Scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon | Travelvibe

Although there are so many unique activities on the Pacific Harbour, it might seem strange that we are starting this list with an activity you can do almost anywhere in Fiji. 

However, diving in the Beqa Lagoon is far too exciting to leave until last! The warm waters, remarkably clear visibility, and gorgeous underwater scenery make the Beqa Lagoon a fantastic dive location in Fiji. 

Almost 100 dive sites are located in the lagoon, where divers can explore an underwater world home to colorful coral, fish, and other fascinating marine life. 

With sheltered waters, you’ll often have a smooth and calm diving experience. Contact Aqua-Trek to book your dive.

2. Fishing in the Beqa Lagoon

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Fishing in the Beqa Lagoon | Travelvibe

Known for its giant fish, the Beqa Lagoon is a dream spot for seasoned anglers looking for some big fish.  

The chartered boats out of Pacific Harbour are crewed by skilled professionals who can help you catch fast Wahoos, hook giant Blue Marlins, or battle Dogtooth Tunas.  

Heads up – Skippers usually give their catch to the local village or restaurant, but you can also snag a piece for your resort chef to create a delicious dinner.

3.River Valley Adventures

Begin your adventure with a trip into the lush rainforest of the Namosi Highlands, where towering mountains lead to the source of the mighty Navua River. 

Navua River rafting tours take you on a thrilling wave-covered cruise along the upper Navua River and its tributary, Wainikoro-i-luva, passing deep gorges and passing cascading waterfalls.

If that’s not enough adrenaline for you, take a jet boat ride up the Navua River, swim in Magic Waterfalls, then raft downriver before taking the jet boat to a local village for lunch.

The middle Navua has calmer waters, and you may be able to kayak there, explore waterfalls, hike through a rainforest, and enjoy a gentle punt downstream in the late afternoon.

River tubing is another way to experience the Navua River. Join William Rock Danford, founder of River Tubing Fiji, a descendant of John Humphrey Danford, settled in these highlands in the 1800s.

4.Hiking, Skirmish, and 4WD tours

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Hiking in beqa island | Travelvibe

Explore the Namosi Highlands on a guided tour or go on a self-drive tour. You will usually start with a boat trip upriver to a traditional Fijian village on guided tours, then swim at Magic Waterfalls.

Several self-drive tourist experiences are also available, including picnics in the rainforest and waterfall swims, as well as guided tours of the rainforest on dune buggies.

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5.Play Golf Match

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Play Golf Match in beqa island fiji | Travelvibe

Located amid stunning tropical rainforest and winding canals, The Pearl Golf & Country Club features an 18-hole par 72 course that offers a challenge for every level of golfer. 

Experience challenging obstacles on this golf course, including lily ponds, bunkers, rivers, and more. Enjoy a relaxing massage during your stay in this well-equipped hotel.

6.Jet Boat on the Navua River

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Jet Boat on the Navua River | Travelvibe

Discover Fiji Tours takes you on a jet boat tour along with one of the most beautiful rivers in the South Pacific! There are pristine waterfalls, rapids, and inflatable fun down the Navua River. 

Experience local flavors and Fijian traditions during this cultural portion of the tour before hopping back on the boat to conclude this awesome excursion.

7.Take a Trip to Suva

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Take a Trip to Suva | Travelvibe

There are so many things to do in Fiji’s bustling capital city! Go to the Fiji Museum, take a tour of the historic buildings, visit the local markets, and so much more!

8.Dive With Sharks

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Dive With Sharks | Travelvibe

The breathtaking Shark Reef Marine Reserve off Pacific Harbour is the perfect place for shark diving in Fiji. Conservation efforts are helping these majestic creatures thrive. 

In addition to watching sharks up close, adventure seekers can also jump into the water and see up to eight different species. 

The guide team at Aqua-Trek will show you some of the ocean’s most remarkable marine species on a safe, exhilarating, and eco-friendly tour. Book your diving tour with them.

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9.Uprising Sports Centre

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Uprising Sports Centre | Travelvibe

Featuring a world-class and state-of-the-art artificial sports field facility, Uprising Sports Centre offers the perfect setting for traveling sports teams to mix training sessions with some downtime in Fiji.

It is the home field of the 2016 Olympic Rugby 7’s Gold Medalist team, so you might find some of their magic rubs off on you.

10.Rafting Upper Navua Gorge

Upper Navua River rafting through Viti Levu’s tropical interior is one of Fiji’s most epic adventures. Expert guides guide rafts through boulder-strewn rapids while waterfalls and lush rainforest cascade down mountain walls.  

Rivers Fiji, NGOs, local landowners, and the government of Fiji are collaborating to make these wetlands internationally important.  

There are only three tours every week (Mon, Wed, Fri), but if Tripadvisor reviews are any indication, you won’t want to miss out!

11.Seek out a local village

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Seek out a local village | Travelvibe

There are many ways to experience Fijian culture, including visiting local villages. One of the best places to visit a village is the Beqa Lagoon Resort, located between Raviravi and Rukua villages. 

A guided tour takes guests and offers an opportunity to see how the villages live their daily lives, following the same traditions celebrated for hundreds of years. 

People in the village are amiable and often eager to talk to visitors!

12.Drive yourself around the dunes with a dune buggy

Terratrek allows you to reach Fiji’s hard-to-reach places on your own! Drive to waterfalls and mountainous terrain that offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Bring your camera for all the breathtaking scenery stops along the way. Many tours can be tailored to meet your needs, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

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13.Go Ziplining!

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Go Ziplining 1 | Travelvibe

A ziplining adventureOpens in a new tab. awaits at Pacific Harbour! Scream your way down eight giant ziplines while marveling at the views of Wainadoi Valley. 

In this zipline tour with Zip Fiji, you will zip line through forest canopies as you enjoy a mix of adrenaline and nature! Plus, it’s suitable for kids and adults alike!

14. Attend an Arts Village Cultural Show

Explore an ancient Fijian village replica at the Arts Village, a complex that features shops, eateries, and cultural tours that showcase the traditions of the Fijian people. 

The resort has a pool and bar to relax in after you’ve explored the village on foot or by boat, watched mesmerizing meke dancing and learned about Fijian legends.

15.Tubing Navua River

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Tubing Navua River | Travelvibe

You’ll be able to cruise the Navua river in an inner tube with less effort because the current is at your back, so you won’t have to paddle much. As you float by spectacular waterfalls and remote rainforests, you’ll never want excitement again.  

There are also riverside village stops, waterfall swims, boat rides, and a delicious picnic to look forward to, along with tubing.

16.Bilibili Tour

You can board the ship’s bamboo raft, the ‘HMS No Comeback,’ to experience what it was like for Fijians to traverse remote villages along the scenic Navua River.  

The excursion includes a ride on a boat, a waterfall excursion, and a traditional ‘lovo’ lunch. All ages will enjoy this, so bring the kids! 

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17.Catch some waves at Frigate Passage

While Fiji is known for its competitive waves on outer reefs, few reef breaks have views like Frigate Passage. 

The Pacific Harbour’s inner mountains create a beautiful backdrop to the waves at Frigates with their powerful left-hand breaks. Frigates are just a 20-minute boat ride from Pacific Harbour resorts.

18.Catch Some Whoppers!

The Pacific Harbour is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in big game fishing. 

If you are looking for fishing tours, local guides are more than happy to take you to catch Wahoo, Spanish Mackeral, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and much more that can be found on our What Types of Fish Can You Fish for in Fiji page. 

The fishing guy at your resort will be able to help you have an awesome day on the water.

19.Take Beqa Jet Ski Safari Tour

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Take Beqa Jet Ski Safari Tour | Travelvibe

Embark on a thrilling 4-hour jet ski safari to the idyllic Beqa island.  

Leaving daily at 8:00 am, these guided tours take you to stunning coastal forests and secluded bays, so keep your GoPro handy.  

Before heading back to base, you can snorkel and enjoy a delicious beach picnic. A driver’s license is not required; bring your sense of adventure and a change of clothes!

20.Terratrek Waterfall Tour

You’ll pass through some spectacular rainforest while tearing through puddles on a muddy track to a hidden waterfall on a dune buggy ride through Pacific Harbour’s hinterland.  

Terratrek operates tours twice a day, with waterfall trips in the mornings and leisurely scenic drives in the afternoons. 

If you don’t have a driver’s license, hitch a ride – it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had on wheels!

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21.Go to Kila Eco-Adventure Park

21 Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands | Go to Kila Eco Adventure Park | Travelvibe

You can try a 12m stomach-turning drop from the Giant Swing at Kila Eco-Adventure Park, as well as abseiling, ziplining, and several knee-wrenching challenges at the low and high rope courses. 

Visit the park’s organic gardens and picnic by the river to take in the park’s culinary offerings. Or, if you prefer, get a group together and book a 1/2-day or full-day pass.

What luxurious things to do in Pacific Harbour and Beqa Islands, Fiji?

Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island are indeed famous as “the adventure capital of Fiji,” but what if you are looking for that special activity that is uniquely luxurious? 

What will make that special occasion even more special? Here are some of our top recommendations in this category of luxury activities in the Pacific Harbors and Beqa Island.

  • Enjoy a “Destination Dining” experience with your loved one
  • Dining in a fine dining restaurant with Pacific-inspired cuisine
  • Catch Dinner on a Fishing Charter
  • Indulge in a Fijian Spa Treatment
  • Treat Your Children (and Yourself) to an Educational and Fun Kids’ Club
  • Escape to an Adult-Only Retreat
  • Dive in a coral reef that is the largest in the world.
  • Jet Ski Around Beqa Island
  • Cruise to Secret Sandbars or Private Islands
  • Play Golf at The Pearl Golf & Country Club

What are the best wedding venues in Pacific Harbour and Beqa Islands, Fiji?

Wedding party destinations in Fiji like Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island provide the perfect venue for a special wedding day that is as unique as you are. 

The Pacific Harbour is home to more than just barefoot beaches, with stunning wedding chapels, inland waterfalls, local farms, and mangrove forests, as well as sandy shores decorated with floral arches. 

Fiji is known as the “adventure capital of the world,” so start your next adventure together at one of these wedding venues on Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island.

  • Lagoon Resort
  • Lalati Resort & Spa
  • Kulu Bay Resort
  • Uprising Beach Resort
  • Royal Davui Island Resort
  • Beqa Lagoon Resort
  • Nanuku Auberge Resort
  • The Pearl Resort

What Free and cheap things to do in Pacific Harbour and Beqa Islands, Fiji?

The Pacific Harbour has no doubt been described as the “adventure capital of Fiji” literally thousands of times. 

Adventure can be great, but it can also be very expensive. If you’re looking for free things to do on Beqa Island or Pacific Harbour, this is the right place. 

The Pacific Harbour and Beqa have tons of cheap and free things to do. Check out the list below!

  • Do a Homestay for a Local’s Experience
  • Scout out the Cheap Eats
  • Explore the Pacific Harbour Town and Navua
  • Lounge by the Pool
  • Play Beach Volleyball
  • Go Snorkelling
  • Visit the Arts Village
  • Go to a Local Church Service
  • Watch a Game of Rugby
  • Embark on a Kayak Adventure

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What romantic things to do in Pacific Harbour and Beqa, Fiji?

Pacific Harbour’s palm-lined lawns and sandy beaches or isolated Beqa Island’s coral reefs make two absolutely contrasting yet utterly charming settings for your Fiji getaway. 

Pacific Harbour and Beqa offer romantic retreats, fabulous dining experiences, and, as you’re about to discover, unforgettable moments to share. 

Find out what romantic activities are available on Pacific Harbour for couples so you can spend your time in paradise with your loved one.

  • Stay in a Luxury or Adult-only Resort
  • Experience Adventure on a Jet Ski Safari
  • Spend a romantic afternoon with a loved one by the seaside.
  • Explore Hidden Coves and Inlets in a Double Kayak
  • Together, learn how to scuba dive in the Beqa Lagoon.
  • Enjoy one of the resort’s romantic packages
  • Enjoy a sensual couple’s massage.
  • Enjoy drinks and canapes on the sunset cruise
  • Take a day trip to a private island

What adult-only activities things to do in Pacific Harbour and Beqa, Fiji?

Try one of these adult-only activities on Beqa Island or Pacific Harbour! 

Here is a list of things to do on the Pacific Harbour for adults that will inspire a romantic getaway, a trip with friends, or just some time away from the kids.

  • Rejuvenate with a Fitness and Wellness Program
  • Relax with a Spa Treatment
  • Play Golf match at The Pearl Golf & Country Club
  • Explore the Coast by Kayak
  • Try Sports Fishing, Handline Fishing or Spearfishing
  • Surf on the Famous Frigates Passage
  • Indulge in a Private Beach Picnic
  • Enjoy a Private Cruise Around the Islands
  • Take it to the next level with a Shark Dive Experience.
  • Scuba Diving in the Beqa Lagoon; World’s Largest Reef

What things to do in Pacific Harbour for food lovers?

The Pacific Harbour is the ideal place to experience Fijian culture through food. 

The resorts and restaurants at Pacific Harbour serve up delectable Fijian seafood, thanks to the Beqa Lagoon teeming with tropical fish right on their doorstep. 

You’ll also find locals eager to share their culture with food-friendly activities such as cooking classes and crab-catching. Check out this list of activities in Pacific Harbour for foodies.

  • Treat Yourself to Some Fine Dining
  • Experience a Traditional Kava Ceremony
  • Try a Traditional Lovo Feast
  • Try “Destination Dining” with a Beach Picnic
  • See a Coconut Demonstration
  • Try Moonlight Prawning, Crab Catching, and Beekeeping
  • Do a Fijian Food Safari
  • Visit the local markets and learn about Fijian herbs and spices.
  • Check out the Arts Village’s restaurants and stalls
  • Learn to cook Fijian food in a cooking class

What best things to do in Pacific Harbour with kids and family, Fiji?

A family vacation in Fiji’s Pacific Harbour is the perfect way to spend quality time together. There are plenty of activities that will excite adults and children alike while keeping everyone safe. 

Ziplining, boat trips, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, river tubing, and cultural activities are great for the whole family when exploring the Pacific Coast. 

The resorts at Pacific Harbour offer various kids’ clubs and nanny services that can be used when parents need some time alone. 

Check out our list of things to do in Pacific Harbour with kids and family to see what you could get up to!

  • Do Some Kayaking
  • White Water Rafting on the Navua River
  • Do a Fijian Village Visit
  • Send the Kids to a Kids’ Club
  • Check Out the Arts Village
  • Enjoy Some Beach Time
  • Discover the Navua River and Fijian Village by River Boat
  • Go River Tubing
  • Snorkel at the Beqa Lagoon
  • Do a Zipline Course

Best Things To Do In Pacific Harbour & Beqa Islands, Fiji

1.Scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon 2.Fishing in the Beqa Lagoon
3.River Valley Adventures
4.Hiking, Skirmish, and 4WD tours
5.Play Golf Match
6.Jet Boat on the Navua River
7.Take a Trip to Suva
8.Dive With Sharks
9.Uprising Sports Centre
10.Rafting Upper Navua Gorge
11.Seek out a local village
12.Drive yourself around the dunes with a dune buggy
13.Go Ziplining! 14.Attend an Arts Village Cultural Show
15.Tubing Navua River
16.Bilibili Tour
17.Catch some waves at Frigate Passage
18.Catch Some Whoppers!
19.Take Beqa Jet Ski Safari Tour
20.Terratrek Waterfall Tour
21.Go to Kila Eco-Adventure Park

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