Best Things To Do In Timang Beach - Attractions, Food

Best Things To Do In Timang Beach – Attractions, Food

The Borobudur Temple is not the only famous tourist attraction in Jogja. Many other attractions such as a beach tour can also be found in Jogja. Especially in Gunung Kidul regency, you will find much tourism in the form of a very beautiful beach. Timang Beach is one of them.

A vacation at Timang Beach is guaranteed never to make you regret it. The exoticism offered will allow you to find a different experience when you vacation on one of the beaches in Jogja. 

Review: Best Things To Do In Timang Beach – Attractions, Food

  • Address: Jl. Pantai Selatan Jawa, Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 24 hours non stop 
  • Entrance ticket price : Rp 10000 (0.69$) per person

For those looking for alternative beach tourism in Jogja, Timang Beach is the best beach tour you can visit. The beautiful bluish sea, enchanting white sand, and the presence of the Timang gondola will make your adrenaline pumping when traveling here.

So what exactly is a Timang Gondola?Opens in a new tab. The Timang gondola on Timang Jogja Beach is a traditional cable car that takes you to an island in the middle of Timang Beach, called Timang Island.

You’ll feel a rush of emotions if you ride the Timang Gondola for the first time. But, don’t imagine this cable car has a door and glass like a cable car in Korea.

The cable car, known as the Timang gondola, is made of wood and scraped on a rope using traditional tools. Your adrenaline will be pumped across the big waves in the middle of the ocean when riding the Timang Gondola to Timang Island.

But to ride this, you need to pay Rp 150000 (10.38$) in advance. So are you interested in trying the thrill of riding a Timang Gondola? Or the cost of Rp 150000 (10.38$) less worth it according to you with the facilities provided?

Oh yes, in addition to the uniqueness of Timang Island and its Timang Gondola, there are several other attractions that you will feel when vacationing at Timang Beach. Other attractions are:

1.Suspension bridge

Besides gondola rides, the suspension bridge built at Timang Beach may be used to cross Timang Island. This suspension bridge is one of the facilities provided by Timang Beach.

You can also take the suspension bridge to get to Timang Island for a lower price than Gondola. The cost of taking the suspension bridge from Timang Beach to Timang Island is 100 thousand rupiahs (6.92$).

The tension will be felt when you walk on a wood and rope suspension bridge during the ride. When the waves hit, you will experience the same sensation as being on a swaying bridge that you will never forget. Looking for a similar sensation on any other beach will not satisfy you. 

Therefore, if you go to Timang Beach, you must feel like riding a Gondola or passing over the suspension bridge of Timang Beach.

2.Coral hill

An iconic feature of Timang Beach is a large coral hill on a small island not far from the beach. The location is ideal for taking photos as well. In addition, fishers in the area use the island to find fish and lobster shrimp sold to tourists.

3.Enjoy a variety of seafood.

Well, lobster shrimp on the island near the coral hill that fishers served. Some are processed into a variety of seafood, and others are sold raw.

For raw lobster shrimp, the price is Rp 40000 (2.77$) per kilogram. But for cooked lobster shrimp, the price is from 50 thousand rupiahs to 150 thousand rupiahs (3.46$-10.38$).

If you would like to visit Timang Beach, the location of Timang Beach is approximately 50 km from the city center of Jogja. Or it can be reached in two hours by car from the center of Jogja.

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4.Access to Timang Beach

If you are from out of town and are at Adi Sucipto airport, you can take the path to the east ring road then follow the directions towards Wonosari. After that, continue until Wonosari Roundabout. From there straight to find a market called Wonosari Market.

From Wonosari Market, you will find a second t-junction whose path is divided into two directions. First, you can take the right lane to Baron Beach, and then after arriving at mulo t-junction, you have to turn left following the direction of Siung Beach.

Once there, you will find many signs leading to various beaches in Gunung Kidul. Follow the signs to Timang Beach. Then, the signboard will take you to the Purwodadi area. 

In the Purwodadi area, when you find the T-junction of Siung Beach, take the right lane, and you will arrive at Timang beach retribution post. You can directly pay the levy to be welcome to enter Timang Beach.

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5.Culinary Tour in Jogja

Once you’re satisfied with your trip to Timang Jogja Beach, don’t forget to spend some time enjoying the delicious culinary of Jogja. Many culinary tours in Jogja are recommended for tourists who are on vacation in Jogja.

What are some foods that must be tasted when you are on vacation in Jogja? Here’s the list!

1.Gudeg Pawon

  • Address: Jalan janturan UH/IV No 36, Warungboto, Umbulharjo District, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 18.00 – 21.00 WIB
  • Menu : Gudeg
  • Price : 24 thousand rupiah (1.66$)

If you’re a Gudeg lover, do not miss out on tasting the delicious Gudeg Pawon if you come to Jogja. The legendary flavor presented will make you never want to miss one of Jogja’s culinary.

Gudeg sold in Gudeg Pawon is different from Gudeg in that you can eat in stalls, usually or even famous restaurants. Why? Because Gudeg in Gudeg Pawon is a culinary Gudeg processed not by using a stove but directly using Pawon or traditional fire stove.

So, of course, it will produce a different taste from Gudeg in general. What’s the difference? Cobain himself came here and ate Gudeg, and it isn’t easy to describe but certainly better than most Gudeg.

It’s just that this Gudeg stall is only open at night. So if you are looking for a culinary night, you can hang out and taste delicious Gudeg at Gudeg Pawon.

2.Sate Klathak Pak Pong

  • Address: Jl. Sultan Agung No. 18, Jejeran II, Wonokromo, Pleret District, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 10.00 – 00.00 WIB
  • Menu : Sate kambing, nasi goreng kambing dan tongseng kambing
  • Price : Start 23 thousand rupiah per serving (1.59$)

It is the ideal place to eat goat satay if you are a lover of goat satay. This simple place opened at 10.00 WIB, so you can eat at the Sate Pak Pong stall whether you are looking for lunch or dinner.

In addition to selling goat satay, Pak Pong satay stalls also sell other menus such as goat fried rice and goat Tongseng. It’s just that the most famous and legendary here is Sate Klathaknya.

Sate Klathak Pak Pong is harvested with a different method. Usually, goat satay is processed using long lidi, but Sate Klathak Pak Pong is prepared with the motorcycle steel Ruji. 

This will result in the mutton burning and ripening evenly, even inside.

3.Oseng – oseng mercon Bu Narti

  • Address: Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan, Jl. Purwodiningratan No. 110, Ngampilan, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 18.00 – 00.00 WIB
  • Menu: Oseng mercon and various side dishes
  • Price : 20 thousand rupiah (1.38$)

Oseng: Oseng mercon Bu Narti is the pioneer of super spicy Tongseng in Jogja, which is served to spicy lovers. If you are fond of spicy cuisine, you must taste Oseng – Oseng mercon Bu Narti.

Tender meat cooked with chili peppers that make this Mercon Oseng admired and loved by spicy lovers. Oseng – Oseng mercon Bu Narti is served together with steaming warm white rice. Eating crackers with white meat increases your appetite.

You can also find other menus, including fried chicken, grilled chicken, processed catfish, pigeon, processed duck, tripe, rempelo ati, quail eggs, and many more.

In addition to some places to eat in Jogja, there are several other recommended places to eat that you can also visit. But, again, the price might be low.

Happy holiday! Make your holiday in Jogja super exciting and fun. Don’t forget to capture every moment of your life there!

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