5 Best Things To Do In Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh

5 Best Things To Do In Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh

Tourists should know that marine tourism in Aceh is popular for family tours and culinary tours and affordable.

There is a beach called Ulee Lheue Beach. The beach is located on the main road and is visited regularly by the locals, especially from Banda Aceh City. 

The journey to this beach becomes a culinary adventure as well. Along the way, travelers are offered a wide variety of culinary delights.

Ulee Lheue Beach is located about 7 kilometers from Banda Aceh City, so that it can be reached in just 15 minutes by car.

5 Best Things To Do In Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh

There are a variety of attractions and activities at Ulee Lheue Beach. During a visit to Ulee Lheue Beach, tourists can enjoy several exciting activities.

1. Swimming

This spot is always crowded with visitors when the holidays arrive since it’s an excellent location for family beach tours.

The waves are not high, the water is clear, and the air is relatively fresh despite its proximity to a highway.

Swimming activities for children can be enjoyed at many stalls or shops lined up with various exciting sizes and shapes of enjual that children will enjoy.

Additionally, visitors enjoy playing sand with children along with swimming.

2. Water Rickshaw

There are still water rickshaw rides in the area where swimming takes place. It’s nice to pedal a water rickshaw with your family together.

Only two people can paddle this water rickshaw, and be careful not to get too far from it.

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3. Culinary Offerings

Shops and stalls line up in the vicinity of the swimming area. Esehan buildings separate beaches and stalls.

In front of it, the Lesehan building forms part of the stall owner’s property. Although you are not charged to sit at this stall, it is a good idea to try the culinary snacks they offer.

Mouthwatering taste and friendly wallet contents make it a great choice. Fresh coconut is the typical beach drink you should have when you see the ocean.

4. Selfie Spot

In the afternoon, people started arriving and leafing along the beachfront. It is because people always enjoy watching sunsets with stunning scenery.

Because of the sun’s lack of heat, afternoons have become the popular time for visits. There are numerous Instagrammable corners and spots along Ulee Lheue Beach.

All the best spots for shooting are along the beachfront; each corner provides a unique setting with equally stunning results worth sharing on social media.

Many people use the Ulee Lheue Beach area for social media content.

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5. Fishing

The last one is fishing. Lee Lheue Beach is known for being a paradise for maniacs. Fishing can be done at many points.

Not everyone does fishing on the highway, but you will see people fishing even on the bridge.

The experience of mamacing at Ulee Lheue Beach is quite sensational, especially when fishing on the neatly eroded rocks while enjoying God’s glorious creation.

Fishing activities at Ulee Lheue Beach are also frequented by mancing mania, who often catch big fish.

What Is The History of Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh?

Ulee Lheue Aceh’s history has always been an additional attraction to attract tourists, as has its historical value.

Although the history of Ulee Lheue is based only on oral tradition, it deserves to be a reference source of history.

Ulee Lheue is named after the separation of Pulau Weh and Ulee Lheue caused by a volcanic eruption.

According to this explanation, the similarities between the rocks in Ule Lheue and those in Balohan Sabang are proof that Ule Lheue and Pulau Weh were once fused.

The word Ulee Lheueh means “separating,” an example of being separated by natural forces. That is how the name Ulee Lheue was born.

That is Ulee Lheue, a name that is only based on local folklore but should be considered a historical reference.

Ulee Lheue Beach was once known as Pantai Cermin, according to one source regarding its history.

It cannot be separated from the story of Tgk Dianjong, a Sufi scholar and a faqih in the science of fiqh. He had saved the sultan’s authority in the eyes of the British Empire at the time.

History is like that, and there is always room for another perspective. Your understanding of a historical plot depends on where you are.

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Where Is Ulee Lheue Beach Located?

Ulee Lheue beach is located in the Gampong Ulee Lheue Meuraksa District of Banda Aceh Province – Indonesia.

How To Go Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh?

It takes about 15 minutes to get to Ulee Lheue Beach from Banda Aceh City, only about 7 kilometers away.

If the route begins in Banda Aceh, then it will take Jalan Medan Banda Aceh and then enter Soekarno-hatta Road.

After that, the line will enter Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda. You will then enter the Old Port Road Ulee Lheue.

Because the EMMAMANG road is a path to the port, Panta Ulee Lheue is on the left side of Ulee Lheue Old Port Road.

Ulee Lheue Aceh Beach Operating Hours

From Monday to Sunday, Ulee Lheue Beach is open from 06.00 to 18.00.

What Is The Ticket Price Of Ulee Lheue Beach?

There is no admission fee to Ulee Lheue Beach. Just sometimes visitors have to pay for parking at some point at a rate of Rp. 2,000 only.

It is free to sit in a shop, but you have to appreciate the shop owner. You should at least buy something from the shop owner, whether it is food or coconuts.

Ulee Lheue Beach Inns

For tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Ulee Lheue Beach, they can stay in Banda Aceh City because this beach is very close to the city center. 

Many facilities are available in the city, and there are various types of inns to suit visitors’ needs.

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Travel Tips

Here are some tips for traveling to Pantai Ulee Lheue. Including:

  • Ensure that the weather during your visit is sunny.
  • If you swim at the beach, bring a replacement shirt.
  • For fishing at Ulee Lheue Beach, bring fishing rods and bait.
  • During the trip and while on the beach, prioritize comfort
  • Take in all the beauty and happiness around you.
  • Don’t ruin the environment, and don’t throw garbage.
  • Respect the values, beliefs, and laws that apply to society


That’s the history of Ulee Lheue Beach and all the beauty it presents. Undoubtedly, every history contains values and wisdom worth passing on to the next generation.

Aceh has a million expanses of natural beauty and a history dating back to 1001 years. Let us preserve the variety of other treasures as a legacy for future generations.

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