The 22 Best Tourist Attractions In Semarang, Indonesia [2023]

The 22 Best Tourist Attractions In Semarang, Indonesia [2023]

Discover the top tourist attractions in Semarang, Indonesia. From historical landmarks and cultural sites to beautiful parks and delicious culinary experiences, Semarang offers something for everyone. Plan your visit today and explore the best of this vibrant and diverse city.

Planning to visit Semarang? There are so many Semarang tourist attractions that you can visit in the largest municipality on Java Island.

Semarang tourism is very mandatory for those of you who have never been to Semarang. Ranging from natural-smelling Semarang tourism, educational tours, culinary tours to family attractions are all there.

Claimed as the 5th largest metropolitan city in Indonesia, Semarang has a large territory. In this large area, various interesting Semarang tourist attractions can be visited. Curious? Check out more information below.

The 22 Best Tourist Attractions In Semarang, Indonesia

1.Semarang Old Town (Kota Lama Semarang)

  • Address: Old Town, Bandarharjo, North Semarang, Semarang City 50175 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours 
  • Admission price: Free – Rp 15000 (1.06$)

This is the first choice of Semarang tourist attractions that you must visit. Although not included in the list of new Semarang tourist destinations, but Kota Lama remains a favorite place for the people of Semarang and its surroundings for the weekend. 

Kota Lama is even claimed to be the right place for those who like photography with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Kota Lama was a trading center in the 1920s when the Dutch still colonized Indonesia. Amazingly, the old buildings still stand firmly in this area. 

2.Semarang Batik Village (Kampung Batik Semarang)

  • Address: Jalan Batik No 698A, Rejomulyo, East Semarang District, Semarang city, Central Java 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 07.00 – 20.00 
  • Admission price: Free

Semarang Batik Village is ideal for those who love shopping. If you are around, don’t miss this shopping attraction in Semarang.

On Batik street, this is an area where batik artisans in Semarang make and sell their work directly. A variety of Batik Motifs Semarang are available at very affordable prices, perfect for those with pockets.

Interestingly, in addition to witnessing the process of making batik, you can also take pictures in front of the walls depicting beautiful paintings. 

This will make your holiday moment more exciting and fun, especially if you have a crowded holiday with family, relatives, and close friends.

3.Semilir Eco Park Village (Dusun Semilir Eco Park)

  • Address: Jalan Soekarno – Hatta No 49, Ngemple, Bawen, Ngemplak, Semarang, Central Java 50661 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 09.00 – 17.00 
  • Admission price : Rp 15000 – Rp 20000 (1.06$-1.41$)

As we mentioned initially, Semarang has many tourist destinations worth visiting; one of the recommended is Dusun Semilir Eco Park. 

This tourist attraction is located in the Semarang district, which is specially presented to attract tourists to visit Semarang.

Dusun Semilir Eco Park is a new tourist destination in Semarang that is being hit. Its shape is like a giant stupa becomes the main attraction of this place. 

As the name implies, the tourist attractions offer coolness and freshness of nature with stunning scenery. For those who plan to visit Semarang, Dusun Semilir Eco Park must be on your holiday list.

4.Saloka Fun Park

  • Address: Jalan Fatmawati No 154, Gumuksari, Lopait, Tuntang subdistrict, Semarang, Central Java 50773 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 10.00 – 20.00 
  • Admission price : Rp 120000 – Rp 150000 (8.46$-10.57$)

It is one of the most interesting family tourist spots in Semarang. Saloka Fun Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Semarang and is a playground that is suitable for visiting with children. 

Carrying the concept of theme park tourism, Saloka Fun Park has various game rides that are ready to add to the fun of your holiday with your little ones.

One of the favorite rides in Semarang tourist attractions is the Horizon, and this is a giant Ferris wheel that is said to be one of the largest Ferris wheels in Central Java. 

Trying to ride a Ferris wheel in this tourist spot, you can enjoy the beauty of Semarang city from a height. Afraid of heights? No need to worry; there are still a lot of more exciting rides to enjoy.

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5.Kelir Slope Viewing Station (Gardu Pandang Lereng Kelir)

  • Address: Dusun Gertas, Brongkol, Jambu, Semarang, Central Java 50663 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours 
  • Entrance ticket price: Rp 5000 – Rp 7000 (0.35$-0.49)

Another selection of the best and latest Semarang tours that must be visited is the Kelir Slope Viewing booth. This is a tourist spot where visitors can unlimitedly take selfies from a height, with a beautiful natural setting.

Located right at the foot of the Kelir mountains, the tourist attractions in Semarang are about 1-hour drive from downtown Semarang. Because it is at an altitude of about 715 meters above the sea, visitors can also take pictures with the blue and green sky set in the urban scenery of Semarang and Ambarawa. 

6.Brown Canyon

  • Address: Rowosari, Tembalang subdistrict, Semarang city, Central Java 50279 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours 
  • Admission price: Free

No need to go to the United States to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon, which has become one of the popular destinations globally. Indonesia also has Brown Canyon in the city of Semarang. You can see the towering cliffs and the brown color of Brown Canyon in Semarang.

Don’t forget to capture a panoramic view of the luxurious scenery through the lens of your favorite camera. Brown Canyon is a dig, padas, and sand area converted into a tourist attraction with an alluring view.

7.Sam Po Kong Temple (Klenteng Sam Po Kong)

  • Address: Jalan Simongan No 129, Bongsari, West Semarang district, Semarang city, Central Java 50148 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 20.00 
  • Admission price : Rp 5000 – Rp 27000 (0.35$-1.90$)

This is a historical temple complex with typical architecture of traditional Chinese and Japanese people. Semarang tourist attractions carry a religious nuance that is strong enough for adherents of Kong Hu Cu teachings. 

Being one of Semarang’s attractions and full of Chinatown architecture, the place has historical value once visited by Admiral Cheng Ho.

Also known as an educational tourist spot in Semarang with interesting architectural design, Sam Po Kong Temple must be included in your next tourist list. Visiting this place, you can hunt interesting and instagramable photo spots. So don’t forget to bring your camera with you.

For the category of cultural tourism, Semarang has Sam Po Kong temple and an aesthetic monastery.

8.Pendem Ambarawa Fort (Benteng Pendem Ambarawa)

  • Address: Bugisari, Lodoyong, Ambarawa district, Semarang, Central Java 50611 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.00 
  • Admission price: Free

This is a historical tourist spot in Semarang which is quite interesting. Located not far from Ambarawa Railway Museum, Pendem Ambarawa Fort is a favorite tourist spot for families in Semarang and its surroundings. 

It was named “Pendem Fortress” because when viewed from its design, the fort was underground and was made as a defense house at the time.

If you are looking for a free Semarang tourist spot, Pendem Ambarawa Fort is the right choice. The fort was built in 1834.

Amazingly, the fort is still standing strong today. Even though it’s not intact anymore, you can still see the rest of the castle building if you use your favorite camera.

9.Kali Pancur Waterfall (Air Terjun Kali Pancur)

  • Address: Gejayan, Nogosaren, Getasan subdistrict, Semarang, Central Java 50774 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.00 
  • Admission price: Rp 5000 (0.35$)

Looking for a natural tourist destination in Semarang? Just come to Nogosaren village. There you will find the most beautiful waterfalls that will blow your holiday while in Semarang.

Located at the foot of Mount Telemoyo, Kali Pancur has a 100-meter waterfall located directly in front of Semarang Rawa Pening, a popular tourist destination.

Despite this, you still have to walk some distance from the parking lot to see Kali Pancur Waterfall. You don’t have to worry because the road is good enough, and given the fence’s boundaries – a beautiful fence can compensate for the fatigue. 

The existence of rock reliefs around Semarang tourist attraction is interesting to capture with your camera.

10.Gedong Songo Temple – Semarang Ungaran Tour (Candi Gedong Songo – Wisata Semarang Ungaran)

  • Address: Dusun Darum, Krajan, Bandungan district, Semarang, Central Java 50614 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 06.03 – 18.00 
  • Admission price : Rp 6000 – Rp 50000 (0.42$-3.52$)

This is one of the best Ungaran Semarang tours that can be visited with family. Gedong Songo Temple is a temple found in 1804, and the temple has other 9 temples in it. It is named Gedong Songo Temple because, in Japanese itself, the meaning of the word “Songo” means nine.

The poet Cando Gedong Songo achieved a great deal of success in the 9th century, around 927 AD. An iconic relic of the Syailendra dynasty is Semarang Ungaran tourism. There are 9 buildings scattered along the slopes of the Ungaran mountains, approximately 1200 meters above sea level. 

Located at a high altitude, you will see a beautiful and enchanting view when you arrive at this temple. This Semarang tourist spot offers activities like hot showers and horseback riding.

11.Ranggawarsita Museum (Museum Ranggawarsita)

  • Address: Jalan Abdul Rahman Saleh No 01, Kalibanteng Kidul, West Semarang, Semarang city, Central Java 50149 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 08.00 – 14.00
  • Admission price : Rp 2000 – Rp 4000 (0.14$-0.28$)

Officially opened on July 5, 1989, Ranggawarsita Museum has a collection of about 59784 collections. This is a museum in Semarang that stores and exhibits various cultural heritages and some objects of Central Java culture. 

If you are traveling to Semarang by train or other modes of transport, you can get off at Poncol station to visit Ranggawarsita Museum.

The museum, which is near Poncol Station, Semarang, will give visitors new experiences and knowledge. Each building stores and tells a different history. So, Ranggawarsita Museum must be included in your next holiday list.

12.Water Blaster Graha Candi Golf

  • Address: Jalan Bukit Gofl No 1, Jangli, Tembalang district, Semarang City, Central Java 50255 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 17.30 
  • Admission price : Rp 60000 – Rp 80000 (4.23$-5.64$)

This is a popular Semarang water park with wave pools, slides, children’s play areas, eateries, games, and several souvenir shops. Semarang tourism is very interesting to visit with family and children.

Having a variety of water rides, Water Blaster Graha Candi Golf has always been a favorite tourist spot for Semarang and surrounding residents.

There are at least 8 units of water rides that you must try that will provide an exciting experience for your holiday.

13.Maron Mangrove Edupark

  • Address: Tugurejo, Tugu district, Semarang city, Central Java 50182 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.00 
  • Admission price: Rp 5000 (0.35$)

Maron Mangrove Edupark is the latest Semarang tour that began to be visited by young people. Not far from Ahmad Yani airport, the park offers a unique experience for guests.  

Mangroves, soaked in seawater, are planted in this area to make the wooden bridge more beautiful. That makes your shots look more appealing, of course. 

In this tourist spot, there is also a tower with a height of about 10 meters. Through this tower, visitors can see the urban scenery of Semarang more clearly.

14.Kayon Pine Forest (Hutan Pinus Kayon)

  • Address: Jl. Banyu Urip No.7, Kupang Krajan, Kec. Sawahan 60253 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.30 
  • Admission price: Rp 6000 (0.42$)

The last option to spend your holiday in Semarang is to visit Kayon Pine Forest. The tourist area is located on the slopes of Mount Batur and is included in Batur Village.

Camping here is popular with tourists. Don’t be concerned when camping in this tourist area in Semarang, as clean water sources are easily accessible.

Rows of pine trees make this tourist spot in Semarang have an atmosphere similar to Mangunan Pine Forest in Jogja and Mount Pancar in Bogor. 

Tourists can choose from a variety of locations as a means to pose for selfies. There are pine trees that have a unique trunk shape, curved like a natural chair. This tree is a favorite location for tourists to take pictures.

15.Wonderia Semarang Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Wonderia Semarang)

  • Address: Jl. Sriwijaya No.28, Tegalsari, Kec. Candisari, Semarang City, Central Java 50242 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 09.00 – 22.00 
  • Admission price : Rp 9000 (0.63$)

Wonderia Semarang Recreation Park, located on Sriwijaya Street, is a tourist attraction in Semarang that has been open since 2007. 

The Wondereria Semarang Recreational Park has some interesting and fun games for young children, such as Boom Boom Car, Kiddy Boat, Super Rally, Ghost House, Space Gyro, Merry Go Round, and Typhoon Coaster. 

The entrance ticket price of Wonderia Semarang Recreational Park is 9,000 Rupiah.

16.Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

Umbul Sidomukti Semarang stands in an area of 72 hectares. Guests walking into the swimming pool will feel like they are swimming in a natural swimming pool, as the water comes from the surrounding springs.

Umbul Sidomukti Semarang offers not only a swimming pool but also a wide land area. Additionally, the beautiful surroundings offer the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities as well as trekking. 

Umbul Sidomukti Semarang also provides:

  • A café and restaurant to relax and lodging.
  • Camping areas.
  • Meeting areas that can be rented.

What are the best beaches in Semarang?

17.Marina Beach (Pantai Marina)

  • Address: Tugurejo, Tugu district, Semarang city, Central Java 50182 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours 
  • Entrance ticket price: Rp 2000 (0.14$)

A popular beach in Semarang is Marina Beach. Before being used as a tourist attraction, this beach used to contain ponds and mangrove forests. Then the beach was reclaimed by the local government into a shopping, residential, and office area located in the southern part of the beach.

There are rows of shady trees adorning the beach that makes the beach not feel too hot. You can also take a rented boat to get around the beach area. There are also tire rentals for swimming and toy racing cars in this beach area in Semarang.

18.Tirang Beach (Pantai Tirang)

  • Address: Tugurejo, Tugu district, Semarang city, Central Java 50182 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours 
  • Entrance ticket price: Rp 5000 (0.35$)

This is the most beautiful beach in Semarang city that you must visit. The beach is located not too far from Marina Beach Semarang, but visitors who vacation to Semarang often miss Tirang Beach as a tourist destination. Tirang Beach is no less beautiful; it is still fairly stunning.

Unlike other beautiful beaches in Semarang, Tirang Beach is an interesting tourist spot to visit, especially for those who love fishing. Moreover, around the beach, there are also mangrove trees and coral reefs that become small fish residents. 

Top Semarang Cuisine

In addition to having a variety of tourist attractions above, Semarang also has culinary tours that you should not miss. Some of the most delicious culinary spots in Semarang that you must enjoy is – 

19.Lumpia Gang Lombok

  • Address: Gang Lombok No 11, Purwodinatan, Central Semarang district, Semarang city, Central Java 50137 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.00 
  • Price: Spring Roll Famous Food – Rp 15000 (1.06$)

A vacation to Semarang will be less complete if you have not tried Semarang’s most typical culinary food, namely spring rolls. 

Semarang city has many places that sell spring rolls, but the one that should be your choice is Lumpia Gang Lombok. As the name suggests, it is located in the alley of Lombok No. 11 and is open daily.

Semarang culinary places offer spring rolls that taste very authentic, unlike spring rolls in general. Even the spring rolls offered are very diverse, ranging from crispy fried spring rolls to delicious and savory wet spring rolls. 

No need to worry, the price of spring rolls is very affordable, starting from 15 thousand rupiahs (1.06$) per piece.

20.Know Gimbal Pak H. Edy

  • Address: Jalan Menteri Supeno 1/2 Semarang No 1, Mugassari, South Semarang district, Semarang city, Central Java 
  • Map: Click here
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 22.00 
  • Price: Rp 16000 (1.13$)

Love to eat? Let’s enjoy some Gimbal Tofu at Warung Tahu Gimbal Pak H. Edy! It is sold for about Rp 16 thousand (1.13$), and you can enjoy a piece of tasty dreadlock tofu containing fried tofu, sliced cabbage, shrimp pieces, and other complementing spices. 

Semarang culinary food has a rather diluted peanut sauce that can be ordered with a level of spiciness according to taste.

Due to its proximity to Minister Supeno, Tofu Gimbal is also commonly called Tofu Gimbal Supeno. The Semarang culinary tour is open every day, so you don’t have to worry about running out. So, you can come whenever you want!

21.Waroeng Semawis

  • Address: Kranggn, Jlan Gang Warung No 50, Kauman, Central Semarang District, Semarang City, Central Java 50139 
  • Map : Click HereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours : 18.00 – 23.00 
  • Price : Rp 10000 – Rp 30000 (0.70$-2.11$)

The evening is a great time to visit the night market in Semarang city. This can certainly be a fun idea for travelers when exploring the urban city of Semarang. 

In Chinatown, precisely on Gang Warung Street No. 50 you will find a night market that sells famous Semarang culinary foods, namely Waroeng Semawis or Semawis Market.

The best time to visit this place is at 21:00, even though it is open from 18:00. As a result, many typical street foods Semarang culinary can be tried, ranging from heavy food, snacks to various trinkets – unique trinkets that relatives can use at home. 

No need to worry, even in a convenience market you will not be disturbed, because there are 1 -2 tables for visitors.

22.Thori Fried Duck

  • Address: Jalan Raya Manyaran – Gunungpati, Sadeng, Gang Pati district, Semarang city, Central Java 
  • Map : Click here
  • Opening hours : 11.00 – 23.00
  • Price : Rp 24.000,00

Pampering your tongue and stomach with culinary in Semarang city is fun. On Rya Manyaran – Gunungpati street, you can find savory and delicious duck hidang. 

Warung Bebek Goreng Pak Thori is famous for its distinctive taste image. Not only that, the duck meat is famous for being very tender, with seasonings that absorb up to the bone. In this stall, you can choose 2 types as a complement: red sambal and sambal ijo.

As the name suggests, the favorite menu in Semarang culinary places is fried duck. To enjoy it, you only need to prepare a budget of 24 thousand rupiahs (v$). 

In Bebek Goreng Pak Thori, you can choose from other menus that are no less delicious, such as fried chicken, burug dara, gongso babat, and catfish.

What Else?

Being the capital of Central Java, Semarang has many interesting tourism potentials.

From some of the recommendations of tourist attractions in Semarang above, guess which tourist destination Semarang city you will first visit? I hope you find the article “The 22 Best Tourist Attractions In Semarang, Indonesia [2023]” helpful.

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