The 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Barguna

The 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Barguna

In this article, we discussed the best tourist place to visit in Barguna.

The 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Barguna

1.Tengragiri Ecopark/টেংরাগিরি ইকোপার্ক

Natural beauty of Barguna - Tengragiri Ecopark/টেংরাগিরি ইকোপার্ক

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Wildlife Sanctuary Tengragiri Ecopark has been set up at Sonakata Union, 24 km from Taltoli Upazila in Barguna district, with a huge forest cover of Sundarbans. 

Another tourist attraction next to Tengragiri EcoparkOpens in a new tab. is Sonakata beach. Declared as a protected forest on July 12, 1960, the forest was known to residents as the forest of Fatra/the forest of Patharghata/The Forest of Deer Ghata, etc. 

Still, in 1967 the forest was named Tengragiri Forest. It is the second-largest respiratory forest in Bangladesh after the Sundarbans, which is flooded twice a day. 

Due to the wonderful mixture of salted and sweet soil, the forest contains numerous rows of trees, animals, and reptiles of extinct species. 

The green dense mangrove forest swells in Tengragiri, the red crabs on the beach coast, the bird’s call, and the pleasant sunset view on the late afternoon horizon line are worth impressing any tourist.

Many people come here to experience the vastness of the sea and the beauty of the natural world without the distractions of city life.

The Tengragiri forest extends to 9 km to the east-west and 4 km to the north-south covering about 4048 hectares. On the east side of the forest is Kuakata, to the west are the Sundarbans and Harinbaria, to the north is Rakhine and to the south is the open Bay of Bengal. 

This naturally formed forest is rich in various respiratory plants, including Keora, Garan, Singra, Hetal, Gewa, Ora. There are also freshwater ponds, numerous small canals, forest department rest houses, and picnic corners. 

As you move south through the dense forests of Tengragiri/Fatrar forest, you will see a 4 km long quiet Sonakata beach. The beautiful view of sunrise and sunset standing on the beach will impress anyone. 

And if you want, you can enjoy the biodiversity of the forest and the excitement of the sea waves by trawlers.

In the financial year 2011-12, Sonakata eco-park tourist center has been set up at Sakhina Bit in Tengragiri protected forest under the Ministry of Forests and Environment. 

Besides having a crocodile breeding center, this eco-park also has different wildlife species such as deer, pigs, leopards, pythons, monkeys, and forest cats. The forest is currently declared a safe area for vultures.

Tengragiri Ecopark Travel Alert

  • Follow the specific rules of the forest department.
  • Be careful to cross the broken portion of the bridge on the way to the beach.
  • Take the help of a guide to travel for security purposes and walk along the prescribed trail.
  • Avoid going inside the dense forest alone.
  • Carry some dry food, fast aid boxes, and water bottles.
  • Avoid unnecessarily disturbing the animals.
  • Dump the dirt garbage in the designated place.

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2.Good Evening Sea Beach/ Shuvo Sondha Somudro Soikot/শুভ সন্ধ্যা সমুদ্র সৈকত

Good Evening Sea Beach/ Shuvo Sondha Somudro Soikot/শুভ সন্ধ্যা সমুদ্র সৈকত is a stunning beach to enjoy sunset landscape in Barguna.

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Surrounded by waves and the green zhouban of the sea, a spectacular beach located in Nalbunia in Nishanbaria Union of Taltali Upazila of Barguna district is called Shuvo Sondha Sea Beach. 

The beach of nearly 4 km long has increased the diversity of the meeting place of The Pigeon, Vishkhali, and Baleshwar rivers. 

The beach is adjacent to Sonakata Ecopark, which is mainly a char in the Nalbunia area.

About 15 km from Taltoli Upazila Sadar, the beach attracts tourists with the beach’s free air and eye-catching natural beauty. 

The beach is part of Bangladesh’s 2nd largest mangrove forest Tengaragi, and the free movement of wildlife is visible along the beach with the green ceremony. 

Shuvo Sondha Sea Beach is gaining popularity quickly for tourists to spend time in silence as it is less crowded than conventional beaches.

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3.Laldia Forest & Sea Beach/লালদিয়া বন ও সমুদ্র সৈকত

Laldia Forest and Sea Beach are located south of Patharghata Upazila of Barguna district. Laldia’s forest is visible when it walks through the Deer Ghat in the Barguna part of the Sundarbans for a couple of hours. 

The River Biskhali flows to the east of the Laldia forest and the Baleshwar river on the west side. Surrounded by two rivers and the charm of the sea, the beach is on the eastern edge of the forest.

Although small in size, the beauty of this beach is no less. Laldia forest with its bird collar, the sea with its wild beauty, Ganges and red crab rush with its edifice unite a thirsty mind with nature.

There is a Shutki Palli next to Laldia beach. Shutki has been made here for more than 50 years. From Kartik until the middle of Falgun, Shutki is mainly made. But 90% of the Shutki prepared here is used for poultry food.

Note: Kuakata is only 45 minutes from Laldia. If you have time in hand, you can also visit Kuakata.

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4.Haringhata Tourist Centre/হরিণঘাটা পর্যটন কেন্দ্র

Haringhata Tourist Centre/হরিণঘাটা পর্যটন কেন্দ্র

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You can visit Haringhata Tourist Centre (Haringhata Tourist Spot), located in the South Barguna district, fascinated by natural forests and the sea. 

This place is a part of the Sundarbans. The Baleshwar, Vishkhali, and Pyra rivers flowing through the Haringhata forest merge into the Bay of Bengal. 

Aside from the mechanical noise, bird’s calls can be heard in nature’s paradise alongside deer, monkeys, pigs, and other wild animals. The forest has a watchtower to enjoy the wonderful natural beauty.

One can go to the river by a road built through the green forest. Tourists can visit the forest by boat. You can go to the three rivers to soak in the seawater or climb the Sundarbans on the banks of the Baleshwar River. 

There is also a good arrangement to organize a picnic at the Haringhata tourist center.

(Kuakata beach is two-three hours from Haringhata tourist spot)

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5.Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque/Bibi Chini Shahi Masjid/বিবি চিনি শাহী মসজিদ

Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque/Bibi Chini Shahi Masjid/বিবি চিনি শাহী মসজিদ is a historical place to visit in Barguna. Barisal.

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Bibichini Shahi Masjid (Bibicini Shahi Mosque), one of the symbols of Mughal architecture in Bangladesh, has been built on a small mound at Bibichini Union in Betagi Upazila of Barguna district. 

With a dome surrounded by various trees, the mosque is located 10 km from Betagi Upazila Sadar.

In 1659, Hazrat Shah Nayamat Ullah (R) came to the region from Persia to propagate Islam. And it was through him that this Shahi Mosque was built. 

The village and mosque were named after Chinibibi and Isabibi, daughters of Shah Nayamat Ullah. The square Bibichini Shahi Mosque has a length and width of 33 feet and a wall of 6 feet

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The mosque built in Mughal architecture is about 25 feet tall. During the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb in 1700, Hazrat Shah Nayamat Ullah (r:) He goes to the hereafter. 

There are 3 graves about 15 cubits long next to the Bibichini Shahi mosque. 

According to residents, the tomb is the founder of three mosques, Hazrat Shah Nayamat Ullah (r:) and his two daughters. 

At present, the Bibichini Shahi Mosque is listed by the Archaeological Department, and the mosque has been renovated in a few steps.

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