8 Best Weekend Ideas In France For Couples Or Families At The Last Minute

8 Best Weekend Ideas In France For Couples or Families At The Last Minute

Need a last-minute weekend idea in France? Here are 8 destinations to go to at the last moment.

Holidays are always a good time to disconnect and forget about the routine. Nevertheless, everyday life can sometimes become stifling throughout the year. 

Also, to fight against stress, there is nothing like a small weekend of relaxation if you have not planned anything but still want to travel. No need to worry! We have concocted a list of last-minute weekend ideas in France for a couple or family.

All you have to do is pack your suitcases and forget a little about the routine for two or three days. So, ready to pick up and change your mind?

8 Best Weekend Ideas In France For Couples or Families At The Last Minute

France Weekend Breaks

1. La Provence

Best Weekend Ideas In France For Couples or Families


Are you looking for a wellness destination for a weekend? Why not opt for Provence? Thus, you could opt for a spa stay in Théoule-sur-Mer or Aix-en-Provence. You will then enjoy a few days of relaxation with family or couple.

For example, you could opt for massage, sauna, and steam room packages. Some hotels even offer catering services for an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Culture and History

If you want to focus on culture during your weekend in Provence, you could choose to stay in a cultural hotel. For example, spend a few days in Arles discovering its Roman monuments.

If you prefer the arts, however, you should take the direction of Briançon. This town has magnificent museums and galleries. In the same way, you will appreciate the cobbled streets and atypical statues of Martigues.

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2. The Dordogne


You could choose the Dordogne if you are seeking relaxation and well-being. In the heart of the Périgord, this territory is full of sites dedicated to peace and tranquility.

You could opt for a weekend in a spa hotel near Belvès. You will be immersed in a natural cocoon of well-being. Through a short thermal treatment, you will get out of everyday life while enjoying the relaxing setting of nature.

Culture and History

For history buffs, the Dordogne is a must-see region in France. Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is the most famous city for cultural visits. 

This thousand-year-old fortress stands at the confluence of the Dordogne and the Céou. In particular, it has been the scene of many conflicts over the centuries.

However, its incredible medieval structure and iconic towers are still intact today. Enough to delight all those who want to know more about the city’s history.

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3. The Basque Country


The Basque Country is an ideal destination for a holiday on the Atlantic coast. It offers exceptional landscapes and a fascinating coastline. However, this region is also famous for its balneotherapy complexes. Some of the most popular properties can be found in Anglet and Bayonne. In the heart of this atypical region, you will be able to relax and disconnect from everyday life.

Culture and History

Do you prefer a cultural site for your last-minute weekend in France? In Basque Country, you can discover an incredible historical heritage. 

For this, you will have to visit the must-see cities of the territory. There are many monuments in Biarritz in particular. Until the Belle Époque, this town was the seat of several aristocratic families.

Also, it keeps multiple relics that you can discover during your stay.

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4. Savoy


Mountain regions are particularly famous for their thermal complexes. Therefore, the Savoyard region is perfect for a last-minute weekend in France focused on relaxation. 

In Savoie, you will have to opt for picturesque municipalities such as Aix-les-Bains or Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

If you organize your stay in winter, you can also enjoy the outdoor spas. With snow-capped mountains all around, you will enjoy these warm and refreshing baths.

Culture and History

To get away from everyday life, nothing beats discovering new horizons. In Savoy, you can explore incredible historical places. 

Thus, you could spend your weekend in the scenic Chambéry or the unmissable Annecy. These atypical architectures will seduce you as soon as you arrive.

In addition, you will appreciate the emblematic monuments and museums of the region.

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5. The Vendee


The Vendée is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in France. On the shores of the Atlantic, its must-see sites attract many tourists.

But by the ocean, you can also give yourself a real relaxing break. In the towns of Chantonnay or Les-Sables-d’Olonne, you can enjoy a weekend of spa and balneotherapy.

Culture and History

Its cultural heritage is just as popular with travelers as the Vendée coast. This region has indeed been the scene of many historical events throughout the centuries. 

It is particularly famous for its medieval monuments and architectural treasures.

For your last-minute weekend in France, we advise you to opt for Fontenay or Challans. However, travelers’ families will undoubtedly prefer to discover the incredible Puy du Fou. 

This amusement park is considered the most attractive one in Europe based on the region’s history. 

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6. Auvergne


Auvergne is an atypical territory of our country. This exceptional region stands out for its incredible environmental and historical heritage. 

But it also has beautiful places to stay for a weekend focused on well-being—this type of balneotherapy complex in large cities, such as Clermont-Ferrand.

In the same way, you could opt for a more natural setting, going to Vichy or Mont-Dore. Thus, you will be able to fully get away from everyday life and relax with your other half.

Culture and History

If you appreciate history, Auvergne will immediately charm you. This region has many historical and cultural sites. You could enjoy the incredible monuments of Clermont-Ferrand.

But if you prefer a more unusual destination, you can opt for Salers or Saint-Flour. 

These municipalities are indeed home to remarkable relics of their legendary past. Thus, they will allow you to retrace the history of this territory during your stay.

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7. Brittany


For your last-minute weekend in France, why not head to Brittany? In the heart of these ancestral cities, you can give yourself a real moment of well-being. 

You will find relaxation complexes in beautiful hamlets such as Saint-Brieuc or Saint-Malo. Thus, you will immediately fall under the spell of their warm atmosphere.

After a relaxing day, you can also take the opportunity to try local specialties. It is hard not to appreciate a delicious traditional cake or a famous Kouign-Amann.

Culture and History

Brittany is also a perfect last-minute weekend idea in France. Indeed, the Breton territory is marked by many historical conflicts and legends. This region is home to magnificent vestiges of its past. In the same way, it has emblematic monuments and must-see sites.

As a result, you can easily choose this destination for a cultural weekend. You can opt for incredible cities such as Vannes or Pont-L’Abbé.

8. Corsica


Difficult to miss the Island of Beauty for an unforgettable stay. Corsica has nothing to envy other regions with its wild scenery and breathtaking beaches. 

Moreover, it will be an ideal destination for a last-minute weekend in France. There are many spa hotels in this exceptional region.

The latter is found mainly in large cities, such as Bastia or Ajaccio. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the extraordinary setting of the island while relaxing. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to try the delicious local specialties.

Culture and History

The Island of Beauty has many surprises in store for its travelers. Renowned for its incredible environmental heritage, it is also characterized by its atypical history. 

Thus, visitors can appreciate the magnificent historical sites of the region. From north to south, you can explore fortified cities and exceptional remains. 

For your last-minute weekend in France, we recommend the wonderful town of Corte. In the heart of the territory, this citadel of the eighteenth century stands between splendid valleys. Its unusual décor will charm you for sure!

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