The 8 Best Workshops To Do In The Basque Country

The 8 Best Workshops To Do In the Basque Country

The best workshops in the Basque Country: a diverse and exciting selection to discover the territory alongside its local artisans.

Land with multiple cultural, architectural and landscape attractions, the Basque Country is one of the favorite destinations of French and travelers from all over the world. Outdoor activities follow one another, gourmet breaks and seaside pleasures.

But he has much more to discover: local artisans in love with their region and perpetrating unique and ancestral know-how. So, why not get your hands dirty by their side for a few hours?

As a reward: you leave with a broad smile, new skills and a personalized object. Here are the 8 best workshops to do in the Basque Country.

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1. Metal

Here is a workshop in the Basque Country of 6 hours, in Baucau precisely, which calls adventurers and lovers of rustic materials. The idea? Make your own blade knife for 330 €. Cutlery is a fine, meticulous and secret art: it will take you no less than 6 hours to make your folding knife.

Of course, Francis guides and supports you every step of the way. This passionate Master craftsman in crafts introduces you to the precise gestures that punctuate the different stages: turntables, blade, manufacture and adjustment of the spring, grinding of the blade, shaping of the handle, finishes and finally … Sharpening.

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other. You will not want to go hunting in the forest with your tailor-made knife but rather to attack the ham of the country …

2. Wood

See you in Biarritz! The coolest and most cosmopolitan of Basque cities: just like Sylvain. This passionate about wood and gliding is now a Shaper trainer. In the Shaper House, you meet sports leaders and the artisanal manufacturers of surfs and skateboards.

Proud of his region turned towards board sports, Sylvain has finally set up his workshop in the Basque Country and invites you to make your own skateboard for 3 hours, all for 195 €. Pintail or mini-cruiser, Sylvain will share with you all his secrets to shape a dream board.

After choosing your template, you will have to cut it and then firmly grip a saw, a sander and a drill for your trucks and wheels. Then, it will certainly be the best time of the day: the one when you decorate your board. Sticking the grip, colored sprays, tinted resins or varnished, customization has no limit but your imagination.

3. Leather

Bidart, this pretty town nestled between land and sea, authentic and warm, offers beautiful getaways. In its charming city center, there is also the shop of Lucie, a leather goods company valuing the diversity of materials and eco-responsibility in the world of textiles.

In her workshop in the Basque Country, she offers you to make your own handbag for 259 €. A unique moment and in two stages: a little theory and then a lot of practice: tracing, patterning, cutting and handling a cannon sewing machine. For 2 hours, Lucie guides you in the choice of leathers from a wide range of colors and materials.

Fir green, metallic bronze, and Italian suede: the best is still to mix them to create an absolutely unique and refined object. Once the last stitch is stitched, and the leather turned over. You can walk freely with your chic and trendy handbag (unless you find a lucky friend to offer it to).

4. Gourmet

If there’s one thing that almost everyone agrees on: it’s chocolate! Few people resist this gluttony that drives up dopamine levels. So, pleasure guarantees at Cyril! In his workshop in the Basque Country, this artisan chocolatier invites you to work with cocoa beans and make your own chocolate bar, all for 45 €.

In his gourmet universe, two hours pass in one second. He first teaches you the secrets of making good chocolate before entrusting you with the controllers of his workshop. Prepare the roast, peel and knead your beans.

Then make the conching and molding of the chocolate by mixing the ingredients according to your tastes and desires. While your sweetness crystallizes and its aromas diffuse: it’s time for an exclusive tasting of Cyril’s chocolates! Humph…

5. Urban agriculture

Who doesn’t know the Espelette pepper? Discover this red gold, spicy and tasty, during the workshops in the Basque Country entirely dedicated to agroforestry. Today, it is Stéphane who opens the doors of his organic production to you. Step into his skin as a fruit picker.

Many steps await you during these four hours of the workshop. First, identify the flowering stage and maturity of the pepper according to its color and size. The specifications of the AOP Piment d’Espelette are rigorous! Then, it’s time for manual work in the heart of the fields: tarpaulin, planting, staking, manual weeding, hoeing, greenhouse storage, squareting on shelves and last, drying: the steps are meticulous and exciting.

Of course, you do not leave the workshop without a jar of Espelette pepper with the most harmonious and authentic aromas. On the other hand, the collection of peppers takes place at the end of August. It is necessary to visit the Basque lands at this time to carry out this activity. Stéphane offers you this workshop at the price of 75 €.

6. Paper

Christine, an artisan engraver, perpetuates family traditions. She has always been passionate about art, architecture and creation, just as her artist parents were. Sensitive to images and words, it is the engraving she has chosen to express her creativity.

It takes you on this favorite playground and experience. His workshop in the Basque Country takes place in the middle of the village of Guéthary. During this activity, you try burning to a recycled CD-ROM. Applied and concentrated, you trace your own furrows with your “dry tip” and according to your inspirations.

Then you choose the color of your inking. You will see: taming ink and colors is not so obvious! On the other hand, after 2h30 of work, the final result is magical. For 30 €, Christine entrusts you with at least two paper prints of your burned work as well as your CD.

7. Glass

Bayonne, home of the iconic ham, is home to other wonders. Among them is one of the best workshops to do in the Basque Country! Mojgan, a glass craftsman, offers you to make your own stained glass object for 85 €.

Everything rests on you: choose between a photophore or a vase, select your colors, cut the glasses, apply copper ribbons, weld, and, finally, apply a patina and antioxidant on the welds.

After 3 hours of the workshop, you leave enchanted by your creation but also under the spell of the refined universe of Mojgan, who draws his inspiration from his different practices (painting, calligraphy, and digital arts) and his Iranian origins.

8. Plant

Discover Céline’s poetic universe. Sensitive to nature and its wonders, she finds inspiration to create each of her fresh compositions, such as dry floral crowns and art objects. It must be said that she lives in the Landes: this stretch of coast so famous for its natural beauties.

Ambassador of authentic craftsmanship and respectful of seasonality, she will be immensely happy to share an hour and a half with you. During one of his workshops in the Basque Country, you learn the basics of floral art and compose your own creation, all for 40 €. Bouquet or crown: it’s up to you. In any case, Céline is there to guide your choices and accompany you at every step: knotting, layering, assembly.

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