Bihanga Bus Route, Stoppage, Fare, and Service Details, Dhaka Local Bus

Bihanga Bus Route And Service Details: Bihanga Bus service are one of the oldest bus services in Dhaka City. It has owned by a Running Member Of Parliament. It begins its service from Mirpur 12 and Ends at Notun Bazar.

Bihanga Bus Route, Stoppage, Fare, and Service Details, Dhaka Local Bus

Bihanaga Paribahan Bus Route (বিহঙ্গ পরিবহন রুট):

Mirpur 12 ⏩Mirpur 11 ⏩Mirpur 10 ⏩Kazi Para ⏩Shewrapara⏩Agargaon⏩Bijoy Sarani ⏩Jahangir Gate⏩Mohakhali ⏩ Wireless ⏩Gulshan Bridge⏩Gulshan 1 ⏩Badda⏩Notun Bazar

It operates at a very small distance.

Registration Year:

This bus service was inaugurated in 2012. Till now it has given enormous service to its passengers.

Color Of Bihanaga Paribahan Bus:

Bihanga bus is covered by Green Leafs Color and has three steps Yellow, White, and Blue.

Bihanaga Paribahan Bus Seat Capacity

Generally, Bihanaga Bus takes 42 passengers as seat capacity.

Bihanga Paribahan Counter Details:

Bihanga Paribahan has no counter service.

Bihanga Paribahan Seating service or Semi Seating Service or Non-Seating Service: 

Bihanga Paribahan starts its Operating Time from 7:00 AM From Mirpur 12 and completes its service at 11:00 PM. 

It is a totally semi-seating service.

Bihanga Paribahan Bus Ticket System/Fare system:

Bihanga Paribahan follows the latest transport fare given by the Bus-Owner organization. It charges 2.43 TK Per Kilo Meters. It also charges a half fare to students. This bus service is looking for  E-Ticketing System to control over fare system.

  Stoppage Name                      Distance     Fare (ভাড়া)
      Mirpur 12__________________
Shewrapara6.5 KM15TK (টাকা)
Bijoy Sarani11 KM25 TK (টাকা)
Mohakhali 13.5 KM30 TK (টাকা)
Gulshan 118 KM45 TK (টাকা)
  Notun Bazar  22 KM55 TK (টাকা)

Contact Details:

Contact Details of Bihanga Paribahan

Mobile Number: 01973259506

Address: Mirpur12, Dhaka


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