Boat Rental In Chania: Chania Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat Rental In Chania: Chania Boat Itinerary Ideas

Discover Chania and the Cyclades by sea. Are you tempted? Here is a mini-guide to a boat rental in Chania!

The former capital of Crete, Chania, is considered one of the prettiest cities in southern Greece. Alternatingly Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman, it preserves magnificent evidence of its past, discovered by strolling through its colorful streets.

For those who want to rent a boat, Chania is also renowned for its marina among the most modern and best equipped on the northwest coast of Crete.

Are you ready for a sea trip from Chania? Choice of the boat, sailing tips, itinerary ideas for a weekend, a week, or 15 days: Travelvibe guides you to find the best boat rental in Chania.

Ideas for boat itineraries from Chania

Chania, the lagoon of Balos and the island of Gramvousa, the time of a weekend

Departing from the port of Chania, head for the lagoon of Balos, ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Crete and Europe. Along the way, stop on the Rodopos Peninsula (Cape Spatha).

On the program: visit the monastery of Gonia, famous for its icons of the Cretan School, the ascent of the island of Gramvousa to the Venetian fortress, and swimming in coves bordered by turquoise waters.

Chania – Plaka – Chania via Heraklion and Spinalonga in one week

Heraklion, Spinalonga, Elounda, Istro, Sitia, Vai, Dionysades, Plaka… The itinerary of this week-long cruise from Chania takes you to some of the most beautiful sites in Northern Crete in cabotage mode. In addition, among the Cretan must-sees, you should not miss:

● Seitan Limania Beach on the Akrotiri peninsula;

● Arkadi Monastery in the Rethymno region;

● The archaeological site of Knossos or the palace of Malia, the third “capital” of ancient Crete, in the region of Heraklion;

● The island of Spinalonga, the port of Elounda, the beach of Voulisma in the bay of Mirabello;

● The ancient site of Itanos, the palm grove of Vaï, the monastery of Toplou, and the Dionysades Islands in the region of Sitia.

Chania – Santorini – Mykonos – Chania: A two-week cruise

First, your two-week cruise to Chania includes a first stop in Heraklion. You will then raise anchor for the port of Vlychada on the island of Santorini.

You will visit the port of Karavostasi in Ios and the Marina of Naoussa in Paros on your odyssey in the Cyclades. You will then set sail for the island of Delos.

On the way back, you will make a detour through Katapola on the island of Amorgos before finally docking at the port of Chania, your starting point.

Some highlights between Chania and Mykonos:

● The palace of Knossos in the Heraklion region;

● The ancient cities of Thera and Akrotiri, the vineyards of Pyrgos, the Red Beach and White Beach beaches, the crater of Nea Kameni, the warm waters of Palea Kameni and the caldera in Santorini;

● The natural port of Ormos, Homer’s tomb, Klima beach, and Manganari Bay in Ios;

● Surfing, windsurfing, and kiting on the beaches of Pounda, Platia Ammos or Santa Maria, the fishing port of Naoussa in Paros;

● Visit de Delos, nicknamed the sacred island housing the most beautiful archaeological site in the Aegean Sea, classified by UNESCO;

● Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the island of Tragonisi, walking in Little Venice and the center of Chora, taking selfies in front of the Panagias Paraportiani church and the windmills in Mykonos;

● The monastery of Chozoviotissa, the beach of Agia Ana, the bay of Aegiali, and Katapola in Amorgos.

What Type of Boat to rent in Chania?

You will find different models of boats for rent at the port of Chania. Thus, for an excursion of one or more days, it is possible to opt for:

● A motorboat;

● A sailboat;

● A jet ski;

● A semi-rigid;

● A yacht.

What is the price of a boat rental in Chania?

The boat rental price in Chania depends on the type of ship and the duration. Rates for a day in high season range from:

● €200 and €1,900 for a motorboat (between €100 and €370 for a motorboat without a captain);

● €200 and €1,700 for a sailboat with a captain (between €250 and €600 for a sailboat without a captain);

● €50 and €100 for a jet ski;

● 200 € and 1 250 € for a semi-rigid (between 180 € and 490 € for a semi-rigid without a captain).

Please note: these prices do not include fuel. On the other hand, boat rentals have mandatory life-saving equipment such as buoys, life jackets for children and adults, and a fire extinguisher.

How to rent a boat in Chania?

Renting a boat in Chania can be done directly at the marina or on the internet. Making your boat reservation online will allow you to benefit from a more extensive offer and save time.

On specialized sites such as Click&Boat, you will be in touch with individuals or professionals offering boat rentals in Chania.

The good news? It is that you can also hire the services of a skipper! This solution is the best option if you are not an experienced sailor or do not hold a boat license.

To add a little spice to your cruise, consider booking additional equipment such as snorkels, buoys, fins, wakeboards…

Do I need a permit to sail in Chania?

Boat rental in Chania or Greece requires a pleasure license for boats over 30 hp. If you do not hold a boat license, you can rent a ship with a power of less than 30 hp or use the services of a skipper.

Good to know: you can rent a boat in Chania with a French pleasure license. Indeed, boat licenses issued by the European Union member countries are valid in Greece.

Tips for sailing in Chania

Before hoisting the sails, study the weather conditions with the utmost attention. During the warm months, Crete and the Aegean islands are swept by the Meltem.

This north wind, mainly active in July and August, can blow in strong gusts (force 5/6 up to 8)!

When is the best time to sail in Chania?

The best time to sail in the Cretan and the Aegean Sea is in late spring to early autumn. In short, the ideal time for a boat rental in Chania is between May and October.

On the other hand, since July and August rhyme with tourist influx, plan to book your boat well in advance!

So, ready for a boat rental in Chania?

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