Boishakhi Bus Route, Counter, Fare and Service Details, Dhaka

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Boishakhi Paribahan is an old Local Bus service in Dhaka city. It Operates from Savar and ends at Natun Bazar (Near Gulshan). It has been giving amicable service to its regular commuters every day.

In this article, we will discuss the Boishakhi bus route, counter, fare, and service details.

Boishakhi (বৈশাখী বাস) Bus Route:

Here I will show you the entire route map of Boishakhi (বৈশাখী বাস) paribahan.

Savar ⏩ Hemayetpur ⏩ Amin Bazar ⏩ Gabtoli ⏩ Technical ⏩ Kallyanpur ⏩ Shyamoli ⏩ Shishu Mela ⏩ Agargaon ⏩ Bijoy Sarani ⏩ Jahangir Gate ⏩ Mohakhali ⏩ Gulshan 1 ⏩ Badda Link Road ⏩ Bashtola ⏩ Uttar Badda ⏩ Natun Bazar

It is cover around 35 Kilometers from Savar To Natun Bazar per trip. It operates its bus service on one of the busy routes of Dhaka City.

Boishakhi Bus Operating Hours:

The operating hours of Boishakhi (বৈশাখী বাস) start at 6:30 AM early morning in the winter season and 5:30 AM in the summer season and end at 10: 00 PM in the winter season and 11:00 PM in the summer season.

Boishakhi Bus Counter Details:

Boishakhi Bus Paribahan has four counters on this route. The first one is From stating point Savar. The second one is the Shyamolo Bus counter. The third one is at the Mohakhali bus counter. And the fourth one is in Natun Bazar. It also has a checking system in other parts of Bus Stoppage.

Boishakhi Paribahan Bus Seat Capacity:

All of the Boishakhi Buses have got 45 seats. When it is operating non-seating service then they count it as 50 seats. Boishakhi Paribahan has got 21 Buses that are operating on this route regularly.

Boishakhi (বৈশাখী বাস) Bus Seating service or Semi Seating Service or Non-Seating Service:

Boishakhi Bus service is operating as semi seating service and a non-seating service. It starts its semi-seating service from Savar to Gabtoli. After that, it operates as a non-seating service. From Gabtoli to Natun Bazar checking system by workers from different stoppages is controlling the passenger counting system.

Boishakhi Bus Ticket System/Fare system:

Boishakhi Paribahan is a member of the BUS-OWNER Trustee organization. So they always follow the fare chart of the Bus Owner Trustee organization.

           Stoppage Name                    Distance            Fare (ভাড়া)
  Savar       __________________
Gabtoli17 KM30TK (টাকা)
Shyamoli20 KM35TK (টাকা)
Agargaoin24 KM40 TK (টাকা)
 Mohakhai28.5 KM45 TK (টাকা)
  Natun Bazar  33 KM50 TK (টাকা)


Its regular commuters are very happy with the services they provide every day. They do not stay too much during the bus stoppages and always maintain good passenger services.


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