Bribie Island Caravan Park [ A Guide For Tour Lovers]

Bribie Island Caravan Park [ A Guide For Tour Lovers]

It’s time to say goodbye to your colleagues, work, as well as your friends and head off on holiday. Instead of doing the typical–drinks in an ultra-modern hotel with a view, you can gather all your family members, even your dog, take them to a movable hotel, and then hit the road. Imagine packing and leaving whenever you want. Doesn’t that sound pretty awesome? 

Australia has a bounty of natural beauty. Bribie Island is a showcase of the natural beauty that the Moreton Bay Region provides. For those who own camping and caravans, there are also thousands of facilities throughout Australia, offering the ideal method to experience it all – the simple caravan park.

On a weekend getaway, caravan sites are the perfect place for enjoying every moment.  Let us connect you with affordable caravan parks in Bribie Island to turn your vacation into an epic trip that you’ll remember in the future. Don’t waste time; grab the keys and give it a go!

Key Information

Accommodation1 Caravan Parks
Lowest Price$117
Highest Price$220
Popular accommodationCastaways Moreton Island
FacilitiesToilets,camp,  showers, pool, camp kitchen, powered sites, laundry, dump point, tent, Wi-Fi, playground, mini golf
LocationJacana Avenue, Woorim

Quick Information For Fees

General Fees$36 a night for Tourist Sites Extra Adults $15/nightChildren $9/night under 14
Cabins and Villas$90/night per couple Extra Persons $12/night
Linen Packs $10/double and $6/single
Extra vehicle’strailer or boat are $5 per night

Traveling has grown because of the decline in the value of dollars, and caravan parks are the perfect opportunity for travelers to visit their country at a low cost. 

What kind of people are opting for the caravan park over hotels or other types of accommodation? Caravanners are generally classified into two groups:

  • Holidaymakers -They are the ones who select any of these caravan parks during their holiday. The most common examples are families and pet owners who want an enjoyable holiday.
  • Travelers – They typically are in different caravan parks on the road journey.

A successful caravan park has to be able to cater to people of all ages. To achieve this, it’s important to be aware of the three main reasons clients choose a particular park over another. These include:

  • Price
  • atmosphere
  • extra facilities

This is why keeping your costs low and the fun at a high level is essential to the performance of your facility.

How to get there 

Take the bridge off and drive to Bribie; then, at the roundabout, you will take the third exit on Route 85. At the second roundabout, take the 3rd exit (going left) to Goodwin Drive and follow for 1.8 km. 

Take the second exit to stay in Goodwin Drive; after 900 metres, proceed straight through the roundabout. Then turn right into First Avenue, and follow for 3.5km before turning left towards Jacana Avenue and Park sandstone point. Caravan Park is just minutes from the shops, restaurants and the beautiful Pumicestone Passage.

What Elements Make A Good Bribie Island Caravan Park?

Bribie Island Caravan Park offers unwind and relaxation. It is located close to the south of the Sunshine Coast; the park provides a variety of accommodation options to fit any budget. 

You can choose an individual unit or an electrically motorized site to accommodate your caravan; there’s everything you require to have at Bribie Caravan Park.

There are several fundamental elements that a caravan park has:

1. Location

Caravan holiday enthusiasts prefer to be in the natural surroundings. The ideal park is set away enough from the city that it can provide an unspoiled, rural setting and a view of the stars that shine in the night sky without the glare that is typical of urban settings.

2. Onsite facilities and social opportunities

A quality caravan park offers a variety of ways to get outdoors, including cycling, walking, and the chance to see wildlife. Be aware that you’ll be catering to a wide variety of ages and social groups.

Customers who are younger will likely seek out sports facilities, such as a tennis or swimming pool court, whereas your more senior customers might prefer the game of bingo or trivia. Families will love playing areas and maybe an activity for children.

A restaurant or cafe can be enjoyed by all, and it is a plus to have an area where people can gather, socialize and locate staff when they require, for instance, a clubhouse.

3. Nearby attractions and activities

The guests will have more fun during a caravan trip when they take advantage of everything that the surrounding region has to offer instead of staying in the same place. 

You could even think about offering guided tours or shuttle services to make it easier for people to access all of the local amenities. For example, you can explore Bribie Island’s seaside museum and enjoy the beach.

4. Maintenance and upkeep

This is among the most crucial aspects of an effective caravan park. It is essential to ensure that your facilities are tidy and in a good state of operation and that your landscaping is neat, and any issues are addressed as soon as possible.

5. Security and safety

Be sure that your park is secure and illuminated so that you can deter unwanted visitors. You can help people feel more secure by having security personnel on the premises and informing customers of which ones they can contact in case of emergency.

Activities to do while camping in a Bribie Island Caravan Park

There are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained, such as:

  • Games room
  • Tennis court
  • Go fishing
  • Hire a boat

As your accommodation is just steps from the beach, you can enjoy sun, sand, and surf alike.

Bribie National Park has kilometres of white sand that allow the 4WD enthusiasts to establish camp. When camping at a caravan park with family, one of your key considerations will likely be what activities to engage in to keep everyone occupied and amused. No need to stress over what could possibly keep everyone amused; when unplugging gadgets and enjoying nature, there won’t be an impactful impact on your body!

There are so many activities you can partake in for entertainment all the time.

Take a Relaxing Walk With Loved Ones

A simple and enjoyable thing to take part in when camping in a caravan park is to go for a relaxing, long stroll with your family members.

You can stroll through the campground, stay looking for any birds or animals that you might see, or observe the beauty of the surroundings.

It’s a great method to get in some exercise while bonding with loved ones without all the usual distractions like phone calls and texts.

Hang Out in the Water to Cool Off on Hot Days

The majority of caravan parks are located near water, which means you could choose to take a dip in the pool to cool off in the summer, particularly if it’s hot out.

It is possible to go for an underwater swim and soak your feet in the water or try snorkeling to see what might be found under the surface.

The water sports that you choose to engage in will depend on the water quality, similar to the particular camping site you’re visiting.

The time will pass fast when you’re enjoying yourself on the water.

Have a Picnic With the Family

Make a plan for a picnic lunch for your family. It’s easy, enjoyable, and a wonderful way to connect with those you cherish.

You can take an outdoor blanket and make meals for everyone, like sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.

Put your food items into a cooler to ensure it stays fresh. Transfer it to a lawn in which you can set your blanket under trees to get some shade.

When you lay blankets on the ground, you will experience an atmosphere of peace and relaxation that occurs.

There’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying a meal while taking in the beautiful surroundings with your family.

Play Cricket

The camping area has ample outdoor space for various activities, such as cricket.

The great aspect about cricket is that you just require a bat, a tennis ball, and you’re all set.

Even if you don’t own any wickets available, you may use anything from a trash bin or an esky to serve as an alternative.

You can alter the rules to ensure that every person has a bat as well as a bowl, which means that everyone has fun.

Play Hide and Seek

If you have children younger than yours, the old-fashioned play of hiding and seeking could be a lot of amusement.

The camping area is the ideal spot to play, hunt, and scavenge with your beloved family members because there will be lots of hiding spots.

It is possible to spend hours in the air trying to locate your loved ones hiding behind various cars, trees, bushes, and caravans.

It’s something you can do if you wish to be a little more active without getting in the water.

Accommodations at Bribie Island Caravan Park 

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy a tranquil time at the pool or are looking forward to outdoor adventures, there’s an array of caravan parks that allow you to take in a variety of natural wonders and leisure activities.

Caravan park offers a variety of accommodation take a look below:

Kingfisher Villa

This is an open-plan design that comes with the following:

  • Queen-sized clean and tidy mattress in the living space, including linen/towels and light reading
  • 2-level bunk bed set (top bunk for children who are less than 13 years old only) set in an alcove
  • Maximum occupancy: two adults with two kids or three adults
  • The bathroom off the bunk room contains a toilet, vanity, and shower
  • Set of drawers and wardrobe
  • Hotplates and cooking facilities microwave, fridge/freezer as well as cooking utensils kettle, toaster, cutlery, and crockery
  • Sugar, tea, and coffee Sachets are on sale upon the day of arrival.
  • Table with four chairs. a sofa with four chairs, a television, and air conditioning
  • Parking for a single vehicle
  • Outdoor table and chairs

Oceania Suite

  • Parking in a private carport for one vehicle
  • Small outdoor deck
  • Maximum occupancy: 4 to 6 persons (4 adults maximum)

Second Bedroom 

  • A second room is offered with three-bed configurations (Four cabins that have two beds and a single bunk above or one cabin that has two bunk beds for doubles)
  • Every second bedroom has an armoire, a wall fan, a mirror, and a reading lamp.
  • A cot for babies can be built between the bunk and the beds
  • Bath towels will be provided.

Master Bedroom 

  • The master bedroom features one queen bed, a ceiling fan and clock radio, a mirror wardrobe, and reading lights
  • The bathroom has a toilet, vanity, shower

Kitchen and Living Area

  • Fully equipped kitchen, with microwave/convection oven as well as cooktop, fridge/freezer kettle, saucepans, toaster, and cutlery.
  • Living/kitchen space open to the living area.
  • Sugar, tea, and coffee Sachets are readily available upon arrival.

Frangipani Villa

  • Master bedroom with double bed, towels, and linens.
  • 2-level bunk bed set (top bunk is for children younger than 13 years old exclusively) set in an alcove
  • Set of drawers and wardrobe
  • The bathroom has a bathroom vanity, toilet, and shower
  • Hotplates for cooking microwave kettle, toaster, kettle fridge, cutlery, and crockery
  • Sugar, tea, and coffee Sachets are on sale upon the arrival
  • Four chairs for a dining table, a sofa TV, air conditioning
  • Parking for a single vehicle
  • Outside area complete with tables and chairs
  • Maximum occupancy: two adults with two kids or three adults

Banksia Cabin

  • Open plan design
  • Maximum occupancy is two adults or one adult and a child
  • Double bed in the living room with linen included
  • Set of drawers and a wardrobe
  • Curtains and privacy screens
  • Air conditioning
  • Table with three chairs, TV room, and a fan
  • The cooking equipment includes twin hotplates, kettle toaster, refrigerator/freezer, cooking equipment, crockery, and cutlery
  • Outdoor space complete with tables and chairs
  • Parking for one car
  • Not recommended for cots for babies.


Can you take a caravan to Bribie Island?

Yes, you can take a caravan to Bribie Island. But there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that only accredited and registered caravans are permitted to be on the island.

Your caravan should be equipped with the appropriate safety equipment and must be up-to-date on all registrations and inspections.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that there are limited campsites on the islands, which is why it is essential to make a reservation well ahead of time. The third aspect to be aware of is that a few areas on the island are closed to caravans, so make certain to inquire with the camp before you begin your camp.

Can you camp for free on Bribie Island?

Unfortunately, you can’t camp for free on Bribie Island. Permits for camping are needed. Bribie Island National Park and Recreational Area provides many different beach camping options, which are accessible with the high clearance of a four-wheel-drive vehicle. An identification tag with the reservation number should be posted at your camping site.

How much will it cost to stay in a caravan park in Australia?

You have to pay $125 a week, $2.50 a week to connect to a sewerage system, $6.10 a week for the electricity infrastructure and gas usage, and also charge for their own gas and electricity use.

Final thought

The Bribie Island caravan park is an ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy an active and diverse life. 

If you’re planning to visit a caravan park, there are plenty of various activities that you can take part in to keep you entertained and busy all the time.

Some of the most memorable activities are taking long walks with your loved ones, playing in the water,  and playing cricket. You can also enjoy a picnic in the backyard with your loved ones.

Engaging in these diverse activities will allow you to get through the day quickly, and you don’t even lose your devices when you’re camping.

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