Camel Riding In Qatar: Know Everything About Riding Camel In Qatar

Camel Riding In Qatar: Know Everything About Riding Camel in Qatar

Camel Riding in Qatar: Qatar is a country with several wonders that travelers can enjoy. As a great vacation destination for families, the state has earned its reputation in the Middle East. 

Today, travelers from around the globe come here to spend time with their families. 

There’s no shortage of luxury hotels in the Middle East, as well as natural sites and wonderful desert experiences.

But wait, have you ever wondered what outdoor activities you can enjoy here? Camel riding in Qatar is one of this region’s most famous desert activities. 

Then let’s explore a little deeper and see what camel riding in Qatar is like.

Camel Riding In Qatar: Know Everything About Riding Camel in Qatar

Is Camel Riding Worth Trying In Qatar?

Travelers can’t afford to miss camel riding if there is one activity they can’t do without. Qatar has gained large fame for desert activity in there.

One can view some fantastic wonders of the Qatari desert in the desert area during the evenings and the daytime.

However, in Qatar, camel riding is offered by many international and local tour companies. However, each operator offers a unique camel riding experience. Prices may vary, as does the quality of service. 

Yet, camel riding may be the best option if you wish to experience the wonders of the desert in Qatar.

When To Enjoy Camel Riding In Qatar?

Did you plan a desert excursion in the Middle East, such as camel riding in Doha? If you’re interested in doing so, you may want to know the best time. 

During the summer, Qatar experiences exceptionally high temperatures. Due to the harsh climate, visiting the desert during this time can be challenging. Plus, desert activities like camel riding and camping are tough to do.

So, November to March is the ideal time if you are planning to visit Qatar for a desert holiday. Temperatures are relatively mild compared to the rest of the year.

Moreover, camel riding and spending a night in the desert are easily accessible to travelers.

Note: In summer, travelers can ride camels in the evening as the temperatures decrease. Then activities like camel riding become more accessible during the evenings.

Where is the best place to ride a camel?

Regarding camel riding in Qatar, two iconic locations are trendy among Middle East tourists. Besides enjoying camel riding, one can also see fantastic sights in these places.

Here are two iconic places to visit for travelers to enjoy camel riding in Qatar.

1. Al Shahaniya Race Track

The Al Shahaniya racetrack is considered one of Qatar’s best tourist attractions. It allows visitors to observe the finest camels in Qatar.

Besides, the place is famous for hosting camel races on an annual basis. Both at local and international levels. It is only an hour’s drive from Qatar’s capital, Doha.

As the racetrack site is no less stunning than the racetrack itself, camel riding at Al Shahaniya is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers. 

Aside from seeing fantastic desert views, you can also witness majestic sunsets. 

Hence, the Al Shahaniya Race Track is the place to see camel racing at its best if you wish to see it at its best.

2. Regency Sealine Camp

Having ever wondered what it would be like to live in luxury in the middle of the desert? In other words, Regency Sealine Camp exemplifies luxury.

Furthermore, it is a site that edges ahead of many luxury hotels in Qatar for many reasons. It provides the most luxurious accommodations in the heart of the desert. Travelers can stay here and enjoy various activities.

In this part of Qatar, is there a possibility of riding a camel? Well, travelers can enjoy it in the desert at Sealine Camp. 

While camel riding, one can see amazing desert landscapes and take pictures of some picturesque locations. Besides beautifully decorated camels, Regency Sealine also provides a romantic sunset view. It’s a breathtaking experience to have. 

Is Camel Riding Expensive In Qatar?

In Qatar, camel riding is among the best activities and is extremely popular with tourists. Most travelers like to go to the desert area to enjoy the activity. 

Many local and international tour operators in the country offer fantastic camel riding services. The price varies from operator to operator. 

It will be significantly less than the price per camel ride in other parts of the world. Here a 30-minute ride can cost about $20.

During your trip, Camel Riding in Qatar has to be your top pick if you’re looking for some serious fun. Camel riding is one of Qatar’s most popular adventure activities. Resorts such as Regency Sealine Camp and Al Shahaniya make it even more awesome.

How about watching the incredible sunrise and sunset directly on the dunes? You will be able to do that through camel riding. Have you ever wondered what the Qatari desert offers when it comes to natural wonders? 

Yet, taking a camel riding tour is one way to experience it. The camel riding in the desert never fails to impress, no matter what you need from it. So, what’s keeping you from traveling to Qatar. 

In Qatar, camel riding is unlike any other activity in the Middle East. It is one of the most exciting ways to experience desert life. Hence, make sure you take your family and friends to Qatar for this amazing experience. 

Can I ride a camel in Qatar?

Undoubtedly, you can ride a camel in Qatar. Camel riding is one of the most acceptable activities in Qatar. Also, it is extremely popular among tourists. There is mainly a desert area where this activity can be enjoyed. 

In Qatar, several international and local tour companies offer camel riding. So, camel riding is probably the best way to explore the wonders of the desert in Qatar.

How much is a camel ride in Qatar?

Among travelers, camel riding is one of the best activities to experience in Qatar. In the country, several international and local tour operators offer camel riding. 

Although camel riding prices in the desert vary among operators, riders can still expect to pay less than those in other parts of the world. Here 30-minute rides can easily cost USD 20.

Where can I see camels in Qatar?

Travelers can spot camels all over the country when they visit. But Al Shahaniya is the best place to see and ride camels. 

The camel ranch is located about one hour from Doha, Qatar’s capital. It is popular to view some of the best groomed and prestigious camels worldwide. 

Yet, the Al Shahaniya racetrack hosts camel races in local and international competitions. This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Can I ride a camel at night in the Qatari desert?

If you are planning to go camel riding in summer, visitors can plan to go in the evening. That time the temperatures drop, and activities like camel riding are easier to enjoy. 

Moreover, Travelers in Qatar can find many local and international tour operators offering evening dessert packages. So, an evening activity like camel riding can be booked as part of a suitable package.

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