Cheap Parking Near Porto Airport: Price, Booking.

Cheap parking near Porto airport: price, booking

Do you need cheap parking near Porto airport? Save up to 70% by booking a place in one of the low-cost car parks located very close to Porto Airport.

Do you have a plane to catch from PortoOpens in a new tab. airport and don’t know where to park your car? There is no space left in the official airport car park, or are the prices too high for you? A simple and economical solution allows you to leave your vehicle in a cheap car park near Porto airport.

Porto Francisco Sà-Carneiro Airport is located 13 kilometers north of Porto city center. It is the second-largest airport in Portugal after Lisbon. It can accommodate up to 16 million passengers per year. Take line E of the metro (the purple line, journey: about 30 minutes) to reach the city center. By bus, lines 601, 602, and 604 make regular connections to the city center. Many airlines operate here, including Iberia, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, Ryanair, Easyjet, or Transavia.

Book cheap parking at Porto Airport

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to park your car near PortoOpens in a new tab. airport? You’ve come to the right place! Indeed, there are many cheap car parks near Porto OPO airport where you can leave your vehicle for the time of your trip.

The car park price varies from 3 to 10 € per day depending on the place and the duration of parking. On average, you will save between 40% and 70% when booking your cheap car park at Porto Airport. Not insignificant when you go on vacation.

Cheap but secure parking 24/7

Saving on the price of airport parking is not synonymous with poor quality service, quite the contrary. The places are fully secured, closed, and sometimes covered. In addition, the platform on which you book provides 24/7 customer service. If your return flight arrives late at night, the shuttle is still provided between the airport and the car park.

Regarding the duration of parking, the longer you stay, the less you will pay for the day. Note that if you stay for a long time in a car park near Porto airport, you can benefit from free parking (read below).

Where is this cheaper car park at Porto Airport located?

You will find several cheap car parks around Porto OPO airport, ensuring a place at any time of the year.

These low-cost car parks are usually located between 2 and 7 minutes by shuttle from the terminal. Shuttles are free and usually depart every 15 to 20 minutes from the car park, so you don’t have to wait between when you drop off your car at the car park and when you board the shuttle to Porto Airport.

Official Porto Airport Car Park: Rates, Drop-Off, and Map

Official parking rates

The official car park has several price ranges. Up to six car parks are available for several time slots: 15 minutes, one day, after 24 hours (price per hour), two days, and more—rates from 3 € to 18 € per day.


The drop-off at Porto airport is called “Kiss & Fly.” It allows you to drop off or pick up someone for just a few minutes. There is a drop-off on the third floor, in front of the departures area. The car park is on the ground floor in front of the arrivals to pick up passengers. It is possible to park for free two times a maximum of ten minutes per day. Beyond that, parking becomes chargeable.

Map of official car parks

Six official car parks are available for booking: P0 “Executive”,P1 “Classic”,P4 “Low Cost Plus”,P6 “Low Cost”,P9 “Low Cost”,P9 “Low Cost Promo”.

Car parks for hotels located near Porto Airport

There are several car parks near the airport:

  • Hotel Aeroporto: free parking,
  • Opo Hotel: free parking,
  • Solar Antigo Porto Aeroporto: free parking,
  • Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto: parking (for a fee).

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