The Coquilleau Viaduct: The Spot Where To Bungee Jump In Brittany

The Coquilleau Viaduct: The Spot Where To Bungee Jump in Brittany

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush during your trip to Brittany, consider bungee jumping at the Coquilleau viaduct. Although the hilly terrain of the region may not seem ideal for extreme sports, the viaduct, located in Vendée in southern Brittany, rises to a height of around fifty meters and provides an exciting bungee jumping experience.

One weekend a month, the viaduct becomes a gathering place for thrill-seekers seeking the best bungee jumping spots in Brittany. Situated an hour’s drive from Nantes, the Coquilleau viaduct spans a river called the “Mother,” which bungee jumpers can observe before taking the plunge.

While the bungee cord will keep you from hitting the water, you’ll still have to climb onto a platform and jump from the 52-meter high top, which may be modest in size but is certainly dizzying. Keep in mind that bungee jumping is a dangerous activity subject to weather conditions, and be sure to follow all instructions from the qualified professionals supervising your jump.

Rates & practical information


You will often only have the opportunity to practice bungee jumping during the summer, from 55 €. Once you’ve paid for it, all left to do is jump.

Practical information

Here is some additional information before you decide to bungee jump:

  • This sporting activity is dangerous and subject to weather conditions. Your jump is likely postponed if gusts or heavy rain prevent takeoff.
  • We are in a region renowned for its freshness: do not hesitate to bring warm clothes. In addition, the shoes are necessarily closed and equipped with laces.
  • If you are overweight, you will need to inquire about the maximum limit provided by the instructors to guarantee an ideal jump.
  • It is essential to obtain parental permission when you are a minor. Or, conversely, to present a medical certificate if you are over 55 years old. If you have no contraindications (osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart problems, pregnancy, or epilepsy)!
  • Be sure to follow the instructions given to make the most of this extraordinary moment.

You are now equipped; it’s time for the big dive: so, what are you waiting for to jump?

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