Deepan Bus Route (দিপান বাস), Stoppage, Fare, And Service Details

Deepan Bus Route (দিপান বাস), Stoppage, Fare, and Service Details

Deepan Bus Paribahan is a very well-known transport service provider in Dhaka city. It starts its journey from one of Dhaka’s busiest areas, Tajmahal Road(Mohammadpur), and completes at Arambagh. Every day, many commuters from Mohammadpur to Motijheel use this Bus.

Deepan Bus Paribahan Bus Route

Tajmahal Road ⏩Shankar ⏩Dhanmondi 15 ⏩Jigatola  ⏩City College ⏩Science Lab   ⏩Shahbag ⏩Matsya Bhaban ⏩ Paltan ⏩Gulistan ⏩Motijheel ⏩Arambagh

Registration Year:

Deepan Bus  Paribahan inaugurated its journey in 2014 and registered with govt Road and Transport Authority in early 2014.

Color Of Deepna Bus Paribahan Bus:

All of the buses of Deepan Bus Paribahan are Purple and multi colors steps.

Operating Hours:

Deepan Paribahan starts Working Time at 6:30 AM From Tajmahal Road and closes its service at 11:30 PM. The operating schedule may vary to occasion. 

In a few parts, it serves as Seating Service. All-around Deepan Bus Paribahan is a Non-Seating Service.

Deepan Bus Paribahan Bus Seat Capacity

Deepan Bus Paribahan has 45 seats at a time. It also takes standing passengers from some stoppage.

Deepan Bus Paribahan Counter Details:

Deepan Bus Paribahan has no counter service. But it has a checking system in some stoppage.

Deepan Bus Paribahan Bus Ticket System/Fare system:

Deepan Bus Paribahan pursues the latest transport fare provided by the Bus-Owner organization. It assesses 2.43 TK Per Kilo Meters. It also charges a half fare to students. This bus service has not yet started the E-Ticketing system.

  Stoppage Name                      Distance     Fare (ভাড়া)
  Tajmahal Road__________________
City College 4.5 KM20 TK (টাকা)
Shahbag7 KM25 TK (টাকা)
Gulistan 10 KM35 TK (টাকা)
Arambagh12 KM45 TK (টাকা)
  _________ __________________

Contact Details:

Contact details of Deepan Bus Paribahan

Mobile Number:  01973259513

Address:               Arambagh

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