Dazzling Drini Beach (Yogyakarta) Review

Dazzling Drini Beach (Yogyakarta) Review

Here you will get to know about the dazzling Drini Beach in Yogyakarta Regency. Its beauties, information about its location, access and what things to do in there.

It is not wrong to say that Yogyakarta Special Region is a place that always makes tourists want to return there. Because, as an area rich in culture, Yogyakarta also has many beautiful hidden beaches.

Dazzling Drini Beach (Yogyakarta) Review

Enjoying Sunset at Drini Beach Gazebo

Gunungkidul is one of the locations with many exotic hidden beaches. Until now, Gunungkidul has been a favorite tourist destination for those of you who want to spend a vacation on the beach with close family members. One of the exciting beaches in Gunungkidul is Drini Beach.


Drini Beach is located in Banjarejo Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul, Jogja. Baron Beach surrounds Drini Beach on its east side.

If you are from the center of Yogyakarta, the distance you need to travel to Drini Beach is about 60 km, with a travel time of 2 to 3 hours.


For those outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta, you can travel by air using promo airline tickets. Alternatively, you may use the train’s landline.

From the center of Yogyakarta, you can take the Yogyakarta – Wonosari route. Arriving at Wonosari, take the path to Mulo.

Then from the mulo T-junction, you go straight towards Baron Beach. About 1km before Baron Beach, there will be a T-junction. Take the left lane towards Drini Beach.

It is recommended that you rent a car or rent a motorbike from outside the city since public transportation is insufficient to reach Drini beach.

There are only buses from Yogyakarta – Wonosari. Whether you rent a car or motorbike, you can also travel much more comfortably.

Things you’ll love about Drini Beach.

A unique beach among all the beaches in Gunungkidul is Drini Beach, an island in the middle of the beach. This island separates Drini Beach into two areas: the quieter east side of the beach and the west side of the fiercer coast. This makes Drini Beach seem like a double personality.

On the east side of the beach, rows of cliffs stand firmly like a fortress that blocks the waves combined with the beauty of coral islands that form them like a beautiful natural lagoon.

The rugged rock makes the waters on the east side brighter, making it possible for you to swim and bathe in the warm salty sea.

While on the west side, you can see a line of boats returning from sailing looking for fish. These are the boats of fishermen who have sailed overnight in the sea.

On the west side, the waves are much bigger and become a path for anglers to go to the sea. During the day, you can see fishers extending their nets into the sea.

In the middle of the beach, which is the path to Drini Island, there is a collection of black sand whose diameter is very smooth combined with the whiteness of the beach sand.

According to some studies, this black sand is the sand from the underground river that empties into Drini Beach.

The island is heavily overgrown with Santini (Pemphis acidula)Opens in a new tab.; local people call this plant Drini. As a result, this beach is named Drini Beach.

When the beach water starts to recede, you can walk down the beach towards the island then climb the stairs to get to the top of the island cliffs.

From the height of the ridge, you can see the overall view of this beach. Unfortunately, Drini plants are rarely found there.

What to do

You can walk along the east side of the beach to see a marine aquarium with a diverse collection of beautiful marine biota. Some species of fish that you can find here are Goby Sand, Jambrong, and Sergeant Major, who chase each other and hide in between coral reefs.

Because of the relatively calm waves on the east side of this beach, you can also enjoy a warm sea bath or swim with your beloved friends and relatives. It’s exciting to swim in the sea while the vast blue sky is still.

If you don’t want to swim, you can enjoy the waves and blue sky while sheltering in the pavilion provided by the management. A gazebo under the blue sky while sipping coconut ice is a refreshing way that is difficult to get anywhere else. To use this pavilion, you only have to pay a rental fee of 10,000 Rupiah.

One of the fantastic views that are dearly missed from Drini Beach is sunrise or sunset. Drini Beach even provided a KHSUS substation for tourists who want to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. To see this rare sight, you are advised to stay overnight. You can choose to stay at a variety of lodging options.

There are food stalls on the beach that you can visit when your stomach is growing hungry. For people from all social circles, the food provided is usually a variety of processed seafood at a relatively affordable price. Those who wish to process their seafood have a particular area as well.

Due to the natural state of this beach, it is essential to maintain cleanliness by not littering. It’s even better if you bring your plastic bag specifically for littering.

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