The 20 Most Famous Surf Spots In France

The 20 Most Famous Surf Spots In France

Looking for a spot to tame the waves as a surfer? Here are the best and most famous surf spots in France where you can practice all year round!

France is the second-largest maritime space in the world after the United States. In metropolitan France, surfers have a coastline stretching over 5,853 kilometers to indulge their passion. 

With its sandy or rocky coasts and pleasant climate, France is an ideal destination for surfing. Whether in the Aquitaine region, Brittany, or the Mediterranean, there are superb surf spots where you can climb to the top of the waves. 

Access to French beaches is free; surfing in France is a guarantee of freedom. In addition, many regions of France have a shredded, rocky coastline, allowing you to take the full view.

Looking for where to surf in France? Follow the guide to find the best and most famous surf spots in France!

The 20 Most Famous Surf Spots In France

Best and Famous Surf Spots in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Most Famous Surf Spots In France

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The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region probably concentrates more than 90% of the surf spots in France. The Atlantic coast offers excellent tubes to sink into at all levels.

1. Cap Ferret

Located north of the Arcachon basin (Gironde), Cap Ferret offers 25 kilometers of coastline and sandy beaches. You can visit all of these places with your board. 

The peninsula of Cap Ferret offers its best waves along the Silver Coast. Climb to the top of the dunes and look for the nicest sandbar. Grand Crohot is the most frequented and best-known spot in Bordeaux. 

Looking for other less crowded spots? You can surf all year round at the Truc Vert in summer and at the Horizon beach in winter. Watch out for the current and crowds, as they can be intense.

2. Hossegor

Located in the Landes, Hossegor is one of France’s most emblematic surf spots. The biggest stars on the board—the beaches of The North and La Gravière host international competitions. 

Impressive waves breakthrough, which makes this spot a place for experienced surfers.

3. Lacanau-Ocean

World-famous, the beaches of Lacanau offer several surf spots with changing waves. The Barrier, the Lion, Jah Point, The Squirrel, the South, the Central, the North, the Alexander. 

These spots can also be very crowded: look for another peak nearby if there are already 4 or 5 surfers on the water.

4. Anglet

On the beaches of Anglet, there are 11 spots along a strip of 4.5 kilometers of sand. 

Surfing is an institution in Basque Country: locals love surfing to appreciate the natural beauty of the ocean. The best known is the Little Room of Love. 

You can find Marinella, Little Madrague, and the Ocean on all levels. On the other hand, the intermediaries and the confirmed will target the Club, the Golden Sands, the Corsairs, the Dunes, the Cavaliers, or the Barre.

5. Guéthary

Along the Basque coast, between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthary beach is an iconic surf spot. This is where you would find the giant waves in France! 

Many surfers come here, especially during the great winter swells. It is a spot reserved for surfers of confirmed levels. Because the powerful wave often crashes on a rocky reef.

6. The Basque Coast

Located near the city center of Biarritz, this mythical place is one of the unmissable surf spots in France. Biarritz, the cradle of surfing, is wet by waves accessible to all levels. 

It is one of the most famous beaches on the French Basque coast. It, therefore, promises to be hyper-frequented all year round.

7. The Estagnots

Located in the town of Seignosse, the spot of Estagnots is one of the must-sees of the South Atlantic coast. The stagnates spot offers tubular waves – barrels, in the jargon – among the longest on the Atlantic coast. 

Surfers like to rush in. Waves can reach 3 meters. We, therefore, advise against beginners.

8. Oléron

The island of Oléron, in Charente-Maritime, offers several beautiful surf spots. Among these, we find Vert-Bois, which is an ideal beach where to start surfing. Huttes, Chassiron, and Boulassiers will fill the intermediates in the north of the island. 

In Chassiron, for example, you have to surf at low tide and walk on the rocks. It is important to keep an eye on the current.

Best Surfing Spots in Brittany, France

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The Breton peninsula is not just a land drenched in drizzle where you get drunk with a beer in the pub while listening to biniou! The Breton coast also offers beautiful sites where to surf. Here are some of them.

9. The Torch

La Torche (Finistère), Brittany’s top surfing spot, offers excellent waves. This spot stretches on a long sandy beach with incessant waves. The swell is very present. 

Beware of the currents in the bays; they can be dangerous. The site is also top-rated. Retreat to the other side of the tip in case of high crowds.

10. The Bad Strike

Are you looking for a technical surf spot rich in sensations? La Mauvaise Grève, located in Moguérec in the commune of Sibiril, is reserved for intermediaries and confirmed. The waves break and break on the sand at low tide: a beach break. 

This will satisfy beginners. During high tide, the beach returns to its original state. The waves are breaking on the rocks (reef break), which is dangerous for the reef.

11. Les Blanc-Sablons

This surf spot located in Conquet (Finistère) is accessible to all. Thanks to the north/northwest swell, it is a pleasant beach break to surf with beautiful waves thanks to the north/northwest swell. 

The best time to go is between autumn and spring. Be careful, though there are rocks hidden in the bottom in places.

12. Lostmarc’h

Head to the Crozon peninsula to find this surf spot. In Morgat, the spot of Lostmarc’h is one of the most picturesque spots in Brittany. 

The waves sometimes rise to 3.50 meters high. Surfers will be delighted with the bonus of a strong swell and a mighty wind. The site is, unfortunately, bustling in summer.

13. Perros-Guirec

Among the best surfing spots in France is Perros-Guirec. In principle, it’s accessible to everyone, but beginners need to be especially careful. Because currents can be crucial, at the rising tide, you can train gently, with pleasant waves from autumn to spring.

14. The Baie des Trépassés

In Lescoff, on the Pointe du Raz (Finistère), the Baie des Trépassés is one of the best surf spots in France. Large rollers die there on the sand without stopping. 

The most favorable conditions are found in north/northwest winds from autumn to spring. This spot is for intermediaries.

Best Surfing Spots In Normandy, France

The Normandy coast offers beautiful surfing sites in France, often unknown to the public. Strong tide coefficients, strong swells, and giant dunes make the ingredients of a successful surf outing.

15. Collignon

The beach of Collignon, north-east of Tourlaville (Manche), is ideal for beginner surfing. The body of water is calm thanks to the dike, making it possible to rub against small waves. Beginner residents of Cherbourg are drawn to this spot in large numbers.

16. Hatainville

North of Barneville-Carteret (Manche), a vast sandy beach is backed by the dunes typical of the Cotentin. 

This surf spot would benefit from being better known: at dusk, the sunset that ignites the sea will amaze you. The waves are more or less robust, depending on the tides. The current can be substantial.

17. Langrune

The beach of Langrune-sur-Mer, north of Caen (Calvados), is one of the best surf spots in Normandy. In the northeast wind and a falling tide, the waves rise offshore for your great pleasure. Although the site is little known, there are still feet 500 meters from the shore.

Best Surfing Spots On the Mediterranean coast, France

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On the other side of France, the Mediterranean is famous for being a sea of oil heated by the sun. However, in strong winds, it can be tumultuous. As a result, the beaches become dream spots for surfing.

18. Palavas-les-Flots

Very close to Montpellier (Hérault), the beach break of Palavas-les-Flots is one of the most famous surf spots in the Mediterranean. The Gulf of Lion brings quality waves, especially in spring and autumn. The beach of Roquilles, between Palavas and Carnon, is a must.

19. Six-Fours-les-Plages

The Bonnegrâce beach of Six-Fours is an excellent spot where to surf. Especially when the Mistral decides to style the Var coast. It is a kilometer-long stretch of sand with easy waves. Unfortunately, it is overcrowded.

20. Marseille

And yes! You can go surfing in Phocaean City, the capital of the south! Beginners will be delighted at Prado beach or Pointe Rouge during the days of Mistral. At the beach of La Verrerie, the waves can reach up to 1.50 meters. 

Who would have thought that France’s second-largest city could also lure surfers?

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