Boat Rental In Faro: Faro Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat Rental in Faro: Faro Boat Itinerary Ideas

In the picturesque south of Portugal, discover boat rental in Faro. Here are our ideas for itineraries from a weekend to ten days.

The capital of the Algarve stands out for preserving its traditions and its art of living. 

Warm in the belt of ramparts, under the flapping wings of storks, you meet here only tourists in search of authenticity, calm, and sweetness. Start your stay by drinking historical monuments and festive moments.

Enjoy the beautiful pristine beach and taste the specialities of the picturesque markets. 

Then, you answer the call of the sea… Because the discovery of the south of Portugal, and even further afield, is a fantastic thing. Boat rental in Faro: here are all our itinerary ideas for your future holidays.

Boat Rental in Faro: Far Boat Itinerary Ideas

Itinerary 1: Ria Formosa and its islands (one weekend)

When renting a boat in Faro, the Ria Formosa and its islands are a must. With the sweet nickname of “Natural Paradise of the Algarve,” this navigable lagoon is dotted with pretty islands.

In one weekend, set sail from island to island:

● Faro and its peninsula;

● Culatra, the most authentic with its three fishing villages;

● Armona and its villages with its feet in the water;

● Tavira with its beautiful narrow beaches;

● Barreta or the desert island;

● Cabanas.

Itinerary 2: South Algarve (five days)

Renting a boat in Faro is an ideal starting point for visiting the Algarve. Walkthrough the walled old town, dip your feet in the seaside resorts, stroll along the picturesque harbor, and finally, take off.

Day 1: on the way to Vilamoura, a seaside resort that offers beautiful beaches and several lively establishments at nightfall. Rest assured, and it has not lost its traditional Portuguese charm for all that.

Day 2: Discover the coastline and caves of Albufeira.Opens in a new tab. The succession of coves with holes finally brings you to the energetic port of Albufeira. 

If the city has lost its face as a peaceful old village, it nevertheless offers a lot of entertainment.

Day 3: Portimão is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Praia Rocha. 

The warm-toned cliffs fall into turquoise water, and the wooden walkways run on the beach. The lookouts offer stunning views.

Day 4: Continue west towards Lagos. Secret beaches are multiplying. Suddenly, nestled in the middle of the picturesque coastline: the walled city, its sandy beach, and its dynamic marina.

Day 5: Start your return to Faro.

Itinerary 3: Iconic Portugal (ten days)

Day 1: Why not enjoy a few islands around Faro? Then, set off to conquer the Atlantic.

Day 2 to 4: Funchal. Discover the archipelagos of Portugal by landing in the breathtaking bay of Madeira. The capital is full of gardens and history. From its church to its fortress, the alleys cross the ages.

Day 4 to 6: Horta. In the Azores, the capital of the island of Faial, is a meeting point for sailors from all walks of life. Drop anchor and travel through the baroque mazes, the pontoons curving the spine, the emblematic sculptures, and the sumptuous volcanic promontory.

Day 6 to 8: Lisbon. Placed on the banks of the Tagus River, the colorful and cosmopolitan capital reveals all its beauties. 

Between historical monuments, alternative districts, elegant and photogenic streets… It may well bewitch you.

Day 8 to 10: return, gently, to Faro.

Tips for sailing in Faro

Rent your boat in Faro and leave with peace of mind with a skipper. If it is a guarantee of safety, this navigation professional will also be an excellent regional guide. 

If you don’t have the permit, you won’t have a choice. In Portugal, no matter the type of boat, the license is mandatory. If you have one, it is automatically valid throughout Portuguese territory.

Before you embark on a boat rental in Faro, ensure that all safety equipment is on board. Maps, GPS, rescue equipment, evacuation and reporting, pharmacy kit, gas can, etc.

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Faro?

If the Algarve has one advantage, it’s almost perfect weather all year round! The bravest takes their first bath in April… Our favorite seasons remain spring and autumn, at the dawn of the tourist season.

How much does a boat rental cost in Faro?

Boat rental in Faro can suit all budgets. Depending on the seasons, the number of passengers, and the type of boat, the price varies considerably. 

Hence the interest in refining as much as possible its research upstream. The rates we mention are charged during the high season.

A sailboat or catamaran is rented between 200 € and 800 € per day. The price of a motorboat varies between 150 € and 500 € per day (but can reach 800 € depending on the model). 

More luxurious boats like yachts are available for €6,000 per day (minimum).

The services of a skipper cost about 150 € per day. You will also need to add the price of gasoline and additional equipment.

How to rent your boat in Faro?

The first option is to use a local agency and make your reservation online or on-site.

The second option, less expensive: boat rental in Faro between individuals. Just go through a specialized and recognized platform such as Samboat. 

Enter your destination, dates, and your criteria, and the site is responsible for offering you the best boats available.

These platforms also allow you to benefit from the services of a skipper but also to rent additional equipment. Snorkeling, fishing, wakeboarding, and even jet skiing: enough to occupy your days at sea.

Which boat to rent in Faro?

A sailboat for those who dream of wondrous adventure at sea. A motorboat or a semi-rigid for a short getaway in the Ria Formosa. 

A catamaran with family or friends. A yacht with friends for optimal comfort and memorable parties at sunset. 

As you will have understood, you will find any type of boat for rent in Faro. However, the Faro region is conducive to sailing, so our hearts swing for a sailboat or catamaran.

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