Find cheap parking at Montpellier – Mediterranean Airport

Do you need cheap parking near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport? Save up to 70% by booking a place in one of the low-cost car parks located near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport.

You have a plane to take from Montpellier – Mediterranean airport, and you do not know where to park your car? There is no space left in the official airport car park, or are the prices too high for you? A simple and economical solution allows you to leave your vehicle in a cheap car park near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport.

Located about 7 km from Montpellier city center and 30 minutes from Nîmes, and 90 minutes from Perpignan, Montpellier – Mediterranean Airport welcomes nearly 2 million visitors a year.

With its thirty destinations whose list continues to grow, Montpellier MPL airport is constantly growing. It took its name from the nearby Mediterranean Sea and was previously named Montpellier-Fréjorgues Airport.

Book cheap parking at Montpellier – Mediterranean Airport

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to park your car near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport? You’ve come to the right place! Indeed, there are many cheap car parks near Montpellier – Méditerranée MPL airport, where you can leave your vehicle for the time of your trip.

The car park price varies from 3 to 10 € per day depending on the place and the duration of parking. On average, you will save between 40% and 70% when booking your cheap car park at Montpellier – Mediterranean airport. Not insignificant when you go on vacation.

Cheap but secure parking 24/7

Saving on the price of airport parking is not synonymous with poor quality service, quite the contrary. The places are fully secured, closed, and sometimes covered. In addition, the platform on which you book provides 24/7 customer service. If your return flight arrives late at night, the shuttle is still provided between the airport and the car park.

Regarding the duration of parking, the longer you stay, the less you will pay for the day. Note that if you stay for a long time in a car park near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport, you can benefit from free parking (read below).

Where is this cheaper car park at Montpellier – Mediterranean airport located?

You will find several cheap car parks around Montpellier – Méditerranée MPL airport, ensuring a place at any time of the year.

These low-cost car parks are usually located between 2 and 7 minutes by shuttle from the terminal. Shuttles are free and usually leave every 15 to 20 minutes from the car park, so you don’t have to wait between the time you drop off your car at the car park and the moment you board the shuttle to Montpellier – Mediterranean airport.

Official parking at Montpellier airport: rates, drop-off & map

Parking at Montpellier airport remains quite easy by booking online. However, the prices of the different car parks are often very different. For example, the P2 is recommended for a short time with a package at 28 € for two days maximum. On the other hand, if you want to stay longer, turn to the P4 or P6. You will pay 55€ and 35€ respectively, by booking online.

The drop-off from Montpellier airport is free for ten minutes. Be careful; you must stay in or near your vehicle. Therefore, it is impossible to stop the vehicle’s engine in this area, even in the very short term.

Montpellier airport offers a total of just over 3000 seats for travelers! These are spread over the following three car parks:

  • P2: nearby parking for one to two days
  • P3: comfort parking for three to six days
  • P4: eco parking for the long term, to book online

There is also a P1 car park, but this is used as a rental car park only.

Car parks for hotels located near Montpellier airport

Want to leave your car in a private car park? Thanks to the Sleep, Park, and Fly option, you parking duration can easily park your vehicle in a hotel car park.

The nearest properties offering the option are about five kilometers from the airport. These are the Ibis Budget Montpellier Sud Lattes, the Hotel F1 Montpelier Sud and the Novotel Montpellier.

Free parking at Montpellier – Mediterranean Airport

To not have to pay for your parking space at Montpellier – Mediterranean airport, there is a simple solution to take advantage of a free parking space near Montpellier – Mediterranean airport: if you accept it when booking online, you can rent your vehicle during your absence, provided that your vehicle is less than 7 years old and less than 135,000 km.

Your car is then rented and will be insured for yourall risks by the MAIF. You do not have to take any steps with your insurer. When necessary, a free shuttle will drop you off at the airport terminal and pick you up on your return.

Whether your car is rented or not, parking near Montpellier – Méditerranée airport will be free. If your car is rented, you will be paid according to the kilometers traveled. This amount depends on the model and age of your car.


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