How To Fly Over The Castles Of The Loire In A Hot Air Balloon?

How to fly over the castles of the Loire in a hot air balloon?

Would you like to visit the Loire Castles unusually? Here is a mini-guide on how to fly over the castle of the Loire in a hot air balloon!

Did you think visiting the Loire Castles was too cliché? Travelvibe offers you an unusual way to see them: in a hot air balloon!

This unusual excursion will offer you a unique experience, namely to explore, from the air, the riches of the history of France. Does the adventure tempt you?

This mini-guide article will help you fly over the castles of the Loire in a hot air balloon.

Here are the essentials about this unusual experience: history, visit tips, activities to do, reservations, cost, schedules, access, and accommodation!

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How to fly over the castles of the Loire in a hot air balloon?

History of the Loire Castles

The Castles of the Loire are ancient fortresses erected in the Middle Ages. They were the favorite residents of the kings of France during the Renaissance.

The Loire Valley is also nicknamed the “Garden of France.” It brings together a set of buildings dating from when royal power was established on the banks of the Loire.

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, we were located a hundred years before the royal power moved to Fontainebleau and then to Versailles.

Their incredible preservation over the centuries has led Unesco to classify them as a World Heritage Site. The most famous are the castles of Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceau. There are about fifteen other must-haves.

Our tips for flying over the Castles of the Loire by hot air balloon

The visit period

The first thing to think about is to fly over the Castles of the Loire by hot air balloon: at what time of day. If you like beautiful colors that illuminate nature, fly away at dawn or dusk.

This unique historical and cultural heritage will be revealed under a thousand lights at dawn or sunset.

The weather

In times of rain, thunderstorms, fog, or strong wind, the gondola will not take flight. Flights are postponed free of charge. The flight confirmation is communicated the day before to avoid additional costs of the cancellation of travel and accommodation.

The flight season runs from April 1 to October 31. Summer is, therefore, logically the best time to fly over the Loire Castles in a hot air balloon.


If you are planning to participate in this unusual experience, you will need to adapt your outfit according to the season and humidity. Bring good walking or sports shoes, sunglasses and something to cover up. Temperatures can be cool, especially in early spring and autumn.

What to see and do while flying over the Loire Castles in a hot air balloon?

The excursion lasts 3 hours in total. It includes:

  • The reception of passengers,
  • The journey to the take-off site,
  • The inflation of hot air balloons,
  • Boarding,
  • Free flight, about an hour,
  • Landing,
  • Folding the envelope,
  • The presentation of the certificates of ascent (with a toast of the aeronaut),
  • The return trip to the terminal.

The nacelle allows you to fly over the castles of the Loire and see them from above. These include the castles of Chenonceau, Chambord, Amboise, Blois and Chaumont-sur-Loire.

But flying over the Castles of the Loire in a hot air balloon does not offer only that. Visiting the Loire Valley by air allows you to admire the landscapes and towns of the Loire region along the banks of the river.

You will fly over these sites according to the vineyards and forests.

How much does a ticket cost to fly over the Loire Castles by hot air balloon?

There are several prices offers according to the different providers. Prices also vary according to the many take-off points: Amboise, Beaugency, Blois, Chambord, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Chenonceau, Orléans, Saint-Aignan, Saumur, Angers and Tours.

It should be noted that formulas including accommodation and group visits (maximum 16 people) are possible. A flight over the Châteaux de la Loire takes between 150 € and 195 € per person, depending on the provider.

If you want to book a combined ticket with accommodation for two people, the rates go up to more than 300 €. For example, count around 500 € for a night in a partner hotel and a flight for two people in a hot air balloon.

How to book online a ticket to fly over the Loire Castles by hot air balloon?

Booking a ticket online to fly over the Loire Castles by hot air balloon is very easy. There are a dozen different providers, with departures from Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, or Orleans.

Aeronauts include: Au gré des vents, France Montgolfières, Sport Découverte, Air Touraine, Aerocom Montgolfières, Les Ballons de la Loire, AdrenActive, Loire et Montgolfière or Montgolfière Sensation.

The booking process is simple. Simply fill in your contact details and marital status in a booking form. You then choose your desired flight schedules.

Payment by credit card is sometimes impossible. It is then done by check. From then on, you will receive by email the confirmation of the order and the tickets, valid one year after the issue.

Hot air balloon flight schedules

According to the providers, the schedules to fly over the Castles of the Loire by hot air balloon are variable. Generally, they vary according to availability and are fixed in two stages: morning and evening flights.

The morning flight is between 6 am and 12.30 pm between March and October, depending on the month. The evening flight takes place from 4 pm to 11 pm, depending on the month.

How to access the Loire Castles?

Several possibilities are available to you to go to the region of the Châteaux de la Loire:

  • Via train, the TGV serves the SNCF stations of Tours and Orléans from Paris, Nantes or Bordeaux. By TER, the Orléans-Tours line serves the stations near the Châteaux de la Loire.
  • All aboard: If you come by car, car parks close to the take-off sites.

After receiving confirmation of the good weather conditions, the team will be waiting for you at the agreed time at the take-off site. After landing, a return to the starting point in 4×4 is planned.

Where to stay near the Castles of the Loire?

To fully appreciate your flight over the Loire Castles by hot air balloon, it is often advisable to take off at dawn or dusk. This, to enjoy the best colors of the day. Therefore, sleeping close to the take-off sites will certainly be necessary.

To sleep near the Castles of the Loire, you can target the cities between Tours and Orleans, either: Tours, Amboise, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Blois, Beaugency, or Orleans. However, it will still be necessary to find a means of transport to the meeting point one hour before take-off.

A variety of accommodation options are available to stay as close as possible to your meeting point. Such as, for example, traditional establishments such as youth hostels and hotels. Hotel comparators will then be a useful ally.

Other options, cottages, and homestays (via Airbnb in particular) are also good options. You will need to define your hosting needs beforehand. It is best to find a room or accommodation close to the take-off point.

In any case, the region is so touristy that rentals are numerous in the Loire Valley region.

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