Fort Rotterdam – A Great Historical Attractions in Makassar

Fort Rotterdam – A Great Historical Attractions in Makassar

Makassar offers stunning natural attractions, but the city also has tourist attractions full of history. One of them is Fort Rotterdam Makassar. If you decide to visit this place, you will find relics of the colonial-era architecture of Belkamu, which is over three centuries old and stands strong to this day.

Fort Rotterdam became a silent witness to the struggle of the people of Makassar in expelling the Invaders. Many fighters died on the battlefield during that time, possibly as many as thousands. Fort Rotterdam or commonly referred to as Ujung Pkamung Fort, was built in 1545. The architectural style of this building is also thick with the 16th-century era.

A reference to where the Ujung Pkamung Fort stands today is that it is one of the Attractions in Makassar. This fort is also not far from Losari Beach, which is a landmark of Makassar city. The distance from Losari Beach to Fort Rotterdam is approximately 1 km. You can take a private vehicle.

To reach the location of Ujung Pkamung Fort, you can travel using the route of Jalan Somba Opu. Road access to the tourism area has also been excellent. On the way, you will also be treated to a breathtaking sea view. This tourist attraction is almost always crowded with tourists on weekends and school holidays.

Fort Rotterdam – A Great Historical Attractions in Makassar

Fort Rotterdam Makassar: Entrance Ticket Price, Location, Route, and Facilities Available

Ujung Pkamung Fort can also be the right tourist destination for you and your family. Because, in addition to being able to see the historical buildings of the 9th King of Gowa, in this place, you will also get historical information related to the struggle of the Kingdom of Gowa Tallo in fighting the Invaders.

Well, if you are interested in visiting this place, it would be nice for you to see the review below about the price of admission tickets to the facilities available at the Attractions Fort Rotterdam Makassar.

Admission Price

Every tourist who enters Fort Rotterdam will be charged 5,000 rupiahs (0.35). In addition, they will also be charged a vehicle parking rate ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 rupiah (0.21$-0.35$) according to the type of vehicle used. However, if you want to enter some of the rides available here, you will be charged an additional fee starting from 5,000 rupiahs (0.35$).

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Fort Rotterdam is located in a strategic location, namely on the edge of the beach. Well, for those who are curious or can’t wait to visit the place, you can travel to the west of Makassar city, more precisely at Jalan Ujung Pkamung Number 1 Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province. The road access passed is also very good because it is still in the Makassar City Center Area.

Travel Routes

As for the route, you can depart from Losari Beach. From there, you choose the direction to go to Muchtar Lutfi road via Somba Opu Road. Go straight to Jalan Ujung Pkamung. About 240 meters ahead, you will find a u-turn, follow the sign, and then you will find the entrance of Fort Rotterdam Tourist Attraction.

The distance from Losari Beach to Fort Rotterdam is approximately 1.1 km and can be reached in just 4 to 10 minutes. Depending on the traffic conditions passed.

Available Facilities

Speaking of facilities, this tourist attraction has been equipped with some adequate facilities—vehicle parking, public toilets, information boards, rest areas, photo spots, etc.

Then in this place, you will also find a ride called La Galigo Museum. The Museum houses many related historical items. To enter the Museum, you will be charged an additional fee of 5,000 rupiahs (0.35$).

Then in this tourist attraction, you can also visit prince Diponegoro’s prison. In the room, Prince Diponegoro is held; the room has a very narrow size. Visiting this place allows you to feel what Prince Diponegoro felt during that time.

Fort Rotterdam is also known as Fort Ujung Pkamung and is a historical location that dates back to more than 300 years. This place still stands strong now and is known as one of the top tourist destinations in Makassar.

You can explore the 16th-century buildings and the narrow room that served as a prison for Prince Diponegoro at this place.

So, are you interested in taking your family on vacation in Fort RotterdamOpens in a new tab. Makassar?


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